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01 September 2021·6 min read

Milena Gontarek


Best Coworking Spaces For Startups In Hungary

Within the startup scene development, coworking spaces are gaining in popularity and there are more and more such services offered around the world. No wonder these facilities became popular as they are very beneficial for startups and young companies due to shared costs, networking opportunities and local community upbuilding. From now on, we are going to discover the best coworking spaces in chosen countries from the CEE region. Let's start with an overview of Hungarian coworking spaces worth your attention.

HubHub Budapest Kiraly 26 

City: Budapest
Monthly fee: 160 EUR 

HubHub Budapest Kiraly 26 is a part of the European coworking chain HubHub that is located not only in Hungary but also Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and the United Kingdom. This coworking space offers entrepreneurs, startups and small companies access to two floors and 2400m² space with office seats, dedicated desks, meeting rooms, and event area - everything your startup needs. Additionally, members can count on a good Wi-Fi connection, kitchen and other amenities like a yoga studio, chill-out area, gym, board games room or library, which help them relax after a day of hard work. Let's not forget that they are dog-friendly so you can bring your puppy and enjoy the walk during the break. HubHub is also focused on building a strong community so as a member you can count on participation in various pitching events, incubation and acceleration programs, mentorship sessions, and other activities building the European startup community and providing networking opportunities. 


City: Budapest
Monthly fee: 145 EUR 

One of the biggest advantages of KAPTÁR is the location, as it is situated in the heart of Budapest, so you can easily reach it from every place in the city. It's a great complex for startuppers, digital nomads, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. The space has a good wifi connection, natural lighting and you can use a self-service cafe whenever you need a few minutes of break. They are very flexible and have many booking options, so you can pick a half-day ticket, monthly subscription, or more customized offer. They grant a membership that enables you to access every available facility there, additionally you will be invited to internal and external events organized by KAPTAR. Without a membership, there is still a chance to make use of this coworking space - from time to time you can go for a daily pass and use a hot desk as well as shared areas and book a meeting room whenever you need one. 

Impact Hub

City: Budapest
Monthly fee: 42 - 152 EUR (VAT included, the fee depends on chosen plan)

Impact Hub is another great place in the center of Budapest that offers coworking space, team offices, meeting rooms and other facilities that any startup needs. Thanks to their flexibility and broad offer, rooms can be rented by hours, days, or weeks. Impact Hub is much more than just a friendly coworking space - they are regularly hosting various events that connect and educate members and the local startup community. Impact Hub offers coworking spaces in over 100 cities including countries like Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania.

Xponential Coworking Office

City: Debrenec
Monthly fee: 84 EUR 

Xponential is an enormous coworking space of 600m² offering both different size conference rooms and 70 workstations. Apart from that, you can find there kitchen, podcasting room and outdoor terrace which is a perfect place to relax after a day of hard work. The place is known for its convenient location and great atmosphere. 


City: Budapest
Monthly fee: 125 EUR 

As the first coworking space in Hungary, Loffice has been supporting the domestic startup community for over 11 years, during this time they moved to the new modern location with the space operating with a minimal ecological footprint. In the complex, you will find hybrid workspaces, coworking office, high-tech meeting rooms, event space with hall and access to the garden. Many startup teams praise the inspiring design of the place and helpful staff. Loffice coworking space is also located in Austria.


City: Budapest
Monthly fee: 97 EUR 

Hub55 is another great space for Hungarian startups and entrepreneurs. It offers fully equipped and fixed workstations, event space for 40-100 people, meeting rooms for 8-12 people with TV, a professional podcast studio and private offices tailored to the needs of your team. The complex also provides an in-building bar and cafe, where you can order food and drinks directly to your workstation via QR code. 


City: Budapest
Monthly fee: 56 EUR 

KUBIK is an office solution that allows you to use its co-working space on the basis of daily or long-term membership plans. In nearly 400m² you will find workstations in open space, meeting rooms for 6-16 people and offices for up to 4 people. Additionally, KUBIK offers a 100m² event space and virtual office with a registered seat, Budapest landline phone number, mail-handling, and document container. In this place, you will find everything you need from good wifi and skype room to printers and air conditioning. One of the biggest advantages of the complex is opening hours - you can enter 24/7, while a great location allows you to get there by tram, bus, trolley bus or subway. 


City: Budapest
Monthly fee: 98 EUR 

If you need to focus and you don't want to be distracted by extra entertainment in the workplace you should check out CoWo coworking space. It doesn't have any additional services but it will provide you with high-quality equipment like computers, scanners, printers, high-speed Wi-Fi and cloud computing. It's a great place for IT-related entrepreneurs and startups.


City: Miskolc
Monthly fee: 84 EUR 

GRABOVSKY - coworking and more is the first coworking space in Miskolc. The complex supports startups and freelancers with a professional working environment including workstations, equipment and related services. Apart from that, you can book there one from two meeting rooms whenever you need to talk to your potential client. In GRABOVSKY your startup has an opportunity to organize events and workshops. If you decide to work from there you will be able to use the garden, dining room and coffee station whenever they need a few minutes of relaxation. 


Disclaimer: Monthly fee- Given prices don’t include VAT and are converted at the current currency rate. If you want to learn more about prices and plans offered by coworking spaces we encourage you to visit their website. 


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