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Interesting startups  - Bulgaria
13 January 2021·6 min read

Mateusz Walczyk

Startup Analyst, Vestbee

Interesting Startups From Bulgaria To Watch

After exploring Estonian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Romanian and Czech startup scenes, let’s move to the next CEE startup ecosystem in Bulgaria. Check out the most promising companies from this country!

X Nasekomo

Nasekomo produces animal feed which is made from organic waste converted by  bioactive insects. The food is suitable for household animals and fishes while it might be also used as a ground fertilizer as it contains high-quality proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, immunity enhancers and other nutritional values. The production process is noticeably reducing food waste, greenhouse gas emissions, depletion of fragile resources such as pure water, arable lands and marine life stocks. The startup has already raised €5M with Chivas Venture and New Vision 3.


Phos makes it possible to conduct payments from contactless cards or NFC from smartphones anywhere in the world. New solution is dedicated to merchants, providing full integration of each payment with many other additional business applications including loyalty cards, vouchers, campaign management, budgeting, business analytics. The company has raised €1,3M with New Vision 3.


Shoptico is a tool for designing E-commerce websites, offering plenty of useful features such as integrated cash register, build-in landing pages, ERP system, warehouse software, instant invoicing, design editor, SEO and marketing services. Shoptico can migrate store data from global leading platforms like: Shopify, Magneto, PrestaShop or CloudCart. The startup has raised €500K with undisclosed investors. 

My Education Club

My Education Club makes it both easy and entertaining to learn new skills and gain knowledge. The platform is based on the P2P learning model and it is matching users with AI algorithms, so people who have similar interests can learn from each other. There are elements of gamification in order to maintain users engagement. Courses can be bought by internal payment currency (tokens), which is acquired and exchanged between users.


Leonardian is a blockchain-based marketplace for trading digital assets connecting both individuals and companies. The platform allows users to buy and sell software products and copyrights as well as freelance services. Advantages of Leonardian include low transaction fee, high-quality assurance mechanism, a quick payment system and transparency of contract conditions.

Noble Hire

Noble Hire simplifies the recruitment process for software engineers who apply to best 90+ tech companies in Bulgaria. From the perspective of recruiters, the solution makes hiring cheaper, faster and also provides more detailed verification of the candidates than a traditional process. The startup has raised €200K with Eleven Ventures.


Ubitrack created an AI-driven software for optical tracking, recording and analyzing football matches. Machine Learning technologies recognize all objects on the football pitch (the players, the ball and the referees) and generates more than 4 million data entry points per each match. The solution helps to limit camera operator work to the absolute minimum and prevents cheating. It’s easily integrable and provides detailed information about every football match.


TraDEXsocial develops blockchain technology to facilitate making better financial decisions and understand them without any experience required. The product allows mining cryptocurrencies from every computer, creates its own user’s wallet and is part of the crypto exchange. The social trending concept enables to replicate transaction schemes of most successful investors and earn money. The platform provides complex information about ROI, trade volume and risk diversification level. The company has raised €160K with Aeternity Ventures.

I Rise

I Rise is a startup engineering and manufacturing technologically advanced wheelchairs for disabled people. The new-generation product has many functions like 0 radius turn, increased maneuverability and tailor-made adjustable parts. Its goal is to improve health, independence, social inclusion and quality of life for disabled people. The company has raised €300K with an undisclosed investor.


NovaMining is a platform offering blockchain-based services like improving criteria of transparency, quality, usability and compliance in mining cryptocurrencies. The mining is secured by an escrow system that works with OP_CODES constructions of Bitcoin Script - which prevents any contracts' asymmetries or frauds. Moreover, the NovaMining Network offers users an option to exchange cryptocurrencies between different blockchains via Atomic Swaps based on the use of HTLC (Hashed Time Lock Contracts). The company has raised €180K with an undisclosed investor.


NitroPack is software improving the loading time of over 21K websites (increase in average speed index by 383%), which makes it more convenient for visitors to scroll through and increases conversion rates. The solution includes advanced caching, optimization of images display, every data coded in HTML, CSS or Javascript and proprietary speed algorithm. NitroPack is integrable with the world's biggest platforms like WordPress, Magneto, Woocommerce, or Open Cart and the startup has raised  €200K with Eleven Ventures.


MicroWeber, an open-source CMS platform, simplifies creating websites, blogs, and online shops by implementing drag and drop technology. Creating websites with MicroWeber requires no coding skills and is easy even for people without any web-creating experience. Users can choose from already created design templates, which enables creating the final webpage much quicker than usual. The platform is constantly patched and updated, to guarantee high efficiency and security.

BioSeek JSC

BioSeek JSC is a biotech company, offering scientific research done by a new type of search engine, which operates in a graph database. The subject of analysis might be a chemical compound, drug, disease, clinical trait, gene, protein and many other traits. Each issue can be inspected in terms of substance distribution, heatmap, streams, clustering or timeline changes. The platform also includes an online product marketplace, customizable visualization tools and a publishing module. The company has already raised €654.5K with Impetus Capital.


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