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top women in startup and vc lithuania by vestbee
24 May 2022·15 min read

Aleksandra Wirth


Top 25 Women From VC and Startup Ecosystem In Lithuania

As we have already discovered the most inspiring and influential female market players from Czechia, Slovakia, and Hungary, we are ready to further explore Central and Eastern Europe to find women that contribute to the development of the startup and VC ecosystem of the region. This time we stopped by Lithuania!

So, without further ado let’s meet the Top 25  Women from Lithuanian VC and Startup Ecosystem!

Viktorija Vaitkevičienė

CEO,Coinvest Capital

Viktorija Vaithevičienė has over 13 years of expertise in the financial sector. In the past, she has gained experience in several venture capital funds, including DNB and INVEGA. Viktorija is also a Chairwoman at The European Venture Fund Investors Network and since 2018 she assumes the role of CEO at Coinvest Capital, a fund backing startups and companies, aiming to combine the benefits of venture capital and angel investors. Moreover, she is a Board Member of the Lithuanian Business Angel Network

Greta Monstavičė &  Elena Salamandîc-Alijošienė

Co-founder, CEO & Partner, Katalista Ventures 

Greta Monstavičė’s heart beats for sustainability, so it is not surprising that her professional life is inspired by this mission statement. During her long career within the Lithuanian business scene, she held positions like Advisory Board Member at the EIT Manufacturing, Lecturer, and Member of ESG Council at the ISM University of Management and Economics. Since 2017, when Greta co-founded Katalista Ventures, she has been supporting high-impact individuals & organizations to grow and scale sustainably.

Elena Salamandîc-Alijošienė has over six years of experience in B2B marketing, communications, project management, and sustainability advisory. In the past, she worked as a Global Marketing Manager at Adform and has co-founded Planet Positive, a company that supports businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and become carbon neutral.  Since 2020 Elena has been assuming the role of a Partner at  Katalista Ventures

Rita Sakus & Indre Dargyte

Board Members, Lithuanian Business Angel Network

Rita Sakus has a huge contribution to the Lithuanian startup & VC ecosystem development as she is a Founding Member and Board Member at the Lithuanian Business Angel Network, the main goal of which is to foster business angel activity through communication, events, networking, syndication of deals both locally and across Europe. It is worth mentioning that in the past she was also an Advisory Board Member for Lithuania's Ministry of Economy and Innovation,  advocating for business angels investing in Lithuanian startups and contributing to the creation of a healthier startup ecosystem in Lithuania.

Currently, Indre Dargyte is a Board Member of the Lithuanian Business Angel Network as well as a Board Member at Eika Asset Management, an investment management company. In the past, Indre worked as a Manager at Laven Partner and also as an Investment Consultant at Willis Towers Watson

Sandra Golbreich


 Founding Partner & CEO, Baltic Sandbox

Sandra Golbreich is an experienced mentor and founder with almost 10 years of presence on the Lithuanian business scene, describing herself as a New Nordic ecosystem builder, SeniorTech investor, and WomenInTech advocate. In the past, she held several Mentor positions in companies such as alter state, ChangeMakers'ON, and TNW. Additionally, Sandra is an experienced Co-founder, as in 2015 she set up, a Lithuanian-based B2B platform, for European and Asian companies to help them hire IT, specialists. Currently, she is a founding partner of Business Angel School and Baltic Sandbox, a sustainable value acceleration partner for the Eastern European startups seeking the transition to the Western European markets.

Roberta Rudokienė

Head, Startup Lithuania

Roberta Rudokienė graduated from the faculty of Business Administration at the Kaunas University of Technology. In the past, she worked as a Sales and Marketing Director at Avia Solutions Group Arena, a multi-purpose arena based in Lithuania that organizes major entertainment, sports, and business events. Currently, Roberta is a Head of Startup Lithuania, a governmental initiative that operates under the Ministry of the Economy, which contributes to the development of Lithuania’s startup ecosystem.

Erika Kavalis

Co-founder, Amberlo

Erika Kavalis graduated from the Kaunas University of Technology and soon after that, she joined the Lithuanian Marketing Association. What is more, at the end of 2017, Erika co-founded Amberlo, where she also assumes the role of the CMO. This startup is a cloud-based law practice management software for law firms, that automates the daily, manual tasks, such as organizing documents, or legal-specific billing. 

Milda Mitkute


Co-founder, Vinted

Milda Minute is one of the most influential businesswomen in Lithuania as she is a Co-founder of the first regional unicorn - Vinted, the world's largest second-hand clothes platform. Together with Justas Janauskas, Milda has started her platform back in 2008, as she came up with the business idea during her studies at Vilnius University. Since then the startup has gained more than 25 million users and is available in over 25 countries worldwide. 

Simona Andrijauskaitė


 Co-founder, Interactio

Simona Andrijauskaitė graduated from the LCC International University. Over years she has gained her experience mainly as a Project and Marketing Manager. Simona has also worked as a Retail and Sales Manager at JULIA JANUS, a fashion brand. In 2014 she has co-founded Interactio, a multilingual meetings solution, used to organize online and hybrid conferences. In addition, Simona is also a member of the European Women Founder Group, where she represents the community of female founders in Lithuania.

Daiva Rakauskaite

Partner & Fund Manager, Business Angel Fund II 

Daiva Rakauskaite has more than 20 years of experience in private capital fund management and financial analysis, and more than 12 years of experience in investing into the development of small businesses. So it is not a surprise that currently she assumes the role of Partner and Fund manager at Business Angel Fund II,  targeting to invest into innovative and export-oriented companies in Lithuania. In the past, Daiva assumed several Board Member positions, as well as a Chairwomen of the Board at Mark ID, an identity verification platform.

Ugnė Palionytė


 Founder & COO, GoRamp

Ugnė Palionytė has been present on the Lithuanian business scene for more than 10 years. During her career she has assumed several different positions, starting from Project Manager at Peikko and Production Supervisor at Deeper. Additionally, Ugne worked at Startup Wise Guys, one of the most active European accelerators. In 2016 she has founded GoRamp, a platform that offers logistics tools helping in optimizing the supply chain, warehouse management & dock scheduling. 

Jekaterina Kaliniene

 Co-founder & CEO, Revolab

Jekaterina Kaliniene has gathered her vast professional experience in several companies from the healthcare sector. Among others, she assumed the role of the CMO at InMedica Klinika, a Lithuanian private healthcare clinic network, and was a Board Member at SynLab Lietuva. Since 2021 she has dedicated her professional career to developing the Revolab, a remote blood testing, and tracking platform, where currently she works as a CEO. 

Simona Vasytė-Kudakauskė

CEO, Perfection42

Simona Vasytė-Kudakauskė describes herself as an open-minded and self-motivated achiever, so it’s not a surprise that she has become an experienced female entrepreneur in the startup ecosystem. In the past, she has co-founded Outlander Studios, where she learned a lot about the game industry. Moreover, Simona assumed the role of the Product Manager at Vinted, the first Lithuanian startup unicorn. She was responsible there for developing and scheduling the introduction of new products. Finally, in 2018, she become the CEO of Perfection42, which goal is to provide an artificial intelligence solution for game development, animation, architecture, design, and art industries.

Jurga Girdzijauskaitė

Senior Web Developer, Oberlo

Jurga Girdzijauskaitė has graduated from the faculty of computer science at Vilnius University, and soon after that has began her career as a programmer. Among others, she worked as a Solution Integration-Specialist at FICO, Fronted Developer at, and Senior Web Developer at Shopify. Since 2016 she has been connected with the Oberlo, a dropshipping solution, connecting Shopify merchants with suppliers who ship products directly to consumers. Additionally, Jurga is one of the founders of Vilnius Girls Code, a community with the goal to encourage women in IT to share their experiences and knowledge, to educate and learn as well as to inspire others.

Agnė Paliokaitė

Founder, Visionary Analytics

Agnė Paliokaitė has over 20 years of experience in policy evaluation, impact assessments, feasibility studies as well as social sciences. In the past, for almost 10 years, she worked at Public Policy and Management Institute as a Research Manager. Soon after that, in 2012, she co-founded Visionary Analytics,  a research-based advisory company providing applied research, evaluation and other consultancy services for the European Union institutions, international organizations and national governments. Additionally, Agne holds a Board Member position at Lyderė.

Gerde Jurkoniene


Co-founder & CEO, Okredo

Gerde Jurkoniene has almost 10 years of experience in the financial sector. She shares her vast expertise by being a lecturer at Vilnius University. Additionally, in 2020, Gerde co-founded Okredo where she also works as a CEO. This Lithuanian open data platform offers companies solutions like automatically calculated credit limits, credit scores, company values, or financial ratios. 

 Alisa Chumachenko

Founder, GOSU Data Lab & Founder, Game Insight 

Alisa Chumachenko is an experienced female entrepreneur with vast expertise in the gaming industry, where she has worked for more than 20 years. Alisa began her career as a Creative Director and VP of Business Development at IT Territory, a leading game developer and publisher. In 2009, she founded Game Insight, the world’s leading innovator of mobile and social games with more than 300 million players worldwide, where additionally she held the CEO position. Moreover, Alisa has founded GOSU Data Lab, an AI Voice assistant and training platform for competitive gamers.

Dalia Lasaite

Co-founder & CEO, CGTrader

Dalia Lasaite has more than 15 years of experience in the business. She used to work as Treasury Project Manager at Nothern Horizon Capital, an asset manager focusing on specialized real asset investment strategies in Northern Europe, in particular the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea. Dalia has co-founded three companies - Geogoer, a ridesharing platform, Campalyst, a social media analytics software, and CGTrader, one of the biggest sources for licensable stock and custom 3D models worldwide. 

 Vlada Musvydaitė

Founder & CEO, #walk15

Vlada Musvydaitė has graduated from Journalism and International Communication faculties at Vilnius University.  She gathered her experience while working as a Presenter in TV3 Lietuva and Žinių radijas. In 2019 Vlada has co-founded the #walk15 startup, which developed a specially designed app for companies and their employees to help them engage on health and sustainability topics.

Dovile Grigiene & Arminta Saladziene

 Co- founders, Lyderė

Dovile Grigiene is actively involved in the development of the Lithuanian economy, as she has spent over 15 years in the financial sector. In the past, she has worked as a Head of Private Banking and CEO of the Swedbank (Lithuanian headquater). Additionally, Dovile together with Arminta Saladžienė, Dovile Burgiene, Giedrė Kaminskaitė-Salters, Jelena Stankevičienė, Kristine Jarve, Lina Minderienė, and Milda Dargužaitė has founded Lyderė, an organization that main goal is to seek to change society to stereotype-free as well as encourage women for leadership. Currently, Dovile is a Founder and Board Member of YPO, and an Independent Board Member at Telia.

Besides being a Founder of the association Lyderė, Arminta Saladziene has huge experience in the financial sector. Among others, she held positions at companies like Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance, Lithuanian Financial Markets Institute, and Invest Lithuania. Additionally, Arminta is connected with NASDAQ for more than 17 years, where she currently works as a Vice President. 

Milda Jasaite

Co-founder, 220g

Milda Jasaite is actively present on the Lithuanian business scene for over 10 years. During her career, she has been working in multiple companies, including startups and VC funds. Among others, Milda assumed the duties of Project Manager at Invest Lithuania, an organization that connects, facilitates, and supports foreign businesses in Lithuania. In Addition, Milda has been several times a Board Observer at companies like Enovo, Videdressing, and sennder, a digital freight-forwarder platform. Currently, Milda is a Co-founder of the 220g, conscious fashion foundation, as well as an M&A Director at Vinted.

Gerda Sakalauskaite


Managing Director, Lithuanian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association

Gerda Sakalauskaitė graduated from the University of Lithuania and soon after that has started her career at the Ministry of National Defence of Lithuania and at the Ministry of Finance. In 2017 she began working for Invest Lithuania, where Gerda assumed the Business Analyst and Innovations Expert positions. Currently, she works as Managing Director of Lithuanian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association, an organization uniting all the main private equity and venture capital market participants in Lithuania, with a goal to improve the financing of the economy with a special focus on small businesses, startups, and growth companies.

Daiva Urbanavičienė

 Co-founder, Thrust

Daiva Urbanavičienė is present on the Lithuanian business scene for more than 25 years, having vast expertise in IT, project management and strategic planning. In recent years she gathered her experience while working as a Head of Global Support Operations at Revel Systems, an Independent Supervisory Board member at EIT Manufacturing, as well as an Expert in CIVITTA, an independent management consultancy in Emerging Europe. In 2018 Daiva has co-founded Thrust, a startup locally known as AreoDiagnostika that develops fixed-wing drones for infrastructure diagnostics, using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver the drone systems for civil and military use.

Mante Sidlauskaite

Founder, Cogastro

Mante Sidlauskaite graduated from the Kaunas University of Technology and gathered her experience while working as Human Resources Manager at Xplicity, where she was responsible for legal labor procedures, recruitment process and motivational system management. Additionally,, she is a Co-organizer of TEDxKaunas and since 2018 Mante assumes the CEO position at Cogastro, a core management system for edible insect farms using software and hardware technologies to help improve farming efficiency.

Agota Jakutyte

 Co- founder & CEO, ZENOO

Agota Jakutyte is passionate about dogs and sustainability, so it is not surprising that she is a Co-founder and held the CEO position at SHOO X, a crossbreed company offering holistic products for pets. Moreover, Agota was a Television Host at Delfi Lietuva, where she shared insights about living and taking care of four-legged friends. Finally, in 2019 she set up a startup called ZENOO, a personalized raw food and wellness product service for dogs. 

Kamile Vitaite

 Co-Founder, TeamHood

Kamile Vitaite has graduated from the faculty of Civil Engineering at the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. In 2011 she has started her career at the Prewise, where eventually she become the CSO, being responsible for the sales and market strategies as well as the supervisory of the sales department. In 2019, she founded and held the COO position at Eylean, a startup developing the task management solution. Currently, she is a CSO at a co-founded company- TeamHood, a visual project and team management platform that helps businesses to gain efficiency while performing tasks. 

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