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06 October 2021·7 min read

Konrad Koncerewicz

Head of VC & Startups, Vestbee

Interesting Startups From Slovakia Worth Your Attention

We have already listed the most interesting startups from exploring Estonia, Latvia, Hungaria, Slovenia, Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania and Croatia, so today is the time for Slovakia. We have prepared for you the overview of top Slovakian companies raising pre-seed, seed and series A rounds. Let’s meet them!  


CloudTalk is a cloud-based call center platform dedicated to sales and support teams. The solution is compatible with both desktop browser or mobile apps and can be integrated with popular CRMs, helpdesks and business tools like Hubspot, Salesforce or Zendesk, which makes it well-adjustable for remote work. Employees can make use of many different functionalities to improve their performance such as call center software, support center, outbound calling, business call system and much more. Additionally, CloudTalk uses advanced call center analytics to track and improve communication with customers. The company has raised €7.5M so far in three investment rounds.

Powerful Medical

Powerful Medical brings innovative AI-based solutions to the healthcare industry in order to improve patients’ treating. The company focuses on developing advanced tools for doctors and healthcare providers to assure the most reliable diagnosis and effective treatments - its core product is an AI-powered clinical assistant specialising in cardiovascular diseases. The Powerful Medical team believes that technology makes a great contribution to cardiological advancement and decision-making processes, so they aim to make it accessible to every hospital and clinic.  


altFINS is a cloud-based comprehensive platform that enables investors and traders to track and analyse digital assets as well as find and execute trade ideas by providing many different features such as automated chart pattern recognition, coin screener, and alerts for price, events, news, and coin filters. Moreover, users can aggregate caoins data and news in one place to make sure to stay up-to-date with current trends. altFINS dedicates its services to market players mainly focused on trade execution by delivering quality pre- and post- trade analytics of the traders’ performance. The startup has raised €1M in a seed round from CB Investment Management. is an all-in-one business prediction platform that makes use of AI algorithms to offer affordable improved business solutions. The company uses sales and customer data, to provide users with accurate forecasting, demand planning and late payments predictions. The aim of this software is to make businesses more competitive by increasing their revenue and customer satisfaction while at the same time reducing has raised a pre-seed round of €130K from an unknown investor.

Elysium Tech

Elysium Tech is a startup combining IoT and AI technology with relaxation by creating a modern health-tech spa. They aim to bring some nature into the city and provide visitors with a unique experience by putting the emphasis on body and mental wellbeing. It is designed for lovers of wellness and technology, who lead an active lifestyle and look for some let-up in the city. Thanks to Elysium Spa's own app, people can plan their stay which helps to avoid the crowds. The company has raised €300K from Vision Ventures.


Nitroterra is a biotechnological startup revolutionizing the farming industry by using advanced technology to produce effective microorganisms-based fertilizers. The company addresses synthetic fertilizers’ toxic influence on the environment, which intensifies effects of droughts and other adverse weather-driving hazards. With the aim to improve soil system and enable farmers to grow nutritional food more efficiently, the startup provides technology-based analytics and technical support for organic fertilizers production. The startup has raised $1M in seed round from CB Investment Management.


Sloneek, a startup providing an online tool for HR teams enables to store and manage all employees data and necessary documentation. It provides many facilities such as work and shift scheduling, electronic signature of documents, onboarding & offboarding, evaluations and educational plans, and more - which makes HR department collaboration with employees much easier and more efficient. Sloneek is developing the system to match HR professionals needs and become an essential educational tool for companies in the future. Also, thanks to the technology advancement various systems integrations are possible.  


SIMMST is a real estate platform using blockchain technology in customised and integrated solutions. The company brings transparency in the real estate industry by managing all the processes between tenants and landlords and making sures all parties involved understand the whole procedure. They take care of letting, termination of the lease, deposit transfer, connecting users in real-time, etc. to ensure the successful transaction. The company originates from Slovakia, however they have moved the headquarters to Germany and raised €200k from Neulogy Ventures.


Sentiner provides an AI-based solution called FeverScreener, which disrupts the traditional CCTV system by automatically detecting abnormal temperatures of people entering a facility. Its main goal is to prevent the spread of diseases. The great thing about Sentiner is that the system works and reacts itself, and so automatically alerts the security about unwanted incidents. Moreover, all records and data are collected in the cloud in line with GDPR and the system can be integrated with many applications and devices. The company has closed a seed funding round of €250k from an unknown investor.  

MindBox VR

MindBox VR is a cloud-based learning platform for employees, aiming to improve their work experience. It is used mostly for customer services and selling skills development by providing trainings with interactive communication between employees and company. In order to meet workers’ learning expectations, the platform uses voice recognition, 3D environment and text-to-speech conversion. MindBox also has its own mobile app, so the content posted there can be reached everywhere at any time.  


Filmzie is a free movie streaming service, based on the Advertising Video On Demand (AVOD) system. Thanks to that, users have access to high-quality videos and personalized, data-driven ads without the need to pay. The platform was set in 2017 by industry professionals and film enthusiasts who created a great opportunity for film industry newcomers and niche filmmakers  to present their content to a wide film community. Filmzie treats each content equally and provides users with the video recommendation system based on their preferences and previously watched content.  


TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud is a unique solution for businesses operating in retail and services industries which provides engaging and eye-catching content such as coupons, rewards, and special deals for customers. The platform simplifies the process of running loyalty programs, it also offers pleasing to the eye designs and layouts along with sending fresh news via messages. Thanks to TRIFFT businesses increase their revenues, improve customer loyalty and bring new customers.  

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