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interesting startups from croatia by vestbee
21 September 2021·9 min read

Mateusz Walczyk

Startup Analyst, Vestbee

15 Most Interesting Startups From Croatia Worth Your Attention

After already exploring Estonian, Latvian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Romanian, Czech, Bulgarian, Polish and Lithuanian startup scenes, the time has come to take a closer look at the next CEE startup ecosystem. So without further ado, let’s check out interesting and the most promising startups from Croatia! 


Treblle is a complete solution for managing API dedicated to app developers, CEO’s and individual clients. Its features include real-time monitoring and problem detection, auto-generated API documentation, location-based tracking and endpoint data grouping. All passwords and users’ personal information are secured with SDK(Software Development Kit). Treblle offers a free version of up to 5000 requests, and various paid versions in a subscription-based model. The company has raised €1.2M with NautaCapital.

Equinox Vision 

Equinox Vision is a platform for creating AR interactive content for e-commerce and marketing use. Creators of 3D models sell there their projects that are later on published by end-users for advertising purposes. The communication platform aims to be compelling enough to be used on its own merits, increasing the likelihood of the end-users consuming business-related content. The Equinox Vision team consists of experienced engineers and programmers, who are constantly improving the solution. The startup has raised €100K with Fil Rouge Capital (FRC).


Worcon is a global B2B marketplace connecting manufacturers and subcontractors from the machining industry. The network consists of over 2500 members including suppliers, buyers and individual companies from over 30 countries worldwide. Enterprises operating in industries like CNC milling, turning, laser cutting, welding, additive manufacturing, participate in tenders where they directly submit their offers. Recently the website has added new modules - industrial project management, machine park (machine details, service plan), AI, IoT, and warehouse (information about raw materials, finished and purchased goods). Worcon has raised €540K with Fil Rouge Capital (FRC).

Bizarro Fintech Solutions

Bizarro offers the biggest transaction box (licensed with PSD2) for banks in Central Europe. The platform connects  Europe-based banks and helps them to manage credit risk, categorize transactions in less than a second and operate as AISP providers. Moreover, the software predicts how the money from credit placement will be spent, and when it is gonna be returned, while the AI algorithm prepares customized products for each customer, on the basis of financial behavior. The startup has Raiffeisen and BKS Bank among its clients and has recently raised €80K with SEED BLINK and Fil Rouge Capital (FRC).

Trindero Tech

Trindero Tech supports producers of additive manufacturing, CAD technology and laser engraving with an all-in-one online platform. By creating a comprehensive network of partners, suppliers, and customers, Trindero helps manufacturers to find buyers, and streamline and digitalize the entire production processes. The startup improves organisation of the supply chain between all of the parties on the market, including manufacturing, consulting, exchange of the services and equipment. The startup has raised €60K with Fil Rouge Capital (FRC).


Roster created an automated expense management software for SMEs helping to manage their expenses faster and more efficiently. It digitizes invoices and simplifies the process of cost management in current operations and cooperation with accounting. The startup also allows the user to scan and upload paper or digital receipts, thus, automates tedious manual work of creating expense reports, as the most important data can be extracted from these receipts and stored in one organized place for easy and at-a-glance expense tracking. The platform is simple to use, available on computers and smartphones, and has 24/7 customer support. The startup has partnerships with EIT digital, StartupBootcamp, and Fil Rouge Capital (FRC).

Dynamic Division

Dynamic Division is manufacturing affordable cleaning robots available 24/7/365 on-demand via mobile app. Clients make payments only for cleaned square meters on the basis of the PaaS (Product as a Service) model.  Robots are equipped with fully automated water and washing liquid filling, waste tank removal, and they can operate even when their battery is charging. This solution can reduce up to 60% of expenses for commercial floor cleaning and remove human factor errors connected with cleaning hardware. Dynamic Division has raised €400K with Fil Rouge Capital (FRC).


Spotsie is an event real-time management platform that improves security, prevents accidents, and boosts efficiency of oil facilities. The software offers an energy-efficient positioning solution based on the Internet of Things (IoT) technology that provides detailed location data on static and moving objects indoor and outdoor. Software positioning is possible due to a coin-sized wearable device, which emits low energy signal, then an auto-calibrating receiver scans the signal and processes it to cloud space. Later on, it is aggregated and analyzed in BigData to provide useful insights about the facility. The startup has raised €100K with Fil Rouge Capital (FRC) and won the Nikola Tesla Award for hi-tech innovation.


Kamon offers a set of tools for developers to help them monitor, and debug backend services and APIs. The software makes it possible to fully manage APM with dashboards, alerts, and end-to-end traces. Users can discover why latency and errors happen and solve the specific problems that slow down the performance. Kamon also generates metrics, correlates requests, and gets distributed traces automatically from JVM applications, in order to visualize the data. The startup has raised €250K with Fil Rouge Capital (FRC).


ORQA is manufacturing FPV (First Person View) headsets for drones providing real-time view directly from the aircraft. The recorded content can be live-streamed to the smartphone or computer. Products are designed with high-end equipment such as FDM 3D printer Stratsys F170 advanced laser cutters and CNC machining. The team consists of over 30 experienced engineers, physicists, assembly technicians, and sales & marketing specialists. They are constantly developing all parts of the FPV technology stack including antennas, radio controllers, goggles, and most importantly, low latency video signal transport systems. The startup has raised €1.7M with Day One Capital.


JadeALM is documenting, planning, tracking, and visualizing the project development process from the first idea to production and beyond. Startup is bridging the gap between project requirements and it’s execution, by generating a complete list of project requirements. Moreover, it also provides specialized tools for every role of a software development process – stakeholders, analysis, project management, development, quality assurance. This makes it easier for everyone to fit in their role in the project and gives better oversight on the entire process. The company has raised €250K with Fil Rouge Capital (FRC).


LiLi created an AI assistant that helps clients to understand their health state through multiple data-source integrations. Smart algorithms analyze health data and present insights about user’s current health condition, while also provide recommendations, daily tags, early symptoms alerts, and mood analysis, which are summarized in weekly reports. The app can be downloaded  (free and paid premium version) from Google Play and App store, and is supported by Apple Health and Fitbit. All data is secured by 256-bit bank-level encryption compliant with OAuth 2.0 industry-standard protocol. The startup has raised €75K with Fil Rouge Capital (FRC).


HUBBIG  is a digital freight transport platform for carriers, air companies, transporters, forwarders, and NVOCC agents. Clients can choose from many added services connected with import and export, all in one place. Both FCL and LCL (Full- and Less- Container Load) are available for sea and railway shipments, road traffic, and air transport that is executed even for orders with heavyweight and broad dimensions of the package. The AI-supported system helps to find the most effective way of delivery considering the form of transport, time of travel, safety, costs, and guarantees shipment tracking.  The startup has raised €350K with an undisclosed investor.


Miret produces sustainable footwear by mixing the strongest natural fibers including hemp, kenaf, cork, corn, jute, eucalyptus, rubber-tree and eco-certified New Zealand wool. Each product is 97% made from natural ingredients, which are biodegradable and cause no harm to the environment. Used materials are high-end, durable, and antistatic so they do not attract dirt like most common fabrics. The company has won IDA Design Gold Award and Global Footwear Awards in 2020. Miret is supported by Climate KIC, Z CER and has raised €490K with Kickstarter and Fil Rouge Capital (FRC).


Improv3 helps to improve management style, taking into consideration both goals of managers and needs of employees, providing real-time employee surveys, feedback and more. The solution digitalizes the employee survey process and converts it into insightful reports, which helps to make better decisions instantly. As proven by a Gallup survey, the most engaged teams compared with the least engaged teams had 21% greater profitability, 10% higher customer metrics and 41% lower absenteeism. The software is simple to use, flexible, scalable, has secure data exchange, and also is GDPR compliant. Improv3 is used and recommended by global companies like Generali, Code, LELO, and Trikoder.

Want to discover more interesting startups from other countries? Check out the list below. Top Startups from:

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