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best startup accelerators and incubators in Cyprus by
13 October 2023·6 min read

Aleksandra Woszczyk

Editor, Vestbee

Best Startups Accelerators and Incubators In Cyprus

Searching for the best startup accelerators and incubators in Cyprus. Well, we have researched for you. In the following blog section, we have mentioned the best startup accelerators and incubators in Cyprus.  

Startup accelerators are also called seed accelerators, These are fixed-term cohort programs that provide all the mentorship, and education along with everything else to grow a profitable business. On the other hand, the business incubator is an organisation that helps new entrepreneurs to develop and grow their businesses with services including office space, and venture capital financing.

 Sounds complex right? Well, we have covered all the crucial points that you need to keep in mind while selecting the best startup accelerators and incubators. 

Let’s get started!

Best Startup Accelerators and Incubators in Cyprus


Location: Lefkosia, Nicosia, Cyprus
Investor type: Accelerator, Angel Group, Incubator, Micro VC, Venture Capital

The MVST: MG is a seed funding and startup accelerator keen on investing in companies that are providing innovative solutions in the blockchain landscape. The startup accelerator provides capital to all early-stage blockchain startups. Along with their funding, you will get access to a global network of digital assets experts and advisors in the areas of NFT, DeFi, Tokenomics, community management, branding & more.

They have their unique accelerator program called Silver Beam, which is designed to ignite your idea & take it to the next level. This is an intensive 4-month accelerator program, they provide a tailored combination of all the resources to speed up the product-to-market process, capital advice, team sitting space, technical support along with access to marketing platforms with millions of users worldwide. 

Nucleus Ventures

Location: Limassol, Limassol, Cyprus
Investor type: Accelerator, Entrepreneurship Program, Incubator

Nucleus Ventures is a startup accelerator that adds innovation to build ecosystems of entrepreneurs, ventures and talents. They partner with governments, global businesses, funding houses and donors to create a new venture opportunity. The startup accelerator has helped businesses in innovation advisory, venture building, expansion, and capacity building to meet market requirements. 

Till now, the startup accelerator has supported 150+ startups and raised more than $250 Million.  The businesses combined have generated more than $ 1 billion in market value in all the companies they have invested in, managed and built from scratch. 

Aivitam Ventures (CY)

Location: Lemesos, Limassol, Cyprus
Investor type: Accelerator, Micro VC

Aivitam Ventures is a startup accelerator and micro venture capitalist firm that is dedicated towards building businesses. This is one of the best startup accelerators for all entrepreneurs. Different services are being offered by the firm such as venture builder ( especially for idea and prototype stage startups), PR and Marketing agency (For all the startups, IT & Technology companies), Fintech recruitment agency (hire the best-performing fintech business teams for your startups on demand).

IDEA Accelerator

Location: Nicosia, Nicosia, Cyprus
Investor type: Accelerator, Incubator 

IDEA Accelerator is a startup accelerator and incubator backed by the Bank of Cyprus. The accelerator focuses on building an innovative product (creation & launch of an innovative product), (Creating a new solution to the modern world problems we face), developing a strong team and creating a global outlook for the business to grow further internationally. 

The accelerator program is divided into two different stages: 

Stage A: Accelerator for the first 3 months. 

The accelerator state is tied with the specific deliverables such as training, classes and workshops to ensure that there is quality among the staff to progress further in the stages. In this stage, you will need to put in all your hard work and devotion required by the team every week to maintain a good passing rate. 

Stage B: Incubator for the next 6 months. 

During this stage, the company will focus on developing their first product. Here, the teams will get strong support including legal help, accounting, HR, marketing and technology services, mentoring and seed capital, networking along with access to investors once their business is ready. 

After stage B, you will have a product along with an ecosystem that you can utilise to work through the process here. 

Equitin Partners

Location: Nicosia, Nicosia, Cyprus
Investor type: Incubator

Equitin Partners is a startup incubator that has helped to develop several successful businesses. Their portfolio includes all successful businesses such as Kids & Co, Time for Wax, etc. The Founders of Equitin have multiple years of experience investing and have investments in the following businesses such as Medicover, Librus, Trinity, etc. Overall Equitin Partners is one of the best incubator programs that you can come across for developing your business. 

Jetpack Ventures

Location: Nicosia, Nicosia, Cyprus
Investor type: Angel Group, Incubator, Venture Capital

Jetpack Ventures has been building businesses for the past 10 years. The VC firm has founded high-growth startups and worked along with publicly traded companies with more than $1B in revenue. All the entrepreneurs have access to the jetpack venture team and they are a carefully curated team of global industry leaders who are ready to assist with both general company building requirements and sector-specific topics. 

The VC firm has helped to turn ideas into market-leading companies. With a strong network across Europe and the north, they help in building the next generation of technology products. The company is a remote-friendly startup studio, where they take talent first and location as the second priority. 

The VC fund also makes pre-seed and seed investments in the areas of thematic interest. All the angel investors help and back the founders in building amazing companies throughout the world. The VC firm has a portfolio of successful companies such as Gemm, Goodbye Bread, Science Blockchain, Videocoin, Spring Works, etc.

Want to discover more accelerators and incubators from other countries? Check out the list below. 
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