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02 November 2023·43 min read

Aleksandra Wirth


Top Women From VC and Startup Ecosystem In France

It's time to make another stop as we continue to travel through the European startup and venture capital ecosystem. Many of the most powerful women in European countries, including Belgium, Austria, Italy, Finland, Denmark, and Polandhave already been covered by us. It's time to focus on the top women from VC and Startup Ecosystem in France.

Let's get to know them and learn more about their contributions.

Chantal Baudron


CEO, Chantal Baudron SAS

Chantal Baudron is a prominent figure with a long-standing business, recruitment, and philanthropy career. As the CEO of Chantal Baudron SAS since 1980, she has established her firm as a respected player in the recruitment industry. With a focus on quality and efficiency, her company specializes in recruiting top and middle management leaders for diverse clients across various sectors, both nationally and internationally.

Beyond her business endeavors, Chantal Baudron also serves as a Business Angel and is a Member of the Board of Fondation Arc, an organization dedicated to cancer research. This demonstrates her commitment to contributing to the fight against cancer, a cause of significant societal importance.

Roxanne Varza

Director, STATION F

Roxanne Varza is an established player in the startup and VC scene. Currently, she is a Director of Station F, a platform offering programs for startups and entrepreneurs to help them launch and grow their businesses. Additionally, she is a Scout at Sequoia Capital, a VC seeking to invest in all sectors with a focus on energy, financials and financial services, healthcare and healthcare services, Internet, mobile, outsourcing, and technology.

It is worth noting that Roxanne is an angel investor, supporting the development of numerous companies, including Claap, Folk, and Resilience. care, Moka.care, Colette, and more. 

During her flourishing career, she has also held positions at Microsoft Ventures Paris, was an Editor at TechCrunch as well as a part of the European Commission’s EIC, France’s Conseil National du Numerique, and Agence France Presse. Roxanne also worked for several London-based startups and Co-founded StartHer, Tech. eu, and Failcon France. 

Anne-Sophie Carrese

Partner, Elaia Partners

Anne-Sophie Carrese boasts extensive experience in the Venture Capital industry, currently serving as a Partner at Elaia Partners, a VC firm specializing in backing digital and deep tech startups from their early stages to growth development. 

Her past roles include an Investment Director position at Bpifrance, a public investment bank a public investment bank offering financial solutions to companies that are in the process of launching their IPO and require equity and credit support. 

Anne-Valérie Bach

Partner, Capagro

Anne is a dynamic venture capital investor with a track record of serving on the boards of multiple companies, including Labellevie.com, Prêt à Pousser, Japhy, and Ecorobotix. 

She previously held the role of Partner at Serena, a VC firm specializing in high-growth digital companies. Currently, Anne holds the position of Managing Director at Capagro, a Venture Capital fund dedicated to supporting innovative and impactful AgTech and FoodTech startups.

Audrey Soussan

General Partner, Ventech 

Audrey Soussan is a General Partner at Ventech,  a global early-stage VC firm that raised  €900 million in total to support ambitious founders and entrepreneurs. The company has invested in multiple startups including Believe, Vestiaire Collective, Botify, Freespee, Ogury, and Veo. 

What is more, Audrey is also a Partner at AFI Ventures, a Venture Capital fund that backs impact-driven startups. In the past, she assumed the roles of Analyst Digital Media and Software at DN Capital, International Affairs Advisor at Euro RSCG, and Sales Assistant in the Structured Risk Solutions team at the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Camille Delibes

Partner, idiCO

Camille Delibes holds the role of Partner at idiCO, a French company specializing in buyout and growth capital investments, with a primary focus on LBO and expansion capital activities within the BtoB Services, Healthcare, and Tech sectors. Additionally, she serves as the Board Treasurer for Women's WorldWide Web.

Furthermore, in her previous professional experience, Camille held the positions of Investment Director and later Partner at Omnes, a European private equity firm committed to advancing energy transition and innovation.

Tatiana Jama

Founding & Managing Partner, SISTAFUND

Tatiana Jama is a prominent figure in the entrepreneurial and investment landscape with a diverse background encompassing business and law. She currently serves as the Founding and Managing Partner of SISTAFUND, a pioneering pan-European venture capital fund that supports female founders and teams striving for gender balance while building companies that challenge established norms. With a substantial target fund size of €100 million, SISTAFUND focuses on investments ranging from pre-seed to Series A, primarily in France and Europe, and extends its reach to the U.S.

In addition to her role at SISTAFUND, Tatiana is the Co-Founder and Co-President of SISTA, an organization dedicated to addressing the underrepresentation of women-led startups in France. SISTA aims to bridge the gender-based funding gap by advocating for and supporting female entrepreneurs.

Rania Belkahia

Partner, EQT Ventures

Rania Belkahia is a female market player and a great contributor to the development of the startup and VC ecosystem in Europe. She is a Partner at EQT Ventures, a VC firm supporting early-stage tech startups. Their portfolio includes companies like Payrails, Sifflet, Endgame, and Billhop. 

What is more, Rania is an Investor and Board Member at Luko, an insurtech startup,  and a Member of the Supervisory Board at Verkor, a low-carbon battery manufacturer. 

In the past, Rania also co-founded and held the CEO position at Afrimarket, an e-commerce platform delivering a wider range of African products and goods. 

Bénédicte de Raphélis Soissan

Founder & General Partner, Emblem 

Bénédicte de Raphélis Soissan is a serial entrepreneur and a well-known figure in the French startup and VC ecosystem. She is a Founder of the venture capital firm- Emblem, supporting tech entrepreneurs at the seed stage in France, Denmark & Sweden. The VC has raised nearly €50 million for a new European seed fund and has recently backed a consumer-grade procurement software- Pivot in a €5 million seed round. 

What is more, Bénédicte has founded and held the CEO position in Clustree, which was acquired by Cornerstone OnDemand, a talent management software that helps organizations in recruiting, training, and managing employees. In addition, she is an early business angel in several startups, including Claap, Dalma, Hyperline, and Immortal Game. 

Claire Houry

General Partner, Ventech

Claire Houry is an experienced investor, mentor, project manager, and contributor to the development of the VC and startup ecosystem, not only in France but throughout Europe and beyond. Currently, she serves as a General Partner at Ventech, a global early-stage VC firm with over €900 million to support ambitious entrepreneurs from around the world. Furthermore, Claire holds the position of Board Member at companies such as Antidot, Botify, mediarithmics, BonitaSoft, and Vestiaire Collective.

Fleur Pellerin

 Founder & Managing Partner, Korelya Capital

Fleur Pellerin, who previously served as the French Minister of Culture and Communications from 2014 to 2016, transitioned to a career in the private sector. She is now the Founder and Managing Partner of Korelya Capital, an investment fund dedicated to emerging technologies, which secured €100 million in funding from the South Korean Naver Corporation.

In addition to her role at Korelya Capital, Fleur has taken on various positions, including serving as a Board Member for companies such as KLM, Schneider Electric, Talan, FINN, and Synapse Medicine. Her significant contributions were recognized in 2018 when she was honored as one of the 100 most influential French entrepreneurs by Richtopia.

Pauline Roux

Partner, Elaia

Pauline serves as a Partner at Elaia, a venture capital firm specializing in digital and deep tech startups across all stages, from early development to growth. Elaia has backed companies like Mirakl, Criteo, Ornikar, Shift Technologies, and Aqemia.

In addition to her role at Elaia, Pauline is actively involved in the venture capital and private equity ecosystem. She is a Member of the Board of Directors and Co-President of the VC & Growth Commission at France Invest, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and advancing private equity and venture capital in France. She also holds a position on the VC Council at Invest Europe and serves as an Investor and Board Member for several companies, including SESAMm, and Vibe.co, Pricing HUB, and talent.io.

Valentine Baudouin

Partner, Founders Future

Valentine Baudouin's professional journey reflects a diverse and dynamic career across academia, venture capital, and finance. Currently, as a Lecturer at Sciences Po, a leading institution in France for social sciences, Valentine plays a vital role in shaping students' educational experiences.

In her past role as a Partner at Founders Future, Valentine contributed to a venture studio founded by serial tech entrepreneur Marc Ménasé. Founders Future serves as a creative hub and investment platform for entrepreneurs. Valentine engaged with startups and entrepreneurs here, aligning stakeholders' interests and fostering operational partnerships. The focus was on investing in businesses at various stages, from startup studios to series A funding rounds.

Valentine De Lasteyrie

CEO, Albingia

Valentine de Lasteyrie has a diverse and impactful career spanning various roles and sectors, focusing on impact investing and supporting French businesses. For nearly a decade, she has been a Partner at Fiblac. This French family office is deeply rooted in values such as visionary entrepreneurship, independent thinking, and support for French culture and small businesses.

She has served as an Investment Director and has been involved in 360° investments based on impact investing principles. Fiblac invests in startups and companies that align with these principles and create tech and market disruptions for the greater good. Their investment scope covers various sectors, including insurance, agritech, agrifood, real estate, e-commerce, and wine businesses.

Angélique Gérard

Member of the Strategic Committee, Institut Choiseul

Angélique Gérard is instrumental in expanding contact centers and the workforce, emphasizing the internalization of assistance services and a cross-channel digital transformation to enhance customer relations and business management.

She spearheads the development of a coherent cross-channel strategy with subscribers' interests at the forefront, aiming to understand their needs better and cater to them effectively. Increasing sales volume for permanent activities is also a key objective.

With extensive expertise in customer relationships, Angélique's career revolves around nurturing her team, ensuring client satisfaction, managing multi-channel service quality, and continually enhancing the customer experience. She also serves as President of nine ILIAD Group subsidiaries, contributing significantly to their launch and growth.

Géraldine Le Meur

Partner & Lead Investment Practice, FrenchFounders

Géraldine Le Meur is a notable French-American entrepreneur and early-stage investor with a remarkable career that began when she founded her first company at the age of 23. She has been actively involved in the tech ecosystem since the early days of the Internet in 1995. Over the years, Géraldine has demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit by founding various tech-related ventures, including a web agency, a web hosting company, a blogging platform, and the groundbreaking event LeWeb, which played a significant role in bringing key players from Silicon Valley to Europe.

As an angel investor, she has made strategic investments in several prominent companies, including LendingClub, Teads, Evernote, and Animoca Brands, showcasing her keen eye for innovative startups. In November 2020, she joined FrenchFounders Inc. as a Partner; she leads LeFonds by FrenchFounders. This initiative aims to provide French-speaking entrepreneurs with more than just financial support; it emphasizes co-investment, recruitment, business development, warm introductions, and trust-building, all within the context of a robust global French-speaking community.

Pauline Boucon Duval


General Director, Groupe Duval

Pauline Boucon Duval is an independent business angel with a nearly decade-long career in this role. As a business angel, she invests in startups and emerging companies, providing them with not only financial support but also guidance and expertise.

Additionally, Pauline serves as the Vice-President of Comex40 at MEDEF, France's leading network of entrepreneurs. MEDEF plays a vital role in advocating for businesses of all sizes and across various industries. They engage in lobbying efforts with decision-makers at local, regional, national, and European levels to represent the views of companies and work towards reducing regulatory burdens.

Rachel Delacour 

Co-Founder &  CEO, Sweep

Rachel Delacour serves as a Strategic Board Member at the BNPP Solar Impulse Venture Fund, a relatively new investment fund focusing on clean technology and innovative startups committed to environmental sustainability. This role places her in a strategic position to guide investments in ventures that can positively impact the environment, reflecting her dedication to sustainable solutions.

Additionally, Rachel is a member of the Investment Committee at RAISE France, founded in 2013. RAISE is a pioneer in engaged, sustainable finance, operating through various investment strategies, including private equity, venture capital, real estate, and impact investment. Their unique model involves sharing the success of investments, and they are deeply involved in supporting startups through initiatives like RAISESHERPAS, one of the largest philanthropic accelerators in France.

Catherine Barba Chiaramonti

Co-Founder & CEO, Envi

Catherine Barba Chiaramonti is a serial entrepreneur and digital transformation expert with a strong focus on empowering independent professionals and freelancers. She co-founded Envi, a school for independents and freelancers, which aims to provide them with the skills and support they need to succeed in today's dynamic business landscape. Envi helps these individuals build their networks, develop their prospecting and visibility strategies, and collaborate effectively with companies.

Before her involvement with Envi, Catherine spent two decades working on digital transformation, omnichannel strategies, and e-commerce, both in France and the United States. Her extensive experience in the digital realm has allowed her to invest in numerous startups in the retail tech, fintech, and tech sectors. She has been a supporter of women and diversity in the tech and entrepreneurship fields, advocating for equal opportunities and representation.

Clara Gaymard

Co-Founder, RAISE

Clara Gaymard is a notable figure in the fields of finance and philanthropy. She co-founded RAISE in 2013, a pioneering organization in engaged sustainable finance. 

Clara Gaymard's influence extends beyond RAISE. She serves on the boards of several major companies, including Veolia, Bouygues, Danone, and LVMH, where she contributes her expertise and insights. Additionally, since 2015, she has been the President of the Women's Forum for the Economy and Society, a role that underscores her dedication to promoting women's perspectives in the global economic and societal landscape.

Coralie De Fontenay

Co-Founder & CEO, Luximpact

Coralie De Fontenay has established herself as a prominent figure in the world of luxury, cosmetics, and spirits through her role as the Founder of LUXURY-NEXT, a venture she embarked on in 2018. In this capacity, she focuses on supporting and advising disruptive startups and DNVBs (Digitally Native Vertical Brands) that are driving innovation and sustainability in the luxury sector.

In addition to her work with LUXURY-NEXT, Coralie is an Investor and Advisor to several notable ventures. She joined forces with Gitti Conscious Beauty, a cosmetics company, in July 2020. Under Jennifer Baum's leadership, Gitti is dedicated to sustainable beauty, prioritizing natural ingredients, vegan products, and responsible production practices, all while avoiding animal testing.

Gaelle Olivier

CEO, Kyouko

Gaelle Olivier has taken on significant corporate roles, most recently being as a Board Member at Partners Group since May 2023. Partners Group is a global private markets firm managing substantial assets of USD 142 billion. Their extensive team of over 1,900 professionals operates from 20 offices around the world. The firm's primary focus is to achieve superior returns by capitalizing on thematic growth trends and elevating promising businesses and assets into industry leaders.

In addition to her role at Partners Group, Gaelle Olivier serves as a Board Member at CED Europe, a leading tech-enabled insurance services and solutions platform in Europe. CED specializes in providing expert services and tech-driven solutions to assist clients in managing claims and large-scale calamities.

Lorraine de Gournay

President, Manoir Dauphine

Lorraine de Gournay is a highly accomplished figure in the business world. She currently holds the position of President at Manoir Dauphine. Manoir Dauphine is deeply involved in consulting, investments, and advocating for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) impacts.

One of the significant aspects of the company is its investment arm, where it focuses on startups in sectors such as Retail, Technology, and Luxury. These investments aren't just about financial gain but strongly emphasize supporting startups that are innovating either technologically or in terms of user experience.

Beyond her professional achievements, Lorraine is deeply committed to promoting a responsible and sustainable approach to business. She volunteers with several associations dedicated to advocating for ethical and responsible business practices.

Marion Carrette


Marion Carrette is a dynamic entrepreneur who has transitioned from the web industry to the world of high-end French knitwear. Her journey took a significant turn in 2020 when she assumed the role of CEO at ANNY BLATT SAS, a prestigious brand with a rich history in knitwear dating back to 1933.

Under her leadership, ANNY BLATT has embarked on a remarkable transformation. The brand was renowned in the 80s for its distinctive wool products but faced challenges with the advent of fast fashion and mass-produced knitwear from distant corners of the world. In January 2020, Marion Carrette and her team acquired the brand, including its valuable archives, and committed to revitalizing it.

Mylène Romano


Mylène Romano has built a remarkable career spanning an impressive 30 years, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in various sectors. Currently, she holds the position of CEO at MYLÈNE ROMANO IMPACT, showcasing her dedication to driving meaningful change through her work.

Throughout her extensive career, Mylène has worn multiple hats, indicating her adaptability and versatility as a business professional. She served as the CEO of FoXX, which later transformed into MYLÈNE ROMANO Finance, highlighting her ability to navigate transformations and evolve with the changing landscape of her industry.

Mylène Romano's diverse career journey, including her involvement as a Business Angel, showcases her openness to a wide array of opportunities and her deep commitment to creating a positive impact within the business world.

Anne Méaux

Founding President, Image 7

Anne Méaux has held the role of Founding President at Image 7 since 1988, marking an impressive 35-year journey at the helm of this renowned communications consulting agency. Under her leadership, Image 7 has flourished to become the first independent communications consulting agency in France.

With a team of 65 employees and over 100 clients, Image 7 has established itself as a key player in strategic consulting and institutional relations, setting high standards in the communication industry. One of the agency's defining attributes is its independence, which is underpinned by core values such as loyalty, discretion, transparency, and freedom of speech. 

Celine Lazorthes

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Resilience care

Celine Lazorthes is a highly motivated and enthusiastic entrepreneur known for her role as the founder of Leetchi Group, which was successfully acquired by Credit Mutuel Arkea in September 2015. Leetchi Group encompasses two significant platforms: Leetchi.com, Europe's leading online money pot service with over 14 million users, and MANGOPAY, a groundbreaking B2B payment solution tailored for Marketplaces, Crowdfunding, and the Sharing Economy, serving more than 3,000 clients.

Celine is deeply immersed in the startup ecosystem and has played pivotal roles in various industry associations. She is a founding member of France Digitale and France FinTech, organizations dedicated to advancing the digital and fintech sectors in France. Additionally, Celine co-founded SISTA, a non-governmental organization (NGO) with a mission to address the funding gap that women entrepreneurs often encounter during fundraising for their ventures.

With a commitment to driving innovation and progress, Celine serves on the boards of several influential companies and organizations, including SNCF, Iliad (Free), 1o1 Fund, and the think-tank Generation Libre. 

Anne de Kerckhove

Investor, CRE Venture Capital

Anne de Kerckhove is a distinguished tech leader and a senior expert in Digital Transformation, Media, Entertainment, and E-Commerce. With a career spanning several years, Anne has made significant contributions to the tech industry.

Currently, she serves as an Investor at CRE Venture Capital, a firm that collaborates with visionary entrepreneurs to build groundbreaking tech companies in Africa. CRE Venture Capital leverages its extensive capital, relationships, and experience to empower the teams it partners with for exceptional success.

In addition to her role as an investor, Anne is a Non-Executive Director (NED) and an active Business Angel investor in both Europe and Africa. Her investment activities reflect her commitment to supporting innovative startups and entrepreneurs on their journey to success.

Clémentine Lalande

Founder, Once Dating Group 

Clémentine Lalande has a prominent career. In the past, she held positions in the Boston Consulting Group, Yunus Social Business, and Idinvest Partners. What is more, Clémentine used her expertise and shared her knowledge while being a Mentor in the Startup Leadership Program, supporting startups and entrepreneurs around the world.

She has founded and held the CEO position at Pickable, a dating app, which offers women to choose their partners without exposing their identity. The app is a part of the Once Dating Group, which was also founded by Clémentine.

It is worth mentioning that Clémentine is a tech investor and environmentalist. She was a Mentor at Creative Destruction Lab and is currently on a mission to begin a new startup journey to massify home energy retrofits.


Eva Sadoun

Co-Founder, LITA.co

Eva Sadoun is a very active entrepreneur on the French business scene. During her career, she held the position of Chairwomen at Mouvement Impact France, an organization representing social and ecological entrepreneurs, as well as a Chairwomen at The Impact France Movement, whose goal is to bring entrepreneurs and managers together to transition their business models towards having an ecological and social impact. 

Eva is a Founder of LiTA.co, an investment platform, focused on gathering investors who want to back sustainable companies on their way to reducing social inequalities and protecting the environment. What is more, Eva is a Founder of Rift, an app that scans and analyzes savings and investments, and an initiative of LiTA.co. 

Alice Zagury

CEO, TheFamily

Alice Zagury is a tech enthusiast, investor, and entrepreneur. She has a strong desire to help startups and other entrepreneurs in launching and developing new products and ideas. As Alice was facing the limits of the local ecosystem, she felt the need to mix the know-how of international entrepreneurs and the singularity of local talents following their values.  

So, it is not surprising that she has Co-founded and holds the CEO position at The Family, an accelerator program. All startups from around the world are welcome to join the intensive six-week program.

Julia Bijaoui

Co-Founder, Fritchi

Julia Bijaoui co-founded Frichti, a leading grocery delivery company in France and Belgium with a total of €43M raised. The company has been recently acquired by La Belle Vie, another online grocery shopping platform.  

Before her experience with Fritchi, Julia served as a Strategy and Operations Manager at Birchbox, a New York-based online subscription service that specializes in makeup and other beauty-related products. There she focused on, among others, Optimising internal processes and customer communication and conducting market, competitor, and customer analysis.

Lucie Basch

Co-Founder, Too Good To Go 

Lucie Basch is a serial entrepreneur with a prominent professional journey. As 40% of food around the world is being wasted, Lucie is a great fighter against that. With the team of enthusiasts, she founded Too Good To Go, a marketplace for surplus food, with more than 75 million users, who in total saved more than 200 million meals. 

The app is present across the globe in over 15 countries. With her vast expertise and experience, Lucie is supporting the reinvention of the whole food system, so as a result, she is participating in the Who is the Boss?! initiative. 

In the past, Lucie also worked at, among others, Open Food Network, Nestle, EDF Energy, and Amazon.  

Jade Francine

Co-Founder, WeMaintain

“We rise by lifting others” is a philosophy of the WeMaintain startup co-founded by Jade Francine in 2017. This tech-enabled elevator and building maintenance company situated in Paris, is providing an end-to-end solution for building operations. The company is certified by BCorp, which means that it’s meeting high standards on the social and enviromental levels. What is more, Jade Francine served as a Legal Advisor at Leaf,  a corporate law firm specializing in operations in China. 

Hyojeong KIM

Founder & CEO, NomadHer

Although Hyojeong is not originally from France, her biggest career steps have been taken there. She founded SeoulAmo, held the CEO position at NAVER, and also served for UNESCO, supporting the Communication and Marketing department. 

Women empowerment and traveling are the biggest passions of Hyojeong KIM, the Founder and CEO of NomadHer, an app dedicated to all female globetrotters, encouraging safe solo traveling journeys. 

Marie Ekeland

Co-Founder, France Digitale

Marie Ekeland is a prominent figure in the venture capital industry as she was actively supporting several startups on behalf of  Crédit Agricole Private Equity and Elaia Partners, a VC firm focused on digital and deep tech startups, from early stage to growth development. What is more, she served as a Board Member at several organizations including ClimateView, Paebbl, Sweep, Withings, Butterfly.ai, Swile, and Keakr. 

In 2012 Marie co-founded France Digitale, a startup association, gathering over 2 thousand startups and investors from Europe. Additionally, she is a Co-founder of Daphni, an investment fund specializing in the digital economy, and a Co-founder of 2050, an investment vehicle supporting startups from the following verticals: agri-food, health, education, housing and transport, and tools for financial autonomy.  

Anaïs Barut

Co-Founder & CEO, Damae Medical

Anaïs Barut graduated from HEC Paris University, and soon after graduation, she started her professional journey. Since 2014 she has been assuming the CEO role at Damae Medical. This medical company’s flagship product is an imaging device, which can be used to examine biological tissues through the skin. The main goal of the device is to help specialists in diagnosing skin cancer at a more precise and fast level. In 2022 the company has closed its €5 million Series A financing round. 

Anne-Christelle Pérochon

Founder & CEO, Bim

Anne-Christelle Pérochon is a very active female entrepreneur, who is having a prominent professional journey in the French startup and venture capital ecosystem. At the young age of 23, she founded Bim. This Paris-based food tech company is linking traditional gastronomy and digital by facilitating the process of restaurant search, table booking, and payment. In 5 years, she has raised  $3 million alongside 40 business angels.

In the past, Anne-Christelle started her career while assuming positions at EY, AXA Private Equity, and 123 Investment Managers.

Arbia Smiti

Founder & CEO, Rosaly

Arbia Smiti has over 12 years of experience in building and scaling innovative digital platforms. She is an active female figure, supporting the growth and development of the startup ecosystem, as she is a Founder and the CEO of Rosaly, a financial services provider. The main goal of the company is to help the employees manage their salaries and budgets thanks to the specially designed app. In September 2022, the company raised €10 million in seed funding.

It is also worth mentioning that Arbia is a Business Mentor at Techstars, a Startup Mentor at Wilco, and a Selection Board Member at STATION F. She is a regular speaker, and a member of several entrepreneurship associations, where she shares insights and her knowledge. 

Alix Poulet

CEO, Leetchi.com

After graduating from the Faculty of Entrepreneurship at HEC Pari, Alix Poulet started her entrepreneurial career. She founded and served as CEO of e-Citizen. Since 2017, Alix Poulet has taken the CEO position at Leetchi.com. The company’s goal is to provide the best prize pool services that allow users to easily collect and organize money for group payments.

Agathe Wautier

CEO, The Galion Project 

Agathe Wautier has an impressive professional career, having more than 15 years of experience. For several years she served as a Brand Manager at Orange, where she was responsible for, among others, leading, managing, and driving brand content strategy. What is more, Agathe was a Business Angel at YZR, as well as, she held a Mentor position at SISTA, a collective of women entrepreneurs and investors, promoting diversity in the digital economy. 

Currently, Agathe is a CEO at The Galion Project, a European community for tech entrepreneurs and startups, who have raised not less than €3M in funding. What is more, one of the parts of The Galion Project is The Galion. exe, an investment platform, dedicated to innovative companies, which make a positive change in the world. 

Béatrice Gherara

Co-Founder, Kokoroe

After spending more than 6 years in BNP Paribas, Béatrice Gherara decided that it was time for a change. Using her business experience, together with 2 other female founders, she founded Kokoroe, an innovative platform that connects students and teachers. The startup has gathered over 1 million learners, is offering courses in more than 10 languages, and has over 150 customers. The app is listed in the French Women 40, under the patronage of the Ministry of Labour, and received the Tech For Good Awards.

Claude Terosier

Founder, Resonance

Claude Terosier is a well-known figure in the French business community. Throughout her career, she has gathered her experience while working for Steria, Capgemini, Greenwich Consulting, and SFR. In 2013 she founded Magic Makers, a platform offering creative coding workshops for children. The main goal of the platform is to encourage children to be more autonomous and increase their teamwork and communication skills. It is worth mentioning that Magic Makers has already empowered over 60,000 kids since 2014. 

Although Claude resigned from being CEO of the company in 2022, she remains active on the business scene. She is a TEDx Speaker and panelist, and in 2023 she founded Resonance, a new initiative to support organizations and collectives.

Clémence Franc

Co-Founder, NovaGray

Clémence Franc is the Co-Founder of NovaGray, a company developing radiotherapy tolerance tests, that help to identify any side effects of the treatments. Thanks to that, it is possible to adjust and implement personalized treatments for patients who require special help. The company has been recognized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Clemence herself was listed among the top 40 French women by Forbes. 

What is more, Clemence has gathered her expertise while working for big companies such as Deloitte, GE Healthcare, and Colas. 

Diana Brondel

Founder & CEO, Xaalys

Although Diana Brondel is not originally from France, she is a great contributor to the development of the startup ecosystem in France. She is a Founder and the CEO of Xaalys, an educational platform, whose main aim is to make financial knowledge more accessible to young people. 

Diana Brindel has a strong financial background, as for over 10 years she worked for Société Générale, where she held various positions. What is more, she was part of EY and Simon-Kucher. Diana also served as a Board Member at France FinTech, an association gathering and supporting innovative finance entrepreneurs. 

For her contribution, Diana Brondel has been ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the 92 women who revolutionized technology in France in 2018.

Elise Covilette

Co-Founder, Kokoroe

Elsie Covilette is a Co-Founder and the COO of Kokoroe, a tutoring platform connecting students with teachers. In the past, she was connected with the law industry, as she has gathered her experience while working as an Associate at Flichy Grangé Avocats, Capstan Avocats, and De Bussy Plichon.

Gaëlle Frizon de Lamotte

Founder & CEO, OLY Be

Gaëlle Frizon de Lamotte’s lifelong desire was to create a startup that had a positive impact on people’s well-being and life, so after 10 years of working for Philips in the Marketing department, she finally decided to launch her own business. She is a Founder and the CEO of OLY Be, a health and fitness company, that enables quick registration to the yoga, fitness, or well-being classes online, from home. What is more, Gaëlle is a Business Mentor at Techstars and a Member of SportTech.

Haweya Mohamed

Founder, Afrobytes

Haweya Mohamed is a prominent female market player and a great contributor to the startup ecosystem growth in France. She calls herself an ecosystem builder. Haweya has over 15 years of expertise in media, innovation, as well as entrepreneurship. She is a Founder of Afrobytes, a specially designed online platform that connects African and international tech entrepreneurs. What is more, Haweya is also a Founder of The Colours initiative, supporting fashion and cosmetics brands from Africa. 

For her great contribution, she was recognized as one of the 50 most daring entrepreneurs by Entrepreneur Magazine and was listed among the Forbes top 92 in France operating in the tech industry.

Julie de Pimodan

Co-Founder & CEO, Fluicity

Julie de Pimodan is an active entrepreneur with over 16 years of experience in the tech and media industry. She gathered her vast expertise while working for BBC News, Unfair Magazine, and Google. 

Julie is a Co-founder of Fluicity, a company providing a tool for citizens to participate in the government decision-making process, by enabling them to take part in calls for proposals, digital consultation, participatory mapping, secure voting, surveys, participatory budgeting, and online deliberation. The company was acquired by Efalia in September 2023. 

Currently, Julie is a Head of Partnerships and Public Affairs at Efalia, a tool whose goal is to simplify the administrative management of public and private organizations by digitalizing documents and processes. 

Inès Leonarduzzi

Founder & President, Digital For The Planet 

Inès Leonarduzzi is a well-established entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience. She started her career in Hong Kong, where she co-founded a digital art startup. During her long professional journey, she served several big companies in the Digital Corporate Communications and Transformation departments. Inès is an international speaker and lecturer at universities, including the College of Technology London, HEC Paris, and Télécom Paris. 

Currently, she is the Founder and the President of Digital For The Planet, an organization aiming to prompt digital ecology, by designing low-carbon AI and blockchain-focused on sustainability. 

Jean Guo

Founder & CEO, Konexio 

Jean Guo is a well-known business figure in the startup and VC scene in France. She is a Founder and the CEO of Konexio, which provides digital skills training for refugees, unemployed youth, and other disadvantaged groups. 

What is more, Jean is an Ambassador at Mouvement Impact France and a Partner at 50 Partners Impact, a startup accelerator dedicated to ambitious positive impact companies. In 2020, Jean was listed on the Forbes 30 under 30 list in the social entrepreneurs category. 

Joanna Kirk

 Co-Founder, Startup Sesame

Joanna Kirk is a Media, PR, and Tech specialist, gaining her experience while working for, among others, the European Commission, DEDALE, IRMA, and Reed MIDEM. She is a Speaker, Investor, and serves as a Mentor at PUBLIC and Techstars.

In 2015 she co-founded Startup Sesame, an agency, that gathers all European tech events in one place. Currently, Joanna is also self-employed as a Tech PR Strategist, supporting companies like Atomico, Station F, and Founders Factory.  

Lara Rouyres

President, La French Tech Grand Paris

Lara Rouyres is a great contributor to the development of the startup ecosystem in France. She is a serial founder and CEO. In the past, she founded Dealissime, now part of LivingSocial, a marketplace that buys and sells tours, home appliances, fashion items, and more. Lara also co-founded Selectionnist, a developer of a visual recognition technology, that allows a recognition of any product present in an image or photo. In 2014, Lara founded Levia.ai, a company developing conversational AI technologies.

Currently, Lara is the President of La French Tech Grand Paris, a community of startups and scaleups, gathering more than 8 thousand companies from the region. 

Marjolaine Grondin

Co-Founder, Jam

After graduating from Sciences Po and the HEC Paris, Marjolaine Grondin started her professional journey as an Entrepreneurship Teacher at Sciences Po. What is more, she is a Mentor at Fasterclass, an organization offering workshops and training for entrepreneurs.

In 2015 Marjolaine co-founded Jam, a chatbot that assists young people aged 15-25, using the tone and vocabulary typical for Gen Z. This digital assistant is available through Facebook Messenger, and so far has helped 728,000 people. In 2022, the company was acquired by June Marketing. 

It is worth noting that Marjolaine, thanks to her contribution to developing the startup ecosystem in France, was listed among Forbes's top 30 under 30 in 2017. 

Maya Noël

Co-Founder, YBoarder 

Maya Noël is a very active female entrepreneur in the French startup ecosystem, as she is a Managing Director at France Digitale, a startup association, gathering more than 2,000 French digital startups and investors. The main mission of the company is to create a place for networking, creating business opportunities, and supporting both investors and startup entrepreneurs in France and Europe.

What is more, Maya is a co-founder of the recruitment platform YBoarder and was also a Manager at Mobiskill. 

Manon Pommier

Entrepreneurship Leader, EIT Health France

Manon Pommier is an Entrepreneurship Leader at EIT Health France, aiming to boost innovation by integrating three aspects: Innovation, Education, and Business. EIT Health is a part of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology and was co-founded by the European Union. 

In the past, Manon was an Incubator Manager at ESPCI Paris, a higher education institution focused on training engineers, chemistry, and physics students. The school offers an incubator program, in which Manon was responsible for the strategy, implementation, communication, and administrative and financial management. 

Raphaelle Covilette

 Co-founder & CEO, Kokoroe

Raphaelle Covilette is an experienced business figure, gaining her experience mainly in the HR departments. She gathered her expertise while working as a HR Consultant at Robert Walters, and Michael Page. Raphaelle is a Co-founder and the CEO of Kokoroe, an HRTech startup that connects students with tutors.

Sarah-Diane Eck

Co-Founder, Lum Network

Is an experienced female market player, as she is currently a Co-founder of Surprise, a mobile app, that allows consumers to easily access cashback offers from partner brands, and a Founder of Lum Network, a company developing a swift, secure, and eco-friendly open-source blockchain designed to empower users with the accessibility of decentralized applications. In 2021, the startup raised $4M in funding in Series A. 

Additionally, Sarah is a Vice President at France Digitale, served as a Data Privacy Lead at 1000mercis, and a Business Assistant to the Group Head of Tax at Louis Dreyfus Company. 

Aline Bonnet

Marketing Director, Netflix

Aline Bonnet has had quite the career journey. She used to work at Schweppes Suntory (previously known as Orangina Schweppes) and Google. At Google, she began as a Brand Activation Specialist for YouTube and then took on the role of Manager for YouTube Kids France. In this role, Aline was in charge of making sure the money-making strategies ran smoothly, and she also led the way on PR and B2B marketing campaigns.

Since 2018, Aline has been working at Netflix, where currently she is a Marketing Director for France. 

Amélie Faure

Chairwoman of the Board, Launchmetrics

Amélie Faure served as an Operating Partner at Serena, a high-growth digital startup supporter, that has more than 40 companies in their portfolio, including Dataiku, Evaneos, Malt, iBanFirst, CybelAngel, and Lifen. 

What is more, she served as a Board Member at Finalcad, Cameleon Software, Dataiku, Bpifrance, Lifen, Nielsen | TVTY, supporting them with her vast knowledge and experience. 

Amélie is currently a Chairwoman of the Board at Launchmetrics (previously known as Augure), a startup offering innovative technology for connecting the industry through social influencer data and insights.

Aurélie Perruche

CEO, Kookit.com

Aurélie Perruche is an active entrepreneur and a serial Co-founder of startups. In 2009 she co-founded Likiwi, a Facebook app that enables free calls to your Facebook friends, as well as to landlines and mobile phones. Later in 2011, Aurélie co-founded Maspatule, a platform offering to buy kitchenware, recipes, and cooking tips. 

What is more, Aurélie is a CEO at Kookit.com, an online marketplace specializing in the sale of kitchen utensils, catering to both B2B and B2C.

Axelle Lemaire

Head of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development, Sopra Steria

Axelle Lemaire was a  Minister of State for Digital Affairs in the French government. In this capacity, she was responsible for the creation and promotion of the Digital Republic Bill, which seeks to strengthen the data economy, enhance government transparency, introduce new rights for internet users, and improve accessibility to digital technology for all.

Currently, Axelle is a President of the Supervisory Board at Hopening and a Head of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development at Sopra Steria. 

Caroline Ramade

Founder & CEO, 50inTech

Caroline boasts an extensive professional journey. Her career kicked off at Mairie de Paris, where she began as Chief of Communications and eventually became the Deputy Manager of the Digital Department. Caroline has also served as Managing Director at WILLA, formerly known as Paris Pionnières, an accelerator program dedicated to promoting diversity and supporting women in entrepreneurship.

Moreover, Caroline is the Founder and CEO of 50inTech, a company with a mission to foster gender diversity in the tech industry. Through their innovative job board, they connect women in tech with employers, with a vision of achieving 50% representation of women in tech by 2050.

Delphine Remy Boutang

Founder & CEO, Arver

Delphine Remy-Boutang worked for EURO RSCG Paris, and IBM London, where she ultimately became the Social Media Worldwide Director from 2006 to 2012.

Delphine created the Digital Women's Day (JFD) in 2013, which has since become a prominent growth accelerator for women in tech across Europe and Africa, boasting 50,000+ members and facilitating the growth of 500 startups. Additionally, she initiated the Margaret Prize, celebrating women who drive positive change, under the patronage of the French President.

As an entrepreneur and business angel, Delphine launched an independent venture capital investment firm in 2022, aiming to support tech firms co-founded by women with a unique blend of capital and reputation capital.

Aina Rakotoarisoa

Founder, AVAHI

Aina Rakotoarisoa is a well-known figure in the French business community. She spent 10 years in Private Equity, focused on impact investing and entrepreneur monitoring. Aina worked for Societe Generale, Advancy, and Ciizen Capital. What is more, she was a Board Observer at Bazile, Business Table, and OpneClassrooms, an online educational platform. 

Aina is the Founder of AVAHI, a strategy and consulting company dedicated to impact investing, with a strong focus on areas such as energy access, education, healthcare, financial services, social inclusion, sustainable development, and biodiversity protection.

Anne Bouverot

Board Member, ENS

Anne Bouverot has more than 25 years of experience in the telecommunications and technology sectors. Currently, she is a Member of the Board at ENS, a higher education institution. What is more, she held a Board Member position at several tech companies, including Cellnex Telecom, Technicolor Creative Studios, and Ledger. 

Anne holds a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence, Mentor, and is the Co-founder of the Abeona Foundation, an organization that focuses on nurturing collective intelligence, enabling the empowerment of citizens, businesses, and public decision-makers, and facilitating a path toward a sustainable and inclusive digital transition.

Stéphanie Hospital

Founder & CEO, OneRagtime

Stéphanie Hospital is an active figure in the French VC ecosystem. She is an Investor, Entrepreneur, and Founder and  CEO of OneRagtime, a VC firm that backs the most prospective startups located in France and Europe, whether through their investment funds or exclusive club deals. This Venture Capital firm has already supported over 40 startups since its launch in 2017. 

What is more, Stéphanie is a Board Member at France Digitale, and a Board Member and investor at several companies, including, Stokelp, Motion Society, and Pickme. 

Kat Borlongan

Board Member, European Innovation Council & SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA)

Kat Borlongan strongly believes that technology holds the potential to drive meaningful systemic change. So it is not surprising that she held a Chief Impact Officer position at Contentsquare, a digital analytics firm. What is more, she is a Board Member of the European Innovation Council and part of Atomico’s Angel Programme where she focuses on ESG.

In the past, she assumed positions such as the Director of La French, a government-led initiative aimed at fortifying France's startup ecosystem, a Co-founder of the open innovation agency Five by Five, which was later acquired by Cap Gemini, as well as serving as a Techstars Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

For Kat’s great contribution, she was recognized as an Obama Leader in Europe by the Obama Foundation and as one of the "50 Minds of the Next 50 Years" by UNESCO.

Alice Albizzati

Founding Partner, Revaia

Alice Albizzati has more than 15 years of experience. She is an Investor and a Growth Advisor. Currently, she assumes the position of the Founding Partner at Revaia, a sustainable growth investor, supporting purpose-driven startups that have global ambitions and sustainable leadership. 

In the past, she also worked as a Consumer Growth Investor at Verlinvest, a Private Equity Investor at LBO France, and a Business Analyst at  McKinsey & Company.

Sophie Hersan

Co-Founder & Fashion Director, Vestiaire Collective

Sophie Hersan is a Co-Founder and Fashion Director at Vestiaire Collective, an online marketplace dedicated to the exchange of luxury, pre-owned fashion items. In 2021, the company successfully secured €178 million in funding, catapulting its valuation to over $1 billion and earning unicorn status. Vestiaire Collective operates globally, empowering individuals to make conscious shopping decisions.

Before diving into the startup world, Sophie was working as the Studio Manager for designers like Marni, Alaïa, and Dior. 

Caroline Lair

Founder, The Good AI

Caroline Lair is a Founder of The Good AI, a collective of AI professionals, startups, and scaleups assisting companies in their shift towards a more responsible and sustainable business model.

What is more, she is a Co-Founder and a Board Member of Women in AI, a non-profit organization, focused on eliminating the gender gap in AI by empowering women and promoting awareness of gender diversity within the AI community.

It is worth mentioning that Caroline is also an Investor at Hardware Club, a Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Sorbonne Center for Artificial Intelligence (SCAI), and assumes the role at Interstellar Lab.

Louise Bousquet Andreani

Co-Founder & CEO, Leia Capital

Louise Bousquet Andreani is an experienced investor and founder. She is a Co-Founder and the CEO of Leia Capital, a female-led Business Angels fund, which invests in ambitious projects led by women entrepreneurs.

She also holds the position of Associate Executive Director at HEROIKS, a media company, and Agence New Business, a creative agency. Louise is also a Chairwoman at Iroko and a Seed Investor at OneFlash.

Julie Ranty

Co-Founder, Pollen

Julie Ranty has more than 15 years of experience on the French business scene. She is a Co-Founder of Pollen, an upskilling platform that encourages lifelong learning by providing direct access to the experts.

Additionally, she held the Managing Director position at Viva Technology Paris, a  tech & startup event. 

Julie is also a Founder of Les Echos, a digital media platform, with economic and financial news from France and beyond. 

Pauline Laigneau


Pauline Laigneau has been an entrepreneur since 2011. She is a Co-Founder of Gemmyo, a jewelry brand that aims to be built via digital tools. 

What is more, Pauline started a podcast, where she interviews well-known business players. As a result, the podcast was listed as the 1st in the business category in France. 

It is also worth mentioning that Pauline is a Founder of Demian, an initiative aiming to train future and existing entrepreneurs. 

Joy Solal

Co-Founder, Cook Angels

Joy Solal has several years of experience, she is an entrepreneur, startup mentor, coach, and advisor. In 2013 she Co-founded Cook Angels, a food tech startup, with the mission to deliver pre-portioned and pre-cut ingredients to cook meals at home in less than 30 minutes. 

What is more, she is a Startup Mentor at HEC Paris Startup Launchpad, an accelerator program for students. 

Lindsey Nefesh-Clarke

Co-Founder, Women’s World Wide Web (W4)

Lindsey Nefesh-Clarke is a Co-Founder of  Women’s World Wide Web (W4), a crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platform based in Europe, with a specific focus on empowering girls and women in both developing and developed nations.

 Before founding the platform. Lindsey worked for Human Rights Watch, UNICEF, and Grameen Bank. She graduated from the University of Cambridge and the ESCP Europe.

Fany Péchiodat

Co-Founder, My Little Paris

Fany Péchiodat has a lot of experience in PR agencies. In 2007 she launched My Little Paris, a company to enable people to share the most unusual and hidden places in the city. Within just half a year, over 10,000 individuals have subscribed to its newsletter,

What is more, Fany is a Co-Founder of Seasonly, a company delivering customized skincare products.

Sophie Viger

Managing Director, 42

Sophie is an advocate of project-based teaching. She has a rich background as an independent developer, and a computer programming professor, and has directed educational programs like Web@cadémie, Samsung Campus, and the Coding Academy by Epitech. In 2016, she launched "Female Ambition," an IT development course with a majority of female participants at 80%. Furthermore, she serves as a director for #JamaisSansElles (#NeverWithoutHer).

She is a Managing Director at 42, an educational platform providing programming courses and training. 

Martine Abbou

Founder, Wimadame

Martine Abbou dedicated her professional journey to the empowerment of women. So it is not surprising that she is the Founder of the Wimadame network, a community dedicated to women in Europe who are involved in entrepreneurship. For her contribution, she was listed among The 40 French Women Who Count In 2019 by Forbes. 

Nathalie Balla

Partner, 50 Partners Impact

Nathalie Balla is an experienced entrepreneur, business expert, and investor. Currently, she is a Partner at 50 Partners Impact,  a French startup accelerator dedicated to fostering the growth of the most ambitious businesses with a strong positive impact.

What is more, she is also a Member of the Board of Directors at Idi, an investment company, and Criteo, a global commerce media company. In the past, she held the position of the CEO at La Redoute. 

Julie Chapon

Co-Founder & Head of Communication, Yuka

Since its launch in January 2017, Julie Chapon has served as the Co-Founder and Head of Communication for Yuka. Yuka offers the ability to quickly scan and access information about the composition of food and cosmetic products, empowering consumers to make informed choices and avoid potentially harmful additives. Notably, the application boasts a user base exceeding 5 million.

Yseulys Costes

 CEO, Numberly

Yseulys Costes launched the 1000mercis, a platform with a dual purpose: enabling users to share gift lists with their loved ones while simultaneously building a valuable database of marketable profiles. The 1000mercis group has consistently ranked among the top five fastest-growing companies in France. It is worth highlighting that the company is present in more than 50 countries around the world. 

Currently, she is the CEO of Numberly, a company that is a part of the 1000mercis group.

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