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18 August 2020·5 min read

Mateusz Walczyk

Startup Analyst, Vestbee

E-commerce Startups And Scaleups From CEE & DACH Worth Your Notice

Vumonic Datalabs

Vumonic Datalabs form Estonia provides market tracking and competitive intelligence to the world's leading online sellers. Vumonic's core backend technology enables highly precise and real-time market insights, provides information on customer behaviour, CHURN rate and more valuable data. Vumonic currently serves insights across nine different countries on three continents.


Conversific is a Hungarian startup offers analytics tools to optimize e-commerce platforms and conversion rate. The solution creates reports and provides data on customer growth and industry benchmarks. The company has on its name few accomplishments such as first place at European Business Awards, the title of nr 1 Analytics App on ProductHunt and €452K funding from an undisclosed investor.


TrustMate from Poland introduced software which helps to create and manage opinions concerning e-commerce business. Due to automated opinion surveys company can become more trustworthy, attract new clients, get a better position in google searching. TrustMate provides services to well-known companies such as Decathlon, Wittchen, TravelPlanet and INKO.


LogoShuffle, an Austrian startup created automated logo builder for any kind of business. Within only 3 minutes many logos are generated and can be customized by the client to suit his vision of a company. The solution supports many extensions and sizes suitable specifically for social media websites like Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter. LogoShuffle has been awarded and mentioned by, ProductHunt, Trending Topics and der Brutkasten.


Nulisec, Czech Republic based company launched a platform connecting manufacturers with a network of global retailers, making it much easier to distribute and sell products online. The solution incorporates AI data sourcing and provides industry-specific features like MSRP, profit margin or preferable packaging types. The company is trusted by leading European manufacturers: Bona Vita, HaaS, Propesko and Wissa.


Meazy form Lithuania offers effective retargeting strategies to boost sales. Ads are generated according to preferences and browsing history of the client, so it makes customers more likely to purchase advertised products. Meazy is fully integrated with online stores like Shoptet, Shoplo or Woo.


Inpera is a German cloud-based e-commerce platform for procurement of building materials connects companies operating in construction sector. The solution guarantees safe data exchange, assures flexible trade conditions and makes it possible to optimize every stage of the value chain. Inpera cooperates with companies like Kasimir, Drantmann, MartinMeier and Sievert.


MorphL supports e-commerce by creating intelligent ads, coordinating AI and ML with users workflow. Romanian solution makes it possible to personalize complex e-commerce marketing strategy in just a few hours and is very simple to use due to an intuitive dashboard. Market leaders such as Orange, Mobexpert and Altis are satisfied with using MorphL.


WEARFITS from Poland offers 3D AR fitting room, so everyone can check online if clothes fit him/her without visiting a shop. Implementation of this technology has proven to reduce returns of clothes by 27% and boost e-commerce sales by 23%. The software simulates the physical properties of specific materials and creates a 98% accurate body model for every user.


Equinox is a Croatian startup, that launched a platform for creating AR interactive content for e-commerce and marketing usage. Creators of 3D models can sell their projects, and later end-users can publish the content for advertising purposes. The communication platform aims to be compelling enough to be used on its own merits, increasing the likelihood of the end-users consuming business-related content. The team consists of experienced engineers and programmers, who constantly improve the project.


Disqover from Ukraine helps companies to launch new products and to grow E-commerce sales on platforms like Amazon, Alibaba and eBay. Disqover conducts market analysis, optimizes logistics setup, manages inventory and provides real-time customer support. The company’s clients include companies such as  Brjomi, Quokka, Pix, Mauwi and Yest Straws.


BETAFASHION a German startup streamlines e-commerce merchandise planning and allocation of products for needs of every POS. The solution guarantees increased sell-through rate, minimized overstock, and higher y-y revenues. Onboarding is very transparent and can be easily customized, so the users can be confident about the high-quality feedback regarding their business.


SEON a Hungary based scaleup increases the level of safety for e-commerce companies by reducing frauds, tracking users behaviour and increasing conversion rate. The solution is applicable for needs of global leading companies as well as a small, local business. AI-powered SEON browser extension can predict possible fraud, manage risk and integrate with the rest of API. The company has raised €1,6M with an undisclosed investor.


DEALERBAG from Estonia links buyers and sellers to reach agreements and sign deals. Document storage and sending are secure and quick due to blockchain technology. One of the main functions of the platform is to organize online tenders for both private and public enterprises. The main advantages of this solution lie in the lack of middlemen and bypassing ads while simultaneously building a global community of traders. 


Refurbed is an Austrian e-commerce platform for refurbished electronics, used products which are later renewed and sold once again. Electric devices are up to 40% cheaper and renewed through a 40-step technological process, making them look like and function like new. Furthermore, each product has at least a 12-month durability guarantee. The company has already raised an impressive amount of €19M with an undisclosed investor.


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