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25 August 2023·6 min read

Sofia Drobychevskaya

Startups Of The Month - August 2023

After looking at the diverse set of solutions featured in our July edition, the time has come to present you with a new round of hand-picked startups chosen throughout August!

In this edition, we highlight the most exciting startups from Europe that are worth your attention - Let's discover what they're all about!


Huntli, the Latvian based startup that is transforming banking, fintech, eCommerce and online betting industries with its comprehensive tool for monitoring transactions and preventing fraud. Similar to the user approach of WIX, Huntlis platform simplifies compliance processes enabling businesses to meet AML/CFT regulations and reduce costs by up to 60%. With 17 paying clients, an annual revenue of 300k EUR and a growth rate of 30% Huntli platform allows to highlight any user activity that is too risky or might lead to money laundering, tax evasion, and other financial crime., headquartered in Slovakia, is an AI-powered platform that facilitates B2B software procurement by connecting companies seeking external technology partners with trusted European software engineering vendors.  This solution addresses the EU market's lack of streamlined vendor selection and IT expertise. With an impressive Annual Revenue of 600k EUR, MRR growth 538% in 21/22  and more than 500 businesses on board, is poised to transform the industry by fostering cooperation and transparency in software procurement offering a unified solution to the market.



Based in Romania, Vestinda is a no-code AI platform that automates digital asset investment for users without trading expertise. By employing algorithms crafted by expert traders, it streamlines portfolio management across multiple accounts, making investing more accessible and efficient. With 2500+ users, $30M+ in trading volumes, and 3x growth YTD, Vestinda is making waves targeting the $5B+ trading communities market and beyond, Vestinda's innovative approach aims to transform the way people invest in the rapidly growing digital assets market. The startup is currently raising 600k EUR, having already secured 400k EUR from Techstars and Banca Sella.



Denmark's Oktogrid allows electricity providers to add a digital interface to any transformer in less than 10 minutes, with no tooling needed. With a 3M EUR investment from leaders like ABB Group, Oktogrid’s technology adds digital interfaces to transformers, allowing real-time data access for smarter monitoring and management. This innovation addresses challenges related to aging grid components and growing energy demand, empowering more informed decisions and contributing to a cleaner energy future. 

FlyPard Analytics

Germany's FlyPard Analytics is a cloud-based Analytics Powerhouse for precision agriculture to help farmers do better in things like planting and harvesting. Startup caters to agro-holdings, food companies offering satellite imagery, management zone maps, yield insights, soil analysis for tasks like seeding, fertilizing, and more. By utilizing in-season analytics, it optimizes yield while conserving resources. With an impressive Annual Revenue of 500k EUR and their partnerships with industry leaders like JohnDeere and recognition as a top agriculture app underline their impact. FlyPard Analytics is at the forefront of shaping the future of precision agriculture. The startup is currently raising 4M EUR.



Knopka, based in Ukraine, is an automated nurse calling system designed for patient care. This advanced solution promptly alerts medical staff about abnormal patient heart rates, treatment needs, or calls for assistance. Ensuring a rapid response within 3 minutes, Knopka enhances patient safety and patient outcomes by integrating automatic vital signs monitoring. With over 1800 beds connected and recognition from organizations like UNDP, Knopka is raising for 300k EUR. 


The Batteries

The Batteries is a seed-stage startup, based in Poland, developing thin film solid-state battery technology for IoT. With advantages like doubled capacity, faster charging times, and higher safety, they aim to overcome the limitations of traditional lithium-ion batteries. Their technology has been validated by partners, including Cambridge University paving the way for longer-lasting, safer, and more efficient energy storage. Already backed by €8,2M in funding from APER Ventures, EIT InnoEnergy, JR Holding, UAB Electronics System, the startup is currently raising €3M. 



Poland based Hydratico is revolutionizing water treatment with its fast, modular, and CO2 neutral method. Able to produce clean drinking water from any source, including contaminated and waste water, Hydratico's innovation stands out. Their approach destroys toxins and impurities using electrophysical forces, offering pristine water quality. With a focus on sustainability and versatility, Hydratico is a game-changer for communities, vessels, and emergency services. Amidst global water scarcity and environmental concerns, Hydratico's impact is both significant and forward-thinking. The startup is currently raising 2.5M EUR.



Heroify is a seed-stage startup from Poland, revolutionizing hiring with AI-powered customized skill assessments. Startup saves time and resources for hiring teams, ensuring top candidates are identified before interviews. Already securing €220k in funding from Next Road Ventures, SMOK Ventures, Movens Capital, they are currently raising €700k. Traction includes $2,300 MRR and an annual contract with Publicis Groupe, Fortune 500 companies and leading agencies are also in their sales pipeline.


Nysta, a Sweden based startup, is transforming social media and video streaming. Their SaaS platform connects creators and advertisers, offering insights and streamlined campaign management. With AI-driven analysis, Nysta enhances brand perception, automates campaigns, and outperforms traditional ads. This innovation simplifies brand-creator collaborations and saves time. Nysta is currently raising 500k EUR.


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