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cee startups of the month by vestbee
31 May 2022·6 min read

Ilya Mikhalchyk-Kananenka

Community Builder, Vestbee

CEE Startups Of The Month - V 2022

After having a good take on the diverse multisector startups from our past two editions in March and April, the time has come for a new round of selected and handpicked companies chosen throughout May.

As usual, we’d highlighted the most interesting startups from Central & Eastern Europe worth your attention - let’s find out what they’re all about!


Volee is an Estonian platform for managing companies’ online communities. The core issue the company addresses is disparate data flows on various social media and a struggle associated with continuously pulling and analyzing the effectiveness of online presence. To make it easier, Volee has built up a single platform where you can unite all of your SM data and management activities - saving you time and effort on building your company’s community.


VivaDrive is a Polish startup building a car fleet management system for businesses of various sizes. When introducing the product, the founders saw an opportunity in the growing array of electric vehicle incentives as well as inefficiencies driving the costs of keeping and running the traditional fleet both expensive and cumbersome in the long run. With VivaDrive, it's now possible to manage all of your fleet and the ensuing expenses from a single place while giving you an easier way of transitioning to the greener and more prospectively more affordable fleet of the future. 

Typing AI

Typing AI is a cybersecurity startup attempting to tackle the downsides of password-centric authentication. To do so, the company offers an unusual way of authenticating users by the typing patterns they’re using and assigning a unique identifier to each account. As a result, their users may add another layer of verification and significantly complicate the potential hacking of a given portal or a website. 


L!NK is a startup building an influencer-marketing tool for ecommerce and retail businesses. The issue company’s tackling is the growing demand for influencers ready to promote and talk about your product or services and the difficulty in finding the right brand ambassadors. With L!NK, it's now simple to sift through your recent customer data and find influencers among them as well as evaluate their followers’ fit with your company’s offerings. As a result, you can easily find and sponsor someone who’s already happy with what you’re doing and at a more affordable price.


Guul is a gamified employee engagement platform for remote-first and hybrid businesses. The problem company’s nailing is a decreased employee's socialization, peer-to-peer feedback, and overall in-team communication which all led to low company loyalty and what we now know as “the great resignation”. To address that issue, Guul has built up a number of games and an analytics engine to help you improve the workplace atmoshpere as well as engage the people you’re working with. 


supertalent is a Czech startup building a personal values-based talent portal. At its core, the company makes a strong bet on the idea that the contemporary workforce no longer prioritizes the salary and material benefits but rather the alignment of their culture and values the company’s ones. Having that in mind, the founding team is building a wide host of behavioral tests on top of the traditional job portal to continuously match and connect people with the organizations that would work well together. As a consequence, both the employees and employers should find mutually fitting work arrangements and as a consequence stay around for long and be satisfied!


Scanbro is a logtech startup helping streamline warehouse and inventory management. Scanbro’s tackling the problem of overwhelming workflows required to log and update all of your supplies which forces companies to miscalculate or overstate the quantities of the required consumables. To nail this issue, Scanbro allows you to easily register all of your incoming supplies and continuously builds up your projected usage of those with the help of machine learning which later transfers directly into the wholesalers’ ERP system. As a consequence, you no longer have to keep a lot of records and manage the inventory replenishment manually while giving your suppliers the ability to continuously provide the things you need without hassle and back-and-forths.


Mutumutu is a startup building a future of life and income insurance. As we all know and had experienced, traditional insurance is pretty challenging to understand let alone policies’ inflexibility, terms’ complexity and lack of sufficient digitization. And here comes Mutumutu - offering a digital-first, simple to comprehend 2-page terms and cashback incentives that could land you up to 30% back for just sustaining and keeping a healthy lifestyle. 


Efectio is an employee engagement and culture management platform. The core issue the company handles is employees’ disengagement and the lack of data to effectively track or measure it. The way Efectio tackles this problem is by proposing an all-in-one gamified solution to learning and well-being where employees can: set and achieve goals, share feedback and earn points which can be exchanged into rewards from the employer. As an intended result, the platform should keep your employees more engaged as well as help track and address workers’ dissatisfaction.


4Semantics is a Polish startup building an engine for document and process automation. The problem it addresses is that of the overwhelming amounts of time required to manually read, store and arrange literally endless piles of documents, invoices, and other text-based information. With 4semantics, you can easily label and automate many aspects of the email, form, and document processing efforts to free your employee’s time for more impactful and stimulating tasks and as a consequence - improve the work environment and do more with less! 

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