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Startups Of The Month - Blockchain edition by Vestbee
25 August 2021·4 min read

Ilya Mikhalchyk-Kananenka

Community Builder, Vestbee

CEE Startups Of The Month | Blockchain

After exploring Energy, SaaS, Fintech, Marketplace, and Healthcare industries, our next focus goes on Blockchain. This sector has been around for years, but only since recently it has started to gain traction. It comes as no surprise then, that in recent months there have been many startups from the CEE region focusing on this particular field which is credited with an ambition to revolutionize the way humans interact.

Therefore, in this article, we’d like to showcase 10 most interesting CEE startups from the blockchain vertical worth a close watch. 


Coinrule is a Czech startup aiming to empower novice traders of cryptocurrency in an environment deeply dominated by hedge funds and sophisticated algorithmic solutions. The company enabling its users to create and test their investment strategy on historical data which helps test the given thesis and automate the subsequent go-to operation on the market.


Billon had created the groundbreaking platform bringing regulatory-compliant blockchain technology for seamlessly managing data and fiat cash. As a result, the startup enables businesses to level up the security and transparency of their documents and monetary assets.


Kedeon is an Estonian company deeply involved in the cold-supply chain monitoring. The reason given is the fact that 30% of food waste's happening between a myriad of subcontractors all of whom have limited responsibility for the quality of shipments due to their very amount. To address this, Kedeon offers a small, easy-to-implement tool allowing companies to monitor the data in real-time while also confirming its correctness through blockchain in case of arising issues.


DoxyChain is an all-in-one platform for the management of digital documents powered with its own blockchain. As an end result, the startup aspires to replace the existing digital signatures by means of leveling up the security and transparency between the signatories through the means of their blockchain.


RedStone builds a next-generation oracle to efficiently deliver real-world data to multiple blockchains. Its infrastructure is based on the Arweave chain allowing decentralized, cost-efficient, and auditable storage. As a result, RedStone provides the end-user with a fully auditable data history of the entered information. The reliability of datafeeds is ensured by a mechanism of decentralized dispute resolution in case of inaccurate data provision.

FCQ Platform

Previously, the process of purchasing a property was limited to those with enough money and/or connections. Fortunately now, FCQ is building an online marketplace that utilizes Blockchain technology so all people are welcome and able to trade real estate shares for tokenized currency. As a result, the platform gives its users significantly more freedom in trading their properties.

Smart Forest

Smart Forest has a similar to FCQ’s aspiration of democratizing yet another market crowded with big players - forestry. The way the team makes it possible is through the tokenization of the tree farms’ market which in the future would lead to the decrease of the carbon footprint as well as enable the little man to enter the wood market.


Pointpay is a startup aspiring to become the one-stop shop for all matters crypto. Banking, trading or conversion into national currencies, all can be handled by Pointplay and its product. As an end result, the startup aims to simplify the ownership and user experience of cryptocurrencies’ owners.


Shelf.Network is a Ukrainian startup aiming to connect the marketplaces of used cars across countries and arbitrage the transactions through the DLT. The company aspires to empower both the businesses selling used vehicles by providing the platform and the buyers by updating them about the situation on the market.

BeeCode Software

BeeCode Software is a Romanian company developing a CardioMedive solution aimed at measuring all the vital parameters like the heart rate, blood pressure and a number of others crucial for the evaluation of the patient's health status. Therefore, BeeCode Software aims to reduce the visits to doctors by allowing continuous remote monitoring of a patient's condition.


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