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Co-Working Spaces In CEE-Lithuania
03 November 2021·7 min read

Milena Gontarek


Best Coworking Spaces For Startups In Lithuania

We have already discovered coworking spaces in Hungary and Czech Republic, so now let’s put the next country on the spotlight. Lithuania is a great place to set up your startup, for example, it's an attractive spot for VC funds and women entrepreneurs. According to the Doing Business 2020 Index by the World Bank Lithuania took 11th place worldwide. No wonder there are many coworking spaces to facilitate growth of all those companies - you will find them not only in Vilnius but also in cities like Kaunas or Klaipeda.

So without further ado, let’s explore the best coworking spaces in Lithuania for startups and entrepreneurs. 


City: Vilnius
Monthly fee: 85 EUR (VAT included)

Work’inn is part of the Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park in Vilnius. As a member of this coworking space you can participate in all events organized by Sunrise Valley for free and network with other members during monthly business breakfast. Work’inn offers fully equipped office space and meeting rooms to create perfect conditions to be effective in your day-to-day work. Whenever you feel like taking a break, you can use kitchen with endless coffee, spend time in leisure area with eg. tennis tables or billiards or enjoy nature outside, as there are lots of walking paths around. 


City: Vilnius
Monthly fee: from 75 EUR (VAT included)

Rockit is a unique place for startups as it combines coworking space with acceleration programs, industry events and at the same time builds a strong community dedicated to FinTech and Sustainable Innovation. Focusing on its coworking function, they have options both for solo entrepreneurs and startups, so you will find the best option for you. When it comes to the infrastructure, you can find there up to 50 individual working desks, 4 meeting rooms and auditorium, they even have live-streaming facilities to host your events and a podcast recording room. 


City: Vilnius, Kaunas
Monthly fee: 220 EUR

Workland has 4 different locations across Vilnius and one in Kaunas. All coworking spaces in Vilnius are located in the city center and thanks to good communication you can reach them from any place in the city. Moving to Kaunas, although Workland Laisvės is away from the capital city, this coworking space shouldn’t be bypassed as it is the biggest Workland in Lithuania with 200 workstations. By working in Workland facilities you get access to fully equipped work stations, meeting rooms, phone booths, office library and common area. It doesn't matter if you are an early bird or night owl, this place gives you 24/7 access to coworking space offices. 


City: Vilnius
Monthly fee: 141 EUR

Spaces is a beautiful coworking space with contemporary design situated in the city center. In this location, you're gonna find 2 meeting rooms, 16 dedicated desks, breakout and outdoor area, coffee and sandwich bar and super fast WiFi connection, and all that is adjusted to the needs of people with disabilities. Floor-to-ceiling windows will give you plenty of natural light and whenever you feel the need for a few minutes of break there is a terrace with a lovely view of the city.

Light House

City: Klaipeda
Price: 98 EUR

The goal of Light House is to promote sustainable and innovative community development. It's one of the largest coworking spaces in the Baltic States, which is also a talent accelerator. Working in Light House space provides you with the access to desks, phone booths, meeting rooms, fast WiFi and shared kitchen. Moreover the facility is open 27/4 to best answer your needs. 


City: Kaunas
Price: 119 EUR

PIXEL HUB is a modern space located in the industrial part of Kaunas, which offers 30 comfortable workplaces, meeting rooms and other areas designed to help you work in peace. Moreover, you can find there a space for relaxation and a photo studio with equipment, which is a great advantage distinguishing Pixel HUB from other coworking spaces. This place is a perfect solution for startups and entrepreneurs operating in more creative industries. And don't forget you can come whenever you want as it is open 24/7!

Talent Garden

City: Vilnius
Price: 189 EUR

Talent Garden, except for being a coworking space, is also an internal educational institution and place for events that connect tech talents from it’s international community. It’s campus in Vilnius located in Oldtown, is a home for more than 230 entrepreneurs. As a member of this network you can use equipped flexible workspaces, meeting rooms and event spaces, moreover you will get access to a dedicated community manager, matchmaking app to connect with other members of the community and internal events. It's a great place for anyone focused on digital innovation.


City: Vilnius
Monthly fee: from 75 EUR

You will find Regus coworking spaces in 4 different locations across the capital city. In total they offer over 190 private offices, 130 coworking desks and 11 conference rooms. Lvovo Gatve 105, one of the locations, is situated in a business park in the center of Vilnius. Another one, Konstitucijos Avenue 21A is located in the heart of the business district so it's a great place for startups to network and grow. All facilities are modern and have the equipment you need for your daily work. Regus is a network of coworking spaces and offices across the whole world - we have described their infrastructure in Czech Republic in our previous article. 


City: Kaunas
Price: 109 EUR (VAT included)

DesignFriends is another coworking space in Kaunas for entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers. Members get all the office equipment and infrastructure to work efficiently and whenever you feel like taking a break there is a shared kitchen or garden to enjoy. They also offer workshops, professional courses, laboratories and a network of experts to support your development.


City: Vilnius
Price: 109 EUR (VAT included)

SEPT says that reasonable prices compared to their offer are their biggest advantage among other coworking spaces in Vilnius. Thanks to the good location - close to Old Town and the Railway Station - you can reach this place from anywhere in the city. After getting there, you have access to fully furnished space, WiFi and kitchen, and it doesn’t matter when you prefer to work as this place is open 24h a day. Their offer includes a single workplace option and also offices for 2, 3 or 8 people, so no matter if you are a solo entrepreneur or a startup you will definitely find a place to work there.

Tech Zity

City: Vilnius, Druskininkai 
Price: from 100 EUR (VAT included)

Tech Zity is a coworking space with 4 locations in Vilnius - Tech Park, Tech Loft, Tech Arts and Tech Spa. The pass allows you to use all of them so you can choose the location you want or try their other coworking spaces if they seem interesting for you. If you are a creative professional you should use Tech Arts, however, if you are looking for something innovative, you should try Tech Spa, which is a unique coworking and co-living space in Druskininkai away from the city noise.



Disclaimer: Monthly fee- Given prices don’t include VAT and are converted at the current currency rate. If you want to learn more about prices and plans offered by coworking spaces we encourage you to visit their website. 


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