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17 August 2023·10 min read

Aleksandra Woszczyk

Editor, Vestbee

Most Interesting Startups from France to Watch

After exploring innovative solutions created in Finland, Netherlands, Italy, and Greece let’s dive into the French startup scene. Discover a selection of the 15 most interesting tech companies worth keeping an eye on.


Trezy, a startup founded in 2020, is revolutionizing financial management for VSEs/SMEs. Through advanced AI technology, it automates financial processes and reporting, giving businesses greater control over their cash flow. In 2023, Trezy secured €3М in funding to expand its AI-driven predictive cash flow management platform and fuel team growth across the Netherlands, France, and the UK, cementing Trezy's position as a trailblazing fintech solution for SMEs' financial success.By combining bank transaction data with accounting information, Trezy offers real-time financial visibility, empowering SMEs to make informed decisions.


Primo, founded in Paris in 2020, is reshaping the landscape of SMB IT management. Its groundbreaking all-in-one platform seamlessly integrates applications, devices, people, and security, simplifying complex IT operations. With a substantial $3.4M seed funding secured in 2023, Primo is poised to revolutionize intricate IT tasks. Primo's distinctive approach seeks to streamline IT management for SMBs, bridging gaps between different systems and departments. By centralizing hardware deployment, configuration, support, and security, Primo empowers employees, managers, and administrators. With a projected service to around 300 customers by year-end, Primo's potential impact is evident. 


Miraxess, a French startup, is revolutionizing mobile productivity through an ecosystem of passive devices. Their flagship product, the Mirabook, turns smartphones into functional laptops. With partnerships including UK Police Forces and Samsung Electronics in Europe, Miraxess is gaining momentum. In 2023, they secured €2.5M in funding to advance their consumer electronics offerings, highlighted by the Mirabook. This laptop-like terminal operates via a smartphone's OS, reducing emissions by 56%. With Samsung's DeX technology onboard, Miraxess envisions smartphones as versatile tools for professionals. Miraxess plans to establish itself as a prominent European consumer electronics brand, capitalizing on its innovative vision.


Paris-based startup mediarithmics is gaining attention with its sustainable and privacy-focused data platform for retail, retail media, and media sectors. Their Enterprise SaaS platform harnesses marketing data assets to drive revenue, offering real-time activation across major platforms. With a client list including TF1, Canal+, and Channel 4, mediarithmics is a key player. In 2023, they secured €7M in funding, led by Spring Invest and Bleu Capital. The platform processes vast volumes of audience data, aiding customer engagement through various channels. As data management gains importance, mediarithmics is set to lead with its innovative approach. 


Rize, an Agri-Tech startup, is reshaping rice cultivation in Asia by decarbonizing the process. Created through a joint venture, Rize's platform identifies strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and incentivizes sustainable practices. They generate carbon credits for farmers adopting these techniques, offering new income streams. Their platform aims to drive the adoption of sustainable techniques, initially targeting markets in Indonesia and Vietnam, with expansion plans for India and beyond.Their digital platform helps farmers understand their carbon footprint and secure financing for climate actions. In 2023, Rize secured €3M in pre-seed funding, leading France's carbon credit financing market.


DinMo, a Data-Led Growth Platform, is making data integration seamless by connecting with cloud data warehouses. Their user-friendly solution enables non-technical teams to access, analyze, and utilize data efficiently, driving growth. In 2023, they secured €1.6M in seed funding led by Seedcamp, focusing on addressing customer data silos and simplifying data warehousing complexities. With the transition from third-party cookies underway, DinMo's data segmentation feature becomes essential for marketers to extract insights. With Google phasing out third-party cookies, DinMo's solution arrives at a crucial time for companies transitioning to first-party data strategies. This Paris-based startup is poised to become a key player in modern data stacks.


Kiliba, a French AI startup, specializes in marketing automation, particularly automated marketing emails. The company secured €7M in seed funding to enhance its technical integrations and expand its machine learning-powered email automation solutions. Founded in 2020, Kiliba's algorithms can automate various marketing scenarios, writing styles, and languages, offering customized email templates based on clients' branding. Their AI-driven approach aims to address the challenge of ad targeting and engagement in today's data-driven marketing landscape. With over 400 customers using their product, Kiliba plans to target e-retailers with under €10M annual revenue and aims to capture a significant share of the European machine learning-authored marketing bulletin market by 2032.


Bfore.AI, a French startup, specializes in predictive cybersecurity solutions using AI-powered PreCrime™ technology. The company recently secured over €4M in a Series A funding round led by Karma VC and Karista. Bfore.AI's software focuses on preemptive cybersecurity by identifying vulnerable vectors in enterprise networks and detecting threats in hours rather than weeks. The startup's PreCrime Network engine utilizes machine learning data to enhance threat detection accuracy. Bfore.AI has built partnerships with organizations like Quad9, Global Cyber Alliance, and ThreatStop. The funding will support the expansion of features in northern European markets and North America, addressing the growing need for proactive cybersecurity solutions in the face of rising cyber threats.

EG 427

EG 427, a French biotechnology company, is at the forefront of gene therapy with its innovative approach called "pinpoint gene therapy." Leveraging the unique properties of Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (HSV-1), EG 427 focuses on achieving specific and long-lasting expression of transgenes to treat severe, chronic, and localized diseases within the peripheral nervous system. The company's initial target is neurogenic bladder dysfunction caused by spinal cord injuries. Founded just one year ago, EG 427 has already established its proprietary HSV-1 vector platform and demonstrated proof of concept in treating neurogenic bladder dysfunction. Now, the company has successfully concluded a Series A funding round, raising a total of €18M, including €5M from existing and new investors. This funding will support the advancement of EG 427's pipeline and the development of its lead product, EG110A. With its promising progress, EG 427 plans to initiate a Series B fundraising round later this year to continue advancing its innovative gene therapy solutions for chronic diseases.


French startup Fairlyne is disrupting the travel industry with its Resale-as-a-Service platform, addressing the challenge of turning non-refundable tickets into resalable fares. The platform allows white label products, travel brands, and operators to add resale to their distribution, enhancing customer satisfaction and generating additional profitability by offering a second chance for non-refundable tickets. Founded in 2021, Fairlyne recently secured €2.7M in a seed round led by Speedinvest. The funding will be used to develop the platform further, expand to new markets, and deploy Fairlyne with enterprise clients in the travel industry. The startup has already partnered with OUIGO, a French low-cost train operator, and won innovation challenges from Royal Air Maroc.


French startup Finres is addressing the challenges posed by climate change on agriculture with its AI-assisted decision-making platform. The platform integrates climate and price risks into investment decisions, helping private financial actors make informed choices that support agricultural resilience. In a seed round led by Speedinvest and Illuminate Financial Management, Finres secured €4.1M in funding. The platform offers real-time loan underwriting for the agricultural sector, accounting for climate and price risks globally. Founded in 2019 by Florent Baarsch, a former senior economist at the World Bank and the United Nations, Finres aims to mobilize resources for resilient agriculture and secure food sovereignty. The funding will help the startup accelerate the deployment of its solutions worldwide, expand its platform's reach, and further its R&D efforts.

Anoat Therapeutics

Anoat Therapeutics, a Paris-based preclinical stage biotech company, is dedicated to developing novel therapies for patients with Cystic Fibrosis (CF), a progressive genetic disease affecting multiple organs. The company aims to provide a transformative treatment option for CF patients who are not responsive to existing therapies. Recently, Anoat Therapeutics secured €2M in Seed funding from AdBio Partners, a venture capital firm specializing in life sciences startups. The funding will be used for additional pharmacology assessments and selecting a lead candidate. Anoat Therapeutics was founded in 2023 and is focused on addressing the medical needs of CF patients who currently lack effective treatment options.


Paris-based startup Escape is addressing the crucial cybersecurity challenge of securing APIs during development and production stages. APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) used for web applications are often vulnerable to hackers, with security teams struggling to keep up with assessments due to frequent updates. Escape's solution integrates into the development pipeline, dynamically scanning for security flaws in real-time as new code is committed. The startup recently freshly out of Y Combinator’s 2023 cohort and secured €3.6M in Seed funding, led by IRIS, to expand its team and accelerate global product adoption. Escape's AI technology aids security teams in identifying business logic flaws and potential data leaks during development, offering enhanced protection against security breaches.


Loewi, a Paris-based startup, focuses on reconditioning electric bicycles, providing a sustainable and affordable option for consumers interested in green transportation alternatives. With the expected growth in the electric bicycle market, Loewi aims to refurbish and recondition used e-bikes, making them accessible to a broader range of customers who may find the cost of new bikes prohibitive. The company recently raised €1M in a Pre-Seed funding round, supported by investors such as Antler France, Satgana, and the Centrale-Supélec 21st fund. This funding will enable Loewi to expand its reconditioning capabilities, develop technological tools, and strengthen partnerships with distributors, positioning itself as a unique player in the European market for refurbished electric bicycles.


Zeliq, an AI-powered sales solution, aims to revolutionize outbound sales processes by providing accurate prospect data and automating outreach tasks. By integrating various sales tools into a single platform, Zeliq eliminates the need for constant tool switching, allowing business developers to focus on efficient and automated outreach. The startup recently secured €5M in a pre-seed funding round led by Resonance, with participation from Pauline Boucon Duval, Obratori, and undisclosed angel investors. Zeliq's CEO, Dorian Ciavarella, recognized the challenges faced by startups and scaleups in building effective outbound sales structures and managing teams. With its AI technology, Zeliq strives to optimize outbound sales, streamline communication through various channels, and provide comprehensive lead prospecting. Despite some skepticism, Zeliq's mission to transform sales processes using AI holds potential in an era where efficient sales outreach is crucial for business success.

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