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Interesting startups - Poland
15 April 2021·7 min read

Mateusz Walczyk

Startup Analyst, Vestbee

15 Startups From Poland Worth Your Attention

After exploring Estonian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Romanian, Czech and Bulgarian startup scenes, it’s time to discover another interesting CEE startup ecosystem  - Poland. Check out a bunch of interesting Polish startups worth keeping on your radar. 


Smabbler analyzes and unlocks knowledge from diverse textual data assets. It’s fully scalable across topic domains, processes, and applications able to ensure information consistency and business productivity. As a horizontal reasoning language engine - an intelligent layer on data repositories - it is built to interpret, generalize and infer from unstructured text making it analytics and automation-ready. 

Vue Storefront

Vue Storefront, an API-focused front-end solution for the e-commerce sector combines high functionality and ultra-fast performance. Thanks to that solution, merchants, developers and agencies can boost their work while using other integrated platforms such as Shopify, Contentful, PayPal, Klarna, Google Pay or KLEVU. The company has 300+ live implementations in both B2B and B2C, 100+ agency partners, 4500+ community members and has raised €1.5M with Movens Capital and SMOK Ventures.


SunRoof is a cleantech startup manufacturing solar panels which combine high energy efficiency with the lowest carbon footprint emission in the world. The photovoltaic panels are simple and quick to assemble, fit to every kind of roof and besides creating electricity, they also isolate home temperature. SunRoof makes home 100% energy-efficient and enables users to monitor the output of energy production and consumption. All components are crafted from biodegradable, environmentally friendly materials. The company has raised €2M with SMOK Ventures, LT Capital, EIT InnoEnergy, FD Growth Capital, KnowledgeHub and Business Angels.


HiPets is an all-in-one SaaS embedded marketplace for pet parents allowing them to access and book all pet related services. Customers can arrange a visit for their companion animals at any time, create a pet profile, track a history of visits, and choose the specialist basing on previous customers’ reviews. Besides that HiPets team runs an interesting blog dedicated to pet lovers. The startup has secured a Pre-seed round in the amount of €600K with Next Road Ventures and SMOK Ventures.


VersaBox is exploiting smart robotics for the needs of the intralogistics industry. Autonomous vehicles can work for both industrial and consumer applications, by processing materials or components,  quick transport combined with reliability, autonomy and flexibility - over 70% of commercial service robotics projects delivered a double-digit ROI and more than 65% achieved payback in under two years. Among VersaBox clients are companies like Lubella, Autoliv, Huf, Feurecia, the startup has raised €4,8M with Movens Capital, SpeedUp Venture Capital Group, FIDIASZ, RST Ventures For Earth.


AdTonos offers online radio broadcasting with targeted advertisements providing high-performance marketing. It is possible to start the first campaign in less than 5 minutes, and set targeting preferences, as the startup provides analytics tools helping to define budget and maximum price per play, get full insight with ads dashboard and graph or compare campaign KPIs. The startup has advertised brands like Coca Cola, Douglas, Burger King, Citroen, Volvo and has IBM, Media Road, Campus A Google Space and among its partners. AdTonos has raised over €320K with Shape VC, Corvus Ventures, Cofounder Zone and Kulczyk Investments.


Automade provides tools for business processes’ automation at a corporate and SME level. The robots gather business data, transfer them to other integrated systems, fill in the documents and perform all mundane office tasks.  Due to decreased entry barriers of the Robotic Process Automation, it becomes very simple to robotize many kinds of processes in both small and large companies. The solution also satisfies employees who do not have to carry out repetitive tasks, is time-saving and speeds up business processes. The company has raised €350K with Movens Capital and LT Capital.


Cardiomatics exploits AI technology for the needs of the cardiological industry. Its team of scientists and engineers carefully analyzed over 13 million heartbeats and incorporated the information with advanced machine learning and ECG system. The solution collects valid information about heart activity and converts it to user-friendly reports. Services are compliant with global HIPAA standards while the effectiveness of algorithms has been verified on the benchmark database developed by Boston's Beth Israel Hospital and MIT. The company has raised €820K with INNOventure VC, RTAventures and National Center for Research & Development.


Renderro offers a Cloud Workplace designed for audio-visual content creators and provides Cloud Computer with high computing power, specialized graphic software and secure storage. The platform is easily accessible from PC, smartphone or tablet and operates in a pay-as-you-go model. It has already raised €622K with Simpact VC and  Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.


SmokeD is an AI-supported real-time surveillance system that prevents wildfire by operating 24/7 and providing precise location of the fire rudiment. The system consists of smoke detectors, proprietary software and a mobile app, which helps to react as fast as possible to this kind of danger. The solution is used in the USA by energy operator Salt River Project, also in Guatemala and Indonesia. Preventing wildfire means reducing costs of burned homes, farming acres, destroyed infrastructure and fire-fight activities so it’s a really serious issue that fortunately SmokeD took care of. The company has raised €1.2M with KnowledgeHub.


DoxyChain a platform for digital documents’ management, makes it simple to sign, store and track documents online. Blockchain technology guarantees enhanced security of stored files, reduces the time of signing business documents by 78%, so users can underwrite about 2,5 times more contracts and, what is more, it also saves over 140kg of paper each year. The solution is created for the specific needs of companies with legal, financial, insurance, telecom, or real estate background. The startup was trusted by leading companies like ORACLE and Wolters Kluwer and has raised €250K with undisclosed investors.


DefenseLayers a cybersecurity & compliance platform brings automation of cybersecurity to another level. Applications are secured both in private and public clouds, which are built by application container technology usage (Docker, Kubernetes environment). Besides providing security, the platform also checks compliance with GDPR, NIS and PCIDSS standards. The startup has raised €250K with ValueTech Seed.


WEARFITS offers 3D AR fitting rooms, so the customers can check online if clothes fit them without visiting a shop. It is proved that implementation of this technology reduces returns of clothes by 27% and boosts e-commerce sales by 23%. The software simulates the physical properties of specific materials and creates a 98% accurate body model for every user. The startup has raised €1M with undisclosed investors.


Carberry is the first multi-brand e-commerce platform for pre-owned cars in Poland where customers can choose from many car brands and models, negotiate a monthly fee, leasing rate, insurance, and sign deals suiting their personal needs. There are also plenty of additional monthly subscription-based options like technical service, maintenance or expert assistance. The company has raised €450K with the undisclosed investor.


Authologic combines three main types of identity sources: video verification, banking data and digital IDs into one API and UX.  The platform provides intuitive user onboarding, making identity verification a fast and reliable process, as a proof of concept integration is ready in only 2 hours ensuring minimal data processing risk. Among startup clients, there are some leading companies like Admify, Paymento, RevoPlus, Fundio, LendStream and Przelewy24.


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