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29 March 2023·5 min read

Ilya Mikhalchyk-Kananenka

Community Builder, Vestbee

CEE Startups Of The Month - March 2023

After looking at the diverse set of fascinating solutions featured in our February and January editions, the time has come to present you with a new round of hand-picked startups chosen throughout March.

As usual, we highlighted the most exciting startups from Central & Eastern Europe worth your attention - let’s find out what they’re all about!


The very first on our list, Teamsharq is a cloud software development environment. The main pain point the company helps to alleviate is that of configuring and/or replicating the development environment across teams, which often takes a heavy toll on both the budget and time effort. With Teamsharq, any company can quickly test their candidates, develop software within a uniform environment and as a result - ship products much faster!


A forthcoming startup on the list, Feyenally is a digital eye-testing solution for consumers. The underlying problem the startup helps to solve is that of incomparable levels of demand and supply of optometrists' services. Using Feyenally, users can access an at-home eye testing solution requiring only a few eyeshots. As a result, the app helps people stay up-to-date with their eye health while giving optometrists more time to pursue more demanding and complex interventions.


The next company from the selection, Poetizer is a marketplace for poetry. By using the platform, writers can connect with each-over, share their opinions both among other poets and a broader community of poetry lovers, as well as sell their works. As a result, everyone involved or interested in poetry can find a single platform to find, sell to and meet people from the community.


An up-and-coming startup on the list, Motionlab is a cloud platform for mass-scale rendering and distribution of personalised videos. At its core, the company helps businesses develop stronger relationships with customers by offering videos for marketing and sales outreach quickly and efficiently. As a result, Motionlab's customers become much closer to their users and consequently - sell more of their products!


Yet another startup from our monthly batch, Memento is a personal data security solution and a cookieless ad provider. Using Memento, the users can keep the internet data only on their devices and choose what kind of information they're willing to share. As a result, both regular internet users and businesses can find each over without sacrificing the privacy of the first, without breaking the law or the efficiency of digital marketing.


The next startup on the list, GlucoActive is a producer of non-invasive glucose monitoring stations. As far as the problem goes - almost ⅔ of the people having diabetes live undiagnosed which leads to a shorter healthy lifespan and in the worst case scenario, premature death. Using GlucoActive, people can easily get tested and in case the disease is already in - start treating it sooner rather than later!

Mindset Design

The forthcoming startup on the list, Mindset Design, is a mental and resilience training platform for athletes. As anyone involved in sports knows - yesterday's record becomes today's normality and tomorrow's average, which all tells us something about the importance of the athletes' willpower. Using Mindset Design, sportspeople can easily connect to a network of experienced coaches, receive supporting materials to augment their everyday lives and consequently - thrive and succeed in the sports arena.

Patron GO

An up-and-coming company on the list, Patron GO, is an automated savings app for consumers. The main problem platform solves of removing the effort and complexity of doing due diligence to take care of one's finances. Using Patron GO, the users can relax while the app scans their expenses for unnecessarily high payments and in case there are such payments - notify them about a more affordable alternative(s). 


The next startup on the selection, Tulip, is a low-code platform for indirect procurement. The main problem a startup helps to tackle is siloed and manual processes plaguing the spend management of many if not most modern companies. To help address that, Tulip facilitates supplier discovery and matching and then helps manage the optimization of a master-vendor relationship. As a result, the company saves (and earns) money for both the supplier and buyers.


Last but not least, Calmsie is a startup working on a gamified approach to treating mental health issues among children. The reason for developing such an offering is twofold - more and more kids are suffering from mental health issues, and all the while the amount of human specialists is catching up at a much slower pace. To help address that, Calmsie provides an engaging space game for kids to talk to and be listened to through a conversational video bot, helping diagnose and continuously treat the condition using the most scientifically-proven CBT techniques.

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