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27 May 2021·6 min read

Dorota Potępa

Community Builder, Vestbee

Best Startup Accelerators And Incubators In Hungary

At the beginning of the startup journey, a great idea and a lot of passion is just the drop in the ocean as there are much more aspects like go-to-market strategy, deep competition research, financial projections etc. that need to be managed well. Startup accelerators and incubators will definitely help you with that as they provide support in pushing business development forward. 

Here at Vestbee, we want to make sure that companies discovering CEE Startup & VC Ecosystem know all their possibilities before picking and trying to get into the acceleration program. That’s why we have already uncovered the best accelerators from Poland, Czech Republic and Lithuania as well as leading VC funds from Slovakia and Latvia, and now it’s time for your startup to check out Hungarian accelerators & incubators. Let’s meet the most interesting ones!

Design Terminal 

Design Terminal is an innovation agency founded in 2014 with the very first acceleration program for creative entrepreneurs. Its team helps future industry leaders by giving them an opportunity to establish valuable corporate partnerships and put emphasis on talent development. Design Terminal not only runs its own mentoring program for startups but also plays a great role in the V4Startup Force initiative bringing together startups from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. 

CEU InnovationsLab

CEU InnovationsLab is the leading university incubator in CEE, open for startups in different development stages from various verticals cooperating with the Department of Economics and Business at CEU. This incubation program provides on average 9 hours of individual or group mentoring per month, tailor-made entrepreneurship sessions, access to coworking spaces in Budapest and Vienna and gives an opportunity to expand on American, Austrian and Hungarian markets. CEU iLab was voted Hungary's best incubator at the Central European Startup Awards.

BnL Start Partners 

BnL Start Partners was set up in 2017 as the first B2B and fintech-focused accelerator. It supports startups with incubation services like strategic and business planning, financial modeling, sales and marketing support, branding, networking, knowledge transfer, teaming up, etc. BnL holds two acceleration programs for early-stage startups - the first one, Preparatory Mentoring Program (PMP) helps applicants with shaping their business ideas, and the second one, Seed Funding Program (SFP) ensures mentoring, workshops, consulting and product validation for startups from outside Central Hungary.

OTP Startup Partner Program 

OTP Startup Partner Program is an accelerator brought by OTP Bank, which seeks later-stage startups that offer relevant solutions for financial institutions, have an assembled team, a market-ready product possibly along with a growing customer base. The program consisting of a 3-month pilot and 6-month rollup phase aims to carry Proof-of-Concept or Pilot projects. It validates startups within the banking group from all over the world and opens the door for long-term collaboration.

MKB Fintechlab

MKB Fintechlab - an accelerator backed by MKB Bank focuses on startups from the Fintech field which provide solutions in digital transformation and revolutionize banking systems. It is an innovation and design lab, leading the digital transformation and enhancing digital capabilities within the MKB Financial Group, aiming to bring together banking and startup ecosystems. What is more, there are many startup events organized by the accelerator in order to share knowledge and boost the fintech community in the region.

NAK TechLab

NAK TechLab is an incubation program looking for the most innovative solutions in the domestic agricultural and food sector, with the goal to make this market more competitive, sustainable and ecological. This three-month program helps participants identify practical and real market problems, thus ensuring market orientation for development. Startups can accelerate their growth through business training, intensive workshops and cooperation with mentors from the agricultural industry and large corporations.


Hiventures is a VC fund additionally running a support program for tech companies that were touched by the covid-19 crisis but still have huge prospects for further development. Having the huge impact on CEE startup community, Hiventures backs up the entire Hungarian entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing financing from the idea phase scale to large corporate investments. 

OXO Labs

OXO Labs specializes in accelerating startups from Hungary to the global market. Their team runs startup incubation and acceleration programs both in facilitating and mentoring technology projects at an early stage, in line with the principles of lean strategy, as well as by supporting and financing such projects in order to accelerate growth and market entry. Each year they select 5 startups and prepare them to conquer the startup ecosystem. OXO Labs supports a variety of fields, from 3D Technologies to Tourism and leisure. We advise you to follow their social media because they also organize free workshops covering a lot of interesting subjects.

While thinking about Hungarian Startup Ecosystem we cannot forget about Startup Hungary which is a non-profit organization that unites and helps to develop tech companies from Hungary.

Want to discover more accelerators and incubators from other countries? Check out the list below. Top Accelerators and Incubators from:


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