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CEE startups of the month - Marketplace
28 June 2021·6 min read

Jakub Kopera

Community Builder, Vestbee

CEE Startups Of The Month | Marketplace

We are constantly exploring startup gems from Central and Eastern Europe across different industries. The Cleantech & Energy, SaaS and Fintech areas are already behind us, now let’s focus on the most interesting Marketplace companies. 


Polish startup, Hipets is a booking system for pets parents. Domestic animals nowadays are treated with increasing sensitivity, so they need the assistance of an appropriate trainer, vet, behaviorist, groomer, and other specialists. Hipets gathers pet service providers and delivers necessary tools like online profile, calendar, 24/7 booking system, text reminders, and client card to book instantly (via mobile app or web) the meeting with pet experts, which eliminates waiting in lines and endless calls.


Intiaro, a B2B2C startup from Poland delivering innovative solutions which brings furniture & home accessories marketplaces to a new level. During online shopping it's hard for customers to predict if the presented product in the pictures fits their requirements - they need to use their imagination to visualize it. Intario provides digitalization of its products in 3D, showing potential clients what the offered homeware would look like in their apartments or after the customization. That technology allows users to make the right buying decision and increases the chances of purchase satisfaction by at least 20%. 


Warsaw-based Nais is a worktech platform for developing workplace relationships. Nowadays, appropriate team communication, human resources management, and motivation are important elements for business efficiency. Nais is a mobile application based on AI and ML that prepares insights into employees’ wellbeing. The solution brings an opportunity to discover new cooperative abilities between managers and employees. Moreover, the application collects data to improve employee recognition and therefore helps to implement the appropriate management methods.


Suplery is a Ukrainian startup that automatizes the ordering process and B2B marketplaces in the professional cosmetics industry. The cosmetics market is characterized by numerous sales representatives, an information gap regarding wholesalers' product novelties & promotions, and troubles with planning orders ahead for pharmacies and cosmetics stores. The Suplery platform integrates clients’ CRMs and suppliers’ ERPs systems and collects information about inventory, stock availability, and orders. Thanks to that, the platform alerts about low stock levels and new products, gives a chance to improve planning, and forward submit a purchase offer directly to suppliers. This solution brings opportunities to simplify and shorten the order and sale process, which can significantly enhance the efficiency of cosmetics companies.

Banacha Street

Banacha Street is a Polish startup using AI and alternative data in developing an innovative search engine. Nowadays, the marketplace sector struggles with information overload, identifying the most relevant features, and selecting the best combination of products to present. Banacha Street solution collects data, uses ML tools, and provides a set of insights into the requested area. The created Insight Search Engine allows formulating any queries analyzing already-processed data, which increases the competitiveness of companies. Currently, its core activity is scientific research, but in the long run, the platform plans to become an alternative data sales module called the Alternative Data Marketplace.

EXPANDO global 

Czechia-based EXPANDO global is a startup that gives a chance for sellers to grow globally. Inexperienced online retailers tend to focus only on one e-commerce portal, which significantly reduces their revenue, fortunately, EXPANDO global connects marketplace platforms and automatically synchronizes data on prices, stocks and orders. Thanks to this solution, sellers operating on local markets can expand activities and easily gain new customers.


Werk is a startup from Estonia that delivers an innovative solution for the construction labor market. One of the biggest problems for construction subcontractors is finding the right staff, as they face an increasing shortage of tradesmen. Werk created a worker-centric marketplace for people who are looking for a job actively, as well as for passive job seekers. The provided tools enable matching specific skills and availability to the requirements of the job market in the construction industry. Thanks to having passive job seekers on the platform (people who are open to new job opportunities but are not looking for them actively), it is possible to enlarge the recruitment market.


Polish startup, Mintme disrupts standard ways of raising capital. Cryptocurrencies  and the technology behind them have become a hot trend and are really meaningful nowadays. Mintme is a marketplace platform that enables the issuance, sale and trade of tokens - its users can create the token and raise a capital for their project or idea. Therefore, this solution makes investing in ideas as easy as investing in shares and allows increasing capital from the individuals.

On Board

On Board is a Polish solution that revolutionizes looking for a job or employees in the global maritime industry. Nowadays, old-fashion recruitment conducted by crewing agencies characteristic for this sector is associated with high recruitment costs and problems with verifying qualifications. On Board is a marketplace solution that displays job offerings, checks references, and uses ML to automate and carry out HR activities in the best possible way. This makes the process of finding the right crew simpler and cheaper.

Wroclaw-based, is a B2B / B2C / C2C platform created to rent any item by both individuals or businesses. Sharing products or services is becoming more and more trendy, and is not only cost-effective but also good for the environment. Currently, marketplaces are mainly used to sell or exchange products and do not help in the process of lending and returning them. created a CRM platform that automatizes the sharing process by solving problems with security and by integrating payments, user ratings, and insurance. This solution brings the sharing economy to a new level.


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