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CEE startups of the month - Fintech
26 May 2021·5 min read

Jakub Kopera

Community Builder, Vestbee

CEE Startups Of The Month | FinTech

After discovering impactful cleantech & energy startups and interesting SaaS companies, the time has come to explore the FinTech industry from the region. We are happy to introduce to you the most innovative financial technology  solutions from Central and Eastern Europe!


Polish startup, Autenti is a platform for signing and approving contracts while providing European standards for the e-signature & identification system which makes the whole process much easier and efficient. Usually, the flow of documents between counterparties prolongs the trading process and generates costs, but thanks to the Autenti’s simplicity of one-click signing and appropriate security features, traditional trade can easily migrate to the internet. 

SEPA Cyber Technologies 

SEPA Cyber Technologies is a Bulgarian startup providing new innovative solutions in the fintech sector. Nowadays, more and more financial companies decide to start their business online, but digitalization is associated with a large investment of time and money. SEPA Cyber proposes more than 600 ready-to-use solutions, like core banking systems, digital wallets, PEPs, and many more retail, governmental and financial technologies, which significantly facilitate the commercialization of regulatory technologies.


Estonian Bankish is a solution dedicated to financial services providers. Banking software usually is very complex and expensive, so for many fintech companies, it becomes impossible to afford the proper system infrastructure. Bankish offers an end-to-end software for loan administration where a cloud-based SaaS solution delivers necessary tools for the operation of financial institutions like scoring, administration, payments, and management aspects of lending and deposits. 

Ninja Lender

Ninja Lender is a Polish B2B matchmaking platform for rejected borrowers and credit providers. More than 85% of loan applications worldwide are rejected, so there is still observed an increase of marketing activities in promoting bank offers, what generate costs of acquiring a new customer. Ninja Lender created a marketplace of rejected loan applications where financial institutions can match with borrowers. It gives credit providers a chance to increase lead generation and efficiency of the loan market. 


Talkbank is a disruptive fintech solution from Estonia. The banking system is constantly improving, but bank branches are still struggling with complaints on queues and inadequate customer service. AI-based TalkBank solution uses popular messengers like Facebook, Whatsapp, or Telegram as a bank application which allows customers to get information about bank offers without installing any additional application. Moreover, it increases customers’ digitalization and diminishes the costs of banks partners’ operations.

Jeff App

Latvian startup, Jeff App delivers impactful financial solutions for Asian borrowers and lenders. On the South-East Asian financial market, the majority of people do not have a bank account which results in a lack of credit history and, consequently, in a problem with obtaining any credits or loans. Fortunately, Asia is a leader in using mobile internet, so Jeff App decided to convert a digital footprint like phone metadata, history of social media, behavioral data, etc. into valuable information for credit scoring purposes of banks and lenders. It gives a chance to fill the information gap, attract new bank clients, and solve the problem of funding shortages.

Smart Forest

Smart Forest is a startup from Poland that gives users a possibility to invest in agroforestry. This market is commonly known for complicated investment tools and regulations, low liquidity of shares, and insufficient transparency, so in response, Smart Forest created tokenized trees and a platform that enables trading them. The collected source of capital is invested in tree plants. The company connects not only investors but also donators focused on ecology, giving them a chance to develop the agroforestry sector, help the environment, and provide access to a hot growing market.


Czechia-based Kilde is an investment platform transforming digital lending debt into private bonds. Many digital lenders are facing a lack of sustainable funds, so Kilde solution focuses on converting the private debt into investment assets and offering them to accredited and institutional investors. It’s a great opportunity to fill the financial gap, raise the capital for digital lenders, and for investors to invest in financial surpluses.


Estonian startup Tokky enables managing loyalty programs. Customer loyalty is one of the key elements in many marketing strategies, however, inadequate solutions and a lack of data analysis result in a decreasing frequency of visits and purchases. Tokky provides a ready-to-use API solution that can anticipate and personalize buyers’ communications. Moreover, the tool can be used to transform customer data into detailed profiles based on their behavior and characteristics. Dedicated marketing activities build great customer loyalty, which can impressively improve a company's performance.

Péntech Solutions

Péntech Solutions is a startup from Hungary that improves the financial liquidity of small and medium-sized enterprises. SMEs often have problems with obtaining adequate financing and are subject to a high risk of losing their ability to pay current liabilities. Péntech Solutions provides 100% online factoring services through an innovative scoring engine, which increases the liquidity of small companies quickly and easily without unnecessary formalities.


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