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top scaleups in CEE region worth investors' attention
29 October 2019·4 min read

Akbota Sabetova

Community Builder, Vestbee

10 Scaleups In Central & Eastern Europe To Look For In 2020

Central & Eastern Europe startup scene is rapidly expanding. Although CEE region and its innovation ecosystem still face a lot of challenges, it is getting more and more attention from global investors- business angels, accelerators, VC funds and corporates that show big interest in investing in CEE startups. Below you will find the 10 scaleups from Central & Eastern Europe to look out for in 2020. 

RetargetApp, Ukraine

Backed by TA Ventures and few business angels, Ukrainian scaleup RetargetApp provides a fully automated app that helps customers to find the best advertising channels and optimize them in line with the clients budget. RetargetApp is a simple, efficient and time-saving solution as it constantly updates data from online stores that thus, boosts sales. In 2019-2020 this scaleup aims to fully cover eCommerce vertical and then expand to retail, travel, automotive and games industries.

Contiamo, Germany

Contiamo, a Berlin-based data virtualization company, provides a platform where users can securely integrate, access and manage data maintained by the whole enterprise. Contiamo Data Hub supports out-of-the-box accelerated access to almost any enterprise data source and uses it to support decisions, power analytics, or feed enterprise data services. Contiamo already works with enterprise clients, such as Deutsche Telekom, AXA and LindeIt.

Sensoneo, Slovakia

Slovakian company Sensoneo, has developed a smart waste management solution that monitors waste in real-time. Its software solution includes data-driven decision making and optimization of waste collection routes, frequencies and vehicle loads. As a part of the system, Sensoneo produces ultrasonic sensors that monitor any type of waste and then a powerful cloud-based platform enables the customers to configure daily waste management.

Gremon Systems, Hungary

Gremon Systems from Hungary revolutionizes the technology and management of global greenhouse cultivation providing special hardware and software tools called Trutina system. Trutina collects data from the plants, analyzes plant growth processes and helps to manage them by optimizing water and fertilizer consumption. Gremon Systems is now present in more than 20 countries and has global partnerships with companies like Monsanto, Syngenta or Tungsram.

Billon, Poland

Billon, Polish fintech company which helps enterprises combine real-time payments, documents, identity and data management using new high-performance Digital Ledger Technology. The system supports three categories of user cases: peer to peer account transactions, identity, data and documents sharing. Also recently Billon became partners with Microsoft.

ViveLab Ergo, Hungary

ViveLab, Hungarian MedTech firm proposes a cloud-based ergonomic software called ViveLab Ergo for modeling, analyzing human beings, machines and robots moving in a 3D space. Vivelab allows designing workplaces and analyzing their health-damaging effects, therefore, preventing future accidents. The company is already operating on the Hungarian manufacturing market and aims to build a strong worldwide presence starting from Italy and Germany.

Eurosender, Slovenia

Eurosender enables companies to manage their logistics processes using an advanced automated digital platform. It helps companies to accumulate and analyze relevant information about logistics operations, base decisions on data and thus, increase efficiency by anticipating possible disruptions. Eurosender has created a transparent, easily navigable, and unified solution for both customers monitoring their shipments and carriers providing logistic services.

Senuto, Poland

Senuto, Polish scaleup provides SaaS analytics platform that helps companies manage daily SEO activities and maximize traffic from Google. Senuto uses AI, machine learning and big data developed together with university professors and data scientist on the base of NLP models.

BEAD, Germany

German cleantech scaleup built B2B solutions to automate, digitize and optimize building energy management systems. Hardware application sensors integrated into buildings gather data that is then analyzed by AI-based algorithms. Using real-time optimization of energy systems allows BEAD clients to reduce energy consumption of buildings by around 20%. More than 3000 BEAD systems are installed in over 70 buildings in 3 countries and next milestone is to integrate the data produced by the company with Smart City verticals.

Inspector Cloud, Russia

Inspector Cloud, Russian image recognition service for the retail industry developed computer vision algorithms that solve the problem of ineffective management of products. Using the platform allows companies to increase the efficiency of tasks related to brand management, retail, distribution and merchandising.

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