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interesting Slovenian startups
07 April 2020·4 min read

Mateusz Walczyk

Startup Analyst, Vestbee

Slovenian Startups To Keep On The Radar

Below you will find a bunch of interesting startups and scaleups from Slovenia - one of the startup ecosystems from former Yugoslavia. 


Eligma provides a wide range of financial services supported by all advantages of blockchain technology like rapid processing, transparency and data decentralisation. The solution includes POS software, merchant onboarding and dashboard tools, custodial wallet infrastructure, real-time crypto-to-fiat conversion, free crypto transfers between Elly users. All of these are available in one simple Android/iOS application.


OriginTrail created software that helps to trace and control supply chains with blockchain technology. Information is being provided from many sources and validated by members of a decentralised blockchain system. Customers can easily see where exactly their package is on the road map and they are informed in real-time about any occurring changes. OrginTrail received Food Safety Innovation Spark Award (2017) and is a winner of the Food+City Challenge Prize (2017) and Open Data.


Procurement had never been so simple and quick before Procurean introduced their solution. The platform targets SMBs and makes it possible to connect businesses around the world in a way that ensures buyers can always find new sellers, who can discover new buyers. The concept is based on multi-dimensional evaluation which is stored in a public blockchain, to ensure immutability and transparency. The entire process is digitalized and automated, which makes the procurement process faster and saves many hours of human work. ABC Accelerator Slovenia and Friuli Innovazione are partners of this startup.


MyCol is a Slovenian startup, which has launched a sensor with a smart temperature-control system that prevents electronic devices from overheating. It can be applied for a wide range of devices like cameras, computers, assembly lines and more. The solution provides real-time visual control of temperature and gathers information in a database. Heat limits can be adjusted for every electronic device specifically and help to maintain good quality and durability of products.


Nervtech is a high-tech vehicle simulator, using technologies from the fields of biometrics and cognitive driver evaluation, machine learning and data integration. The platform includes a set of physiological and biometrical medical-grade sensors for measuring driver’s indicators such as GSR, body temperature, reaction time, pupil diameter, gaze position. The solution analyses the driver's behaviour and helps to improve his or her skills in everyday driving and also critical situations like emergency braking or uncontrolled slide. The simulation on the platform includes a variety of driving environments, from countryside roads, snowy mountains, different highways to complex city centres.


Nowadays, urban space management is a very impactful issue and Modelur is making a big difference in this area. The company launched intuitive urban design software to create cities in a wise way, which will satisfy all the needs of its inhabitants. The software calculates key urban control parameters, like the required number of parking lots, office space, traffic movement capacity or green space. 3D interactive models help to provide optimal solutions 2 times faster than conventional methods, meanwhile, the design is still evolving and different design proposals can be easily validated against any given requirements.


Microbium provides custom-made microbiological detection protocols and quick analysis for specific industries. Thanks to the solution, it is possible to state what is a quality of drinkable water, molecular state of emulsions, impregnations and pigments used by manufacturing or construction companies and bacterial contamination in petrochemical/oil samples. Real-time detection of bacteria leads to the efficient management of production processes and appropriate quality control. This means a reduced risk of spoiled raw material or end products. Considerable savings are made by an optimised consumption of biocides. The startup has integrated with national laboratories as well as with other development and analytical organisations in Slovenia, Denmark and Russia.

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