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30 June 2022·5 min read

Aleksandra Wirth


Best Coworking Spaces For Startups In Latvia

We have already discovered the best coworking spaces for startups and entrepreneurs in Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Czechia, Hungary, Croatia, and Romania. Now the time has come to discover the most attractive working areas for companies in Latvia. Let’s have a look! 


City: Riga
Monthly fee: 149 EUR

Double9 is a perfect coworking space to work both as an individual entrepreneur and together with your team. The place is divided into two floors - the first is Double9 and the second one is called Double9 Underground. Both of them offer fully equipped workspaces with 24/7 access. Moreover, this coworking space has conference rooms, private offices, and virtual offices, that enable companies to register online and use the shared spaces, as well as take part in the monthly organized events. Additionally, this place is dog friendly and provides its users with chill-out areas perfect for relaxation or even a table tennis match. 


City: Riga
Monthly fee: from 170 EUR

TEIKUMS coworking space is located in the Teika district in the capital city of Latvia and is specially designed to welcome freelancers, established small-team businesses, and digital nomads. While working there, entrepreneurs can enjoy the multiple benefits, such as desks in the open-space areas, private offices, and rooms perfect for organizing events. Moreover, the place offers phone booths, skype rooms, as well as access to the kitchen, showers, and lockers. This coworking space is open 24/7 and is located only a 5-minute walk from the nearest means of public transport. Additionally, TEIKUMS is fully accessible for wheelchair users. 

Magnēts Coworking

City: Riga
Monthly fee: from 130 EUR without VAT

Magnēts Coworking is situated in the Agenskalns neighborhood in Riga and it is easily accessible by different means of public transport, such as bus, tram, or trolley. Additionally, if you are commuting by car, you can use the free parking located on the premise. Besides enjoying the benefits like private offices, event spaces, and phone booths, entrepreneurs can spend their working breaks in the Chill-out area while playing board games. Being part of the Magnēts Coworking community has also plenty of other advantages like community lunches and drinks, as well as a specially dedicated app and organized events. 

Coworking Liepaja

City: Liepaja
Monthly fee: 70 EUR

Coworking Liepaja is designed for everyone looking for a place to focus and to work, starting from professional individuals, startups, and mobile workers, and finishing with city visitors. It is accessible 24/7 and is located near multiple bars and restaurants. It offers its users free parking on-premise, private conference rooms for 5 up to 10 people, and the opportunity to take part in events. What is more at this coworking space all entrepreneurs can use a library, Chill-our area, as well as a 3D printer. 


City: Riga
Monthly fee: from 150 EUR

Regus is a well-known chain of coworking spaces, offering its services worldwide. In Riga, it has one place in the city center. It offers 58 private offices and 3 meeting rooms. Besides that, freelancers can enjoy the podcasting room, skype booths, and video recording equipment available to be used. Moreover, the place is accessible 24/7 and is located nearby Esplanade Park which offers lots of restaurants and bars to stop by during lunchtime or after work.  

Workland Telegraph

City: Riga
Monthly fee: from 220 EUR

Workland Telegraph is a coworking space situated in the old part of the capital city of Latvia, only 2 minutes away from the nearest means of public transport and 11km away from the airport. The place is fully equipped, offering its users a kitchen with coffee and tea selection, lockers, private telephone booths, meeting rooms, offices, as well as access to the snack shop, and the help of the support team. Moreover, Workland offers its entrepreneurs the usage of a library and courier services. This coworking space is also located in other European cities like Tallinn, Vilnius, and Kaunas

Coworking Riga

City: Riga
Monthly fee: from 99 EUR

Last but not least on our list, there is a Coworking Riga, a coworking space located in Riga. This place is dog and cat friendly and therefore a perfect choice for any animal lover. It is open 24h during the week time and closed on the weekends. Besides fully equipped workspaces it offers access to a photo studio, green screen, professional lighting equipment, as well a drone! This working area is also an attractive place to chill out and relax - users can benefit from its own art gallery and a space dedicated to playing darts and board games. 

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