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17 July 2024

50 VC funds investing in European growth-stage companies

Vestbee compiled a list of the most active investors that back European companies at the growth stage of their development, which we consider to start from Series B.

16 July 2024

Top 100 women from VC and startup ecosystem in Germany

Get to know the most inspiring 100 women from Germany contributing to the European VC & startup ecosystem development.

25 June 2024

List of new VC funds launched in Q2 2024 to invest in Europe

Vestbee has compiled an extended list of venture capital funds launched in the second quarter of 2024. All of them invest in European founders.

20 June 2024

The exit challenge: why venture capital struggles with timely returns

Exits have always posed a significant challenge for VC firms, often more so than for PE firms. Traditional wisdom suggests that this difficulty arises because VCs typically invest earlier in a company’s life cycle and thus must wait longer for an exit. However, the reasons are more complex.

18 June 2024

VC funds investing in cybersecurity startups in Europe

Vestbee created a list of Europe-based VC funds that support cybersecurity startups. This list includes not only funds specifically focused on cybersecurity, but also those that made investments in this sector.

06 June 2024

Top European funding rounds closed in May 2024

Meet startups and scaleups from Europe that closed funding rounds in May 2024.

28 May 2024

Top 50 women from VC and startup ecosystem in Norway

Get to know the top 50 most influential female contributors to Norway’s startup and VC ecosystem.

22 May 2024

100 VC funds investing in SaaS startups in Europe

Vestbee has compiled a list of 100 global and Europe-based VC funds actively supporting SaaS startups across Europe, detailing their investment focuses, ticket sizes, and AUM.

21 May 2024

Top 100 CEE funding rounds closed in 2023

Check out a list of the 100 most impactful funding rounds, highlighting startups that received investment in 2023.