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09 February 2022·4 min read

Milena Gontarek


Best Coworking Spaces For Startups In Slovenia

We have already explored coworking spaces in Hungary, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Croatia, now it’s time to move on to the next country! Slovenia is a great place to base your business not only for young startups but also for solo entrepreneurs. It has supportive accelerators and experienced VC funds that make Slovenia attractive to many. Plus, rarely an early-stage company can afford to rent an office at the beginning of its journey, so a coworking space can be a great solution. Fortunately, Slovenia has a couple of places that can meet your requirements!


City: Ljubljana 
Monthly fee: 90 EUR (VAT included)

ABC HUB offers everything young entrepreneurs need to kick off their business - fully equipped and convenient office space with 24/7 access to fixed desks, meeting rooms, classroom and kitchen - all of that on more than 2.000 square meters. ABC HUB is something more than just a coworking space, this multi-purpose center helps startups with ideas & solution development, networking and education. The space has been awarded many prizes such as Best Coworking Space in Slovenia, Best Regional Coworking Space and People's Choice.


City: Ljubljana 
Monthly fee: 150 EUR

MP HUB is one of the most modern coworking spaces in Slovenia. Thanks to years of experience, the MP HUB team knows how to ensure comfortable work conditions and meet the needs of both startup teams and entrepreneurs to help them stay productive and develop their solutions. MP HUB facilitates 71 coworking desks so finding a place where you can focus on your day-to-day tasks won’t be hard. Although the coworking space is located in a modern office building you can still enjoy the view of the green areas around it.


City: Ljubljana 
Monthly fee: 350 EUR

Regus in Ljubljana is located on Republic Square, a diplomatic district surrounded by embassies, consulates, and other government agencies, easily accessible by public transportation. This fully equipped and modern office space offers 9 coworking desks, 23 private offices, 1 meeting room, outdoor seating and an onsite coffee bar. 
Regus network is well-known in the whole Europe, you will find its coworking spaces in Czech Republic, Lithuania and Croatia.


City: Kranj
Monthly fee: from 15 EUR (VAT included)

Kovačnica is a modern office space with 20 coworking areas, 1 bigger office for up to six people, a small office, and a meeting room to hold your appointments and events. If you need a conference room for bigger events you can always rent it, as they also have it on offer. Thanks to the well-equipped space and fast internet you will be able to focus on your tasks and work efficiently.

Aurora Coworking 

City: Murska Sobota
Monthly fee: around 45 EUR

Aurora Coworking is a non-profit member-managed organization founded in 2015. It is operating from Murska Sobota, offering its users a shared space, a meeting room, unlimited access for 24 hours a day. What is more, Aurora Coworking set up an Aurora Coworking Network to provide knowledge, resources and support for coworking spaces in rural and suburban areas in Slovenia to design attractive value propositions for the members. Monthly fee is divided between active members and its amout depends on the height of expenses needed to run the facility.

Coworking BAZA 

City: Tolomin
Monthly fee: 60 EUR

Located in the old part of Tolomin, Coworking BAZA is not only a great coworking space with 12 working areas on 90m2,  but also a place that can be used for various business events organisations. Moreover, the Coworking BAZA enables to run single or regular pop-up stores, where artists and creators can display their products and receive feedback from other entrepreneurs. 



City: Bled

Monthly fee: 200 EUR

Coworking space in nature - SubWork is located one minute from Lake Bled, having a lot of plants within a working area of 200m2. Offers 28 working areas, and 2 meeting rooms, which have sizes up to 8 and 6. Meeting rooms can be joined into one bigger meeting room with 20 seats for the workshop. In space, you can find 3 collaboration areas with an open lounge. For longer membership space offers 24/7 access to fixed desks and meeting rooms. 



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