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Startups from Czech Republic
22 October 2020·6 min read

Mateusz Walczyk

Startup Analyst, Vestbee

Interesting Startups From Czech Republic To Watch

After exploring Estonian, Hungarian, Slovenian and Romanian startup scenes, the time has come to see the next CEE startup ecosystem. Check out the most promising startups from the Czech Republic!

Time is Ltd.

Time is Ltd. incorporated a machine learning solution to boost the productivity of employees and optimize their work. The new concept is based on sociomaps, tracking human behaviour, activity in specific brain areas and thought patterns of workers. Time is Ltd. platform gathers and analyzes the data from a number of tools, such as Office 365, G Suite or Slack. The Czech company has already raised €3M with Accel and Business Angels.

Buildiro Tech 

Buildiro Tech created an e-commerce platform for the exchange of 20k+ different building materials delivered from local merchants to interested buyers. It’s a great time-saver thanks to the click & collect system and automated e-invoicing. The startup has raised €365k with Nation 1 and cooperates with trusted suppliers like JMD, Lakedale Power Tools and Garden Furniture.

Resistant AI

Resistant AI  helps to protect AI systems from targeted manipulation, adversarial machine learning attacks and advanced fraud. The solution can be adjusted to the personal needs of any client by quick and easy integration via API. Resistant AI has more than 25 million users worldwide and has raised €2.8M with Credo Ventures and Index Ventures. Its solution was also singled out in our CEE & DACH AI startups overview. is an app connecting students with native English speakers within only 30 seconds so that everyone can start immediately improving English through live conversations. The only things needed to start learning are a good internet connection and device with a camera and microphone. Blabu focuses on practical English, real-life conversations, and improving the fluency of the language in an easy, entertaining and practical way.


GuardIoT offers security solutions for the IoT networks, by checking the integrity of each system segment, detecting vulnerabilities or threats to security and finally providing recommended fixation to the problem. The solution prevents wrong data segmentation, device misconfiguration or user mismanagement. Each application of GuardIoT is adjusted to the complexity of the devices’ network. Users have an access to all of their IoT networks from a single point of control.

Manifesto Market

Manifesto Market is a hospitality platform combining real estate, data science and gastronomy services. Users can book and participate in various attractions, while providers receive valuable information, which enhances customer experience, increases tenant turnover and drives traffic. The Czech company has raised €2.3M over two rounds, with the latest growth round from Rockaway Capital, received an award by Mastercard for Best Customer Experience 2018. The startup was also mentioned several times in The New York Times, Dezeen, or The Guardian.


COGVIO manages data science for the pharmaceutical industry by providing AI-powered insights for market access and pricing teams. The solution integrates over 100 global data sources, gathers and cross-checks information about pharmacy products. Cogvio is compliant with various regulatory requirements such as GDPR, GAMP or HIPPA and has world-leading companies like Pfizer, Novartis, Amgen and MSD among its clients. 

Kira Core

Kira Core is a fintech leveraging Blockchain technology with a full-stack DeFi ecosystem and distributed applications. The solution makes it possible to deploy private validator nodes on any distributed network. Implementation of Interchain Exchange Protocol (IXP) guarantees safe, decentralized exchange solution, and frictionless trading even during peak hours. It has already raised €530k and closed a funding round in August.

Smart Guide

Smart Guide offers private guides and insights into over 370 global tourism destinations in a form of AR experience.  An interactive Smart Guide app helps users to prepare for a trip and be well informed before they start their journey. The startup has raised €745k with Grouport Ventures.

Supernova Studio

Supernova Studio created a coding platform which improves workflow for mobile designers and developers. Sketch designs are converted within minutes into production components such as buttons, labels, images or tables integrated with iOS, Android and React Native platforms. The startup has raised €650k with Credo Ventures and Y Combinator.

Davinci Travel System

Davinci Travel System is a B2B platform for booking hotels and managing reservations. The automated system works faster than phone booking and enables adjustment for each reservation, taking into consideration the individual needs of every client. The startup operates in 913 cities, offers 10k+ hotels worldwide, and cooperates with global leading companies like Hilton, Radisson, Ibis and Best Western. Davinci Travel System has raised  €2.1M with Reflex Capital and Czech Venture Capital Association.

Teachable Machine

Teachable Machine leveraged AI technology by a user-friendly tool for creating machine learning models, which don’t require any coding skills. The tool can gather data and recognize specific images, sounds or body movements. The idea can be used for security purposes, communication with disabled people or entertainment. The startup has raised €1M with a Business Angel. 

Tag Picker

TagPicker makes use of images for increasing e-commerce potential, offering value for website owners, publishers and bloggers. The solution tags multiple images on one website so that every picture can be transformed into an interactive digital shopping mall. This simple web service brings value to website owners by increasing Click-Through-Ratio (CTR) while simplifying and accelerating the customer purchasing journey, which in turn increases engagement. Additionally with this service, publishers and bloggers can monetize their visual content, increase PR possibilities and boost sales.


NutritionPro offers a personalized nutrition system based on the customer’s needs. The company provides all services based on users needs and goals, whether it’s gaining muscle, losing weight or simply living a healthier lifestyle. Taste preferences and allergens are also taken into account to create precise meal plans which in turn, help customers achieve their nutritional goals. There are 300 dishes available at the moment, and the subscription model works on a 1 week, 1 month or 2-month basis.


Domotron developed a smart home solution, integrating all the technologies in your household. The concept manages energy distribution, security system, lighting settings, heating & cooling, ventilation and air humidity, window shutters, multi-zone audio set and even irrigation for plants. AI technology analyses the living habits of the user and creates automation tailored especially for his needs. The company has raised €1.7M with Presto Ventures and other undisclosed investors.

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