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CEE Startup Challenge TOP 10 Companies
28 July 2020·6 min read

Jakub Kopera

Community Builder, Vestbee

CEE Startup Challenge - Meet The TOP 10 Innovative Companies

Let’s meet the TOP 10 companies selected from hundreds of applicants in the 5th edition of CEE Startup Challenge - the biggest 100% online startup competition in Central & Eastern Europe organized by Vestbee matchmaking platform.

Ringhel TEAM

Ringhel TEAM, a startup from Romania increases the digitalization level of power and gas companies (suppliers, traders, last resort suppliers and balancing companies) by delivering out-of-the-box ERP & CRM software helping them manage their business flows end-to-end, using automation. The software has a structure that allows easy adjustment to new market or regulation requirements, along with business processed automatisation from end-to-end. 


CleverFarm, a startup founded in the Czech Republic, is a 4-year old, fast-growing, agricultural company that provides data-driven farm management. CleverFarm’s vision is to enable farming to be automated, economically efficient and sustainable. Thanks to the use of real information based on SITU research, machine learning and satellite data, CleverFarm can bring effective water irrigation, threat prediction, reduce the use of fertilizers and chemicals, protect commodities and improve overall farm management.


Bimspot, Austrian IT company enables better decisions in the planning, construction, and building’s operation. It merges, validates, and visualizes digital building data at a central location. Bimspot’s solution is a first one to successfully use a single Database with an Open API to combine all digital data of building models in a software-neutral way. This approach enables holistic analytics and generates focused and context-based insights about BIM projects. In order to make that possible, machine learning framework was developed in a way that enables data quality optimization. Designed as a self-service offer, it is focused on the intuitive and collaborative work between all stakeholders on any device.

DRUID Enterprise Chatbots

Druid Enterprise Chatbots from Romania, as the name suggests, provides enterprises with an instant-access platform that allows them to design and deploy multi-channel AI chatbots through a no-code editor. Thus, companies can easily deploy automation to optimize processes by lowering costs, improving the experience, boosting productivity, and reducing time-to-value. Its biggest advantage is a multi-language NLP engine, which supports over 40 languages and a platform architecture, based on open connectors that enables integrations with any enterprise system via APIs or RPA bots. This allows business users to easily configure and deploy connected bots within days.


Autom8 is a startup founded in Estonia, its core activity is providing super-fast and accurate source code security analysis enabled by machine learning. Software Development is becoming more and more complex with multiple technologies, programming languages, and layers involved. As a result, current code analyzers are not efficient enough to respond to security threats in a timely and accurate manner. All the existing products in the market use old parsing technologies that are not fast enough and generate too many false positives. Unlike the traditional products in the market, Autom8 precisely finds the security vulnerabilities within only a few seconds of using a security model trained by machine learning.

Open Mineral

Open Mineral focuses on metal commodity trade solutions enabled by commercial and market intelligence platform. This Swiss startup is based on a unique combination of in-depth commercial knowledge and the latest technology. It digitizes data, builds the industry's largest product and contact databases, develops advanced data analytics, and communicates with market participants with unmatched efficiency. A proprietary pricing algorithm gives unparalleled opportunities to price thousands of products at any time based on current market conditions and metal prices.

Haris Digital

Haris Digital is a Budapest-based analytic startup. The company helps with extremely cost-effective utilization and provides the algorithm for machine up and downtime detection. The system is based on beacons installed in machines, which detect movements and resonances. Those beacons easily communicate with a mobile application, in which the algorithm identifies and reports whether the machine is up or down and if it runs on its expected speed. Thanks to that, engineers can support better decisions in efficiency improvement projects using data in a web-application.


Estonian company Meredot is developing the next generation of electric fueling stations to lead the mobility charging infrastructure market. They focus on scooters as the alternative for the other means of transport. They are perfect for short-distance spontaneous trips in urban areas. However, when it comes to the operational side, free-floating scooter systems can't handle operations without enormous equity investment. Vehicles are vulnerable to vandalism, block sidewalks, and require huge operational costs for charging and readjustment. Meredot is solving this problem by providing the critical missing piece of infrastructure - wireless charging docking station for scooter sharing. is Germany-based, SaaS, and AI company which provides a mapping of the digital device world. Their technology enables creation of accurate and up-to-date "map" of almost all digital devices used in a specific country. Linking all these devices correctly to individuals and households allows creating a rich "Identity Graph" powering the open Internet.’s solution facilitates the use of people-based marketing as well as analytics across any marketing channel. It decreases cost of new user acquisition or existing user activation, and improves ROI from the existing online marketing budget.

Bloom Biorenewables

Bloom Biorenewables is a Swiss company which designs chemical processes to produce sustainable materials. The increasing environmental burden of climate change and resource depletion is compelling society to rethink the largely fossil-based chemical industry. The company’s solutions rely on a ground-breaking chemical process, named Aldehyde-Assisted Fractionation (AAF). This method is the first one that can convert up to 80% of biomass to a selected number of petroleum-like chemicals. Bloom is a pioneer that prevents detrimental reactions during lignocellulose pretreatment.

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