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23 August 2022·8 min read

Valerie Stupnikova


Top Western Balkan Startups To Watch

Western Balkan countries, located in the southern part of Europe, include Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia. The startup and VC ecosystem in the region is growing, with many ambitious entrepreneurs driving up innovation and building cutting-edge business ventures. Western Balkans Investment Readiness, organized by Vestbee and the Swiss EP,  is one of the many programs that support the development of Western Balkans’ startups. 

So, with that said, let's have a look at the top promising Western Balkan startups worth your attention!


Joberty is a Serbian workplace community for developers who share their work experience. It is like a supportive IT community, allowing developers to choose the best workspace based on reviews and discussions with others within the platform. Interestingly, companies also can register on the website and hire the best workers, but they have no option of removing or changing the ratings they disagree with. Yet, they can respond to reviews if they desire. The idea is to have transparent and fair feedback to help candidates find suitable jobs. Joberty has over 50K professionals and over 1000 companies registered. Additionally, the company operates in Serbia, Croatia, and Romania.


Orgnostic is a Serbian people analytics platform that helps organize and link HR data, automates employee surveys, generates reports, and gives access to insights. The platform combines various HR tools, like Google spreadsheet and other recruiting software platforms, easing the HR analytics journey. Also, it allows connecting HRIS, ATS, financial, and people management apps to review metrics, HR and survey data, and more.  


A creative ad automation platform from Serbia, Hunch, operates for the social commerce marketing industry. It helps brands and agencies with customer personalization, social media placement, end-to-end collaboration workflow, and more. Its main goal is to assist with tailoring creative campaigns that increase brands' revenue. Hunch is a marketing tool that creates individual journeys and personalized experiences through creative production, automated ads, and user insights.  


Kredium is a Serbian-based international mortgage broker that offers a one-stop-shop solution for foreigners who want to take mortgages in the US, American citizens who wish to buy property outside their country, and those who are interested in specialized mortgages in the USA and do not have a credit score. The team has expertise in various types of mortgages, like ITIN, expat, cross-border, or international. Additionally, Kredium helps clients find the most suitable loan offers globally, as it operates in the US, UAE, Serbia, and Romania.

Gotiva Games

Gotiva Games is a creator economy platform from Bosnia and Herzegovina supporting graphic artists who can showcase their works in the games industry. The idea is to help artists through jigsaw puzzle games. The app users can play the games and, at the same time, help talents generate revenue. Additionally, users can join the jigsaw puzzle communities to learn more about the game tactics and make new connections. The platform is headquartered in Sarajevo, Szczecin, and Warsaw. Gotiva team plans to make the game available on mobile devices.  


One more app from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Rolla is a social fitness platform that allows runners, joggers, and cyclists to track activities, compete with other users and enjoy exercises without going out. The app provides in-depth insights, including calculating active minutes, calories, elevation, and more. Additionally, it offers individual and group fitness challenges and developed 3D routes imitating real outside scenery to keep users motivated and inspired. The app is available on smartphones, computers, tablets, and smart TVs. 


Albania-based OpenPay develops QR code payments that allow users to pay with a mobile app and lets merchants to accept payments at a low cost. The app is to support small businesses, stores, and supermarkets, which face costs associated with electronic payments. Additionally, to stimulate buyers to use the platform, OpenPay team offers loyalty programs that involve cashback collection.


Agremo is an agritech Serbian startup that supports forestry and agricultural specialists by providing concise and accessible information about their crops and fields. The data scientists, agronomy experts, and software engineers use aerial imagery analysis and share reports with crucial details, like crop type, growing stage, and recommended seeding density. This way, the Agremo team contributes to the sustainability of food production and helps farmers produce crops more efficiently. So far, the startup has analyzed over 70 types of plant species.

CodeWell AI 

CodeWell AI is a North Macedonian platform offering conversational AI assistants to automate various company departments. The service is available for an unlimited number of customers managing communication with many users simultaneously. Interestingly, CodeWell assistants can speak any world language and use different ones at the same time, understand dialects, street talks, conversation contexts, and more. Another advantage of the service is its compatibility with any chatbot-compatible platform. CodeWell AI is a helpful solution for companies aiming to improve customer experience and drive sales. 

Kagera AI 

One more Serbian business, Kagera AI, is a machine learning solution platform that aims to help companies specializing in the energy sector. Using smart data and collaborating with business teams, Kagera develops and executes business strategies, supports operations, prepares comprehensive business plans, addresses business challenges, and more. Kagera team specializes in business intelligence, machine and deep learning, data strategy, engineering consulting, HSSE, and more. 

Brand Solution 

The North Macedonian educational center and digital marketing agency Brand Solution provide high-level work, including business, music, tech, writing, and other sectors, for disabled people. The platform presents a database of people with special needs who work part-time and full-time and gives information to potential employers about legal rights and tax exemptions for hiring such individuals. Additionally, Brand Solution is a platform that facilitates two-way communication between buyers and sellers who decide on the cooperation requirements.  


OREA  is a Bosnian online marketplace offering a wide range of unique, handmade products crafted by local artisans. The platform aims to strengthen the regional economy, enhance networking of like-minded people, and support local talents. OREA is the biggest marketplace for selling and buying handmade products in Southeast Europe, with more than 150 active stores and over 5000 products. 


Kosovo-based Erudera is an AI-driven education search platform helping prospective students to find suitable universities and study programs. Additionally, the service covers statistical data, offers test preparation guides, and publishes helpful information. In its database, Erudera maintains up-to-date information on schools and universities worldwide; for now, there are 23,643 educational establishments on the platform.

Konceptiva Digital

North Macedonian Konceptiva Digital developed a platform with training content for employees. The service, named Coach, offers eight question formats, training modules, and content blocks where one can add information on company products, updates, sales, safety training, and more. Additionally, the platform allows tracking progress and measuring employees' knowledge. Coach training is a gamified service that uses repetitions to help employees memorize the information, rewards for answering right, and notifies to make the training a habit. 

Dasma App

Dasma App is a Kosovo-based startup that supports couples planning their weddings. It helps prepare the event, like selecting a date, reserving the venue, hiring musicians and photographers, booking catering, and more. Users need to register in the app, choose the suitable options, and submit an online report, while the Dasma team deals with the formalities and communication.

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