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14 April 2022·6 min read

Aleksandra Wirth


Best Coworking Spaces For Startups In Romania

We have already discovered interesting coworking spaces in Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Czechia, Hungary, and Croatia. It’s high time to delve into the Romanian startup ecosystem and explore the best working areas for developing companies and individual entrepreneurs. Romania has recently become a hub for start-ups supported by top VC funds, so no wonder it has spaces to offer. 

So, check out the handpicked innovative coworking spaces across Romania and pick your favorites! 

DevPlant Cowork

City: Timisoara
Monthly fee: 140 EUR 

DevPlant Cowork is situated in the downtown of Timisoara city, only one minute walk from the nearest means of public transport. At over 1000 square meters, it offers hot desks, private offices, event spaces, and chill-out areas. The coworking space is well equipped - you can use its kitchen, bathroom with a shower, and dedicated bike parking. The DevPlant Cowork invites you to try their services for one day as a part of the free trial and enables local communities to organize their gatherings and meetups in the event spaces for free whenever they are available. 


City: Bucharest  
Monthly fee: from 220 EUR

Commons offers three different office spaces across Bucharest offering their users 24/7 access to the coworking areas, private lockers, and event spaces. The first one, Commons Romana situated not so far away from the Piata Romana square, is designed to inspire innovative thinking and support the collaboration of the community members- Commoners. Commons Baneasa, located outside of the city center of Bucharest, is perfect for entrepreneurs seeking the best working location near the airport. Last but not least, the Commons Unirii is a coworking space that you can find in the downtown area of the capital city of Romania. Additionally, all animal lovers no longer have to part with their puppies, as they are welcome in Commons coworking spaces. 

Impact Hub

City: Bucharest
Monthly fee: from 88 EUR

Impact Hub has two locations across the city, where it offers coworking spaces. The first one is Impact Hub Universitate, situated next to the University of Bucharest. The second one is Impact Hub Floreasca, located outside of the city center, near Floreasca Lake. The coworking spaces provide the community members with 24/7 access to the facilities, hot desks, dedicated desks, lockers, and specially designed Skype and phone rooms for any kind of conference. You can also rent an event space and use the kitchen equipment or even catering. If you want to relax during your work time, you can enjoy massages and chillout areas, or even play board games with your teammates. 

Tech Hub

City: Bucharest 
Monthly fee: 105 EUR

Tech Hub operates in various cities across Europe. The coworking space in Bucharest is located not far from the multiple public means of transport and the historical part of the Romanian capital city. It enables the rent of hot desks, dedicated tables, and private meeting offices for teams consisting of six or more people. Being the community members of Tech Hub gives you a chance to use all their coworking facilities worldwide as well as joininig networking, educational and social events. 

V7 Startup Studio

City: Bucharest
Monthly fee: 220 EUR

Located in the city center of Bucharest- V7 Startup Studio follows three principles while running the coworking space- Focus, Collaboration, and Growth. It offers its community access to private meeting rooms and event spaces for up to 70 people. Additionally, V7 Startup Studio is a perfect place for any knowledge seekers. It encourages entrepreneurs to join meetings like Meet the Owner, Investor Day, Expert Meeting, or Community Meetups to integrate with other team members.  

Cowork residents can also enjoy membership discounts at the place and in the downstairs shop- Wineful.

Nod Makerspace

City: Bucharest
Monthly fee: 120 EUR

Nod Makerspace is specially designed for any creative entrepreneurs or innovators. You no longer have to worry about parking space as Nod Makerspace offers its community members free car and bike parking on-premise and bike storage. The coworking space is located near the city center, only 5 minutes away from the nearest public transport, and offers access to working areas, event rooms, and so-called Makerspace- individual offices with storage, long work tables, equipment, tools, wood & metal workshops. Nod Makerspace considers relaxing as an important part of work-life balance that’s why entrepreneurs can find there chillout areas, outdoor terrace, nap, and meditation rooms. 

Hotspot Workhub

City: Bucharest
Monthly fee: 350 EUR

One of the best-equipped Bucharest coworking spaces- Hotspot Workhub is located near the underground and the railway station. The area offers access to hot desks, fixed desks, dedicated rooms, and private offices. Entrepreneurs can also work in the bespoke team areas, meeting rooms, quiet zones, and hold any kind of event. The work hub provides  IT tools, high-tech rooms, professional barista and catering services, as well as car-sharing and bike rental assistance. Anyone interested in renting a space there is welcome to join a special virtual tour.

Grey Matter HUB

City: Bucharest
Monthly fee: 125 EUR

Grey Matter HUB it’s the best place for any digital marketing, IT, or tech company located in Bucharest. The coworking space is situated not far from the Old Town and offers access to the area 24/7. Among its utilities, the Grey Matter HUB provides hot desks, private offices for teams from 2 people to 12, and event rooms specially designed to host 35 coworkers. Also, workers can enjoy benefits like flexible rental terms, postal & packages handling, and dedicated lockers. Additionally, whenever you feel like asking a question, feel free to catch the office manager, who is constantly present at the place. 


City: Bucharest
Monthly fee: from 130 EUR

It is also worth mentioning Regus, as it offers coworking and office spaces across 150 countries worldwide. In Bucharest itself, you can find working areas in 12 locations with a total of 702 private offices, 450 coworking desks, and 36 meeting rooms.  

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