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18 July 2023·11 min read

Aleksandra Woszczyk

Editor, Vestbee

Best Startup Accelerators And Incubators In Norway

In the vibrant landscape of Norway’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, a wave of innovation and ambition is reshaping the future of startups. As the quest for groundbreaking ideas and sustainable solutions intensifies, the role of startup accelerators and incubators becomes increasingly pivotal. These nurturing hubs serve as catalysts for aspiring entrepreneurs, propelling their ventures from conception to success.

In this article, we delve into the realm of Norway’s best startup accelerators and incubators, exploring their distinct approaches, sectors of focus, and transformative impact. From Oslo to Bergen and beyond, these powerhouse institutions are at the forefront of fostering innovation, guiding emerging talents, and fostering collaborations that drive progress. 


The very first on our list is Katapult Accelerator, based in Oslo. Founded in 2017 by Anders Lier, Haakon Brunell, and Tharald Nustad, this accelerator focuses on industries such as AI, Blockchain, Technology, Impact Technology, Sustainability, Climate Tech, Ocean Tech, IoT, Biotech, and Cleantech.

With a strong commitment to making a difference, Katapult Accelerator has made 36 investments in innovative startups that possess the potential to generate significant impact. Their program spans 12 weeks, providing entrepreneurs with the necessary tools, guidance, and network to scale their ventures effectively.

Katapult Ocean

Katapult Ocean is an accelerator program offered by Katapult. Spanning a dynamic period of 90 days, the program entails immersive workshops, invaluable networking opportunities, and insightful learning sessions. Moreover, the program includes substantial investments ranging from €150,000 to €500,000, amplifying its appeal to aspiring entrepreneurs.

The accelerator focuses specifically on ocean startups within diverse sectors such as food, transport, energy, natural assets, infrastructure, and new frontiers. Katapult Ocean has already made 18 strategic investments, demonstrating its commitment to nurturing promising ventures.


Situated as a prominent hub for innovation, research, and business development, the Innovation Park Stavanger serves as an international center that fosters growth and collaboration. With its nine distinct buildings, it accommodates over 154 companies and approximately 1300 employees, creating a vibrant ecosystem that facilitates valuable interactions and synergies.

Being a part of this thriving community offers numerous advantages for entrepreneurs and their companies. Collaborating with other organizations within the park presents exceptional networking opportunities, enabling access to diverse disciplines and fostering knowledge exchange. This interconnectedness brings forth possibilities for partnerships, collaborations, and valuable connections within the business landscape.

Moreover, the park offers several value-added activities such as networking events, which further augment the opportunities for interaction and collaboration among tenants. Additional amenities include a fitness room and changing rooms, promoting a healthy work-life balance, and contributing to the well-being of employees. A cafeteria caters to the diverse culinary needs of the community, ensuring convenience and satisfaction.

X2 Labs

X2 Labs, a prominent startup accelerator based in Stavanger, has gained recognition for its unique approach to rapidly helping entrepreneurs establish new companies and acquire customers within an incredibly short timeframe of just four weeks. Often referred to as a “Startup Factory,” X2 Labs excels in cultivating startup teams with ambitious growth aspirations, actively participating as co-founders in new ventures.

Right from the outset, X2 Labs’ program participants, known as Startup Heroes, are immersed in addressing genuine market challenges presented by established corporations and organizations. This hands-on approach ensures that the startups focus on delivering practical solutions to real-world problems, enabling them to quickly validate their business models and establish a solid customer base.

X2 Labs conducts a series of intensive, four-week programs tailored to different industry themes that are poised for substantial growth. These programs cover a wide range of sectors, including Digital Tourism, Food, Financial Tech, Digital Health, Blue Revolution, Ocean Space, and more. By aligning the program themes with industries with significant potential, X2 Labs enables startups to capitalize on emerging market opportunities and accelerate their growth trajectory.

Kjeller Innovation

Kjeller Innovation, located in the city of Kjeller, plays a crucial role in assisting companies throughout their startup journey by providing support in areas such as financing, business growth, and market expansion. With a strong focus on harnessing the value of research and business, Kjeller Innovation actively collaborates with partners to develop companies and facilitate industrial ventures that contribute to the advancement of socially beneficial technologies and solutions.

One of Kjeller Innovation’s core strengths lies in its ability to establish connections between Norwegian and international stakeholders, fostering collaborative projects in key sectors. By facilitating joint initiatives, Kjeller Innovation actively engages in areas such as green energy, encompassing technologies like hydrogen, carbon capture, and battery technologies. Additionally, Kjeller Innovation supports ventures in the space industry, bioeconomy, and the development of smart society and mobility solutions.

TheFactory Accelerator

TheFactory, established in 2015, has emerged as a prominent player in the startup ecosystem, providing comprehensive support to over 350 startups through its acceleration programs. With a rich portfolio of 50+ startups and a robust network of 120+ mentors, TheFactory has established itself as a trusted partner for entrepreneurs in Norway.

At the core of TheFactory's offerings is the renowned GründerAcademy, an extensive 12-week accelerator program conducted twice a year. This program serves as a launchpad for 70-80 startups annually, connecting them with a diverse array of business mentors, market experts, and seasoned entrepreneurs. Through systematic connections and workshops featuring notable speakers, entrepreneurs gain valuable insights, guidance, and the necessary tools to accelerate their businesses.

In addition to GründerAcademy, TheFactory offers the Nordic Fintech Fast Track program, tailored specifically for Norwegian fintech companies seeking expansion within the Nordic region and internationally. This program, conducted in collaboration with Innovation Norway, DLA Piper, and TheFactory, supports fintechs with a proven track record or proof of concept in Norway. Through a camp-based format, participants benefit from the extensive network of TheFactory, engaging with key fintech and finance players in Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Stockholm.

Oslo International

Established in January 2014, the Oslo International Hub serves as Norway's largest permanent gathering place for international knowledge workers. It has become a prominent destination for over 4,000 individuals, many of whom have gone on to launch their startups. With a strong focus on catering to the needs of internationals, the hub offers a range of services, from talent attraction to fostering a welcoming and friendly environment for foreigners.

More than just a coworking space, the Oslo International Hub also operates as an incubator, actively involved in supporting the growth and development of local and internationally-minded companies. The hub takes pride in its position as a central hub for cross-border business in Oslo, hosting delegations of business professionals from various countries and facilitating the establishment of bilateral Chambers of Commerce.

Founder Institute

The Founder Institute is a global startup accelerator with a presence in various locations, including Oslo. With an impressive track record, they have contributed to the successful launch of over 5,000 startups worldwide.

One of the notable aspects of the Founder Institute is its sector-agnostic approach, providing support and guidance to startups across all industry verticals. While they do not directly invest in startups, they offer substantial value through their partner network. Startups accepted into the program gain access to over $2 million in discounts from renowned companies such as Stripe, AWS, Google Cloud, Hubspot, and more. Furthermore, the Founder Institute facilitates connections with key investors relevant to the specific niche of each startup.

Equinor And Techstars Energy Accelerator

Equinor and Techstars Energy accelerator provides promising opportunities for startups aiming to drive the transition toward a sustainable future. Their focus spans various industries, including clean energy resources and solutions, low-carbon technologies and carbon products, oil and gas innovations for reduced carbon footprints, and digital enablers such as data, cybersecurity, digital twin, AI technologies, and more.

Upon selection, the chosen startup becomes part of a three-month cohort alongside other participating startups. In addition to the invaluable support and guidance provided throughout the program, the startup secures a $100,000 investment from Techstars, strengthening its financial foundation and enabling further growth and development.


ShareLab is a biotech lab incubator in Norway, catering to academics, startups, and industry partners. This incubator is dedicated to assisting early-stage startups in the field of biotechnology in transforming their innovative ideas into successful market ventures.

ShareLab provides a range of essential startup services to support the growth and development of bio businesses. These services include access to a fully equipped laboratory, coworking spaces, lab management support, and a valuable network of commercial and scientific contacts. Additionally, ShareLab offers mentoring opportunities, ensuring that startups receive guidance and expertise from experienced professionals in the biotech industry.

The Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator

The Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator is a dedicated program designed for early-stage startups with a focus on oncology. It specifically targets ventures that have already formed a team and possess a cancer-related business idea.

By becoming a member of the incubator, startups gain access to a specialized team that offers comprehensive business development services. This includes assistance with market research, business strategy, intellectual property (IP) management, and regulatory insights. Access to state-of-the-art research facilities is also provided, enabling startups to conduct crucial scientific and technological advancements.


Validé is a non-profit innovation organization that focuses on supporting early-stage startups in the technology sector. Their programs and services are tailored to startups that already have a team in place and a business idea they want to develop.

Startups that join Validé’s program can benefit from various services, including incubation services, accelerator programs, and full-service startup packages. These offerings provide entrepreneurs with the necessary tools, environment, skills, and funding to establish and grow their companies.

A key feature of Validé’s program is the one-on-one guidance provided by their experienced business developers. Through personalized support, startups receive valuable insights and advice tailored to their specific needs, helping them navigate the challenges and opportunities of the technology startup landscape.

6AM Accelerator

6AM Accelerator is a program designed to support early-stage startups in various sectors. Their focus is to assist entrepreneurs and first-time founders in building exceptional businesses around their ideas and products. Through their comprehensive 6-month accelerator program, they offer tailored support to help startups navigate common challenges faced during the initial stages of company development.

The program covers a wide range of crucial areas including sales, finance, startup law, intellectual property, go-to-market strategy, capital raising, communication, HR, GDPR compliance, and more. By providing guidance and expertise in these key areas, 6AM Accelerator empowers startups to overcome obstacles and achieve sustainable growth. The program’s holistic approach ensures that startups receive the necessary resources and knowledge to thrive in today’s competitive market.

Hatch Blue

Hatch Blue, located in Bergen, is an aquaculture accelerator focused on supporting startups in the fields of aquaculture feed, health, genetics, and technology. With a strong emphasis on the marine bioeconomy, aquaculture, and alternative seafood sectors, Hatch Blue provides valuable resources and guidance to emerging companies in these areas.

Through their specialized accelerator program, Hatch Blue offers a 16-week duration to selected startups, during which they provide comprehensive support and mentorship. Their expertise spans various aspects crucial to the success of aquaculture ventures, including feed development, health solutions, genetics advancements, and innovative technologies.


Pangea is a multifaceted startup platform and program designed to facilitate investment opportunities for startups. Founded in 2016 by Jonas Tesfu, Pangea operates as both an investment platform and an accelerator program, providing valuable resources and support to startups seeking investors. With an industry-agnostic approach, Pangea aims to cater to startups from various sectors. Over the years, Pangea has made four investments, demonstrating its commitment to fostering entrepreneurial growth. The accelerator program offered by Pangea spans 15 weeks, providing startups with an intensive and structured environment to refine their business models and connect with potential investors.


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