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06 April 2023·11 min read

Paweł Pliszka

Editor, Vestbee

Interesting Early-Stage Startups From Norway To Watch

Norway's startup scene is heating up, and we're here to showcase the country's most innovative companies. From fintech to gaming, these twenty startups are revolutionizing their respective industries with cutting-edge solutions and products. Join us as we explore Norway's startup landscape and uncover the top players driving innovation.


Cavai is a 2021-founded Norwegian startup that operates in the creative ad tech market. The company's goal is to produce advertisements that are equally appealing to both brands and their intended audience. They believe that the key to successful digital advertising is to design advertisements that people enjoy, which leads to improved outcomes and greater brand favorability.

The solutions offered by Cavai are built with privacy in mind. Although the company's solutions can function with data, they are designed to operate independently. This means that they prioritize user privacy and attempt to provide advertising experiences that respect the data rights of users.

Orbital Machines

Orbital Machines is a Trondheim, Norway-based startup that is creating a unique electric turbo pump for orbital carrier chains. The company was formed by Ola Eid and Eivind Liland in 2018.

The electric turbo pump is an indispensable part of orbital carrier chains, which are used to propel payloads into space. The conventional turbo pump is powered by an internal combustion engine, which has several disadvantages, including high costs, high weight, and high maintenance requirements. Orbital Machines intends to address these challenges by creating an electric turbo pump that is more effective, economical, and simple to maintain.


Tana offers a software development platform aimed to facilitate the collaboration of humans, teams, and machines. Everything OS is the name of the company's software, which refers to a comprehensive operating system that integrates multiple apps and utilities into a single platform.

The platform is designed to eliminate the need for various software subscriptions and give customers a straightforward and effective means of managing their work. It provides a collection of simple concepts that enable users to construct anything they choose without having to switch between multiple applications or copy and paste data.


Sparkel is a Norwegian business that offers a collaborative web platform to data-driven construction companies. The platform intends to simplify and reduce the environmental effect of the building sector.

Sparkel's objective is to reduce construction emissions and contribute to environmental sustainability by preventing the ordering of incorrect and excess materials. They believe that their platform, which unleashes the potential of Building Information Modelling (BIM), will aid in achieving this objective.

Sparkel, a rapidly expanding multinational corporation headquartered in Oslo, fosters a workplace culture that allows all workers to flourish in their particular areas of competence. They intend to achieve their objectives by assembling a highly qualified workforce with compatible interests.


The Norwegian company Geniess specializes in energy technologies. The company's objective is to accelerate the use of distributed energy storage to promote clean electrification.

Geniess has created software that enables developers of battery storage systems to make better investment decisions by identifying appropriate customers, scaling battery storage installations appropriately, and improving overall business cases and system configurations. The program enables clients to make decisions faster, with less complexity, and achieve greater profitability, resulting in a measurable impact on the bottom line.


Shapemaker focuses on offering B2B SaaS (software-as-a-service) solutions for the design and analysis of telecommunication infrastructure in civilian engineering. Beginning with telecommunication infrastructure, their major objective is to modernize the civilian engineering business to build a more sustainable future.

Shapemaker has developed cutting-edge technological solutions that enable engineers to accelerate the engineering process from weeks to minutes, saving time and decreasing the carbon footprint of their tower designs. Their innovative approach to the design and analysis of communications infrastructure is anticipated to play a crucial role in achieving the UN's sustainable development goals by providing enhanced global coverage.

The Human Touch Robotics

The Human Touch Robotics is a Norwegian company formed by two smart engineers with a passion for robots, Andrija and Velimir. Using cutting-edge computer vision software to overcome the considerable challenges in this industry, the company's primary focus is on building advanced robots with the capacity to emulate the softness and sensitivity of human touch.

The Human Touch Robotics has successfully replicated the delicate touch of human fingers after seven years of hard work and collaboration. Their revolutionary technology may be widely adopted in food-based enterprises throughout the world to increase production efficiency and quality.


Loopfront is a company that provides a web application hosted in the cloud to assist in the reuse, repair, redesign, and recycling of construction materials, fixtures, and furniture. The platform intends to assist businesses in adopting and operating circularly by controlling their resources and facilitating transactions with the whole value chain.

Loopfront believes in the ability of organizations to create amazing things and is passionate about circular resource management. They provide an easy-to-use platform that helps businesses to adopt circular economy ideas by efficiently managing their resources, eliminating waste, and promoting sustainable practices.


Unloc aspires to change the traditional access system by creating a world without keys. The organization feels that the existing method of carrying several keys is obsolete, inconvenient, and causes unneeded friction.

The technology of Unloc is not only more convenient than standard keys but also more secure. The platform provides many levels of access control, enabling users to grant and remove access to individuals or groups as necessary. Additionally, the company provides a log of all access attempts and can inform users of any unwanted access attempts in real-time.

Hydrogen Mem-Tech

Hydrogen Mem-Tech specializes in the development of innovative hydrogen separation technology with carbon capture to ease the transition to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable energy system. Their primary purpose is to replace traditional fossil fuels with clean and sustainable hydrogen in numerous businesses, transportation networks, and homes.

Hydrogen Mem-Tech's cutting-edge technology is based on membrane separation, a technique that utilizes a specific membrane to separate hydrogen from other gases, such as carbon dioxide. Incorporating carbon capture into the technology permits the capture and storage of carbon dioxide, hence reducing the number of greenhouse gases discharged into the atmosphere.


Neonomics, a Norwegian startup company, is a payment platform that connects thousands of institutions via a single API and open banking. With this platform, Neonomics hopes to change the payment industry by providing a more efficient, secure, and cost-effective method of payment.

Neonomics offers a novel method of payment that enable users to initiate secure transactions straight from their bank accounts by harnessing the power of open banking. This eliminates the need for expensive and susceptible-to-theft credit card-based traditional payment methods.


Aquaticode is a company specializing in the development of an AI platform for predicting the traits and phenotypes of fish and shrimp. The company is at the vanguard of the blue food movement, which seeks to encourage the production and consumption of sustainable seafood. As an innovation partner, Aquaticode interacts with stakeholders in the value chains of numerous aquatic species to help them achieve their objectives.

Aquaticode was formed by Nacre Capital, a life sciences-focused venture builder. The company's AI technology is based on a deep learning infrastructure, which enables it to recognize patterns with amazing precision and speed. The artificial intelligence platform employs machine vision to anticipate fish and shrimp morphologies, enabling it to see the unseen and know the unknown.


Mixmove is a Norwegian startup that provides cloud-based software to optimize logistics performance and reduce global environmental impact. The platform is interactive and built on the current logistics infrastructure, enabling organizations to overcome logistical obstacles and attain their business objectives.

The program assists organizations in reducing logistics costs, addressing driver shortages, and increasing customer happiness by optimizing the delivery process to achieve Amazon-like levels of speed and quality. Mixmove focuses on providing top-tier cloud software that helps businesses to achieve exceptional logistics performance while preserving the environment.

RagnaRock Geo

RagnaRock Geo, a Norwegian startup business, has created artificial intelligence (AI) software for interpreting seismic data. Seismic data processing is a difficult operation that necessitates a considerable deal of knowledge and skill, and typically takes decades to master. However, RagnaRock Geo believes incorporating AI into the geophysicists' process can significantly accelerate and improve the analysis.

The business intends to revolutionize seismic data analysis by automating and optimizing procedures with artificial intelligence, lowering the time and resources required for manual analysis. RagnaRock Geo's software aids in identifying and interpreting geological formations, estimating reservoir parameters, and evaluating the potential for hydrocarbon development.


QiSpace provides constructors with cutting-edge visualization technology for providing virtual tours of unbuilt flats. The company's revolutionary 3D visualization tool enables prospective buyers to virtually tour and walk about any apartment in its environment, enabling them to make more informed and secure purchasing decisions. The mission of QiSpace is to enhance the property industry's value creation by bringing transparency and buyer confidence to the sales process.

The objective of QiSpace is to set the norm for acquiring and owning new homes through virtual imaging. The company's primary objective is to enhance the home-buying experience for consumers by making the process more transparent and efficient. The platform of QiSpace enables developers to present their properties in a previously unimaginable manner, increasing buyer engagement and confidence.


Strise serves the banking and fintech industries with effective solutions for customer review, onboarding, and monitoring. Strise is trusted by banks and rapidly expanding fintech to automate KYC (Know Your Customer) and operationalize regulatory changes at 100x speed. Strise Evaluate provides effective KYC backlog management and speedier onboarding with enhanced intelligence and audit-proof paperwork, enabling financial institutions to reliably evaluate and onboard new customers.


Bygr offers a digital engagement platform for the building industry. Throughout a house project, the platform enables developers, contractors, and purchasers to engage in real-time and manage procedures such as selection and change management, quality control, and after-market. By integrating all products on a single platform, boosting data quality, and offering a comprehensive picture of all project participants, Bygr's solution streamlines the manual procedure.

Bygr's platform provides a variety of capabilities, such as option and change management, after-market services such as FDV documentation and complaint management, and quality control tools like inspections, surveys, and handover. The company's technology provides a central area for real-time collaboration among all project participants, making it simple to distribute work and manage communication.


Skoog is a Norwegian company that uses remote sensing and AI to give forest-based carbon credits at scale. Protecting and restoring forests while promoting agroforestry practices is their mission. By providing financial incentives from carbon markets and enabling landowners to capitalize on the value of their trees, Skoog contributes to the development of a sustainable standing forest economy.

Skoog is at the forefront of the fight against climate change due to their innovative application of technology and commitment to sustainability. Their strategy creates a new source of cash while maintaining and recovering forests, which helps both the environment and landowners.


Beaufort specializes in delivering cybersecurity services to enterprises. The company's principal objective is to assist its clients in achieving regulatory compliance and control in all areas, especially concerning the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Act. Beaufort competence is in their “Know Your Customer” solution, which includes the complete AML process. This technology substitutes time-consuming manual labour and paperwork with automation and regulatory expertise. When businesses become Beaufort customers, they not only have access to a digital solution but also receive support with their regulatory difficulties, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving cybersecurity field.


Lexolve enables organizations to construct professional agreements without the need for pricey lawyers, allowing them to avoid potential damages and get experience at prices that fit their budget. The platform includes confidentiality agreements, assignment agreements for the selling of services, shareholder agreements, option plans, employment agreements, and letters of intent (MOU/LOI).

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