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CEE startups of the month - SAAS
26 April 2021·5 min read

Jakub Kopera

Community Builder, Vestbee

CEE Startups Of The Month | SaaS

In the first edition of CEE Startups Of The Month we have explored impactful cleantech & sustainability companies, now we head towards SaaS solutions. So let’s meet interesting software as a service startups from Central & Eastern Europe that are worth your attention!

Polish startup, provides a tool for developer teams to facilitate IT work in terms of testing and looking for errors. Catching bugs is not only time-consuming but also generates additional costs, so decided to develop a solution for end-to-end tests for a web application that doesn’t require any knowledge of programming languages. It gives a chance to save up about 15-25% of the expenses and improve the application development process. 

Guava HR

Guava HR is a startup from Estonia, which proposes solutions for human resources teams. Managing a large number of employees is a complicated and very complex process - that’s why many of them turn out ineffective. Guava HR gathered necessary tools for people management in one smart SaaS application, including communication, e-learning, shifts & file management, and many more. Thanks to this solution employers can manage human resources more efficiently, which increases motivation, commitment, and additionally, is time-saving.


CleverMaps is a Czech provider of the solution for analyzing locations. The big entrepreneurs’ dilemma is usually about the most convenient place for the company. CleverMaps has a great solution to analyze and facilitate understanding of the location factors influences business performance, efficiency and development. With this tool, companies can make the right decisions without any complex analyzes on where to set the business.


Lithuania-based SketchAR is a startup that gives everybody a chance to feel like an artist without any previous professional experience. Drawing lessons are expensive and require a lot of commitment - SketchAR makes this activity easy, fun and satisfying right after the first try. This AI & AR-based application teaches drawing techniques, photo editing, etc. by using a camera on a mobile phone, users receive tips on what to do step-by-step in order to create a piece of art.


Founded in Estonia, DoConnect brings IoT to a new, more effective level. Research shows that even a dozen million small and medium-sized European companies do not collect and analyze data. For this reason, it is not possible to make more effective data- and knowledge-based decisions, so DoConnect solves this problem by introducing a Saas platform that connects physical devices in the cloud & data flow and makes visualized analysis. The tool is a perfect chance to make more precise decisions and in many areas of companies' activities.


Teamsharq is a Saas online learning platform from Poland, which solves common e-learning problems like no access to hardware & software or the long and complicated process of configuring the device. Fortunately, the startup provides a tool with remote workspaces in the cloud that require just a web browser to use and therefore simplifies teaching and makes online learning more effective.

The Czechia-based startup, is a platform connecting and centralizing data to make better business-connected decisions. Currently, people use many separate tools like calendars, forms, contact lists, etc. so it is hard to gather them all in one place and manage. connects and centralizes space for cloud tools that can build one central pile of company data, which is easy to use and analyze. The solution helps in company management and gives a chance to increase sales and marketing results by having a clear, well-organized database.


Haut.AI is a startup from Estonia that uses AI analysis to improve the skincare and whole pharma market. Haut.AI platform follows the trend of product customization by analyzing skincare and skin health-related data in order to introduce a personalized approach and a recommendation system for clients of the cosmetics industry. The startup uses modern data analysis and management tools to have the best quality results.


Localazy is an AI-powered tool from Czechia, that helps developers and digital teams in the translation process of their applications. Many translators are very inaccurate and Localazy decided to change it by implementing several unique features such as automated integration with selected platforms, a pro-active review system and human-assisted machine translations. Artificial Intelligence technology and simple construction of the application give small & medium businesses a chance to translate their applications correctly into even 30 different languages.


Behavee is a startup from Czechia, that provides a platform and tools improving e-shopping experience and the whole e-commerce industry. Nowadays, understanding the customers and caring about them is an important issue that has a key impact on companies’ success. AI-powered Behavee provides behavioral data analysis, automation, and data & product enrichment that make it possible to unify customer experience and quality of service. The startup aims to bring a significant added value to online marketing and digital activities.


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