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21 September 2023·17 min read

Sofia Drobychevskaya

Most Interesting Startups from Germany to Watch

After exploring innovative solutions created in Sweden, France, Croatia and Finland, let’s dive into the German startup scene. Discover a selection of the 31 most interesting tech companies worth keeping an eye on.


Nuventura, a Berlin-based startup, focuses on developing SF6-free gas insulated switchgear (GIS) technologies to replace the potent greenhouse gas SF6 with dry air. Their Nu1 technology, an IEC-approved medium voltage GIS, retains traditional GIS advantages while mitigating SF6's operational and environmental challenges. Additionally, Nuventura's technology enables further benefits like digitization, made possible by using dry air as the insulating medium.They recently raised €25M in a Series A funding round led by Mirova to expand its product line and create global manufacturing opportunities, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy sector.


Schüttflix is a construction tech startup revolutionizing the construction industry by digitizing and optimizing operations. Their digital platform connects contractors, bulk materials sellers, carriers, and disposers, streamlining logistics and enhancing processes related to construction materials. Their focus is on transparency in pricing, on-time deliveries, and sustainability by minimizing waste and emissions through efficient route management. Recently, they secured a significant €45M in funding to further their mission of reducing waste and emissions. In 2022, the company doubled its turnover, reaching about €90M, showcasing their potential for growth and their commitment to sustainability, especially in construction waste disposal.


leonardo.impact, based in Frankfurt, is a tech startup focused on simplifying sustainability impact measurement and reporting. Their platform streamlines data collection and verification, making it easier for organizations to confidently report their impact to stakeholders. By providing intelligent data solutions, Leonardo aims to help businesses attract investors, strengthen their brand, generate additional revenue sources, motivate their teams, and effectively manage their impact. Recently, they secured €555K in Pre-seed funding to further develop their platform and drive innovation in trustworthy sustainability data.


Deepset, AI startup, specializes in empowering developers to build applications utilizing natural language as the interface to data. Their open-source framework, Haystack, is widely adopted by developers for creating LLM (Large Language Model) applications. Additionally, their LLM platform, deepset Cloud, allows enterprises globally to harness the potential of large language models for various business needs. The company recently secured $30M in funding, led by Balderton Capital and featuring participation from GV (Google Ventures) and Harpoon Ventures. This funding will enable them to enhance their platform, with a focus on refining deepset Cloud for retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) applications, optimizing for privacy constraints, and diversifying LLM observability. Their clients include major companies like Siemens, Airbus, and Manz.


KRAFTBLOCK, a climate tech startup, pioneers sustainable thermal storage technology for energy-intensive industries like steel and ceramics. Their innovative energy storage system, built with upcycled materials, can store up to 1.2 MWh thermal energy at high temperatures. Modular and scalable, it enables efficient heat storage, transport, and utilization. This technology plays a crucial role in decarbonization by utilizing formerly wasted heat, reducing fossil fuel dependency, and cutting carbon emissions. Recently, KRAFTBLOCK raised €20M in a Series B funding round, with key investors like Shell Ventures, aiming for global expansion and market consolidation.


Bind-X, a Munich-based biotech startup, specializes in utilizing biomineralization to bind loose substances, making products and processes more sustainable and valuable.. Their technology, Bind-Tech®, spans various sectors from mining to healthcare, offering customizable solutions for dust suppression, weed management, and bitumen reduction. The naturally bound product transforms raw materials, making them suitable for further processing. Recently, Bind-X secured €10M in a Series B funding round, with investors like HG Ventures and Saxovent. This funding will drive product development and global expansion, cementing Bind-X's position as a leader in sustainable industrial solutions.


Berlin-based ecoworks is a trailblazer in Net Zero modernizations for multifamily buildings in Germany. Through efficient prefabrication and advanced energy systems, they retrofit buildings within weeks, generating the same or more electricity than residents consume. In a recent €22M Series A funding, ecoworks aims to automate retrofitting designs, reducing carbon emissions and striving for profitability by 2024. Their approach shifts carbon-intensive activities from construction sites to factories, enhancing sustainability in the housing sector. Key investors include PropTech1 Ventures, Zacua Ventures, and Warema Group, underlining confidence in ecoworks' innovative approach.


QuoIntelligence, based in Frankfurt, specializes in providing top-quality cyber and geopolitical threat intelligence. Combining AI with human expertise, they offer customized Finished Intelligence reports to inform decision-makers about current and potential threats. In a recent €5M Seed funding round led by eCAPITAL Entrepreneurial Partners, QuoIntelligence aims to expand its team and enhance its threat intelligence services, with a focus on European and US markets. The funds will help recruit top talent and solidify their position as a vital threat intelligence partner in the ever-growing cybersecurity landscape.

ECO Group

ECO Group, a B2B platform that brings together purpose-driven eco brands, uniting them under a common goal of promoting sustainability. The platform offers a range of products that prioritize being eco-friendly and more sustainable than existing standards.Recently secured a €7.5M Series A round led by Acton Capital and with participation from existing investor Fair Capital Partners. Established in 2022, ECO Group is committed to promoting sustainable products and making "ECO the new NORMAL."   In addition to the funding, ECO Group also acquired a majority stake in JM Nature GmbH, a cosmetics brand company. 


Cello is a Munich-based SaaS referrals platform that revolutionizes how companies market and sell products by leveraging the power of word-of-mouth growth. Their platform enables businesses to engage and encourage their most passionate users to share products they love, driving growth through referrals. Startup allows easy sharing and discovery, making the process efficient and rewarding for both users and businesses. With notable clients like Personio, Superside, and sevDesk, Cello is on a mission to amplify product growth by making word-of-mouth rewarding. In a recent funding round, they secured €3.1M to further expand their reach and enhance their platform.


DGG, a deep-tech startup, is simplifying access to 3D technology for retailers and product creators. Their RapidCompact solution enables the automatic creation of optimized 3D assets for eCommerce and beyond, making 3D models creation and display easy with a drag-and-drop feature. Recognizing the lack of properly formatted 3D content, DGG is building a platform for technology partners and dedicated integrations for large enterprise clients. The startup recently raised €4M in a funding round led by IRIS, with participation from existing investors and angel investors. The funds will accelerate the development of their 3D optimization software and a new product that converts offline CGI assets to real-time 3D formats, contributing to their goal of making 3D technology accessible to all.

NEURA Robotics

NEURA Robotics, a high-tech company founded in 2019, envisions revolutionizing robotics by enhancing robots' cognitive abilities. With a diverse team of over 150 experts, they focus on various technologies including AI, environmental perception, and mechanical design. Their flagship creation, MAiRA, is a robot capable of perceiving and interacting with its environment autonomously. Recently, they raised $55M in funding, led by Lingotto, Vsquared Ventures, Primepulse, and HV Capital, aiming to expand into the US and Japan while boosting production infrastructure in Germany to meet a substantial order book exceeding $450M.


Subdron,  is a maritime startup,  specializing in autonomous underwater navigation technology. Their mission is to digitize underwater structures, making tasks for international clients more efficient and safe. They focus on automating inspections for biofouling and structural integrity in the underwater domain, aiming to transform the inspection industry. Recent funding of €1.3M, co-led by xista science ventures and Faber's Ocean/Climate Tech fund, will support the development and deployment of their technology for autonomous inspections of underwater infrastructure like port facilities and ship hulls.


Fintech startup Ivy is revolutionizing the payment landscape with its global API for instant bank payments. Ivy's solution allows merchants to accept instant bank payments at the checkout, bypassing card transactions and expediting the process. The system smartly navigates different instant bank schemes and bank infrastructure providers, enhancing connectivity and conversion rates via a unified gateway. Ivy recently raised €7M in a Seed round led by Creandum, attracting notable investors and affirming the significance of account-to-account payments in the evolving fintech landscape. Ivy's API is operational in various regions, connecting with millions of bank accounts globally and fostering a seamless payment experience.


Hepster is an insurtech company with a vision to simplify insurance processes. Startup develops individually customized insurance products and integrates them into digital systems using cutting-edge technologies. Hepster is a market leader in situational lifestyle insurance in Europe, providing accessible insurance products for various industries. Their innovative solutions enhance the insurance experience for consumers and companies, streamlining processes efficiently. Recently, hepster secured €10M in a Series B funding round, comprised of equity and debt financing. This funding will support their expansion into new markets while emphasizing profitability and sustainable growth. hepster's API enables companies to seamlessly integrate personalized insurance offerings in areas such as mobility, electronics, travel, and more.


Vilisto, a Hamburg-based climate tech startup, focuses on smart heating solutions for non-residential buildings. Their standout product, a smart thermostat, leverages sensors and self-learning algorithms to potentially save up to 32% of heating energy and reduce CO2 emissions. This innovative approach has garnered over 200 customers, including various companies and municipalities, encompassing around 35k buildings. Vilisto recently secured €5M in a Series A funding round, led by SET Ventures and E.R. Capital Holding. The funds will help solidify their market position and drive future growth to enhance energy efficiency in the building sector.


Berlin-based health tech startup eaze aims to improve sleep with its personalized coaching app based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). The app connects users with sleep experts for data-driven treatment. eaze recently raised €1.7M in a Pre-seed funding round led by Redstone and EnjoyVenture Human Impact Fund. The company has garnered over 1k paying customers for its sleep app, addressing the significant economic and health-related implications of sleep problems. The approach targets long-term, sustainable solutions for better mental and physical health.


Service4Charger is a certified EV maintenance firm specializing in charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. From private wallboxes to public charging parks, the company plans and installs comprehensive charging solutions. They offer a central management process, including IT solutions, for operation, maintenance, testing, and cleaning of charging infrastructure to ensure quality assurance. Their mission is to significantly contribute to the successful transition to electromobility by providing sustainable charging solutions and exceptional service.  Service4Charger, raised €10M in a Series A funding round  led by bp ventures. The company has also forged a strategic collaboration with bp for a multi-year commercial agreement to enhance and expand charging infrastructure across Germany.

BLUU Seafood

BLUU Seafood, a food biotech startup, is transforming the seafood industry by cultivating fish cells to produce fish products, avoiding harm to live fish. They focus on creating hybrid products like fish balls and fish fingers by combining these cultivated fish cells with plant-based proteins, providing a sustainable alternative to traditional fishing. In a recent Series A funding round, BLUU Seafood raised €16M led by Sparkfood and LBBW VC, showcasing the potential of their technology to revolutionize the industry. The company aims to enter the Singapore market by 2024, following the approval of cultivated chicken sales. 

Colonia Technologies

Colonia Technologies is modernizing the logistics industry by creating a sharing platform for commercial vehicles. Founded in 2021, the platform serves as a marketplace for logistics providers to share their vehicles and manage their fleets more efficiently. Colonia Technologies recently secured €6M in a Seed round led by Octopus Ventures, with participation from, Plug and Play, MobilityFund, Atlantic Labs, Hoyer, and existing investor Atlantic Labs, as well as angel investors. The startup aims to address the critical bottleneck in international logistics by making access to trucks and trailers as convenient as booking a ride-sharing service.


Cakewalk, a Berlin-based start-up, specializes in Identity Access & Management solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Their goal is to ensure secure access for employees within SMBs by allowing efficient management of software access. Founded in June 2022, Cakewalk prioritizes a design-centric approach, focusing on an intuitive user experience for employees while supporting IT and security teams. This ensures that SMBs can maintain control over evolving software solutions while addressing security and compliance requirements. Recently, the company secured €3M in funding led by Fly Ventures, with participation from Seedcamp, Possible Ventures, and angel investors.

ATMOS Space Cargo

ATMOS Space Cargo, a Bavarian NewSpace startup, focuses on the manufacturing of space capsules capable of safely returning a wide range of cargo from space, from payloads below 100 kg to multiple tons. Their innovative technology offers 'microgravity on demand,' providing durations in space ranging from just 3 hours to 3 months in orbit. The company is set to demonstrate its capabilities with a first mission at the end of 2024, showcasing the safe return of a microgravity experiment from low Earth orbit using their Phoenix return capsule. This breakthrough has significant potential for advancing biomedical and material sciences research, in-orbit demonstration and verification (IOD/IOV), and even manufacturing products in space.  Recently, has secured €4M in a seed funding round led by High-Tech Gründerfonds and the Amadeus APEX Technology Fund. 


HYGH is a pioneering digital out-of-home advertising network based in Zug/Berlin. Their platform enables users to book outdoor advertising swiftly, affordably, and flexibly at the best price-performance ratio on the market, making outdoor advertising accessible to all. HYGH is driving innovation in the outdoor advertising space by developing a programmatic platform for real-time, hyperlocal, and dynamic outdoor advertising.. Currently operating in several major German cities, HYGH plans to expand to 15 cities and further scale in the DACH region. They recently secured €21.5M in a funding round, accelerating their growth and ambitions to redefine digital out-of-home marketing.


Berlin-based startup Nelly is transforming patient check-in by enabling smartphone-based admissions. Patients can complete medical forms, sign documents, and even handle payments via their smartphones. Nelly's digital solution streamlines administrative tasks for healthcare professionals and minimizes costs related to traditional paperwork. The startup recently secured €15M in a Series A funding round led by Lakestar to fuel its expansion, develop new products, and enhance fintech capabilities. Nelly's approach aims to boost job satisfaction for medical professionals while enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Thinksurance, an insurtech firm, streamlines insurance consultations with its digital platform, enabling tailor-made solutions for commercial clients. They've raised $24M to expand this platform further. Partnerships with major insurers and over 50k brokers have already facilitated consultations for 1.5M customers. Thinksurance aims to reduce administrative burdens for brokers, focusing on enhancing the entire insurance industry's efficiency.


Sastrify, a Cologne-based startup founded in 2020, is a digital procurement platform for SaaS products. It helps companies optimize SaaS subscriptions by providing best-in-class buying processes, partnerships with leading SaaS vendors, and a growing database of price benchmarks. Recently, Sastrify secured $32M in a Series B funding round led by Endeit Capital, with participation from Simon Capital, HV Capital, FirstMark Capital, and TriplePoint Capital. Sastrify supports hundreds of clients globally, including notable companies like OnRunning, Pleo, and Capchase, aiming to streamline SaaS procurement and optimize costs for businesses.


Ariadne, established in 2019, specializing in location data and crowd analytics. They utilize state-of-the-art AI systems to collect anonymous signals from smartphones, enabling accurate assessment of people flow and real-time information. By providing insights into visitor trajectories, heatmaps, flow patterns, and more, Ariadne offers actionable data to both the private and public sectors. Ariadne aims to revolutionize various sectors, including real estate, transportation, hospitality, and government, by providing essential analytics to optimize customer journeys and conversion rates. The recent $7M Series A funding, led by Marathon Venture Capital, will support their mission to modernize the operational systems in commercial real estate and expand their reach.


Health tech company Patient21 is pioneering a hybrid healthcare model, integrating its software platform with a network of owned and operated physical clinics. This approach enables end-to-end control over the patient journey, aiming to enhance rather than replace in-person care. The recent €100M Series C funding, led by Pitango, will drive further development of their software platform and support expansion into additional European markets. Currently operating 53 outpatient clinics in Germany, the company focuses on various specialties, with a significant emphasis on dental services. Patient satisfaction is notably high, with an average score of 4.9 out of 5, and the company has experienced substantial revenue growth in the past year.


Berlin-based Rydes is corporate mobility solutions offering companies a novel approach to employee transportation. Rather than dealing with cumbersome expense reports for business-related travel, Rydes provides a platform for employers to offer their staff a monthly mobility budget. This allows employees the flexibility to choose their preferred means of transport, whether it's shared mobility, public transit, rented bikes or cars, or fuel/charge cards for personal vehicles. By streamlining administrative processes and enhancing mobility choices, Rydes aims to optimize corporate travel experiences for both employees and employers. The recent €3.5M seed funding round, led by Assembly Ventures and Rethink Ventures, will drive the platform's further development and expansion into global markets beyond Germany.


Berlin-based startup Nosh is breaking new ground in the realm of meat alternatives by harnessing fungi biomass. In a recent seed funding round that raised €3.2M led by Earlybird Venture Capital, Nosh uses mycelium, the fiber and vitamin-rich protein found in fungi. Mycelium contains no saturated fat or cholesterol while boasting a natural umami flavor. Nosh has cracked the code by effectively cloning fungi biomass from a well-established source, creating a product that mimics the texture and taste of meat. With price parity and even competitive advantages compared to animal products, Nosh is revolutionizing the meat replacement landscape.


Magnotherm, climate tech start-up,  is revolutionizing refrigeration with its sustainable cooling technology. In a recent seed round, the company secured €5M to accelerate mass production of its innovative refrigerator. Unlike traditional refrigeration methods that rely on harmful greenhouse gases, Magnotherm uses a temperature-active metal to cool down water, providing an eco-friendly alternative. Magnotherm's magnetic cooling system is not only up to 40% more efficient than conventional solutions but also produces no direct greenhouse gases.

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