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cee startups of the month april by vestbee
26 April 2022·6 min read

Ilya Mikhalchyk-Kananenka

Community Builder, Vestbee

CEE Startups Of The Month - IV 2022

After having a good take on the diverse multisector startups from our past edition in March, the time has come for a new round of selected and handpicked companies chosen throughout April.

As usual, we’d highlighted the 10 most interesting startups from Central & Eastern Europe worth your attention - let’s find out what they’re all about!


TransactionLink is a Polish marketplace helping businesses integrate various fintech providers under a single platform. The core problem company’s addressing is lengthy integration processes and regulatory frameworks across geographies which take considerable time and effort to navigate. With TransactionLink, it is possible to write just a few lines of code, easily test out the applications and run them from a single API, which enables you to iterate and develop faster while also removing the potential compliance issues you might encounter otherwise. 


INKsearch is an all-in-one solution for the tattoo industry designed to bring together both the end customers and salons. At its core, the startup helps search for the right tattoo masters through the marketplace where you can easily find and book a session with the artist you like. Then on the other side of things, the team has also introduced an INKbusiness suite of services helping salons better manage and boost their businesses with a full suite of services including scheduling visits, sending reminders, and marketing tools. As a result, both stakeholders of the $50B tattoo industry can make their work and interaction easier and more pleasant.


Acounto is a Hungarian startup trying to capture and solve the pertinent, everyday needs of European SMB accounting. In its essence, the company wants to help its users save costs and drastically simplify the processes underpinning a very traditional and unreceptive-to-change field. To help you do so, the company allows automating accounting, VAT, payroll, and taxes in a way that would drastically reduce the need for hiring an accounting professional. As a result, you’d be able to cut costs on the accounting expenses and streamline all aspects of the field in a more efficient way.


Zoyya is an all-in-one platform helping small service providers with various aspects of business digitization. The Zoyya team noticed that the existing solutions charge significant commissions on the marketplace access and booking which are responsible for up to 50% of their revenues. Therefore, to resolve this conundrum, Zoyya has slashed the commission-based marketplace structure while giving these businesses tools they need - a booking system, website builder, back-office support, and various courses on the go-to-market strategies, giving the power back into the hands of the small service provider

Bright Spaces

Bright Spaces is an end-to-end digital leasing platform designed to streamline and simplify the property showcasing for tenants, agents, and landlords. To do so, Bright Spaces allows you to share a 3D virtual staging of property, technical specifications, as well as its real-time availability, allowing you to cut down on the time and effort it takes to provide all of the aforementioned data points manually or on paper. As a result, all parties involved can quickly come to an agreement and close leasing or a sales deal with less hassle and friction.


Whirla is a startup building an office management solution for the post-pandemic workplace. A core issue Whirla’s working on is the workspace management inefficiencies: the back-and-forth booking of available desks, lack of knowledge concerning the usage and relevance of a given space, as well as an unproductive utilization of the available real estate assets. To address all those issues, the company allows you to implement an easy-to-use booking system to observe and analyze the real usage of the available desks through PIR sensors which in the end - reduces costs and helps you use the available buildings in a better way. 

Inion Software

Inion LT is a startup working on an IoT infrastructure to improve and monitor the efficiency of PV energy producers of all shapes and sizes. To help them do so, the company allows to continuously track the performance of plants and charge batteries in the most optimal way. Furthermore, having this infrastructure at hand Inion also plans to enable the redistribution of the excess energy from the producers to users, helping accelerate the transition to renewable energy sources by utilizing the available resources in the best possible way.


Vividi is an information-as-a-service platform helping provide structured data on retail visitors and parking/infrastructure monitoring. To enable such functionality, Vividi’s proprietary AI sensor and software detects and tracks people and objects, then collects and anonymizes them for proper analysis, which provides relevant business insights on demographics, footfall, and client preferences. As a result, the end customer will be empowered to introduce well-informed improvements to their offline locations and drastically reduce the manual work needed to do so.

4Trans Factoring

4Trans Factoring is a European neobank for European SMEs. The company addresses the underserved and/or excluded small and medium-sized businesses, especially in logistics (which form ⅔ of the EU’s GDP) by providing more efficient and quicker financial services for their enterprise needs. To provide for it, the company allows a quick-to-acquire and use banking solutions for this segment while also outrunning the traditional finance by offering a tailor-made suite of adjacent products like insurance, discounts on fuel, and more.


CopyMonkey is a copywrite software for e-commerce. In its essence, the company is addressing the growing need to create search-optimized e-commerce product descriptions and listings, taking a considerable time and effort from those wishing to enter or expand their products on e-commerce aggregators or their own shops. As an end result, you can save time on learning the ins and outs of keyword research and significantly streamline your e-commerce writing efforts. 

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