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26 July 2021·4 min read

Ilya Mikhalchyk-Kananenka

Community Builder, Vestbee

CEE Startups Of The Month | Healthcare

In our yet another close observation of the CEE startup scene across different industries, the time has come to talk about an oftentimes overlooked, but nonetheless important topic - healthcare. So, after discovering interesting startups from Energy, SaaS, Fintech and Marketplace areas we’d like to draw your attention to the companies from the healthcare industry.

Powerful Medical 

Poweful Medical is a startup aiming to combine the latest research on cardiovascular conditions together with Big Data in an attempt to turn it into actionable insights. As an end result, Powerful Medical will enable earlier diagnosis, while also offering quicker modernization of common clinical practices.


Uniexo is a Ukrainian MedTech company building an exoskeleton which reduces the need for rehab stays after serious injuries, as well as immobility associated with such stays. As a result, its end users can regain mobility and regenerate more efficiently at lower expenses, all thanks to a single piece of equipment offered on a rental basis.


Lithuania-based Vilimed is a B2C startup tackling a somewhat mundane, but no less problematic issue of essential tremor - the most common moving disorder there is. To address it, Vilimed offers a small portable device, enabling its user to take care of daily tasks and activities as usual.

ViveLab Ergo

ViveLab Ergo is a startup, building software supporting companies and individuals to create more convenient and productive workspaces by means of 3D computer modeling. As a result, this simple-to-use cloud software  ensures that the workers stay safe and effective in their work environments.


Speakquest is a Romania-based startup behind VoxiKids, aspiring to help children with speech-related impairments tackle their conditions more affordably and efficiently. 
To do so, this platform connects speech pathologists with kids’ parents while also developing an app with a series of customizable exercise tracks tackling a diverse set of speech-related problems.

Artificial Intelligence Expert (AIE)

Artificial Intelligence Expert is a Romania-based startup famous for its breakthrough in the field of non-invasive cancer diagnosis. Due to its significant, almost perfect (99%) accuracy, humanity can now diagnose a number of cancer types at a much earlier stage and consequently - treat them much more effectively.


Biominds, is a AR/VR based system which helps individuals struggling with severe neurological conditions. Thanks to that system, patients can recover more efficiently and affordably, compared to the old methods and equipment - as they are based on large devices resulting in the need to maintain and finance similarly large spaces for their upkeep.


Synaptiq is a startup, involved in developing a deep learning application that would significantly simplify the analysis radiologists have to go through. It offers a faster, data-driven approach to devising a personalized treatment for patients, designed to better serve the growing demand of radiology centers.


MildBlue is a Czech startup with a diverse portfolio of projects across the HealthTech industry all of which are united by the topics of AI, Machine Learning and digital optimization. Notable projects of theirs include Breviary - a tool calculating the correct dosage for medicine for patients, as well as TX Matching - a matching software for finding optimal pairings of Kidney donors and recipients.


When one thinks of innovations in healthcare, all unwanted, costly and literally unending cycles of checks and approvals always pop up sooner or later. Fortunately, this is exactly what HealCloud aims to significantly simplify and speed-up. They managed to achieve that by enabling researchers to locate the necessary data quickly in a legally-compliant way, and allowing them to instantly find pairings for their clinical trials.


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