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26 April 2023·5 min read

Ilya Mikhalchyk-Kananenka

Community Builder, Vestbee

CEE Startups Of The Month - April 2023

After looking at the diverse set of fascinating solutions featured in our March and January editions, the time has come to present you with a new round of hand-picked startups chosen throughout April.

As usual, we highlighted the most exciting startups from Central & Eastern Europe worth your attention - let’s find out what they’re all about!


The very first on our list, Amano is a marketplace for local & D2C brands. Using Amano, people can easily discover and buy from new brands with an easy checkout and returns policy, all the while providing a nice, mobile-first UX. As of this writing, Amano has had a €1.5M pre-seed round backed by investors like Snowflake's co-founder Marcin Żukowski, Next Road Ventures, Kaya VC, Kogito Ventures, and number of business angels.

World from Space

A forthcoming startup on the selection, World From Space is real-time, AI-based, and powered by satellite data crop monitoring platform enabling precision farming. Using the startup's API, the farmers can easily embed satellite-based insights into the existing software and constantly update themselves on the current state of fields, crop growth, and a number of other important measures. As a consequence, the users can level up their yields, make easier decisions and enjoy farming much more. As of today, the company has been able to achieve over €100K in Annual Revenue.



The next company from the list, Nanosci is a startup producing photocatalytic nanomaterials used to purify volatile organic and inorganic compounds from air pollution and smog. Using Nanosci's materials, companies can easily embed the photocatalytic engine into their air-purifying products and build highly scalable, productive, and energy-efficient solutions. As of today, the company has been actively growing and has over €5k MRR / €50K ARR.


Yet another startup from our batch, Kuoll is a debugging tool for web developers. With Kuoll, developers can replay DOM changes and network requests, as well as observe browser events. Having this functionality at hand, a developer can catch floating bugs and establish a clear relation between various parts of the website which cause the end problem. As a result, the users streamline all aspects of the debugging process from a unified and easy-to-use platform.


An up-and-coming startup on the list, Altera is an all-in-one financial platform for SMEs. Using Altera, companies can access and manage all of their accountinting and tax settlementsm, combined with on-demand access to accounting/tax specialists. As a result, the SMEs can outsource and automate a meaningful portion of their finance roles and by doing so - focus on other areas of business.

Microamp Solutions

The next company on the list, Microamp Solutions is a startup developing 5G mmWave Integrated radio units to enable super-fast and ultra-low latency 5G networks. As far as the issue goes - the implementation of 5G networks has been challenging and expensive, leading to struggles in powering a wide range of applications within smart factory/city sector. Using Microamp Solutions, the companies can easily deploy small private 5G/6G networks and by doing so - enjoy using data transmission without any limitations in data rates or time delays.

AR Generation

The forthcoming startup on our selection, AR Generation is an AI phone app to turn an object footage into a 3D object. The core problem platform helps to alleviate is the one related to the expensiveness and time-demanding nature of creating 3D objects for e-commerce stores. With AR Generation, the user can scan an object using a simple phone camera, wait 5 minutes and get a ready-made 3D model ready-to-use on one's website or platform at a very affordable cost.


An up-and-coming company on our selection, Salesforge is an all-in-one sales execution super app. Using the platform, sales reps can prepare and execute all stages of the sales cycle starting from the point of warming up the email address and up to the place of generating and customizing the messaging on-scale. As a result, the Salesforge users can streamline every part of the sales campaign all the while ensuring its executed in the best way possible.


The next startup on the list, Enfineo is a fintech super app to manage all aspects of a client's financial life. The core problem Enfineo helps to address is that of a fragmented and complex world of managing multiple bank accounts, digital assets, credit and expenses. To help address that, the startup provides an all-in-one application to unify and remove the complexity out of the financial management. As a result, users can enjoy having more control and flexibility in their financial lives.  


Last but not least, 0xKYC is a ZK solution to tackle on-chain fraud. The problem company works on is that of checking and verifying whether the signed-up users aren't on OFAC sanctions/list or within a fraud database without deanonymizing the account holder. Using 0xKYC DeFi protocols and DAOs can conduct web3 KYC more efficiently and save money.


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