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best romanian startups from CEE
14 September 2020·6 min read

Mateusz Walczyk

Startup Analyst, Vestbee

Best Startups From Romania To Keep An Eye On

Recently, we were discovering Estonian, Hungarian and Slovenian startup scenes. Now it’s time to explore another CEE startup ecosystem - check out below the best Romanian startups worth keeping on your radar!


DRUID is a high-tech company that develops an AI-powered, no-code, chatbot authoring platform. Citizen developers can create, configure and deploy natural and rich interactions between employees, customers, partners and enterprise’s systems through omnichannel text and voice conversations. This AI platform features a proprietary multi-language and can be integrated with enterprise apps like SOAP APIs, SQL/Oracle, ERPs, CRMs. The company has raised €2.7M with Early Game Ventures and qualified to the shortlist TOP 10 startups in CEE Startup Challenge.

Taraba Virtuala

Taraba Virtuala is a platform connecting local farmers with people interested in buying a high quality, organic food. The app shows on the map all food providers in the neighbourhood, so customers can localise the closest producers and buy directly from them. The solution optimises the delivery tracking, making transport much cheaper and faster.

Instant Factoring

Instant Factoring is a platform providing liquidity to small entrepreneurs in just 24h, powered by blockchain technology and robot-underwriting. Its main features include internal credit-scoring tool, AI-based predictive analytics, registering the invoice portfolio ledger, selling invoices that have not reached their due date yet or checking whether the invoice is eligible within only 2 hours. The company has raised €500K with Business Angels and EDUCATIVA.


KINDERPEDIA provides educational services for children in a way that is both entertaining and very effective in long-term use. Moreover, via this tool parents can easily communicate with teachers and administration, which makes work time more effective and reduces it by 20%. The free version offers presence & daily reports, activity calendar and media gallery, while premium has more features such as QR code check-in, medical records, survey & polls, document repository, event calendar and customized reports. The platform has over 2,000 registered schools and kindergartens from CEE, Switzerland, Jordan, Peru, UAE and more than 10 000 active users. The company has raised €950K with Roca X.


Wizmo links buyers and sellers from the real estate sector - almost 80k properties are registered on the website. The intuitive platform helps to conduct transactions and be compliant with all requirements and legal issues. Real estate agencies have benefits in marketing, advertising and CRM services areas while clients will receive support in making transactions . The startup has already raised €500K with undisclosed investors.


VanderCamp designs and manufactures customized shirts for the needs of every customer. It is possible to choose from hundreds of different fabrics, colours, collars, cuffs and order tailor-made plackets. VanderCamp guarantees free shipping and 90 days to return the product.


Q-Intell provides competitive AI solutions for companies in different stages of development. Q-Intell makes it possible to predict threats to the security system, impact of technological progress at specific branches, intentions of competitors and most likely behaviours of consumers.


RoboSelf created a robotic personal assistant for customers, helping the company to understand requests of each buyer and satisfy their needs by using API, RPA and many browser extensions. The solution saved 1,5k hours for clients and executed +50k actions. The startup has already raised €200K with Early Game Ventures.


Cyscale provides cybersecurity for data stored at cloud platforms, prevents data loss and detects any kind of vulnerability. Cyscale is fully compliant with global regulatory standards like GDPR, CIS or LGPD and helps to generate compliance assessments for each user of the multi-cloud platform. The solution is integrated with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud. The company has raised  €150K with Gapminder VC and Techcelerator.


Dime.ly creates personalized ads based on big data analytics. Analysis of real-time behaviour, recent purchases and spendings of anonymous customers, is forwarded to companies selling their products and services. The solution helps to determine the best target group for a specific product and then publishes ads in a matter of minutes.

X Vision

X Vision created an automated x-ray analysis application supporting radiologists work by providing accurate interpretations of medical images. Romanian startup developed AI modelling technology, which helps to quickly spot and neutralize disorders of internal organs and 17 most common chest pathologies and detects symptoms of COVID-19. Its solution was also singled out in our CEE healthcare startups overview.


Questo is an app which creates quests for travellers, making exploring even more entertaining. Local storytellers are creating tasks, which tests tourists’ knowledge and helps them learn new facts about visiting places. The startup has raised €300K with Early Game Ventures and Sparking Capital and was trusted by TripAdvisor, Samsung and BitDefender.


MorphL accelerates e-commerce business by implementation of AI&ML technology. MorphL can carry out product personalization within just a few hours or create fully automated predictive models integrable with many different platforms. Company has raised €160K with Techstars Montreal AI, Google DNI, and European Data Incubator.Its innovative solution was in marked out in top CEE startups overview.


InnoShip offers very quick and effective services’ delivery due to coordination of retailers and couriers participating in the logistics chain. The solution makes it possible to reduce monthly shipping costs by 25% and increase the quality of delivery by 15%. The startup is cooperating with global carriers like DPD, GLS, Express One or UPS and has raised  €550K with GapMinder VC.


ThinkOut made a tool for financial analysis and forecasting tailored for SME. Based on previous bank transactions the solution creates models and prognosis what helps managers to understand the flow of money in their business. The company has raised €175K with MKB Fintechlab.


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