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23 February 2022·6 min read

Ilya Mikhalchyk-Kananenka

Community Builder, Vestbee

CEE Startups Of The Month - Martech & Adtech

After having a good take on IoT, Agritech & Foodtech as well as E-commerce we had arrived at the edition focused on regional Martech and Adtech gems. Thus far, we can observe a lot of changes coming into the industry mainly due to Europe’s latest regulations on digital advertising and privacy, iOS’s updates, as well as customer’s growing distrust and caution towards advertising in general, all of which provide companies operating in the Martech and Adtech sectors with a wide range of new possibilities and challenges.

Therefore, there’re a lot of newcomers and challengers coming into the field of the Martech and Adtech sectors - let’s meet 10 most interesting ones from the CEE region. is a startup developing a platform for cookieless ad tracking across affiliate and digital marketing channels. The core issue that the company address is the complexity of managing digital marketing activities and the ensuing lack of clear conversion attribution leading to ineffective spending on advertisement and a higher need of investing into specialists qualified enough to effectively do so. As an end result, the startup aims to better track the performance of your marketing campaigns while driving actionable insights of its clients through its easy-to-use all-in-one platform.


The next from our selection, Polish inSTREAMLY is a startup helping brands leverage the power of live streaming influencers. Its been a long time since only a minority of streamers could monetize their passion through brand sponsorship due to the cumbersome nature of signing a sponsorship deal. Whether you’re a brand or a streamer the process is now simple and easily manageable - all can be done within a couple of clicks from a single dashboard.

Polish is a startup offering the UX-automation platform helping to improve your website or an app through data-driven insights. With, users can save the time spent manually on analyzing visitors’ behavior and they not only have the access to session replays, heatmaps, and conversion analytics but also a possibility to leverage the power of machine learning to understand the data quickly and effortlessly. As an end result, a user of should be able to save time and fuss on manual UX work while increasing the speed of product development which ultimately drives higher customer satisfaction and ensuing purchases.


The next from our selection, Bulgarian CloudCart is an all-in-one e-Commerce platform aiming to further democratize the ability of small business owners to start selling online. To allow for it, the firm does not charge your internet shop until you have at least $1000 in revenue and provides a wider set of features (like an AI-powered SM marketing tool or chatbots) needed to run the business more affordably.


insbay is a startup tackling the problematic nature of tracking the performance of the TV advertisement and a resulted decrease in companies’ willingness to make use of this channel. To help advertisers do so, insbay has developped an app highlighting all the items from currently watching TV series and giving you the possibility of buying them right away. Such a solution increase the satisfaction of media, advertisers as well as end customer making the purchasing experience quick and pleasant. 


The Polish Questpass is a startup behind a very interesting idea aimed at tackling the trade-offs between the inefficiency of the banner advertisements and the paywalls barring a large portion of the publisher’s audiences from reading. To do so, the firm had come up with a solution to improve the efficiency of the banners by making internet users who don’t pay membership fees complete a quick test similar to captcha but based on a brief question ensuring that website visitor sees and understands the advertisement which leads to higher conversions. In the end, both the publishers and website users win by simply allowing more choices in the attention economy of today. 


A yet another startup from our list - StreamBee is an all-in-one business intelligence platform for content creators across a wide range of platforms like Youtube, Twitch and more. On the basic level, the firm helps its users measure the engagement and interaction with their audience. As an end result, the company wants to improve the growing market of the creator economy while also helping creators thrive and grow.

The next from our selection, a Polish startup addresses the complexity and friction associated with B2B purchasing and management of printing orders. Packaging, brand stands, billboards and more can now all be ordered within a single click, avoiding needless efforts and costs connected to operational deficiencies of traditional printing houses. As an end result, the company wants to be an affordable go-to place for B2B printing orders and make the overall experience go much smoother.


Epidemic is yet another startup targeting creator marketing but in a very unusual way. However, the whole idea is quite simple - to narrow down the search for the right influencers and easily be able to find only those willing to partner up in exchange for your product. To help you find such people, the Epidemic had developed a proprietary tool sifting through the social media and creator platforms in order to find the best match to your company. And as an end result, the brands will be able to advertise among significantly more engaged audiences while also cutting down costs by making use of sincere, word-of-mouth advertising.

Digital First AI

Last but not least, Polish Digital First AI is a platform helping companies manage all parts of their marketing strategy through an easy-to-use tool aiming to displace more complex solutions that have been prevalent within the industry for quite a while now. To do so, the startup’s product allows you to track the main marketing KPIs, search through expert-validated tactics and easily execute those with step-by-step instructions.

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