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21 December 2020·6 min read

Konrad Koncerewicz

Head of VC & Startups, Vestbee

Best Startup Accelerators And Incubators In Lithuania

Accelerators and incubators are a very important part of a startup’s development especially at their idea or early-stage phase. They seek to help startups succeed by providing experts’ mentorship, advice, networking opportunities, and possibilities for raising funds. Wondering how to spot best accelerator? Remember that each of them is different, so before applying make sure you did solid research and found the one that matches your goals and needs. Vestbee does its best to make this choice easier by exploring CEE Startup & VC Ecosystem. Last month we have discovered Accelerators from Czech Republic, Startups and VCs from Latvia. Today, we introduce you to the most innovative startup accelerators and incubators in Lithuania. Let’s have a look! 


70V, founded in 2018, focuses on B2B startups and provides them with €20K-€400K funding from pre-seed to series A based on revenue milestones. 70Ventures is constantly widening its startup’s portfolio to reach its goal of helping 70 startups. Apart from standard advisory and financing, 70V supports its portfolio’s companies with access to the nordic network and a proven B2B acceleration model. The accelerator offers 3 different programs tailored to the specific needs of companies in different stages of development, which put effort into reaching the revenue milestones.

Startup Wise Guys

Based in Estonia, but operating also very effectively in Lithuania, Startup Wise Guys is one of the most recognizable accelerator programs in Central and Eastern Europe. While being focused on B2B SaaS, Fintech, Cyber and Sustainability startups, the accelerator offers its participants a 3-month long mentorship-driven program. The program’s goal is to put the entrepreneurs in a position to raise their next funding round in the next 6 months. Apart from preparation to raise funds, coaching and mentoring, the participants also gain access to cash investment of up to €30 000, co-working space and a network of a strong alumni community. 

Find out more about their activity in our Q&A with Cristobal Alonso, Global CEO & El Patron of Startup Wise Guys.

Baltic Sandbox

Founded in 2018 and based in Vilnius, Baltic Sandbox is not a standard accelerator. They call themselves the acceleration partners of eastern companies that want to expand their business to western markets. Baltic Sandbox is focused on startups solving current world issues like sustainable development, digital economy and responsible consumption. Their acceleration programs apart from sessions with industry experts, mentors and investors, also include support with legal queries, fundraising and entering new markets.    

Katalista Ventures

Based in Vilnius Katalista Ventures is a hybrid accelerator and private fund focused on supporting high-impact startups to grow and scale sustainably. Despite the fact their portfolio consists mainly of e-commerce and fintech companies, the accelerator is looking for all businesses with the ability to change and adapt. Katalista Ventures' sweet point is a startup led by four goals: resilience-based thinking, global scalability, sustainability and triple top line approach. 


Founded in 2017, Futurepreneurs is a pre-acceleration program focused on achieving sustainable development goals to solve the problems that really matter. The project provides impact-driven entrepreneurs with mentorship sessions, hands-on workshops and the opportunity to pitch in front of potential investors. Since the beginning, Futurepreneurs has already collected thousands of applications and it catches a lot of interest from startups.

Accelerator One

Accelerator One is a corporate-backed accelerator focused on bridging the gap between startups and corporates. To help local companies scale globally, Accelerator One has a very tailored approach. It provides customized support depending on startups’ needs instead of predefined programs or batches, to make its actions more effective. Apart from the investment of up to €50 000, participants also receive hands-on mentorship and networking opportunities. 

Kaunas Science and Technology Park

Kaunas Science and Technology Park runs programs which are aimed at helping startups with developing the innovative product, increasing sales and preparing for fundraising. Apart from supporting new companies, the Park also offers mentoring, advisory and networking activities for already growing tech companies to increase their competitiveness. Since its founding, the incubator has backed more than 400 companies reaching a success rate of 85%. Currently, it hosts more than 100 other startups operating in the fields of engineering, IT, sustainable chemistry, social innovation, health technology and future energy. 

Vilnius Tech Park

Vilnius Tech Park is not exactly an accelerator or incubator, but its goal is to help companies with a hard process of development. Tech Park offers startups access to office space & co-working space, networking activities, and other events and initiatives that will allow entrepreneurs to simplify their growth and make it more effective. 

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