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29 September 2022·50 min read

Valerie Stupnikova


Round-up Of The Best Accelerators In The CEE Region

The startup ecosystem in Central & Eastern Europe is growing quickly, and entrepreneurs here are fortunate to have access to a variety of resources. As the European tech startup scene continues to evolve, the region competes to be at the forefront. More than ten unicorns with a combined value of €30 billion were born in the CEE startup ecosystem. Furthermore, a variety of resources are available to help startups scale beyond state borders, from funding to government resources, local events to programs. 

In this article, we combined a list of all active, leading accelerators in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. 


Elevator Lab 

A Raiffeisen Bank initiative, the Elevator Lab enables the CEE startup ecosystem to grow rapidly and flourish. The organization supports startups in 13 other European countries to develop financial solutions. During the program, with local banking professional help, selected teams from the fintech sector develop MVPs, learn about different methodologies, and improve their ability to pitch their ideas to investors. The winning team receives a cash prize and may become part of the RBI group, an IT services provider from Raiffeisen Bank. Plus, the winner gets educational benefits from the Innovation Centre Kosovo and Innovate Albania.

Tirana Inc. 

Tirana Inc. aims to attract European students who want to become entrepreneurs in Albania. The incubator collaborates with Albanian Universities, Preneurz.Amsterdam and the EU for Innovation. Ten teams are accepted into the program and work under the supervision of business experts worldwide for 100 days to develop their ideas. Furthermore, every participant joins the community of dedicated founders, and the winning team receives €5K.

Yunus Social Business Balkans

Yunus Social Business (YSB) helps projects with a positive impact on everyday life in Western Balkan countries. Program participants learn how to design, test, and build entrepreneurial initiatives based on impact ideas. Through YSB accelerators and incubators, startups develop their projects with mentorship, coaching, and training provided by skilled founders. Among other YSB initiatives are Growpreneur, an accelerator with two business programs based on the stage of development; RISE project, which is focused on social impact startup development; and Promoting SEs, training for women entrepreneurs who want to run social enterprises.

Women Founders Network Albania

Women Founders Network Albania is the first accelerator for Albanian businesswomen. Through individual mentoring, knowledge transfer. Proving that the startup ecosystem is equally accessible to men and women, it aims to reduce the disproportion between male and female founders. In addition, there are workshops focused on topics relevant to women-only, such as being a working mom or the legal aspects of maternity leave. Women Founders Network Albania also organizes events on behalf of she-founders to facilitate knowledge and experience exchange.


Oficina aims to turn Albania into a knowledge economy-driven country, so it runs an incubation and acceleration program in collaboration with global organizations. Regardless of the sector it contributes to, any startup with an MVP can apply for the program. Applications are accepted annually, and participants work with individually selected experts and mentors to develop their ideas. In addition to the authorial program, Oficina holds sector-oriented events, collaborates with other players in the European startup community, and provides access to its well-equipped coworking space.

Metropolitan Incubator

Metropolitan Incubator is the first university-based initiative in Albania to support business development and regional economic development of later-stage startups registered over 2 years and focusing on market expansion. The Metropolitan Incubator offers numerous benefits, like one-on-one mentoring, membership in various regional and international startup networks, advertising to a wide audience, courses to increase entrepreneurial knowledge, and access to coworking spaces. 

Innovation Hub GJIROKASTER

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Gjirokaster support the regional business community in various ways. They launched Innovation Hub GJIROKASTER, which provides help to SMEs and local stakeholders with a holistic approach. The project comprises four primary initiatives that help entrepreneurs with their businesses in different stages of development. Incubation Facilities include coworking space and validation models; Acceleration Services offer free coaching and mentoring sessions; Training Academy focuses on business subjects; and Funding Support involves financial aid from private investors and public grants.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mozaik Foundation

Mozaik Foundation aims to support the Bosnian youth in business. It is a non-profit organization that helps young entrepreneurs create their businesses through local and international partnerships, youth-driven projects, and funding contributions. For now, Mozaik has managed to mentor over 1000 startups, build and invest in 300 startup prototypes, and scale over 200 firms. Additionally, Mozaik has formed a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, and it has three startup studios across the country. 

IBU Incubator

IBU Incubator helps university and high-school students to become successful entrepreneurs by offering a wide range of programs and projects. IBU stands for Internation Burch University, and for its students, the incubator provides access to an extensive mentor network, a coworking space, funding, co-funding, legal and financial support, and more. Students from other Bosnian universities can also get help from the incubator; however, they need to have at least one student from IBU. As for the high-schoolers, IBU offers a gamified entrepreneurship program that has operated every December for 6 years. Students improve decision-making skills, engage in business-related activities, and interact with successful entrepreneurs. 

Innovation Centre Banja Luka

As a training center and a business incubator, Innovation Centre Banja Luka supports and develops Bosnian job creation and entrepreneurship. The center cooperates with various experts and consultants and offers internships for university students. In addition, ICBL provides lifelong learning opportunities through local and international training courses, seminars, and workshops in the fields of business, computer science, and computer engineering. Furthermore, the center provides business development services, professional and market-oriented consulting and collaborates with accredited companies, educational institutions, and experts in business and academia. 

INTERA Technology Park

INTERA Technology Park is a non-governmental organization contributing to the economic development in Herzegovina. INTERA means Innovation and Technological Development Foundation, and it offers professional development, traineeship programs, and modern offices with conference rooms. Additionally, the organization provides access to finance and investors and supports young unemployed people through continuous training. 

Ministry of Programming

Ministry of Programming is a development, investment, and software design company, or a startup studio, working with startups. Among its services are product and marketing strategies, software MVP development and other tech solutions, and UX and UI design. Currently, MoP has developed search engines, social networks, crypto trading systems, mobile apps, and more. 


Innovation Starter Accelerator

Innovation Starter Accelerator is owned by a Bulgarian Innovation agency; it provides private capital, in the form of equity to emerging Bulgarian startups. Within three months, Innovation Starter helps integrate international and local businesses vertically and horizontally. To participate in the acceleration program, startups need to operate in Bulgaria, have a patentable supply process, a well-defined strategy and validated approach to one of the country’s key sectors. 

Bulgaria Innovation Hub's Growth Acceleration

As a private foundation, Bulgarian Innovation Hub provides acceleration services to Bulgarian tech startups to help them grow. Furthermore, BIH promotes Bulgaria to the US market as a business and cultural attraction, for example it launched a program, Growth Acceleration, which includes an equity-free 3-week online or in-person program in San Francisco. Bulgarian Innovation Hub managed to launch approximately 27 workshops with an access to the Silicon Valley investor network and community resources. 

Sofia Tech Park

Sofia Tech Park supports Bulgarian startups and enterprises and improves the country's science, education, and innovation systems. It consists of a laboratory complex with 11 research and development labs, an incubator with investment funds and educational organizations, and a forum for thematic events. A coworking space and a club are also available in Sofia Tech Park, where startups can showcase their products and services. Additionally, the project established partnerships with Bulgarian and foreign venture capital funds, angel-investor clubs, and organizations that support tech development in Bulgaria, such as Endeavour Bulgaria, Innovation Starter Box, and Tech Tour Global.

Cleantech Bulgaria

InnoEnergy and Climate-KIC are two EU initiatives that partner with Cleantech Bulgaria, a business network that focuses on assisting small and medium-sized businesses, universities, and government organizations. It helps develop strategic partnerships, manage projects, and conduct pilot programs. In addition, Cleantech Bulgaria finances tech startups and organizes programs and initiatives, such as the Light Bootcamp, which is part of the Tech2Market accelerator. The camp includes online courses and webinars for manufacturing startups. 

Black Sea Clim Accelerator

Organized by EIT Climate-KIC, Black Sea ClimAccelerator is a one-year three-stage project under Climate-SAFE, a so-called Simple Agreement for Future Equity. Throughout the program, the accelerator offers funding, mentorship, workshops, and expert advice to address climate change issues. Companies in the validation phase get two months of training; companies in the green sector receive ideas development support; and companies in the advanced stage are provided with mentorship support. 

Bosch Startup Harbour

As part of its expansion plan, Bosch is organizing a funding program in Bulgaria. Bosch Startup Harbour has two projects, Berlin Scholarship Program and a Co-Innovation Track in Bulgaria. Mentoring, collaboration, matchmaking, and resources are all included in the program.

Eastern Europe Virtual 2022 

Startups can raise funds and arrange acceleration programs through the Founder Institute, an international organization that hosts Eastern Europe Virtual. It is a four-month program with mentor feedback sessions, online course tools, and virtual networking. Among the invited mentors and experts are representatives from companies such as Eleven Ventures, UiPath, Balkan Capital, Sofia Angels Ventures, Microsoft, and Amazon. 

Able Activator

Able Activator is a business program that provides mentorship, business know-how, networking, and access to the Able community within 6 weeks. It includes leadership and management style modules, problem validation experiments, value propositions, design thinking, pricing strategy, and go-to-market strategy. Additionally, Able Activator involves a demo day and offers a scholarship.

Beyond Pre-Accelerator

Beyond pre-accelerator creates world-class innovations, focusing on those who aim to develop lean technology startups. Program members have access to resources for building MVPs and lectures from MIT, Stanford, and Berkeley. Beyond also provides mentorship, connections to VC funds and business angels, as well as European partnerships. In addition, the pre-accelerator program awards participation in a startup festival in Europe, Gen-E.


BIRD Incubator

Powered by Poslovna Inteligencija,  BIRD Incubator supports software companies specializing in data analytics, AI, and machine learning. The incubator is known for its extensive network of industry leaders, experts, mentors, more than 40 international companies, and research institutes. Interested teams can apply all year long and, if accepted, participate in a 6-month incubation program in modern and fully equipped facilities in the heart of Zagreb. 

Founder Institute

With offices in 90 countries, Founder Institute helps startups become fundable. Startup founders with diverse backgrounds are welcome to participate in the pre-acceleration program, which offers funding support, business connections, and access to a global entrepreneurial network. In addition, Founder Institute’s Zagreb branch supports the startup ecosystem by educating teams at the beginning of their business journey through community events. 

Startup Incubator Rijeka

Startup Incubator Rijeka is an integral part of the City Administration Department for Entrepreneurship of Rijeka. It helps entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas collaboratively and independently. Also, as part of their incubation, startup teams receive support from industry experts, have free access to the workspace, and can network with investors. Plus, there are four thematic modules in the series of workshops: Validation of an Idea, Product Development, Legal Aspects & Finance, and Market Entry.

Poduzetnički inkubator BIOS

Poduzetnički Inkubator BIOS offers community support, industry events, and a variety of business opportunities. The incubator helps small and medium-sized startups, providing access to its coworking space to promote local entrepreneurship and contribute to the development of the economy in the region. Additionally, it offers 3D printers and tools for rapid prototyping in its hardware lab; however, the lab requires some fees and reservations. It is also possible to arrange crucial meetings in the incubator's well-equipped meeting room. 

Step Ri

The University of Rijeka's Science and Technology Park Step Ri connects science and business through diverse technology initiatives. Step Ri is a leading institution that promotes business in Croatia, integrating innovation and entrepreneurship via special programs. Plus, startups can receive support based on their development and demand for business. Step Ri offers pre-incubation, incubation, and off-park incubation designed to track the incubation progress, whereas Step Ri Playpark offers workshops on a regular basis.


The SPOCK program is available for the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing students, researchers, and scientists at the University of Zagreb. The incubator offers workshops, mentorship, expert support, and access to its vast network of investors, VC funds, and corporate partners. SPOCK is a 6-month program with breaks for exams tailored for projects of all business stages. In addition, the incubator offers free access to its coworking space, network opportunities, zero equity or zero cost for research and development, financial support, and assistance with startup competitions.


ZICER, or Zagreb Innovation Center, is an incubator, accelerator, coworking space, and hardware lab. Its incubation program provides full support for high tech, electronics, ICT, green tech, energy, or sustainable development-related startups through idea validation, team values identification, strategies for entering the market, and team pitching skills improvement. The ZICER accelerator focuses on eligible projects in later stages of development, offering a 3-day bootcamp program workshops, mentoring sessions, networking events, and industry talks. At the program's grand finale, startups pitch in front of a jury board and can win cash prizes.

Czech Republic


StartupYard focuses on Central European tech startups specializing in robotics, IoT, cryptography, cybersecurity, predictive analytics, AI, AR, and VR. The 3-month acceleration program offers a possible €20K investment, remote mentorship, free professional services, over €1M benefits through the GAN (Global Accelerator Network) partner program, and access to its network of investors and advisors from the CEE leading companies working on tech, finance, software, telco, and retail sectors. 

Founder Institute Prague

The Founder Institute from Prague works with pre-seed stage startups to prepare for seed accelerator programs. The Founder Institute's alumni are well-known companies like Udemy, the world's largest destination for online courses, and Travelcar, Europe's fastest-growing car-renting service. The accelerator provides a support network with mentors and business founders, a structured methodology, and lifetime support. 

Akcelerátor VŠEM

VŠEM Accelerator contributes to a sustainable future through cooperating with startups that  show global potential and solve the problems the Czech Republic is struggling with. The accelerator supports teams working on an idea and design innovations, interacting with customers, and testing a product prototype. In 3 to 9 months in the VŠEM Accelerator, participants develop innovation competencies, testing, project management, entrepreneurship, and intra-business.

ESA Business Incubation Center

ESA Business Incubation Center allows startups to be part of the European network, allowing them to work in an entrepreneurial, high-tech environment. The center seeks innovators who can transform space technologies into products for practical use in everyday life. The center offers €50K funding, access to its workspaces and themed business events, networking opportunities with international investors, business development and technical support.  

ITACA Business Incubator

ITACA Business Incubator supports startups focused on MedTech, CleanTech, FinTech, Cyber Security, Blockchain, AI, Big Data, and Cloud solutions at each stage of development. With ITACA Business Incubator, startups accelerate competencies in product, business model, negotiation with investors, marketing, and sales. More than 30 business mentors are also available at the incubator, including international corporations, investors, and startup experts.


CzechAccelerator is designed for young Czech companies with high growth potential and innovative products and services. The project is run by CzechInvest and provides startups with a wide range of services like assistance from foreign experts, consulting services including the protection of intellectual property, and assistance with preparing marketing materials and translations.

i&i Prague

i&i Prague is a private company within the Czech Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, working with MedTech, BioTech, Medical Diagnostics, and Drug Detection startups. With the accelerator, one's projects are developed within 3-5 years so that it can be acquired, outlicensed, or reach sufficient sales. 

AI Startup Incubator

AI Startup Incubator is aimed at startups developing AI-based solutions. It supports projects by accelerating them from the idea through MVP to offering a market-ready solution. Within its program, the incubator invests $150K to $1.5M yearly with its partners. After successful incubation, AI Startup Incubator continues to support startups in reaching subsequent funding rounds.  


BOLT is a startup incubator and venture associated with O2 Czech Republic, a large phone operator in the country. The incubator provides funding, market validation, and access to customers to telecommunication companies. As part of its cooperation with startups, BOLT organizes workshops where it identifies the conditions for cooperation and plans to support these startups.


Startup Wise Guys

Startup Wise Guys supports startups from the Baltics and CEE region that aim for global market expansion. Its five-month acceleration program allows selected teams to validate ideas, develop and sell their products to customers under the watchful eye of over 250 experienced mentors. As part of the program, the incubator organizes Demo Day, where founders present their ideas to venture capitalists and angel investors. Startup Wise Guys helps early-stage B2B SaaS, Fintech, Cyber, and Sustainability startups, providing them with seed capital, office space, and access to its global startup community.


The Superangel accelerator is focused on startups from AI, robotics, mobility, logistics, fintech, and the SaaS sector. Its program offers extensible sales processes, team growth assistance, access to major markets and networks. Furthermore, the Superangel investors offer one-on-one mentoring sessions and business coaching to help define strengths and weaknesses and prepare startups for funding rounds. Additionally, Superangel is a VC fund, so it invests in startups and offers life-long support. 


Ajujaht is a non-equity startup accelerator that supports 20 teams from various sectors annually in developing their ideas through bootcamps, training, personal mentoring, and social events. Besides traditional workshops, Ajujaht also runs a TV competition with eight episodes where the best teams introduce their products and services to the general market. The winning startup receives a €30K prize.


Prototron focuses on green and cleantech businesses operating in the energy, agriculture, transportation, and forestry sectors. Its incubation program consists of mandatory activities, including seminars, mentor days, public speaking workshops, expert panels, and final pitching sessions for the best 10 out of 50 startups. Expert Committees at Prototron determine who receives funding, 6-month incubation in Technopol Incubator, access to legal advice from a leading law firm, and additional rewards from Prototron partners.

Tallinn Creative Incubator

Tallinn Creative Incubator offers a development program for Estonian design companies. To participate in the program, entrepreneurs need to have high-level skills, market demand for their products, and an ambition to expand internationally. As part of the program, participants receive personal business consultations, mentoring sessions, workshops, and goal-setting sessions. Moreover, during the program, participants are encouraged to attend fairs and conferences to enlarge their networks and gain knowledge from more experienced entrepreneurs.

Tehnopol Startup Incubator

Tehnnopol is a 6-month incubation program supporting startups with building a sustainable business model, creating a product that perfectly meets customers' expectations, and reaching the first clients. In addition, the program helps with sales, marketing, and PR management plans and building relationships with investors and partners. Tehnopol seeks Estonian, early-stage technology startups from an idea level to MVP with disruptive ambitions. Although the program is free, 2% of the proceeds is taken as equity.



Corallia aims to accelerate innovation, entrepreneurship, and science by providing research networking, education training, commercial cooperation, and more. The company created the first business innovation cluster in Greece. Also, it developed numerous InnoHubs across the country to provide networking, research, innovation, and high-tech services. In addition, Corallia offers acceleration programs in cooperation with Eurobank, the E-bootcamp, and Educational Trip, for the Greek youth, where students participate in various networking and internship projects. 


Startups, scaleups, and entrepreneurs that operate in the space industry can get support from InnORBIT. The organization offers local space initiatives by organizing acceleration and incubation programs, hackathons, space training; capacity building and consulting services; providing business support through funding, mentoring, matchmaking, and community building; and connecting businesses to digital tools and resources. 

Athens Center for Entrepreneurship And Innovation

Athens Center for Entrepreneurship And Innovation offers services from teams of coaches, expert scientists, and mentors to help accelerate growth opportunities and product development in the global market. The center aims to promote entrepreneurship, education, business creation and development, and create space for open innovation and networking. Additionally, it helps validate ideas, work out prototypes, prepare strategic plans, and go to market. 

Athens Startup Business Incubator

Athens Startup Business Incubator by the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry promotes entrepreneurship and innovation. The incubator focuses on high-tech and traditional sectors and offers business development coordination, training, access to networking activities, and internal auditing. The incubation process has three phases, and it includes technical feasibility analysis, business idea, marketing and business plans development, and startup legal establishment. 

Patras Science Park

Innovative tech startups that operate in ICT, clean energy, biotech, and other industrial technology areas can get help from Patras Science Park. It is one of the six Greek Science and Technology Parks and the Foundation for Research and Technology and the Institute of Chemical Engineering Sciences initiative that offers support with proof of concept development, access to innovation hubs, and business projects. Today, PTP collaborates with over 40 companies with access to coworking space, and administrative and business support. 


FOUND.ATION is an innovation platform and an incubator that provides numerous services, like access to its acceleration and research programs, a coworking space, and ecosystem partnerships. In addition, it offers business training and helps with optimization and growth. FOUND.ATION is a community of entrepreneurs, designers, business experts, technologists, and investment professionals. The incubator cooperates with startups, scaleups, governmental institutions, and others. 

Elevate Greece

Elevate Greece is a platform that provides in-depth information on the Greek startup ecosystem. It holds a National Startup Registry - an official record of Greek startups that monitors their entrepreneurial progress based on KPIs and supports them with numerous benefits and incentives. Among the benefits it offers is startup support from its Official Partners, like Accenture, Alpha Bank, AstraZeneca, Bosch, Demium, EY, etc. After Elevate Greece analyzes their KPIs, startups are rewarded by Partners at the National Startup Awards event and get access to incubation programs, low-interest loans, and consulting services.


ATHENS DIGITAL LAB is the first Greek tech hub that aims to improve Athenians' and city visitors' quality of life. It supports youth entrepreneurship, develops policy-making tools, and ensures the city, the private sector, and the startup ecosystem work hand in hand. Additionally, ADS stages an Open Call to invite young entrepreneurs, startups, students, and research teams to pitch their business ideas. Teams incubated for half a year by COSMOTE and Nokia's innovations divisions work with municipality executives, COSMOTE and Nokia executives, as well as members of the Greek and EU startup ecosystems to develop sustainable tech solutions.

Visa Innovation Program

Visa Innovation Program helps fintech startups to scale, develop value propositions and engage with Visa, its clients, and partners. The program offers partnership opportunities, expert guidance, business opportunities across Europe, funding, mentorship, and access to its community. Visa Community Program is open for startups with a proof of concept or a market-ready solution. Even though the program has already started, its demo day is scheduled for November. 


Uni.Fund supports Greek universities, startups, and R&D through team development, go-t-market strategies implementation, and building foundations for the business ecosystem. It focuses on e-businesses, market innovation, and broader tech space startups with strong IP, proven concepts and products, and scalable business models. Additionally, Uni.Fund finances its participants, paying up to €250k to pre-seed startups and €250k - €500k to seed ones.


CapsuleT connects travel and hospitality entrepreneurs with young industry innovators through its acceleration programs. The project offers access to information, visibility, education, and networking opportunities within its accelerator and idea platform. The project usually takes six months, during which one participates in workshops, gets mentorship, visits meetups with industry leaders, and more.


Design Terminal 

Design Terminal is an innovation agency offering an acceleration program for creative entrepreneurs which helps them to establish valuable corporate partnerships and emphasize talent development. In addition, design Terminal runs its own mentoring program for startups and plays a significant role in the V4Startup Force initiative bringing together startups from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. 

CEU InnovationsLab

With the Department of Economics and Business at CEU, CEU InnovationsLab is the leading university incubator in CEE for startups in different stages of development from various verticals. As part of this program, participants receive, on average, 9 hours of mentoring per month, tailored entrepreneurship sessions, access to coworking spaces in Budapest and Vienna, and an opportunity to expand on American, Austrian, and Hungarian markets. Interestingly, CEU Lab is Hungary's best incubator at the Central European Startup Awards.

BnL Start Partners 

BnL Start Partners is the first B2B and fintech-focused accelerator, which supports startups through incubation services, including strategic and business planning, financial modeling, sales and marketing support, branding, networking, knowledge transfer, teaming up, etc. BnL holds two acceleration programs for early-stage startups. Its Preparatory Mentoring Program (PMP) helps develop business ideas, and the Seed Funding Program (SFP) ensures mentoring, workshops, consulting, and product validation for startups outside Central Hungary.

OTP Startup Partner Program 

Backed by OTP Bank, OTP Startup Partner Program is an accelerator that seeks later-stage startups. It offers relevant solutions for financial institutions, having an assembled team, a market-ready product, and a growing customer base. In addition, OTP validates startups within banking groups from all over the world and facilitates long-term collaboration during the three-month pilot phase and six-month rollout phase.

MKB Fintechlab

MKB Fintechlab is backed by MKB Bank, and it focuses on the Fintech startups, which provide solutions in digital transformation and revolutionize banking systems. The lab contributes to the digital transformation within MKB Financial Group, enhancing digital capabilities and bringing together the startup and banking ecosystems. The accelerator also organizes many startup events to boost the fintech community in the region and share knowledge.

NAK TechLab

NAK TechLab is an incubation program designed to make the domestic agricultural and food markets more competitive, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. Participants in this three-month program identify practical and real market problems, ensuring market orientation. In addition to business training and intensive workshops, mentors from large corporations and the agricultural industry help startups accelerate their growth.


Hiventures is a VC fund that runs a support program for tech companies affected by the COVID-19 crisis. It is a member of the MFB Group, an active CEE capital fund that supports the Hungarian entrepreneurial ecosystem. Hiventures launches the funding programs of the Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme (GINOP) to help start businesses, mainly SMEs. The program offers Research and Development and Innovation State Capital Fund, Infocommunications State Capital Fund, Business Infocommunications, and Digitalisation Capital Fund aid. 

OXO Labs

OXO Labs accelerates Hungarian startups internationally via its startup incubation and acceleration programs. It facilitates and mentors tech projects at an early stage, helps with the lean strategy, and supports projects financially for market entry and growth. Five startups are selected each year and prepared for the startup ecosystem. 


Innovation Center Kosovo

Innovation Center Kosovo holds business trainings, incubation, and Erasmus for young entrepreneurs, helping commercialize viable business ideas and achieve visibility in the market. As for the training department, it offers numerous training services and courses for skills improvement for ICT professionals, businesspeople, public administration, and civil society. Additionally, a coworking space with three private areas and 75 seats is available in the innovation lab. ICK has developed over 400 startups and held more than 500 events. 


VentureUP is a business and entrepreneur center and a University of Prishtina "Hasan Prishtina" incubator. It helps students develop startup ideas through coaching and mentoring with industry experts and VentureUp staff. Additionally, it opens access to financial and educational resources, the latter of which are provided during personal development workshops and training. 

Jakova Innovation Center

Established by the Ministry of Trade of Kosovo in cooperation with the municipality of Gjakova., Jakova Innovation Center supports young entrepreneurs in their path to business development by providing access to its coworking space and offering consulting and training programs in finance, marketing, business management, market research, and more. Jakova Innovation Center collaborates with local and international institutions and companies that assist young businesspeople during incubation. In addition, the center conducts various projects in partnership with local and foreign firms.

Regional Incubator for Social Entrepreneurs

RISE aims at the Western Balkans youth by supporting social business ideas that improve the region. The incubator offers cooperation, ideas exchange, and peer learning through numerous business-related projects. RISE gets funds from the French Development Agency and the Regional Youth Cooperation Office for the Balkans (RYCO), which helped to launch several social incubators across the Western Balkans.  



Buildit accelerator focuses on groundbreaking hardware ideas. For applications, startups need to operate in IoT, mobility, smart living, health-tech, or energy project. In addition, businesses should have an MVP or a working prototype and a scalable business model. Three stages make up the program: Build Up focuses on creating legal entities and networking; Build It is concentrated on developing idea validation, design thinking, product development, and marketing. Finally, build Out is a follow-up program for teams demonstrating the most considerable progress and engagement. In addition to providing fundraising support, Buildit provides workspace and facilities.  

Commercialization Reactor

Commercialization Reactor is a platform that aims to commercialize technological companies. It assists businesses in entering the market by turning innovative, scientific discoveries into profitable entities. The 6-month acceleration program works with B2B early-stage startups focusing on the science or deeptech industry. Two parts of the acceleration program are offered by the platform. The first one, Entry level, provides workshops, one-on-one mentoring, and group meetings with brainstorming sessions. In the Advanced Level, teams receive coaching sessions with industry experts after completing the mentioned level. This level focuses on the individual needs of startups. Furthermore, startups can get up to €50K investments with the program.


Buildit is an accelerator for IoT and hardware startups, which offers a 3-stage program. The stages include establishing legal entities, networking, idea validation, and workshops covering product development, marketing, design thinking, sales and pitch training. During the acceleration program, startups develop the skills necessary for fundraising. 

EIT Urban Mobility Incubator

EIT Urban Mobility Incubator supports projects transforming urban mobility, cutting avoidable costs, and contributing to accomplishing climate targets. The 10-week program includes workshops, mentoring sessions, personalized business coaching, and industry networking. Moreover, accepted teams have access to R&D infrastructure and can get up to €6K pilot financing. Unlike other programs, Urban Mobility Incubator offers constant consultation with the City of Riga and provides a fast track to other European cities.

UL Student Business Incubator

The University of Latvia runs a Student Business Incubator that offers various startup-related projects for future entrepreneurs. Twice a year, its students can apply to the incubation program that lasts for 24 weeks. The first eight months of the program consist of developing ideas, speed dating with experts, forming their projects into possible startups, and presenting them to the jury on Demo Day. Then, through workshops, mentoring, and collaboration with other teams, the 15 best teams move onto the second round of the program, where each startup receives a grant of €1800 per team for prototype development, material purchase, and consultancy.

Latvian Government Assistance

Startup networks are a particular focus and determination of the Latvian government, so it provides funding at different stages: idea and conceptualization, initiation, growth, and expansion. Furthermore, a government initiative called Law on Aid for the Activities of Startup Companies implements a favorable tax system for Latvian startups to reduce financial risks. Besides accelerators and incubators, Latvia has a wide range of tech parks, such as RTU Design Factory, which aims to provide students with a network of professional contacts with industry leaders for innovative ideas development and mutual cooperation. Another place worth mentioning is UL and Microsoft Innovation Centre, which aims to strengthen collaboration between industry professionals, the public sector, government, scientists, students, and entrepreneurs. 



70V focuses on B2B startups and provides them €20K-€400K funding from pre-seed to series A. In addition to standard advisory and financing, the firm offers its portfolio companies access to the Nordic network and a proven B2B acceleration program tailored to the specific needs of companies in different stages of development.

Startup Wise Guys

Estonian-based but also active in Lithuania, Startup Wise Guys offers accelerator programs in the CEE region. This accelerator provides a mentorship-driven program focused on B2B SaaS, Fintech, Cyber and Sustainability startups. The program prepares entrepreneurs to raise their next funding round in six months. Participants gain access to cash investment of up to €30K, coworking space, and a network of alumni in addition to raising funds, coaching, and mentoring. Find out more about their activity in our Q&A with Cristobal Alonso, Global CEO & El Patron of Startup Wise Guys.

Baltic Sandbox

Baltic Sandbox is an acceleration partner of eastern companies looking to expand westward. It is focused on startups that solve global challenges like sustainable development, digital economy, responsible consumption, and more. As part of the acceleration programs, companies receive support with legal queries, fundraising, and entering new markets, in addition to sessions with industry experts, mentors, and investors.

Katalista Ventures

A hybrid accelerator and private fund, Katalista Ventures, is focused on supporting innovative companies in their growth and scaling. While the accelerator's portfolio consists mostly of e-commerce and fintech companies, it is looking for businesses that can adapt and change. An ideal startup for Katalista Ventures is one that emphasizes four main goals: resilience, global scalability, sustainability, and triple bottom line.


Futurepreneurs is a pre-acceleration program aimed at solving real problems through sustainable development. Impact-driven entrepreneurs receive mentorship sessions, hands-on workshops, and pitch opportunities through the project. A lot of startup companies are interested in Futurepreneurs since it has already collected thousands of applications.

Accelerator One

Accelerator One is a corporate-backed accelerator aimed at connecting startups with corporations through its tailored approach to helping local companies grow internationally. Rather than predefined programs or batches, it provides startups customized support based on their needs. Apart from the investment of up to €50K, participants also benefit from mentorship and networking opportunities.

Kaunas Science and Technology Park

Kaunas Science and Technology Park offers programs to help startups develop innovative products, increase sales and prepare for fundraising. Along with supporting new businesses, the Park provides mentoring, advisory, and networking services to help existing businesses succeed. Over 400 companies have been backed by the incubator since it was founded, and 85% of them have succeeded. Over 100 other startups operate there in fields such as engineering, IT, sustainable chemistry, social innovation, health technology, and future energy.

Vilnius Tech Park

Vilnius Tech Park helps companies with their development process. Among the services provided by Tech Park is access to office and coworking space, networking activities, as well as other events and initiatives that allow entrepreneurs to streamline their growth and make it more effective. 



Digitalizuj.Me is a digital community helping organizations and entrepreneurs to develop in business and digital areas and social change. The platform has launched various projects cooperating with big companies, like the UN Development Program, Coca-Cola Hellenic, Telenor Montenegro, and others. Digitalizuj.Me is the Kreator, an Innovation Laboratory for Youth, partner funded by the UN and ING. The lab provides access to its coworking space, resources, and business-related and educational programs. Additionally, it organizes competitions and workshops for startups, and it partners with one of the biggest tech conferences across the SEE region.  


The startup accelerator DigitalDen offers tech support, mentoring, funding, and training. It helps to scale startups that start out their path. DigitalDen is part of the Montenegrin Tech and Startup Bridge (MTSB) program in cooperation with the US State Department. Western Balkan startups participate in the program to present their ideas and projects to investors and VC funds in the US and collaborate with American ecosystem actors, such as accelerators, incubators, research centers, and universities.   

Faster Capital

An online incubator Faster Capital accelerates and incubates Montenegrian startups through technical or business development support in exchange for equity. It helps build MVP and mobile app or web app prototypes, product conceptualization, and product design services. In addition, FasterCapital supports validating business ideas, funding, creating and reviewing business plans, and pitch desks. Plus, the incubator offers business consultancy and guidance services for startups at any stage of development. 

Smart Incubator

Smart incubator is an online platform allowing entrepreneurs and SMEs to create their own networks and share knowledge in the business area. The website is developed by two organizations: Business Startup from Montenegro and International Communities Organisation from the UK, which support creating an English-speaking platform for professional training. One can enroll in low-cost or no-cost courses on digital business, IT, new tools, technology, and more. Moreover, the website allows communication and partnering through its forums.  

North Macedonia


Located on South East European University campus, SEEUTechPark aims to promote startup creation and synergy between companies and stimulate SME growth. Moreover, the center offers high-quality coworking space, professional consulting, training, and mentoring, as well as access to its vast local and international network. SEEUTechPark supports businesses operating in tech, computer software, telecommunications, eBusiness, eCommerce, media, wireless technology, services, and computer hardware. 

Business Accelerator UKIM (BAU)

Business Accelerator UKIM (BAU) is a business-tech accelerator supporting Macedonian tech entrepreneurs, spin-offs, startups, and scaleups. It offers financing mentoring access to international markets and business networks, fundraising and business development support. In addition, it aims to connect startups and entrepreneurs with the global ecosystem by offering partnerships, customers, and investors. Also, BAU provides direct investment and offers various ideation, scaling, and acceleration programs.

CEED Hub Skopje

CEED Hub Skopje is a business community that boosts and inspires idea generation, innovation, and creation for startups through education, resources, and business solutions. It offers coworking space, hosts themed events, develops business programs, and has a CEED Hub Club for networking. Apart from startups and entrepreneurs, the firm works with creative, corporate, and tech professionals, freelancers, and students. Moreover, CEED Hub provides financial help and organizes pitching events in front of Business Angels from the CEED Business Angles Club, which includes about 250 annual member companies.

Seavus Accelerator

Seavus Accelerator offers various services to boost startups, like educational training, project management guidance, networking access, and more. It is led by Seavus Education and Development Center, co-funded by Fund for innovation and technology development; it is a My-GATEWAY Project member and a startup Europe Ambassador for Macedonia. Seavus supports startups at any stage of development, specializing in the tech industry. 

Fund for Innovation and Technological Development

Fund for Innovation and Technological Development is a governmental institution financially supporting innovative companies and startups and offering tech development guidance. It also provides mentorship and funds through collaboration with Amazon Web Services to Macedonian micro, small, and medium-sized companies. Plus, it organizes Challenges for Young Researchers in partnership with Junior Achievement Macedonia and Junior Achievement Macedonia for elementary, high school, and college students.  

M6 Educational Center Skopje

M6 Educational Center Skopje is an institution that aims to transform Macedonian societal development using innovation, knowledge, creativity, and culture. Its activities include cooperation with local companies and businesses by offering professional training programs, access to its networking hub, and various events and conferences. Aside from consultancy and research services, M6 also develops business projects and educational events. Currently, it launched a solutions platform to boost the development of Macedonian society and business through education and advice. 

Center for Technology Transfer and Innovations

Center for Technology Transfer and Innovations is an initiative of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies (FEEIT) from the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. The center unites FEEIT staff, its students, and industrial partners to develop and share innovative ideas for the economic growth of the sector. Currently, INNOFEIT serves as an Accelerator UKIM co-founder and a Centre-of-Excellence selected by European Investment Bank. It offers matchmaking services, product development, research, access to its labs and a coworking space. Startups can go through the pre-incubation process, get mentoring and coaching sessions, and access market and finance through partner networks. 



Founded by Diana Koziarska and Borys Musielak, ReaktorX accelerates first-time founders. A 10-week accelerator program helps entrepreneurs find mentors, validate their ideas, and get funding. ReaktorX is a part of Reaktor Warsaw project, which has a startup coworking space.

Startup HUB Poland

Startup HUB Poland is a non-profit organization supporting Polish and international startups. This organization offers acceleration programs, conferences, and global projects that contribute to the growth of the startup ecosystem in the region.

MIT Enterprise Forum CEE

MIT Enterprise Forum CEE is an equity-free startup acceleration program that supports CEE startups with legal and consulting services. Through mentoring from Polish and international experts, the program helps startups develop their potential by combining it with the knowledge and resources of global and regional enterprises. Startups can benefit from this program by scaling up their business abroad, especially in the US. MIT focused on fintech, energy, smart buildings, industry 4.0, health-tech, and med-tech sectors.


In partnership with Google for Startups, HugeThing offers pre-acceleration. It is a tailored pre-seed and seed program for startups that helps validate business models and prepare for the first investments. With many years of experience, the accelerator has supported startups in acquiring innovation in various industries.


NextGrid is a Warsaw-based accelerator focused on startups operating on deep learning or reinforcement learning. Its 3-months acceleration program is open to startups in all stages of development beyond the concept stage. The competition is 100% online and is open to teams around the globe. As part of the program, participants receive free cloud computing credits as well as weekly business and technical mentoring sessions.

Rzeszów Startup Accelerator

Rzeszów Startup Accelerator is aimed at young, ambitious entrepreneurs with innovative ideas in the IoT, automotive, fintech, and healthcare sectors. As part of the accelerator's preparation for market entry, participants receive a series of training classes. Each participant can present their idea to investors during DemoDay, and the most promising projects get financial aid.


Space3ac is an acceleration program for startups able to provide business solutions for large industry players and corporations. The accelerator offers support of international mentors, both technical and business, R&D equity-free financing, and access to corporate investors such as Orange, Orlen, or PZU.

Akcelerator Gliwice

Akcelerator Gliwce supports seed projects from hardware, advanced materials, sensors, AI, and robotics sectors. In addition, Akcelerator Gliwice offers co-financing of up to 1M PLN. Universities, research institutes, and individual innovators can also participate in the accelerator.

Białystok Science and Technology Park

Białystok Science and Technology Park is a startup program for hardware, manufacturing, IT, and ICT industries operating for less than 3 years. Through eight incubation rounds, a mentor is assigned to each project based on their needs. After the MVP has been launched, the most promising companies are invited to Silicon Valley for a pitch competition.

Startup Platforms by PARP

Launched by Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, Startup Platforms offer services like building business model support, and mentoring. Additionally, it offers accounting, law and tax services, training, access to its office space, and other tailored services. After successfully realizing the incubation plan, a startup can obtain up to 1 million PLN funding. Furethermore, PARP Startup Platforms are divided by verticals: Unicorn Hub, which focuses on smart city and transport, healthcare, IT, and ICT; Hub of Talents 2 specializes on machinerya and IT/ICT; Startup Heroes works on food production, eco-energy fields; Wschodni Akcelerator Biznesu  is focused on ecology, food, and agriculture; Start in Podkarpackie is designed for aeronautics, transport, and construction; and the Idealist verital is into energy, tourism, and healthcare.



Launched by RICAP (Romanian Innovation Commercialization Assistance Program) and Sprintpoint, Techcelerator was initially an alumni community event providing matchmaking with investors and offering founders a place to share failures and successes. Today, Techcelerator offers 4 different business programs. NEXT FinTech Accelerator is aimed at mature startups providing 3 months of workshops, business development assistance, and investor connections. Advancing AI focuses on teams that use AI for high-tech programs for life improvement. Scale Match works with companies ready for fundraising. Entrepreneurial mentors and experienced founders assist startup companies in finding investors. Preference is given to AI solutions, HealthTech, SaaS, or FinTech startups. Finally, the Investment Readiness program prepares startups for their next pre-seed or seed investment rounds.

The Spinoff

Developed by Raiffeisen Bank, The Spinoff is an incubator that cooperates with Startup Factory, helping up-and-coming founders through its incubation program. It funds €102K for cloud hosting services from IBM, teaches design thinking methodology implementation and offers mentoring sessions with top executives. After completing the program successfully, teams have access to industry events and panels and get up to a €50K loan for further startup development. Additionally, Startup Studio by Factory partners with companies such as Business Angels ROMANIA, International Workplace Group, and Magurele Science Park, allowing startups to network with corporations and small businesses.

Early Game Accelerator 

Around five companies are selected yearly for an intensive acceleration program by Early Game Accelerator. As part of the selected team, operating in mobility, jobs, real estate, agriculture, coding, and finances, one works closely with fund partners and gains access to resources. Early Game Accelerator is co-financed through the Operational Program and closely working with Tech Angels, InnovationLab, and Techhub.

Spherik Accelerator

Spherik Accelerator is the official ambassador of Startup Europe and a well-known Romanian accelerator program. Young entrepreneurs are provided with strategic resources, and the local startup ecosystem is supported. Spherik Accelerator program is divided into three phases. The pre-acceleration phase facilitates entrepreneurship education; the acceleration phase helps achieve significant business growth; the post-acceleration phase promotes Romania's innovation ecosystem. What's more, Spherik organizes an event, Startup Feedback, where professionals evaluate one's pitch deck, go-to-market strategy, business ideas, and more. 

Risky Business 

Risky Business is an accelerator and a seed program investing up to €100K into student-founded startups. The registration for the program consists of two stages. Firstly, startups fill in the application form to be the 25 qualified for the next level of the application process - boot camp. The startup boot camps are intensive mentoring programs where companies meet potential partners, develop problem-solving skills, work in multidisciplinary teams and improve pitching skills. Next, 10 startups go to the final acceleration stage, which includes 1:1 mentoring sessions with experienced entrepreneurs, workshops participation, covering pitching, marketing, law aspects, and much more. Each team selected for the acceleration stage receives a prize of around €1.8K.

Impact Hub Bucharest

Impact Hub Bucharest is a community-driven organization that allows its members to meet, exchange ideas, and exchange business knowledge. In addition, it supports the entrepreneurial ecosystem through acceleration programs and direct funding to startups. It also launched the biggest online entrepreneurial educational platform – Among acceleration programs Impact Hub runs are Innovators for Children, Empowering Women in Agrifood, The Circle, and Black Sea ClimAccelerator. The latter is also the representative for EIT Food in Romania – EIT Food Hub, which supports innovation and business in the Romanian agrifood ecosystem.


Impact Hub

Impact Hub connects startups to investors and markets through its numerous acceleration programs within the country. It is a global project operating in many countries, including Serbia. Impact HUB Serbia helps early-stage Serbian startups connect with investors during the Demo Days it organizes every season.


ICT Hub offers business transformation, funding, partnership, and access to its creative workspace. It provides innovation and business consultancy, project development, and investment in early-stage companies. ICT Hub finances up to €50K in exchange for 5-15% equity and currently partners with more than 50 large organizations.

Science Technology Park

Science Technology Park is the first business technology incubator in Serbia that helps young, educated people to develop ideas and start their own businesses. It offers numerous trainings and activities for students, supporting their ambitions to create hi-tech SMEs. The incubation is founded by four tech schools from the University of Belgrade, the Municipality of Palilula, and the Democratic Transition Initiative. Science Technology Park has provided mentorship, legal and administrative advice, networking access, and financial help to more than 120 companies and 2000 students.


StarTech helps small and medium-sized businesses. It is led by National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED) and financed by the Philip Morris company to boost Serbian technological development and promote innovative domestic businesses. StarTech is also supported by the Serbian government. The project grants from $15K to $100K to startups and domestic SMEs, provides mentorship and consulting support for business development, and allows participants to visit international conferences for self-exposure.

Katapult Akcelerator

Katapult Akcelerator helps growth-oriented Serbian companies that aim to reach global markets. It supports startups at all stages of development through training, mentoring, networking opportunities, and funding via co-investments, i.e., matching to private investments from angel investors and VCs within 9 months after the acceleration and co-entry grants within the acceleration.



Uplift focuses on later-stage startups with MVP and tractions, like first customers or subscribers. The program's partners are Slovak-American Foundation and Visegrad Fund, so it is free of charge. The acceleration lasts for 4 months, filled with workshops, networking sessions, 1:1 mentoring, and business coaching. The program ends with Demo Day, where participants pitch ideas in front of leading CEE investors. For startups from the Blockchain track, an NKB investment partner offers a €10K prize along with additional business support and expertise for 3% equity.

Inkubator TUKE

TUKE Incubator and Startup Centre TUKE is a part of the University Science Park Technicom. It focuses on innovative ideas from the Kosice region, and every 6 months, selected teams have a chance to develop their ideas through this incubation program. The Startup Centre TUKE prepares companies for growth, and those who are legal entities can join the TUKE Incubator space. Startups get full support, mentoring, and possibilities of cooperation with research and development teams from the University Center for Innovation, Technology Transfer, and Intellectual Property Protection.

VP UK Incubator

A part of the Comenius University of Science Park in Bratislava VP UK Incubator promotes the development of innovative ideas for startups and spin-off companies at regional and international levels. Its main areas of expertise for participation are biomedicine, biotechnology, environmental medicine, bioinformatics, and other related ecological innovations. The VP UK Incubator proposes training programs, mentoring, coaching, consulting, and a variety of other activities.

Stu University Technology Incubator InQb

InQb offers long-term support for businesses at the beginning of their venture. Its 2-year incubation program provides educational lectures, top-notch mentoring, connections with investors and VC funds, psychological support, and promotion on InQb social media. To be considered for the program, applicants must have relevant business experience and a well-established project. However, only teams that successfully complete a 3-month business preparation course can be admitted to InQb. All workshops and educational materials are in Slovak.


Launcher is a startup studio in Central Europe that helps with seed and early-stage startups. Its team comprises investors, entrepreneurs, and specialists from various technical and business fields. Launcher provides resources and know-how and helps with the BIZ model setup. Also, it assists with team formation and growth in the IT, mobile, and digital industries, primarily SaaS and B2B.

Univerzitny Vedecky Park Incubator

Univerzitny Vedecky Park Incubator helps young scientists, Ph.D. students, and students with creative potential who need support in starting their businesses. It provides advice on setting up a company, assistance in developing business plans, partner research, legal tips, accounting and tax consultancy, marketing workshops, access to investors' networks, and support in obtaining funding sources. Moreover, the incubator team can prepare marketing letters that summarize technology, branding, marketing strategies, and event management.


Challenger is a non-equity startup accelerator that annually organizes acceleration programs in Europe. Every batch focuses on different verticals and helps innovators in various fields. Furthermore, the Challenger Diverse course supports teams with at least one female founder through a 3-month equity-free program filled with 30+ mentors and 500+ hours of consultations. Along with helping women in business, Challenger also supports green initiatives and artificial intelligence.


ABC Accelerator

ABC Accelerator offers a 3-month acceleration program twice a year, accepting only up to 12 startups from various sectors per batch. The program is open year-round, so teams can apply anytime. During the acceleration, teams work with industry mentors, establish business connections and join a vast founder community. Moreover, the program's curriculum is tailored-made for each startup to fulfill the founders' needs and help them achieve their ambitious goals.


A startup accelerator Reveris allows early-stage companies in the software, tech, and gaming industries to access top industry consultants specializing in SaaS, marketplaces, AI, ML, adtech, research, and development. The Reveris experts support by working on design, financing, and execution. In addition, Reveris concentrates on coaching, brainstorming, design thinking, customer development, and implementing data-driven decisions. Ljubljana is the location of the incubator, but it works remotely throughout the region, making it possible for businesses outside the city to apply and gain traction. 

Kovačnica - business incubator Kranj 

Kovačnica - business incubator Kranj offers motivational and thematic events, information, and advice on business building, mentoring for 3 months, and short-term counseling from industry experts. Besides incubation activities, Kovacnica provides coworking space, a community center built by young and passionate Slovenian entrepreneurs, an event organizer, and a space for entrepreneurs to exchange knowledge and advice.

Hekovnik Startup School

Hekovnik Startup School has Hekovnik acceleration programs designed to fill the gap between education and market realities. Its mentors focus on identifying problems, providing a wide variety of business tools, and spotting market needs. In addition, Hekovnik helps with product development, storytelling, methodology, data implementation, team building, and pitching to investors. Interestingly, Hekovnik is the first accelerator to bring Slovenian startups to Silicon Valley and continuously collaborates with top-notch US investors.

Incubator Sežana

Incubator Sežana is the largest business incubator in Slovenia, offering consultation and mentorship on product development, process organization, promotion, communication, marketing, IT, internationalization, staffing, legal, tax, and financial fields. The Sežana Incubator's goal is to develop business and evaluate projects to improve the chances of success.

Ljubljana University Incubator

Ljubljana University Incubator (LUI) helps startups at an early stage of development. University of Ljubljana academics make up the majority of participants, but other teams are also welcome to participate. In accordance with the stage of the companies, the LUI program is divided into several phases. Pre-incubation lasts six months and is for entrepreneurs who are just starting out on the road to entrepreneurship and do not have an open business yet. On the other hand, incubation is a long-term initiative to prepare startups for market entry. Workshops and mentoring sessions tailored to the founders' expectations covering areas such as sales, marketing, and team building. Besides that, entrepreneurs can gain access to a vast network of investors and professionals, as well as assistance with their business development.

SAŠA Incubator

SAŠA Incubator brings together young entrepreneurial talents, freelancers, startups, fast-growing companies, managers, and corporations to form the region's startup community. The incubator offers free consultations, mentoring programs, workshops, and social evenings. Among the events it organizes is Startup Weekend, which focuses on creative thinking and lean entrepreneurship in a fun and relaxed setting. In addition, startups can apply to Startup Generator, a 6-week program for 12 newly established startups that offers workshops, mentoring, and pitching to investors, entrepreneurs, and reporters. Lastly, since 2018, SAŠA has organized an international conference called Future 4.0 to connect startups from Industry 4.0 with large corporations through 1:1 matchmaking and networking.

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