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02 March 2022·5 min read

Milena Gontarek


Best Coworking Spaces For Startups In Slovakia

Best Coworking Spaces For Startups In Slovakia

After exploring Hungarian, Czech, Lithuanian, Croatian and Slovenian coworking spaces it is time to focus on another country. This time let’s have a closer look at what the Slovakian startup ecosystem has to offer, apart from a vibrant startup ecosystem and skillful women entrepreneurs. Coworking spaces are gaining in popularity among the vibrant community of this growing startup scene, so let’s discover most popular ones!

Space Up

City: Bratislava
Monthly fee: 150 EUR 

Space Up is a coworking space located only 5 minutes from Bratislava center. On 1300 square meters they offer flexible and fixed desks, offices, phone booths, meeting rooms, workshop and event space - everything already well-equipped. When it comes to entertainment and relaxation you will find two terraces, a chill-out zone, ping-pong and a common area with a bar. Thanks to the great atmosphere there, you can stay productive during working hours and enjoy breaks and free time by networking with other members of Space Up. 

Campus Cowork

City: Bratislava
Monthly fee: 140 EUR

If you want to work in Campus Cowork you can choose from two different spots across Bratislava - Campus Mlyny and Campus City. These convenient locations make it easy to get there from any place in the city. Members get access to meeting rooms, high-speed internet, skype booths, in-house coffee shop and a terrace. Campus Cowork network also offers legal, marketing and business consulting if you need a hand with development of your company. 

Coworking Cvernovka

City: Bratislava
Monthly fee: 99 EUR

Coworking Cvernovka has a great location and if you commute there by car or bicycle, you don’t need to worry about parking spots or bicycle stands. Each member has unlimited access to the space and can access it day and night. You will find there both flexible and dedicated desks, meeting rooms and phone booths. If you need a place to hold your event, Cvernovka offers 80 square meters space with a projector, sound system, lights, and flipchart. Their members work mostly in architecture, design, advertising, PR and IT industry so you will definitely find some entrepreneurs from your field of interest to connect.


City: Bratislava
Monthly fee:  from 220 EUR

HubHub has two locations in Bratislava, one of them - Twin City C, is an extraordinary office that stands out with its modern design. Any team or solo entrepreneur is going to find a place to work there as it occupies 2 floors with over 2000 square meters. The place can hold an event for 250 people and you can enjoy a chillout and gaming zone as well as refreshments and beverages sections. The other location, Nivy Tower, is located in the heart of the business district with a well-connected public transportation system. This coworking space is even bigger than the first one, with the same offer when it comes to members’ benefits. HubHub is a network with locations across different countries, check out their coworking spaces in Hungary and Czech Republic.


City: Bratislava
Monthly fee: from 143 EUR 

Regus has four different locations across Bratislava. The Europeum and Karadzicova 8-A offer respectively 23 and 20 coworking desks and even more private offices - those flexible and fully-equipped places will help you to find a working space that answers your needs. The next one, Apollo is located in one of the biggest Central Europe's business complexes. This space is focused on private offices, however you will find few coworking desks too. Similarly to Apollo, Polus Towers offers mostly offices, however a good connection with an airport is a great asset of this coworking space, so solo entrepreneurs are also very welcome. Interested in finding out more about Regus? Check out our previous articles about coworking spaces in Czech Republic, Lithuania, Croatia, Slovenia.


City: Trencin
Monthly fee: 119 EUR 

Fleck is a coworking space located in the historic center of Trencin. This inspiring working space allows you to not only deal with your day-to-day tasks but also network with other entrepreneurs, as you get free access to all community events. A meeting room that can hold up to 10 people, which allows you to conduct important meetings and if you need space for a private call you can make use of a phone booth. Do you enjoy going to work by bicycle during hot sumer days? No problem, in Fleck you will find a shower to refresh yourself!

Kolabo Coworking

City: Bratislava
Monthly fee: 150 EUR

Kolabo Coworking located in the Avion shopping center offers fully equipped working space with access to meeting rooms and three call booths. If you prefer smaller and calmer coworking spaces this one will be great for you, as it contains 18 work stations, which means it's not going to be very busy even during ordinary working hours. During your break you can enjoy a great coffee or snack in their onsite cafe. Kolabo Coworking is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. till 9 p.m. and thanks to different flexible plans you can find the most affordable option for you. 

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