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energy startups from CEE
18 March 2020·5 min read

Mateusz Walczyk

Startup Analyst, Vestbee

Interesting Energy Startups From CEE & DACH

Energy is a sector which has a huge impact on our everyday life. No wonder that many startups aim to disrupt this industry and make a big difference in the picture. Below we present 7 energy startups from CEE & DACH bringing change to the regional energy sector. 


Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Launch date: October 2018
Total funding received: €2M
Funding Source: InnoEnergy, AE Ventures

AMPnet is a Croatian startup which provides a tool for electric energy providers and their clients. A whitelabel, all-in-one platform gives users several opportunities like: offload development of electricity management systems (powered by blockchain system), access to social media marketing and sharing tools, automate billing and transactions, contact with global cooperatives market and exchange. The company has partnerships with Greenpeace and ZEF.


Location: Poznan, Poland
Launch date: September 2016
Total funding received: €670
Funding Source: ValueTech Seed, PGE Ventures

Lerta created a platform for entities involved in production, distribution, or trading of electricity or gas. The solution automates the decision-making process, and significantly improves the operational efficiency of energy trading, electric energy expenses can be reduced even by 40%. User has access to many electric devices via Android and iOS application, and is informed in real-time about energy consumption, cost changes and thermal conditions in a specific room. The solution can be applied for the needs of sports objects, restaurants, schools, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings or hospitals. Companies like ENEA and Tauron are using Lerta technology.


Location: Kaunas, Lithuania
Launch date: September 2017
Total funding received: €500K
Funding Source: Contrarian Ventures

PVcase provides software for solar energy panels, which creates a model of most effective placement of photovoltaic panels. The solution is incorporating 3D topographical blueprints in solar design enables more accurate and comprehensive analysis of solar projects, it is also avoiding foreseeable obstacles which could block the sun rays, it provides precise cable lengths that trail based on the terrain, increasing cable sizing & loss calculation precision. The software reduces the time of solar park modelling up to 30 times and makes it possible to create the final version of the project just in 80 minutes. The startup is supported by EIT Climate-KIC.


Location: Munich, Germany
Launch date: June 2016
Total funding received: €10M
Funding Source: Berlin Ventures, Piton Capital, Cherry Ventures

This German startup created its own OTC energy trading platform, which makes it possible to buy gas and electricity directly from the energy suppliers. The company also controls and digitalises the entire energy procurement process making it faster, more efficient and safe. The platform features a multi-language system, real-time risk management and price negotiation, trade spread requests, auto quoting through API and even more options. Enmacc customers benefit from attractive, competitive prices and new business potential in addition to more market opportunities. Enmacc network consists of energy suppliers, distributors, municipal utilities of more than 200 companies and over 1200 active traders from many European countries.


Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
Launch date: February 2018
Total funding received: N/A
Funding Source: N/A

FUERGY, Slovakian startup has developed highly-scalable, AI-supported hardware for the energy industry, which helps to optimize the energy output from renewable energy sources. The solution is driven by blockchain technology (software called “brAIn”) and provides real-time data analysis and cooling for operating devices. A built-in and constantly monitored UPS function for cost reduction guarantees 30% or more savings on electric energy. This product can be used for big objects like sports stadiums, schools, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings and houses as well.


Location: Rohrau, Austria
Launch date: January 2019
Total funding received: €500K
Funding Source: eQVenture, Tecnet Equity

Greenwood-Power is a fast-growing manufacturer which constructs voltage and electric current sensors. The hardware can operate in an extremely wide temperature range, can prevent the electric device from overheating or having a short circuit, and significantly prolongs a life span of products. The solution fits for all EMC-concepts and can be freely customized to the needs of the customer and operate in non-conventional conditions. FMT Zajecar and Eximprod Power Systems have signed partnerships with the startup.


Location: Lugano, Switzerland
Launch date: September 2017
Total funding received: undisclosed
Funding Source: Venture Kick, EASME - EU Executive Agency for SMEs, Shibumi International

SkyPull brings aerospace and energy industries together by releasing a fully autonomous drone, which captures energy from wind altitude changes in range 200m-800m through a ground-based generator. Drones have a security system that prevents crush even when the device loses signal with a pilot, has a low battery or during very harsh wind conditions. This technology allows generating energy in the environment, where constructing standard wind energy turbines is impossible. The cost of energy production is lower compared to other sources like coal energy, biomass, wind turbines or even nuclear plants. The product is scalable, ecological, and can be used in almost every place and conditions.

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