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best agritech startups from CEE
20 April 2020·8 min read

Mateusz Walczyk

Startup Analyst, Vestbee

15 Best AgriTech Startups And Scaleups From CEE

In CEE, the AgriTech market has been developing very fast and many startups try to make agriculture more efficient providing tools to analyze the state of fields, monitor the health of the flock, optimize the fertilizer output or quickly purchase farming equipment. Below, we present 15 agritech startups from CEE worth to keep an eye on.


Nasekomo is making a difference in the food chain by producing animal feeds from organic waste and insects remains. The food is suitable for household animals, fish. It might be also used as a ground fertilizer as it contains high-quality proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, immunity enhancers and other nutritional values. Their production process is noticeably reducing food waste, greenhouse gas emissions, depletion of fragile resources such as pure water, arable lands and marine life stocks. The Bulgarian startup has raised €1M with Chivas Venture.

Thermo Eye

ThermoEye is a complete system that provides breeders with real-time information about the health condition of their farm animals. It also detects the first symptoms of sickness and any behavior, body temperature or metabolism changes of the animal. The solution helps to keep animals healthy and to feed them more effectively as well as reduces mortality rate and helps to feed animals more effectively. The Polish startup has raised €395K with AgriTech Hub.


Alzagro, founded in Hungary, designs and produces drones for the Agriculture industry. The drones can gather the samples of specific grains in just 10 seconds, then check their quality and content of protein, sugar, moisture, gluten or other ingredients. Later the data is processed by the NIR analysis system, which provides farmers with clear insight into the quality of their grains and helps to make a precise evaluation of their harvest.

One Soil

OneSoil created a global precision farming platform supported by AI, deep learning models, computer vision and IoT. The solution is crafted for farms of medium and large size. It helps to monitor sown areas, predict and plan farm operations, increase productivity, save resources, and predict crops. With satellite imagery, it is possible to analyze the percentage of specific grains in a given farm, create forecasts of yield at the beginning, middle and end of the farming season, constantly monitor crops growth and prevent diseases. The startup from Belarus has raised €500K with Haxus and Bulba Ventures.

Food Docs

Food Docs makes it easier than ever to check food quality and compliance with standards of the Veterinary and Food Board. This one tool can satisfy the needs of all food chain participants. FoodDocs helps you ensure that food is processed and preserved correctly, whether you're a farmer, producer of food, merchant or restaurant owner. This simple app saves a lot of human paperwork by automating the entire process of gathering necessary documents concerning food quality standards. The company has over 5000 satisfied customers like Subway, Prisma, Stockman, Tokumaru or Dussmann. The Estonian startup has raised €264K with United Angels VC.

AG Supply

AG supply from Germany, is an e-commerce platform for farmers and contractors where they can buy original and aftermarket agriculture machinery, spare parts, plants, seed, farming equipment, plant protection chemicals, animal husbandry and other product groups. Many of the goods sold on the website have very high quality, but there are also some cheaper replicas of original brand products with valid OEM certificates. The online shop offers more than 3 million SKUs.


Plantalux has developed a lighting system that helps to enhance plant growth in greenhouse conditions. Startup manufactures many kinds of LED COB diodes, which have different spectrums, adjusted for needs of specific plants, help to boost efficiency, reduce costs (3 times cheaper than sodium lamps) and increase the lifespan of the light source even to 100 000 hours. The lighting system can be remote-controlled by the mobile application any time user finds it convenient. Plantalux has been awarded several times during the Fruit and Vegetable Industry Fair 2020. The Polish company has raised €790K with AgriTech Hub.


Agremo launched a cloud-based platform that analyzes farming fields with aerial imagery. Some of the features include personalized reports, creating 2D field maps, multiple account management, sharing and exporting data. The solution is fully compliant with all commercial drone models and RGB, NIR or multispectral sensors. Machine learning technology is used to manage fields more efficiently, maintain sustainable production, increase yields, and reduce production costs. The startup form Serbia has raised €755K with South Central Ventures and FRACTALS.


eAgronom helps farmers reduce the paperwork connected to managing their property with special software that collects all the data and gives access to it in a convenient way. The program provides all kinds of useful information about their farms like an interactive map of all fields in the farm, comparison of a current and previous state of the grains, the optimal output of irrigation, fertilizers, nitrogen fertilization and more. eAgronom is present in 5 countries and its software is also available for Android and Apple iOS (over 95% satisfied users). The Estonian company has raised €3,6M with United Angles VC, LIFT 99, Black Pearls VC, TMT Investments.

Embion Technologies

Embion Technologies from Switzerland produces high-quality food rich in naturally derived prebiotics, proteins, carbohydrates and antioxidants. Food waste like fruit seeds or peel is being ground, mixed and enriched with oligomers and prebiotics, then released as a new product. The entire process of food production is environmentally friendly, as food resources and water is saved and there is no CO2 emission involved. Embion Technologies has raised €935K with Venture Kick, Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT).

Purella Food

Purella Food is a Polish startup with a rich offer of superfood in various forms and taste compositions. There are goods in a powder packaging, chocolate bar or muesli flakes containing natural ingredients like maqui, camu, goji berries, matcha tea, chia seeds, ashwagandha, turmeric and even more superfood. Every product is 100% natural and organic, and GMO-free. The company has won titles like product of the year and Pearl of FMCG market and has raised €650K with bValue VC.

Agro Sustain

Agro Sustain has developed multiple solutions to prevent and fight against fungi infections on crops, fruits or vegetables. The unwanted pathogens are being removed with natural, plant-based toxins. They are not unhealthy for the final consumer, do not decrease the nutritional value of food and cause no harm to the environment, unlike many synthetic pesticides. AgroSustain utilises B2B approach all the way down the supply chain, from farm to consumer, helping to maintain the best quality and durability of food. The Swiss startup has raised €1,6M with Agroecology Capital, Venture Kick, Foundation for Technological Innovation


Neofarms from Germany provides a fully automated, small and portable greenhouse for private households. The aeroponic appliance tool provides excellent conditions for all kinds of plants, vegetables and fruits. The customer can adjust the variety of food depending on his individual needs. Due to the perfect growing conditions and the possibility of harvesting right before consumption, the plants are richer in vitamins and more nutritious.


Cerealia is a Swiss startup, which created an agri trade platform powered by blockchain with a possibility to pay with cryptocurrencies. It offers standardizable trade terms and saves a lot of paper documents. Transactions are checked and confirmed from many sources and executed very quickly due to blockchain technology. Cerealia targets the region of Black and the Mediterranean Seas, where €400Bln/year global trade transactions take place.


Agroxy from Ukraine, is a spot trading platform for agricultural commodities. There are plenty of functions, which make trading safe and convenient like an interactive map of agro producers and grain storage. Among others, it has an in-build calculator of approximate logistic cost via railway and trucks. Buyer and seller sides undergo checks via companies’ house registries and BankID personal verification, which reduces the risks of fraudulent activities. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), helps to create a trusted business environment and enables new services for domestic and cross-border supply chain management of agricultural commodities and beyond.

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