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healthcare startups from CEE and DACH
24 June 2020·5 min read

Mateusz Walczyk

Startup Analyst, Vestbee

Healthcare Startups From CEE & DACH To Look For

XENO Cell Innovations

XENO Cell Innovations incorporates biotechnology and AI in order to systematize biologic units and constructing modular composition rules. Molecular units, blood cells, bacteria and body fluids are being analyzed and later on the information is processed. This examination can show overall health condition of live organisms and prevent diseases. The company from Czech Republic has already raised $7M with undisclosed investor. 


Oxipit from Lithuania, has launched Deep Learning chest X-ray image solutions, which can prioritize management, conduct computer-assisted diagnosis and visual search, find pathology localization. The tool supports 75 most common radiological findings and covers 90% of medical diagnosis made at daily basis. The company has already raised $1,7M with undisclosed investor.

MNM Diagnostics

MNM Diagnostics is a Polish startup operating in the field of genetics and cell biotechnology. Due to analysis of whole genome 99,9% can be found, unlike in the case of conventional genetic diagnostics. The solution can recognize cancer at the early stage and prevent its further development. The company has raised €738K with undisclosed investor.


XUND from Austria, is a digital health startup that develops an AI-powered health assistant to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare. XUND app will make it easier for patients to understand their symptoms, get sound feedback on the possible causes, and take the right next steps essential to recover.

Rise Mechanics 357

Rise Mechanics 357 a Bulgarian startup engineering and manufacturing technologically advanced wheelchairs for disabled people. The new-generation product have functions like 0 radius turn, increased maneuverability, adjustable parts to the client’s size. The goal is to improve health, independence, social inclusion and quality of life for disabled people.


Cytocast from Hungary, introduces new solution to cellular health by integrating bioinformatics databases with patient data. Later on information is used to create models, which help understand the effects of perturbations caused by diseases and predict how drugs can modify cellular health. Therapy is tailored specifically for each patient’s organism, to guarantee best possible healing results.


OsteoLabs is examining human bones and detects osteoporosis early, by signs left in biomarkers or trace elements in a human body. The German company provides complex DXA diagnostic procedures, tests for bone density and medicines for increasing bone health.


Cardiomatics from Poland exploits AI technology for the needs of cardiological industry. The solution collects valid information about heart activity and converts it to user friendly reports. Services are compliant with global HIPAA standards. Effectiveness of algorithms has been verified on the benchmark database developed by Boston's Beth Israel Hospital and MIT.


EkoRTN is a Czech MedTech company operating in the field of immunology and tissue engineering. The team brings together innovative directions in the humanities and technical fields. The company is involved in the information exchange between institutions, researchers, manufacturing companies and other people interested in health care.


CastPrint from Lithuania is designing and manufacturing cast stiffeners for damaged limbs with 3D printing technology. CastPrint models are lightweight, ventilated and waterproof products. They are tailor-made and ready within 7-14 days.

X Vision

X Vision created an automated x-ray analysis application supporting radiologists work by providing accurate interpretations of medical images. Romanian startup developed AI modeling technology, which help to quickly spot and neutralize disorders of internal organs and 17 most common chest pathologies. It even detects symptoms of COVID-19.


VITS from Estonia deals with workplace health and safety. VITS is a web-platform, where appointed health and safety specialists can effortlessly manage health and safety activities. Unlike doing it manually or using an outsourced service, their solution shows exactly, what needs to be done, to be compliant with H&S regulations.


Endodont develops innovative processes and products for the dental industry. This German product is designed to improve root canal fillings by simply and safely closing a root canal. The new dental method is faster, less painful and invasive, unlike most of current root canal filling techniques that cause long lasting inflammations.

Iryo Network

Iryo Network is a Slovenia based startup that gathers and sends health relating information between patients and medical institutions. The solution is driven by API open source, Open EHR and Blockchain technology, which guarantees quick data transfer, maximum interoperability and high level of security.

ImageBiopsy Lab

ImageBiopsy Lab from Austria, is developing and certifying state-of-the-art AI-based software for image analyses and workflow tasks in musculoskeletal (MSK) radiology, orthopaedic surgery and traumatology. The solution can execute fully-automated measurement of anatomical distances, angles and volumes as well as the detection of anomalies and lesions for review by the physician. The company has raised $4,3M with undisclosed investor.

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