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30 August 2023·7 min read

Sofia Drobychevskaya

Most Interesting Startups from Croatia to Watch

We keep on exploring, looking for the most interesting startups. So far we have discovered countries like Finland, Netherlands, Italy, France, and Greece Now, it is high time to take a closer look at Croatia. Discover a selection of young tech companies worth keeping an eye on.


Revuto, a Zagreb-based fintech startup that simplifies subscription management via a user-friendly app. Their mobile app caters to debit card and cryptocurrency users, helping them save and earn money effortlessly. Users can earn rewards through the app's innovative gamification elements, creating a sense of engagement and excitement around managing subscriptions. Backed by Cardano's platform in the RealFi ecosystem, Revuto has already secured an impressive $20M funding despite its recent inception. Currently, Revuto's innovative debit cards empower over 355k registered users to efficiently manage subscription payments. 


Simplifying software development from Zagreb, Wasp streamlines full-stack web app creation by unifying frontend, backend, and deployment. Wasp's unique approach aims to cut code layers and follows best practices, offering an open-source solution for modern, scalable app creation similar to Databricks' impact on data management. Its zero-configuration approach  has garnered attention, raising $1.5M in funding led by Lunar Ventures and HV Capital, since its establishment.  With around 300 apps already utilizing Wasp's approach, the startup focuses on refining tools and contributions, building on its successful Product Hunt launch and Y Combinator participation in 2019.


Croatian startup Gepek is transforming deliveries using a community-driven approach. Established in April 2020, Gepek utilizes a vast carpooler network to provide on-demand package delivery within 30 minutes to a few hours, rivaling traditional express services cost-effectively and sustainably. Boasting 5k users in Croatia and European expansion, Gepek aims for 200k active users by 2023. Backed by €500k pre-seed investment, including support from John Lilic and Auki Labs, Gepek integrates blockchain for security and tracking, aligning with its sustainability commitment. Beyond efficient deliveries, Gepek fosters community collaboration in the delivery industry.


Zagreb-based TABU empowers effective salary negotiations for individuals while providing market trend insights for businesses. With €100k funding and broad market coverage, TABU is transforming compensation practices. Founded in 2022,  the platform's swift journey from concept to launch in just 3 months is underscored by the flood of 10k entries in 2 weeks, and currently counts over 18k users, reflecting the demand for accurate salary benchmarks. This innovation benefits both tech professionals and businesses alike. Professionals can compare salaries directly, ensuring fairness, while businesses gain crucial insights for competitive compensation strategies. 


Zagreb's Treblle is revolutionizing API management. With $7M funding from Nauta Capital, they offer a lightweight SDK for efficient REST-based API development. Founded in 2020, Treblle emerged from app developers' challenges, simplifying API creation, deployment, and maintenance. Their platform helps users understand APIs and apps better, focusing on coding. By August 2022, Treblle's platform reached 10k users, streamlining developers' operations.

Codemap no-code talent marketplace that connects individuals and businesses with tailored no-code solutions, reshaping software development. Through curated experts, it empowers startups and SMEs to leverage no-code, low-code, and automation, speeding up software creation by up to 10 times. In 2022 the startup secured $250k funding led by SQ Capital marking a pivotal moment. The capital infusion will drive growth, supporting key hires, product development, and customer acquisition. In 2021 alone, the platform quadrupled its business results, showcasing its potential in a thriving market expected to grow from $16.1B to $84.8B by 2027.


Founded in 2018, Fonoa is changing how businesses handle taxes worldwide. Their platform simplifies tax tasks like validation, calculations, and reporting. With $25M funding in 2021, including support from Index Ventures and OMERS Ventures, Fonoa manages over 300M tax transactions annually. Fonoa's API solution integrates seamlessly into workflows, verifying tax status, calculating taxes, and generating compliant invoices. It even reports transactions to governments in real-time. With plans to expand to 140 countries from their current 100, Fonoa is making taxes easier for businesses around the globe.


Fintech startup Minka fintech game-changing platform, reinvigorates traditional banking by creating an open network that empowers banks and clearinghouses to break free from outdated systems and enable real-time money movement. It's like building with digital Lego bricks, allowing quick development of mobile wallets, loyalty programs, and more. With a recent funding round led by Tiger Global Management and Kaszek, they've secured $24M  to power their transformative mission. Minka's influence stretches to Colombia, where they're driving the largest open banking project in the region. Partnering with ACH Colombia for the Transfiya initiative, Minka provides direct API access to a remarkable 80% of the country's accounts. Spanning continents, Minka is shaping banking's future through innovation and openness.


Zagreb's GameBoost is leveling up the gaming experience. Offering services like Elo Boosting and Coaching, they've created a global marketplace for gamers.  This startup, founded in 2022, with a diverse portfolio covering over 50 games, GameBoost helps game developers enhance revenue, engagement, retention, and community building. Backed by €2M from Fil Rouge Capital and Feelsgood, GameBoost is expanding its reach, focusing on inclusivity and new markets.. With a solid foundation in the gaming industry, GameBoost is set to revolutionize how gamers connect and enhance players skills.


Croatian edtech company VIDI-TO develops systems for intelligent education. Their flagship product, VIDI X, is already enhancing STEM learning in 600 Croatian schools, benefiting over 24k students. This microcomputer features a powerful processor, touchscreen, and sensors, encouraging curiosity and discovery. VIDI-TO's vision extends globally, aiming to cultivate well-rounded, socially conscious students. Schools from various countries have shown interest in VIDI X's potential. Recently the startup secured a €600k investment from Feelsgood.


Rijeka's IE-Energy is rewriting energy's future. Founded in 2020, this dynamic company focuses on creating a flexible smart grid, ushering in a new era of sustainable energy. Since its establishment, IE-Energy has achieved remarkable milestones. Licensed by the Croatian Energy Agency (HERA) as an Energy Trader, and granted an international EIC code by HOPS (TSO), their credentials are solid. Recently, IE-Energy received a game-changing boost – a €19.8M grant from the EU Commission. This funding is destined to build the first battery system near Šibenik. IE-Energy's innovation lies in developing the first regional Virtual Power Plant, uniting decentralized power sources like wind farms, solar parks, and storage systems. With a total investment of €70M, IE-Energy is modernizing grids and securing energy supply for Croatia and the EU.

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