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26 January 2022·5 min read

Ilya Mikhalchyk-Kananenka

Community Builder, Vestbee

CEE Startups Of The Month - Internet of Things

After taking a look at Agritech & Foodtech, AI, E-commerce, and a number of other sectors, our next focus goes onto the Internet of Things. Nowadays, IoT startups had been sprinkling at a rapid pace, enabling digital transformation transforming industries as diverse as healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and more. 

With this in mind, it’s important to keep an eye on what’s happening in the IoT sector. To help you stay informed about this exciting space, we’ve compiled a list of the CEE startups from the IoT sector you need to know about.

Therefore, let’s take a closer look at the 10 most interesting CEE startups from the IoT vertical worth a close watch!


WolkAbout is a Czech startup helping big and small enterprises to manage IoT systems on its platform from a single place. To provide for it, the firm enables connectivity across old and new IoT devices alike while unifying all the data collected from them on a single dashboard, which allows for timely and well-run maintenance of a given industrial setting. As an end result, the startup aspires to drastically reduce the costs and time of the digitalization of your business. 

SOLO Workout

The next from our selection, Polish SOLO Workout is a provider of an IoT solution to help turn your exercise machines or free weights into smart equipment at a fraction of the integrated solution’s cost. As a result, the device serves two main purposes - help the gyms track and accumulate usage times’ of different equipment parts in order to optimize the makeup of inventories, and enables its members to record and share their progress with coaches or keep to themselves to improve the exercising routine on their own. 


RVmagnetics is a startup that has developed the world’s smallest passive sensor designed for measuring heating, temperature, magnetic field, and a number of other physical properties. Such measuring system can be applied to many diverse areas such as healthcare, logistics, construction, and literally any field requiring an effective and flexible measuring device. As a result, the company offers a sensor that is individually tailored to customers’ KPIs or internal systems which can be utilized across sectors and industries.

AIQA Technologies

Polish AIQA Technologies is a company aiming to simplify the software development process by optimizing automated tests. To help one do so, the product automatically determines which tests need to be run after the changes introduced into the code - which drastically reduces the number of tests. As the result, fewer tests mean more time for software iterations and more manageable software development budgets.


A yet another startup from our list, Stabilis is a low-code platform helping companies build industrial IoT applications in an effortless and easily alterable manner. To make it as easy as possible, the product allows you to connect your IoT devices and after a brief iteration on the platform - start collecting data and change the system when needed. As a result, the firms using Stabilis would cut the machinery upkeep costs while also improving their ability to manage the industrial setting timely and more efficiently. 

Dynamic Division

The next from our selection, Croatian Dynamic Division is a company providing robots-as-a-service for facility cleaning that is so characteristic of inefficiencies and hard, low-paid labor. In its vision, the company promises to reduce the facility cleaning costs by 20 times as well as make it affordable for a very broad range of customers by providing both subscription and pay-as-you-go options.


roboGaze is a Hungarian startup on a noble mission of driving down car accident-related casualties. To do so, the company’s face recognition algorithm allows to identify changes in driver’s behavioural patterns like eye blink frequency, yawning, mobile phone usage, and more, all of which oftentimes account for the biggest part of accidents happening on the roads. As an end result, the company aims to capitalize on the recent introduction of the new European driving safety regulations as well as outpace more expensive, integrated solutions. 


The next from our list, the Polish ScanTheSun is a quite useful app for people planning to use, or already having solar panels installed on their homes or facilities. The idea behind the product is simple yet very enticing - project and plan for your panels’ sun exposure by taking into account different obstacles, insolation hours, and more, in order to maximize the energy you acquire and as a result - maximize the returns on sustainable green energy for yourself


Hydropolis is a startup aiming to make crop growing more affordable and available irrespective of weather conditions or local climate. To enable one to do so, the company is offering its proprietary containers and irrigation systems managed through the company’s software calculating and optimizing all aspects of crop cultivation needed to cut costs and increase the availability of freshly grown veggies and fruits.


Last but not least, Polish Locatick is a tool helping companies and cities to better manage the facility and fieldwork. To enable it, the firm had developed a holistic platform integrating all aspects of the fieldwork and teams involved such as chats, a drag-and-drop CRM, map, team tracking and more. As an end result, the company provides for its users a one-stop-shop solution to manage all maintenance and upkeep tasks.

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