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22 December 2021·5 min read

Ilya Mikhalchyk-Kananenka

Community Builder, Vestbee

CEE Startups Of The Month - Agritech & Foodtech

After taking a good look at Blockchain, AI and E-commerce sectors, our next topic of interest goes on to Agritech and Foodtech. 
For decades, the field had been lacking much innovation and attention from the tech community and nevertheless, we had noticed, the resurgence of interest in the Agritech and Foodtech industry throughout the past years.
Therefore, it comes as no surprise that there is an increasing number of CEE startups attempting to disrupt this vertical by bringing much-needed modernization to the fore.

So, without further ado, let’s look at the 10 interesting CEE startups from the Agritech and Foodtech verticals worthy of your attention.


Ukrainian AgriFinance is a startup addressing a very pertinent and apparent problem in agricultural loans which oftentimes takes gruesome wait times and involves bureaucracy associated with receiving funds for one’s farming activities. To help alleviate this misfortune, the firm plans to outrun traditional lending solutions by providing an easy-to-use digital application where you can quickly apply, get qualified based on your credit score and receive the fuel for going forward within the next hour.

Green Drops Farm

The next from our selection, Green Drops farm is a quite curious startup enabling its customers to grow their own veggies and fruits through an all-in-one autonomous crop production solution. In order to implement such a solution, the company offers a suite of hydroponic towers that can be fully operated through a robot workforce while also allowing its customers to troubleshoot and continuously monitor its operation. In the grand vision for the product, GDF wants to fill in the growing demand for quality crops and impact the future by reducing the need for large agricultural holdings and their negative environmental impact.


Belarusian Cropfleet is a startup aspiring to introduce a widespread adoption and availability of crop water and pesticide spraying drones. In order to do so, the company offers a combination of hardware and software solutions helping drones function with more precision and effectiveness. As an end result, the firm enables its clients to save a significant amount of money and time as well as drastically increase the quality of the crop spraying procedures.


Ondo is a startup, building an integrated IoT and software for managing the croplands’ irrigation, fertilization, and climate tracking in order to maximize the productivity of the remotely monitored farm. To do so, the firm provides the proprietary device measuring and keeping track of the aforementioned metrics while also providing the insights needed for better cultivation of a given crop and land. As an end result, the firm wants to put an emphasis on the declining availability of the agricultural workforce and productivity by providing tools for improved farm management.


Bulgarian LAM’ON producing biodegradable laminating film and packaging foil made of corn remnants is a startup, targeting the growing demand for recyclable materials. As noticed by the founders, a largely overlooked area of unrecyclable plastic and paper comes in the form of “mixed media'' when it is combined for better protection of paper and/or packaging, making all this material go to waste while also contaminating the environment. And, it is exactly the tendency LAM’ON’s team is attempting to turn backward!


BeeSage is a Latvian startup providing IoT devices and software to increase beekeepers’ overall efficiency while reducing the odds of negative externalities like disease and/or weather conditions. To make this happen, the company’s proprietary solution allows for continuous, remote monitoring and as a result,a decreased bee mortality coupled with drastic productivity enhancements of the beekeepers.


The Estonian, eAgronom is a startup building an all-in-one SaaS solution for managing the cropland. In order to make it more efficient, the platform helps farmers to reduce the paperwork, keep all reap and sow-related data neat and structured, while also providing insights on how to treat this or that type of crop and/or land. In order to provide even more value, the startup offers its own consultancy services as well as the assistance in utilizing the byproduct CO2 emissions which helps offset the negative consequences of climate change.


ZNIKA is a Polish startup producing sustainable, biodegradable packaging and labeling materials for the growing e-commerce industry and legacy packaging solutions. To do so, the firm relies on the competitiveness of local production costs as well as a strong network of big B2B consumers and biomaterial manufacturers.


Frontu is a Lithuanian startup offering a full-suite field service management solution for managing and continuous monitor of maintenance tasks for a wide range of industrial machinery. The problem the company addresses is technician’s inefficiency and paperwork overload which plagued the field for quite a while. As a result, the firm delivers a compound 30% ROI on maintenance costs and as a consequence - simplifies and digitizes the machinery upkeep management.


FlyAgData is a Ukrainian startup building an integrated IoT solution for tracking agricultural machinery data and transforming it into actionable insights. To enable this, the device of FlyAgData relies on the information captured through the usage of the machinery which in turn gives the end user ability to better utilize the assets under management. As a result, the farmers will be able to save more water, pesticides as well as acquire insights crucial for cropland management.

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