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29 March 2022·6 min read

Ilya Mikhalchyk-Kananenka

Community Builder, Vestbee

CEE Startups Of The Month - III 2022

Following our recent overview of interesting startups from Martech/Adtech, Agritech & Foodtech and E-commerce sectors we’d decided to shift from an industry-focused format and instead talk about exciting new companies innovating across all areas and fields to provide you with a more diverse read. 

As usual, we’d picked the 10 most interesting startups from Central & Eastern Europe worth your attention - let’s discover their solutions!


RevDeBug is a Polish startup for IT systems monitoring. The key issue startup is trying to solve is removing the guesswork out of QA processes by helping users trace the source of a given bug through a step-by-step review of actions that had preceded the issue instead of iterative replication of error and attempts to solve it. As a result, companies have a chance to do a more efficient root-cause analysis of a software problem and reduce the time needed to fix them, which ultimately leads to quicker product development.


The next on our list, Lithuanian Amberlo is an all-in-one law practice management software. Just before the company was started, Amberlo’s founders had noticed how inefficient and disconnected the software for modern-day law firms is. At the same time, Outlook, Word, and Excel were still widely used and there were very few better alternatives. Therefore, the team has come up with a cloud-based application where you can easily manage your firm’s operations - matter and contact management, document storage and template repository, communication with client, billing administration, and more - all accessible and run from a single dashboard on a computer or phone. As a result, you can focus on things that truly matter and consequently run your law office more efficiently. 


Bitskout is a no-code platform for creating data-extraction plugins to reduce manual, non-efficient work. With Bitskout, you can leave the job of copy-pasting the email responses or comparing two documents between each other to a machine rather than a low-paid intern or a well-qualified engineer who’d have to spend valuable time automating this type of work. As an end result, companies can save costs and provide employees with more stimulating work which boosts productivity and increases job engagement.


VMersive is a Polish medtech startup that enables you to transform medical images into 3D VR models. Consequently, medical professionals and researchers can significantly advance anatomy visualization that was lacking in 2D imagery while drastically reducing the costs associated with manual 3D modeling or printing. In order to enable it, you just need to upload the CT/CBCT or MRI scan you’re good to evaluate and prepare for surgical intervention on a VR copy of a patients’ body/organ. It helps professionals to prepare for surgical interventions better and at a more affordable cost.


A yet another startup from our list, Activechat is a no-code chatbot builder for customer service teams. With the help of the company’s easy-to-implement solution, you can decrease the customer-facing teams’ overload with manual tickets and requests while not encumbering the engineers' efforts in deploying chatbot automation. To do so, you can just connect your existing chat logs and other sources of knowledge to Activechat’s platform and enjoy having more productive, happier customer service reps. 


The Macedonian Qpick is an e-wallet for real-life shopping. The problem Qpick is trying to solve is the decreasing interest in offline stores and the lack of effective customer engagement. To help address the issue, the startup’s team is offering geolocation-based promotions and payment processing, acting as a sort of bridge between the customer and a physical shop. As an end result, the company aims to recapture some of the offline shopping revenue losses caused by the growth of eCommerce as well as enhance the experience of physical store visitors.


MotherLink is a digital marketing agency and a marketplace between mass media and businesses looking to build a stronger internet presence through professionally written articles. With Motherlink, you can essentially outsource all steps of the content marketing process: content creation, backlink building and customer support between the stakeholders within whole process. As a result, you can save time and effort while getting onto higher positions in the search engines.


HearMe is a telemedicine startup trying to cut through the stigma surrounding mental health issues through its curated mental health services. The company has found that the majority (66%) of people with mental health issues don’t receive proper care and are afraid to speak up about their issues. In order to address the underlying problem, HearMe offers access to curated and anonymized mental health services to large and medium enterprises. As a consequence, the company aspires to democratize access to quality mental health professionals through the redistribution of associated costs onto companies as well as by reducing the difficulty of making first-ever contact with mental health specialists. 

Cleveron Mobility

The next startup on our list, Cleveron Mobility is a cool driverless vehicle for deliveries. As you might know, the overwhelming portion (up to 80%) of last-mile costs are arising from workforce expenses and the difficulties in improving its efficiency. To tackle this challenge, the company has come up with its first unmanned vehicle which is completely electric, can carry up to 200kg, and can be supervised remotely by an operator who can run up to 10 vehicles of this kind at the same time. All in all, it seems like everything’s in favor of the company’s product i.e. rising oil and gas prices, a saturation of the delivery app market leading to heavy price decreases, and just the pure fact of drastically heightened efficiency!


Last but not least, ProductLead is a creative and automation platform for social media. The problem that the team is trying to solve is the modern customer’s attention deficit and constant need for visual stimulation, which forces digital brands to put a lot of effort and investment into social media management. With ProductLead, one can generate visual ads, dynamically pick up and distribute your company and customer’s creative assets to drive engagement, and measure the successes/key metrics across your Instagram to find what works best as well as see what influencers can advocate effectively for your brand.

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