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top 100 women in startup and vc poland by Vestbee
29 November 2022·46 min read

Aleksandra Wirth & Katarzyna Groszkowska


Top 100 Women From VC and Startup Ecosystem In Poland

Polish startups and VC scene is one of the most thriving ecosystems in the entire CEE and since its inception, women have been at the forefront of its development and success. Today, we’d like to introduce you to some (the list can never be closed with such thriving women community!) of these female entrepreneurs, investors and bold innovators, whose ideas, actions, and businesses contribute to the innovative spirit of Poland’s startup ecosystem. 

So without further ado, let’s meet the TOP 100 women shaping Poland’s startup and VC ecosystem! 

Ewa Chronowska

Partner, Next Road Ventures, CEO, Vestbee

There is no better person to open our list than Ewa Chronowska, Vestbee founder and CEO, entrepreneur, investor, and startup mentor who has greatly contributed to the development of the startup ecosystem in Poland and CEE. Ewa has been active in the Venture Capital market and investing in startups for over a decade, becoming one of the youngest female General Partners in Europe. Her investment activities did not stop her passion for entrepreneurship. She bootstrapped Vestbee, the largest platform for startups and investors in CEE, founded regional angel network and Next Road Ventures, an early-stage VC fund. Ewa also actively supports women in VC and female founders and fulfill her mission to bridge CEE with developed Western ecosystems. She is also a person behind the CEE VC Summit - the biggest event for VC fund managers in CEE.  

Maja Schaefer

CEO, Zowie

Maja Schaefer has co-founded two business ventures - a software development company,  codeheroes and Zowie, an AI powered customer service automation platform for improving customer experience of ecommerce brands. As a CEO and co-founder of Zowie, she has led the company to great success, gaining attention from top investors and customers alike. The total financing obtained from top global investors like Tiger Global Management and Inovo Venture Partners totaled $19.6M. Maja has also been featured on Forbes' 30 Under 30 list. 

Małgorzata Sitkowska

Co-Founder, Amano 

Małgorzata Sitkowska is another woman on our list, having an influence on the regional startup ecosystem, as she is a Co-Founder of Amano, a company developing marketplace and tools to improve shopping experience. The startup was backed by leading regional VCs including, Next Road Ventures, Kaya VC, Kogito Ventures and number of business angels. Małgosia previously co-founded, a food delivery company, which has had a successful exit to Wolt in 2018. 

Dorota Rymaszewska

Founder & CEO, hiPets

Dorota Rymaszewska has an important presence in the Polish startup market, as a founder and CEO of hiPets, a SaaS-enabled marketplace for pet owners. Ever since the inception of the company in 2020, it has been growing dynamically and so far has acquired the biggest pet media group in Poland, entered the UK market, and attracted the attention of customers, investors, international conferences, and media publications. Prior to hiPets Dorota co-founded HiDone, a mobile marketplace for services, and has acquired experience in senior positions at companies such as Coders Lab, Booksy, and PZ Cussons. 

Diana Koziarska

Founding Partner at SMOK Ventures

Diana Koziarska is a co-founder of ReaktorX, a pre-acceleration program for first-time founders, and a coworking space ReaktorWarsaw, that also holds open events and mentoring sessions for the community. In 2019 she became one of the Founding Partners of a well-known VC firm - SMOK Ventures, investing in early-stage software and game dev companies across CEE. Her contribution to the market has been widely acknowledged and she has been named (amongst many) CESA Female Role Model of the Year and Forbes 30 Under 30.

Magdalena Surowiec

Managing Partner, Unfold

Let’s unfold the future- that’s the motto of, an early-stage tech investor, where Magdalena Surowiec became the Managing Partner. Within 20 years of her professional experience, Magdalena left a significant footprint in the development of regional startup and VC ecosystem. In the past, she held, among others, the Managing Partner position at Leonarto, another VC firm, and the CEO position at Lemon Sky, a leading Polish digital agency. She is a startup supporter, a mentor and an expert, and the lecturer at Polish universities. 

Monika Synoradzka

CEO, Huge Thing & Managing Partner, SpeedUp Venture Capital Group

Monika Synoradzka has gained a vast experience in business and marketing, which she leveraged to become Managing Partner at SpeedUp Venture Capital Group - focusing on early stage dynamically developing new technologies startups with global aspirations. She believes that the most effective acceleration happens through innovation - her passion for technology and disruption led her to co-found Huge Thing, a company well-known on the market due to setting up one of the first acceleration programs in Poland helping companies acquire innovation. Moreover, Monika was awarded in Kreatorzy 2022 (Creators 2022) ranking for doing an outstanding job in integrating startup community. 

Kinga Stanisławska

Founder, European Women in VC Community     

Kinga Stanisławska is a name well-known not only in the Polish tech ecosystem but also all across Europe, as she has been highlighted as one of the top 50 European women in tech by Forbes. She co-founded a CEE-based Experior VC, the first fund in Europe which has been founded by women, and later used the gained experience to co-initiate the European Women in VC Community, where she contributes to the strength of the senior women VC professionals group and empowers women-led activities. Amongst many of her other professional successes, she is also an Investment Committee Member at EIC Fund. 

Barbara Sobowska

Founder, Partner, MOST Partners

Talking about the influential women on the regional business scene it is worth mentioning Barabara Sobowska, the Founder and Partner at MOST Partners, a company focused on structuring, negotiating, and helping startups to close deals starting from formation through funding, expansion, and exit. Barbara is an expert in private equity, and VC transactions, as she gathered her vast expertise while working in transaction departments at Weil, Gotshal & Manges, and White & Case. Additionally, she is a Supervisory Board Member at The Heart, and a Counsel at BCGL. 

Zofia Zochniak

Founder, Ubrania do Oddania 

Zofia Zochniak is on a mission to revolutionize the second-hand clothes industry in Poland as she is a Co-Founder and CEO of the Ubrania do Oddania, a company supporting and promoting the circular economy in the textile sector. What is more, Zosia is an expert at the UN Global Compact, a mentor, and a specialist educating on the sustainable fashion approach and less-waste culture, helping companies become more conscious about environmental matters. In 2022, Zosia was listed on Forbe’s “The top 10  Sustainable Development Leaders in Poland”. 

Magdalena Linke-Koszek & Karolina Cwalina-Stępniak 

Co-Founders, Her Impact

Magdalena Linke-Koszek and Karolina Cwalina- Stępniak are the two co-founders of “Her Impact”, both with thorough entrepreneurial experience under their belts. The company they created is a number one Polish community-driven learning and hiring platform for women, that helps them learn, get inspired, and consciously build their career paths. It has been widely recognized for its spirit and positive contribution to the development and enrichment of the market. 

Magdalena is not only a businesswoman, but also a lawyer, founder of the interdisciplinary project dedicated to fashion, business and art (SEZON), an author, and a lecturer at the University of Oxford, that has been awarded (amongst many other accolades) the title of the Glamour Woman of the Year 2020. 

Karolina is a certified coach and mentor, helping people reach their career and personal goals while using her vast business experience. She has authored many books, written articles and think pieces for many publications, and conducted workshops and training for corporates. 

Agnieszka Maciejowska

Co founder & CEO, Plan Be Eco

Agnieszka Maciejowska is an entrepreneur with two successful exits in her portfolio. In 2009 she co-founded Evenea - a well-recognized platform for event participation, promotion, and ticket sales (exit by acquisition in 2019). Later on, in 2021, she moved on to help companies with the goal of reaching climate neutrality and became a co-founder and the CEO of Plan Be Eco, a standard-compliant carbon footprint reporting software for companies and organizations. The startup has got recognition in Huawei Startup Challenge 2 and in September 2022 raised pre-Seed round from Next Road Ventures. She has also been active in the ecosystem contributing to Startup Spark, a project connecting startups with corporates, and by organizing Startup Weekend events. 

Małgorzata Ohme

Co-Founder, Mindgram

Małgorzata Ohme is a psychologist, a journalist, and a TV presenter. She is a Co-Founder of Mindgram, a B2B platform supporting the mental health and well-being of employees and their families. The platform was launched in 2020 and since then its development is rocketing and the customer base of various specialists and psychologists is rapidly growing. So far, the company has gained several international investors such as Credo Ventures and Market One Capital.

Aleksandra Kozera


Aleksandra is a Harvard Graduate School of Education alumnus as well as a passionate, socially responsible entrepreneur and business developer with a diverse and plentiful career. She is the founder of the well-known education agency Elab, which offers strategic educational advice to all applicants interested in studying or pursuing a career abroad. She is also the CEO and founder of The Village Network - a marketplace and an online toolbox for those seeking to start a childcare center, that has recently secured a financing round from top investors such as Movens Capital, 500 Global, and Credo Ventures. 

Bogusława Cimoszko-Skowroński

Founder & Board Member, MIT Enterprise Forum 

Bogusława Cimoszko-Skowroński is an experienced founder, investment banker, investor and tech startups supporter. She is a Partner at FoundersPartner and a Founder and a Board Member at MIT Enterprise Forum Poland (MITEF), a global organization helping  early-stage technology entrepreneurs. Bogusława has gained her investment experience in organizations such as: Union Bank of Switzerland in Zurich, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London, Fincoord Ltd in Zurich, or Capital Solutions proAlfa in Warsaw.

Olga Kordys Kozierowska

CEO, Sukces Pisany Szminką

Olga Kordys Kozierowska is an accomplished social entrepreneur and business journalist. In her career, she is passionate about topics such as women's empowerment, gender equality and entrepreneurship, and she channeled those interests by starting a foundation „Success Written in Lipstick“ (Sukces Pisany Szminką) – the first Polish organization providing complex support for woman’s enterprise development and national publicity of their successes. Ever since its inception in 2008, the foundation has been successfully growing - empowering women in business, culture, and science, through its business portal, conferences, national competition "Businesswomen of the year" and many other initiatives. Olga's background has its source in the economy, however, she also gained experience working for many multinational companies and as a business journalist. 

Paulina Skrzypińska

Chief Innovation Officer, BNP Paribas Bank Polska

Paulina Skrzypińska is not only a well-known name in the corporate world but also a very influential startup supporter and mentor. Currently, she assumes the position of Chief Innovation Officer at BNP Paribas Bank Polska, where she is responsible for financial support, implementation, and adoption of solutions from startups and scaleups. In the past, Paulina was a Mentor at Tech Leaders, a mentoring program dedicated to women willing to start a career in IT. Additionally, she was a Guest Lecturer at Kozminski University and at The Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw.

Paula Pul

Managing Partner, LAWMORE

Paula Pul is yet another well-known name in the Polish business scene, featured on the Forbes' 30 Under 30 list. She is Managing Partner of LAWMORE, a boutique​ law firm specializing in VC & M&A transactions, new tech, and intellectual property. Paula also supports the startup ecosystem by organizing matchmaking events for investors and startups and actively participating in the development of regional companies as a mentor and an investment advisor. 

Wiktoria Wójcik

Co-Founder & CMO, inStreamly

Wiktoria Wójcik is yet another young founder that has been featured on the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list. In 2019 she co-founded an innovative startup inStreamly, that has revolutionized the way companies and streamers can collaborate on promotional activities, where she currently oversees marketing activities as a CMO. The company creates a media mix of the metaverse, bringing brands inside through i.e. creators or gaming live-streaming. Prior to the kickoff of her startup, Wiktoria was well-versed in gaming, streaming, interviewing at esports events and working for esports organizations. She is also an ambassador for Women in Games, which shares her Gen Z perspective on marketing through a variety of media platforms, conferences, and projects. 

Ela Madej

Co-Founder, Fifty Years / Business Angel

Ela Madej is a serial tech entrepreneur and investor, making an impact on the startup and VC ecosystem all over the globe! In 2006 she co-founded her first company Applicake - a software development house that specializes in baking web applications. She also co-founded Base CRM, later acquired by Zendesk, and has been very active in the European and Polish tech markets. Upon selling Applicake in 2014, she moved out to the US, where she became a Partner at Innovation Nest fund and eventually moved on to co-fund her own VC firm - Fifty Years, investing in innovative companies that use technology to solve world's problems.

Joanna Drabent

CEO & Co-founder, Prowly

Joanna Drabent is a successful female founder of Prowly, an innovative all-in-one PR platform and workflow automation solution, that has been acquired by Semrush, a US-based SaaS platform. Before beginning her entrepreneurship journey, she had gained experience in public relations, having her own PR agency. 

Zofia Dzik

Founder & CEO, Humanities Institute

Zofia Dzik is well-known as a social innovator, impact investor, mentor, and experienced chief executive. She is a Founder of Humanities Institute, a research institution focused on maximizing social impact in areas, which are the most important for every human being, Creator of the Venture Capital Circle of Social Investors, a Founder and Head of the Academy of Leadership in Education, a Founder of the International Center for Ethics in Technology (CET), and a board member of several companies, such as Arctic Paper, CCC, and PKP CARGO. Additionally, according to Forbes Women, Zofia was named among the top 10 Sustainable Development Leaders in Poland.

Eva Galant

Founder, Hashiona

Eva is a successful entrepreneur currently based in the UK, but her contribution to the European ecosystem is sizeable as she has more than 10 years of international market experience in the tech & startup sector. Moreover, she has founded a number of companies, the most recent one being Hashiona, a London-based app that improves the day-to-day quality of life for Hashimoto patients.

Olga Malinkiewicz

Co-Founder, Saule Technologies

Olga Malinkiewicz is a scientist and an inventor of the method of producing photovoltaic cells based on perovskites using inkjet printing. What is more, she is a Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Saule Technologies, a high-tech company developing innovative solar cells based on perovskite materials. Olga was also listed, among others, as one of the Innovators Under 35 by MIT Technology Review, as well as got the Photonics21 Student Innovation Award. 

Hanna Kokczyńska

Co-Founder & Chief Culture Officer, Tylko

Hanna Kokczyńska started her career as a journalist and now is a Co-Founder and a Chief Culture Office at Tylko, an online platform allowing seamless furniture customization in Augmented Reality. Tylko is a fast developing startup scaling globally- now operating in more than 28 European countries and so far has obtained over EUR 30M from, among others, Evli Growth Partners, Experior Venture Fund, Paua Ventures. In the past, Hanna was a Co-Owner of the Super Super studio and Bridge, a company working in augmented reality and co-design.  

Edyta Kocyk

Co-founder, SiDLY

Edyta Kocyk is undoubtedly an influential woman, contributing to the development of the regional startup ecosystem. She is a Co-Founder and President of the Board at SiDLY, a telemedicine platform, and a developer of the monitoring wristbands, which measure heart rate, and temperature, and remind patients to take medication. In 2021, the startup was acquired by strategic healthcare investor - Zarys International Group. For her contribution, Edyta was awarded many times, including the 30 under 30 by Forbes, The Businesswoman of the Year, and the prestigious European Leadership Award in the category of CEO Of The Year. 

Aleksandra Pędraszewska

Co-Founder, VividQ

Aleksandra is yet another name on our roundup that has been featured on Forbes 30 under 30 list. She has extensive business experience gathered whilst being a Scholar at PFR School of Pioneers - an international educational program dedicated to Polish tech entrepreneurs; working as a Head of Startups at PLUGin and facilitating the presence of a Polish start-up network in London and eventually co-founding her own company VividQ, where she works as a COO. VividQ is a deep tech company with world-leading expertise in holographic display, based in Cambridge.

Katarzyna Dorsey

Co-Founder & CEO, Yosh.AI

Katarzyna is a deep tech enthusiast and an experienced entrepreneur, that has been named by Forbes as one of the "50 European female Founder to follow". In 2016 she founded Yosh.AI, a deep tech company using advanced AI technologies to automate communication  in enterprises through voice and text assistants. The success of this company has been widely recognized and was preceded by Katarzyna's experience as a Mentor at Google and alumnus of Blackbox Acceleration program. 

Aleksandra Karasińska

Editor in Chief Forbes Women

Aleksandra’s name is one worth recalling in the context of our list - she is a journalist and an Editor in Chief of Forbes Women Poland, where she works on strengthening the representation of female entrepreneurs in Poland and supporting the successes of business women.  She is an expert in the field of online media, television, radio and press. Before working in Forbes she gained her professional experience in a.o. Radio Wolna Europa, or TVN24 as a journalist, Wprost and Newsweek as a deputy editor-in-chief, as well as has on her account collaborations with CNN and CNN Radio. Moreover, Aleksandra hosts the Forbes Women Podcast where she openly talks about women in business and current events and trends on a business scene.

Magdalena Przelaskowska

Senior Startup Partner Manager, Google 

Magdalena has been involved in Google activities for many years, working across different countries and continents. Amongst other positions, she was responsible for strengthening startup ecosystems in the Baltics and in the CEE region while in 2015 she joined Google’s Campus Warsaw as a Startup Program Manager, to coordinate projects supporting Polish innovative companies. Currently, she holds the position of EMEA Senior Startup Manager. 

Katarzyna Marchocka

CEO, Geek Girls Carrots

Katarzyna Marchocka is a well-known name in the tech sphere, as she is the CEO of Geek Girls Carrots - a global grassroots organization focused on attracting women to tech. She is passionate about encouraging women to enter tech sectors and empowering diversity in the IT industry. 

Monika Morali-Majkut

Chairman of the Investment Committee, PFR Ventures

Monika Morali-Majkut is an experienced Private Equity investor, chairman and non-executive director. Since 2016 she has been a Deputy Chairman of the Investment Committee at KFK, and since 2017 she has been a Chairman of the Investment Comittee at PFR Ventures, leading Fund of Funds investing into Venture Capital Funds. In the past, she worked, among others, as a Managing Director at Advent International and as a Board Member of the Polish Private Equity Association. Additionally, she held several non- executive board positions in private and public companies.

Małgorzata Walczak

Investment Director /Managing PFR GreenHub Fund of Funds, PFR Ventures

With over 20 years of experience Małgorzata Walczak is an experienced executive, expert, and investor, backing the Climatech and Net-zero startups. During her long professional career, she held several managerial positions as a Managing Partner and Founder at ENEA Innovation VC Fund, and as the business angel, she backed several startups including Booksy. Currency Małgorzata is an Investment Director at PFR Ventures, the leading fund manager in Central and Eastern Europe, which supports the expansion of the domestic Venture Capital and Private Equity market, where she is managing PFR NCBR CVC Fund of Funds and PFR Green Hub Funds of Funds.

Magdalena Jabłońska

President of the Board, MIT Enterprise Forum CEE

Magdalena Jabłońska is a judge, startup mentor, and experienced business consultant. During her long professional career she has been advising companies like PwC and Delloite in the area of in the area of optimization of costs, obtaining public funding, business processes optimization, innovation strategies, and more. Currently, Magdalena holds a President of the Board position at MIT Entreprise Forum CEE, with a mission to support the tech startups and empower innovation-driven entrepreneurs. Additionally, she is an Advisory Board Member at ADMA TranS4MErs and the CEO of Foundation for Technology Entrepreneurship.

Paulina Wardęga

CEO & Co-Founder, Heroify

Paulina Wardęga has a crucial influence on the regional startup ecosystem as she is a Co-Founder and the CEO of Heroify, an online platform that creates tailor-made recruitment tests for candidates. Moreover, Paulina has vast expertise in marketing, as she assumes the Marketing Mentor role at ReactorX - an acceleration program for first-time founders, and a Digital Marketing Mentor at Dare IT - a company supporting women in starting their careers in tech. In the past, Paulina worked at several companies holding various positions, starting from Social Media Specialist at Interbia to CMO at Coffeedesk. 

Agnieszka Kopytko

Co-Founder & CTO, Smabbler

Agnieszka Kopytko’s heart beats for innovations. Hence, she co-founded Smabbler, a developer of the cognitive NLP engine, with an aim to fully automate complex texts and workflow. What is more, Agnieszka gathered her professional experience while working as a freelancer and at 4meet, being responsible for pre-deployment market and business analysis, database specifications, and interface architecture. Agnieszka’s startup- Smabbler was backed by investors like Next Road Ventures and Snowflake’s Co- Founder. Additionally, the startup was acknowledged by Schneider Electric as the main AI provider.

Natalia Panowicz

CEO & Co-Founder, Codility

Natalia Panowicz started her career as a Project Coordinator at Forum of Dialogue, and as a Consultant at Durabilis, which mission is to develop innovative agri-food businesses. In 2012 she has Co-Founded Codility, where she is currently working as the CEO. This tech startup is a hiring platform that was specially developed for companies to evaluate the coding skills of potential candidates. So far, the company is a global market player that helped over 1.200 businesses worldwide including Microsoft, PayPal, Tesla, and Slack. 

Paulina Walkowiak 

Co- Founder & CEO,

Paulina Walkowiak is a Co-Founder and the CEO of, a startup developing a UX automation tool allowing users to quickly improve conversion, by analyzing data and recognizing users’ problems. Paulina is also a market researcher, as she has supported companies in launching new products and services. She is also an expert and a speaker at conferences and meetups related to UX, research, and technologies. 

Honorata Hafke-Dys

Co-founder & VP product, StethoMe

Another women entrepreneur included on our list is Honorata Hafke- Dys, a scientific project leader with more than 15 years of experience. Currently, Honorata is the Co-Founder of StethoMe, a home stethoscope designed to detect abnormal sounds in the children’s respiratory system. Additionally, she is a TED speaker, an innovator, and several awards winner for her discovery of the new sound processing mechanism. 

Barbara Nowakowska

Managing Director, Polish Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (PSIK)

Barbara Nowakowska is a very competent female entrepreneur with over 20 years of expertise. Since 2003 Barbara has stood as a Managing Director at PSIK, Polish Private Equity & Venture Capital Association, with a mission to further develop the Polish private equity and Venture Capital ecosystem. As an expert, she has been a Member of the Governing Board at the European Institute of Innovation and Technology and a member of the European Commission, specializing in Polish private equity and VC markets. 

Magdalena Pawłowska

Partner, Level2 Ventures

Magdalena Pawłowska is another impactful woman included on our list, as she has over 15 years of experience as a marketing, communications, and business development expert. Currently, she assumes the Partner position at Level2 Ventures, an early-stage venture capital fund, supporting startups with managerial experience, training, talent recruitment, and more. Some of her past experiences include working as a Marketing & PR Director at FAMUR GROUP, a Marketing Director at ZETO, and a Deputy PR Manager at Grupa 3S.

Magdalena Trąba

Investment Manager, Pracuj Ventures

When it comes to women supporting the regional growth of the Venture Capital ecosystem it is worth mentioning Magdalena Trąba, who is a current Senior Investment Manager at Pracuj Ventures, a Venture Capital firm founded by Grupa Pracuj, which is investing in early-stage HR and EDU Tech startups. Before, she has been working as Investment and Strategic Growth Manager at Grupa Pracuj, and in PwC, where she was responsible for, among others, strategy development, due diligence process, and, market reviews.

Dagmara Nickel

Managing Partner & Founder, YouNick

Dagmara Nickel is driven by usefulness, believing that every business is not only about financials but also about humans. As an experienced entrepreneur, Dagmara is managing Nickel Development, a property development company based in Poznan. What is more, in 2006 she founded YouNick Technology Park, providing needed infrastructure for businesses, and since 2012 she has been the CEO of YouNick Mint, a fast developing Venture Capital firm backing the early stage startups operating in BIO, ICT, IoT, and BPO.  

Iwona Cymerman & Anna Dymowska

Managing Partner, FundingBox Deep Tech Fund

Iwona Cymerman is an experienced founder, executive, mentor, and board member. Currently, she assumes a role of Managing Partner at FundingBox Deep Tech Fund, focused on early-stage European startups developing tech solutions. During her professional career, she was also working as Director of the Impact Poland Acceleration Program at FundingBox, an Advisor at Kwiecinski Business Advisory, and a CEO at Biotech Innovations, with a mission to transfer the most advanced R&D scientific projects to the marketplace. As a very experienced female entrepreneur, Iwona was additionally a Visiting Lecturer at Warsaw University. 

Anna has severely contributed to the development of the European tech ecosystem. She is yet another female entrepreneur working as a Partner (and also a COO) at the FundingBox company, and on top of that she is also engaged in the VC arm of FundingBox, financing early-stage deep-tech European startups. 

Paulina Mazurek

Partner & CEO, Bitspiration Booster VC

Paulina is an accomplished player in the ecosystem, having worked for established companies such as Google or Allegro. She is also a CEO and a Partner at Bitspiration Booster - a VC fund investing in early-stage science and technology CEE-based startups, as well as a CEO of BEIT - a company operating in the quantum computing industry. As a representative of BEIT she has been selected to join the TechPioneers Class of 2022 by the World Economic Forum.

Katarzyna Kazior

Founder, Polka / Angel Investor

Katarzyna is a startup investor, advisor, and entrepreneur with many years of experience under her belt. She invests in early-stage companies in sectors such as food tech, grocery, and AI/ML as an Angel Investor and has founded Polka - a startup developing a collaboration tool for Zoom meeting recordings. On top of that, she also serves as a Partner at Last Mile Experts, backing CEP and e-commerce companies.

Elżbieta Obrębowska

Marketing and Operations Manager, Market One Capital

Elżbieta Obrębowska is an experienced businesswoman in investor relations marketing and fund operations. Currently, she holds a Marketing and Operations Manager at Market One Capital, an early-stage VC fund supporting European companies. She is a startup supporter and community builder. In the past, she assumed the Community Manager and Head of Events at European Women in VC. 

Rozalia Urbanek

Investment Director, PFR Ventures

Rozalia is an experienced entrepreneur with a varied and diverse resume. She has been gaining experience working for companies such as EY, PineBridge Investments and ForeVest Capital Partners. In 2017 she co-founded BeautyClick and later moved on to start her career at Polish Development Fund, firstly as an Investment Manager and then as Investment Director.

Anna Magiera

Partner, ICLUB

Anna Magiera has been present on the regional business scene for more than 15 years, having vast expertise in corporate, venture capital, and startup ecosystem. As a Mentor at Techstars Berlin, Seedstars, ReaktorX, tech2impact Accelerator Program, and a Board Member at StartUp Hub Poland, she has successfully supported more than 200 startups with her knowledge and experience. Moreover, Anna was in charge of the coordinating GrowthUp Accelerator & Venture fund and she currently is a Partner at ICLUB, a network of investment clubs backing fast-growing startups in the EU and the US. 

Anna Podkowinska-Tretyn

Chief International Business Officer, Everli / Business Angel

When it comes to influential women in the startup and VC ecosystem it is worth mentioning Anna Podkowinska-Tretyn, a Chief International Business Officer at Everli, an online grocery delivery platform. Anna has over 15 years of expertise in digital transformation and business development sectors. She is a Business Angel and a startup mentor. Her previous experience includes, among others, working as a Chairwomen of the Supervisory Board at Mindgram and Chief Digital Officer & Management Team Member at Burda International Poland.  

Agnieszka Skala

Head of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Division Politechnika Warszawska

Agnieszka Skala is another impactful female market player included on our list. As a current Head of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Division at Politechnika Warszawska and an Assistant Professor at Warsaw University of Technology, she supports the constantly developing startup ecosystem and the implementation of innovations in the region. In addition, Agnieszka Skala is a long-term researcher, and experienced startup mentor, so it is not surprising that she has co-founded a SPIN Entrepreneurship School, a company offering workshops for technology startups on various stages of development. 

Karolina Wilk-Tryjanowska

CEE Regional Manager, Demium    

When it comes to influential women entrepreneurs that contribute to the constant development of the regional startup and VC ecosystem, it is worth mentioning Karolina Wilk-Tryjanowska, a Country Manager at Demium, an international investment company, and a Founder and CEO at Nieobce, an educational platform helping in learning new languages. What is more, Karolina got the role of Junior Startup Manager at Ad Ventures, a Head of Acceleration at ReaktorX, and a Trainer at eduNation. 

Karolina Wojtas

Investment Manager, Icos Capital

Karolina Wojtas is an expert, mentor, judge, and Co-Founder of a MedTech startup and a pre-accelerator. Currently, she is an Investment Manager at Icos Capital, a ClimateTech Venture Capital fund, focused on investing in companies, especially from industries such as Sustainable Food, Circular Economy, Sustainable Industry, and Decarbonization. What is more, Karolina assumes the Curator position at Hello Tomorrow, an organization supporting DeepTech startups. Her vast expertise is especially valuable while being a Board Observer at Invert Robotics and an Advisory Board Member at Poland Innovative Foundation and Shesnnovation Academy. 

Patrycja Strzelecka

Founder & CCO, CashDirector

Patrycja is an accomplished entrepreneur and a founder of CashDirector, a fintech scaleup that helps banks to improve profitability on their SME accounts. Moreover, she is an alumnus of Barclays Techstars Accelerator in London and PwC Raise Accelerator as well as a Partner at Time for the Planet - nonprofit supporting companies fighting against the global climate. 

Joanna Namysł & Katarzyna Wierzbowska & Kinga Nowakowska & Dorota Czekaj


 Co-Founders, Black Swan VC / Business Angels

Joanna Namysł has more than 15 years of experience in equity and debt financing, real estate investment and business development. She ia an experienced founder and investor. Among others, Joanna has Co-founded and held CEO position at Black Swan. Currently, she is a Member of The Supervisory Board at Petgram.

Kasia is a serial entrepreneur and a social innovator with an expansive resume. She is one of the co-founders of Black Swan, which was a women's business angel investing fund; a co-founder of Children Hospital Innovators' Club and a Jury Member of Europe's flagship innovation program - EIC Accelerator. Her most recent venture that she manages as a co-founder and CEO is Sophia Health - a femtech startup developing a digital health coach for women. 

Kinga Nowakowska is yet another name connected to the Black Swan fund, that had been developing female capabilities in the investment areas. She holds a senior position at Capital Park Group where she is responsible for asset management and implementing innovative ideas in office spaces. She is also an investor and a co-founder BioBazar - a marketplace startup for certified ecological products.

Dorota Czekaj has over 20 years of experience in the Polish business scene. In the past, she worked at L’Oreal assuming the Director position, and in 2018 Dorota has co-founded Black Swan, a Venture Capital fund investing in early-stage companies. Currently, she is a Co-Founder and President of Sieć Przedsiębiorczych Kobiet (Network of Entrepreneurial Women), an organization that supports women's entrepreneurship by developing a female professional community, initiating acceleration and business programs, popularizing female business angel networks and financing instruments for startups.

Katarzyna Krolak-Wyszynska

CEO, Innovatika

Katarzyna has a keen eye for new product propositions and innovative business models. She is one of the co-founders of The Heart and an advisor at Pointer.Capital  -  a global Fintech & Crypto Investment firm. She is also the CEO of Innovatika - a digital venture-building agency, where she puts her skills and intuition to use, designing digital products and implementing successful solutions. 

Maria Parysz

CEO, LogicAI / CEO, RecoAI

Maria is an experienced leader in the fields such as data science and AI, as well as the creator of Kaggle Days - the biggest community of data scientists in the world. On top of that she is a founder and a CEO of multiple AI-powered companies -  LogicAI, delivering Data Science projects to top global companies and governments; Elephant AI, a course for AI project managers and RecoAI, a recommendation system powered by AI. 

Olena Kolikhova

Innovation Manager, EY

Olena has been closely collaborating with the startup communities for many years, powering them as a Business Mentor in Startberry, WeWork Labs, and Founder Institue. As a Head of Startups Poland at Microsoft, she has been building strategic partnerships in the Polish VC and startup ecosystem, creating a leading CEE accelerator. Currently, she is employed at EY, where she assumed the position of Innovation Manager. 

Aleksandra Laska

Partner, Redalpine VC

Aleksandra Laska is a Partner at Redalpine VC, a Venture Capital firm based in Zurich and Berlin, focused on backing startups with breakthrough ideas and ambitions to scale globally. She is an investor, with a focus on investments across sectors and European geographies and a startup supporter, having her own founding experience. What is more, she holds several Board Member positions in companies like 9fin, Razor Group, Beams, and Portify. 

Eliza Kruczkowska

Chief Innovation Officer, PFR

Eliza Kruczkowska has been shaping the Polish startup ecosystem for many years, having coordinated a program called “Start In Poland”, aimed at building a vibrant startup and venture capital ecosystem in the country, Amongst many other positions, she was also the CEO of Startup Poland, a foundation of the Polish startup community, and later moved on to assume the position of Chief Innovation Officer at Polish Development Fund, where she coordinates the efforts such as supporting developing companies and investing in sustainable social development and national economic growth.

Kasia Gola

Founder, GeekGoesChic

As a fashion-tech enthusiast and tech trends forecaster, Kasia Gola has founded GeekGoesChic, a company specializing in predicting tech trends in the fashion industry offering training, reports generating, and consulting services. In the past, she worked as an Industry Advisor at WEARFITS, and Lecturer at Lazarski University and at AGH University of Science and Technology. Additionally, in 2012 Kasia founded Flowbox - a state-of-the-art cloud-ready VFX platform. 

Natalia Świrska

Startup Program Manager CEE, OVH Cloud

Natalia Świrska is undoubtedly a very impactful female market player on the regional business scene. She was named, among others, a Bizneswomen of the year in 2016 by the Sukces Pisany Szminką foundation and PwC, and was listed on the Forbe’s “30 under 30” list in 2017. Currently, she is a Startup Program Manager at OVHcloud and a Mentor at the Shesnnovation Academy, organized by the Perspektywy Foundation. 

Anna Frankowska

Founder & CEO, 2 More Life

Anna Frankowska is an experienced executive and a startup founder. During her long professional career, she has co-founded Nitechain and Nightset, a mobile platform that connects the entire nightlife ecosystem. What is more, she also co-founded Distributed Academy a global provider of blockchain educational training. Currently, she holds a CEO position at 2 More Life. To highlight her contribution to the development of the startup ecosystem, Anna was featured on the 30 under 30 Europe Technology list, Innovate Finance Top 100 Women In Fintech, and twice in Forbes 30 Under 30 Poland. 

Katarzyna Klimek

Co-founder & COO, Klub Aktywnych

Katarzyna Klimek is a knowledgeable mentor and advisor for tech startups, helping founders in strategy and business process modeling. She is an experienced executive, a Co-Founder of Torba Bobra, a developer of an assistive shopping bag for seniors, and a Co-Founder of Klub Aktywnych, an online platform offering special training and classes for people aged 60+. In the past, Katarzyna also got the role of Business Mentor for Startup Heroes at Startup Academy Poland and a COO position at Fundacja Most. 

Beata Turlejska

Managing Partner, Leonarto

Beata Turlejska has more than 20 years of experience in the regional business scene. During her long career, she has been holding several executive and managerial positions including Member of the Management Board at, an interactive agency.  Currently, she is a Managing Partner at Leonarto, a venture capital firm backing and investing in early-stage companies, with a mission to explore, develop and commercialize innovations. 

Urszula Herman

CEO & Founder, PelviFly

Urszula Herman’s heart beats for science and innovations, so it is not surprising that she has founded PelviFly where she currently holds a position of the CEO. It is a startup supporting women’s intimate health, thanks to the specially designed app providing muscle exercises, especially for the pelvic floor. What is more, PelviFly was chosen as one of the startups with the potential to change global health policy and solve global problems during the World Health Summit. In the past, Urszula has also founded the Force Feminite Foundation, for further support of female patients.

Róża Szafranek

CEO, HR Hints

Róża is passionate about HR, recruitment processes and leadership having over 10 years in this area - no wonder that she founded the startup developing HR subscription model fully dedicated to real support and problem-solving, called HR Hints. Thanks to her experience in co-building various startups and tech companies she had an opportunity to observe founder-team crises and support leaders in solving them. This is how she becomes an HR expert helping companies improve work environment, always willing to take part in conferences and webinars. Besides that, Róża is a Co-Author of Culturivy - guide for startup founders and HR professionals and creator of Skuteczny Rekruter IT (Effective IT Recruiter) online course.

Ada Andruszkiewicz

Co- Founder & Head of Product,

Ada Andruszkiewicz is a Co-Founder and a Head of Product at, a virtual voice and text assistant. In the beginning, the platform was launched to support the booking system of the hair salon chain, but soon after that the company has become independent and is rapidly growing, expanding not only in Poland but also in the US. In the past, Ada held the position of Head of Product at Pragmatis, and Product Owner at Rightmove, a UK-based property marketplace. 

Anna Walkowska

Co-Founder, Chief Technology & Product Officer, ProperGate

Anna Walkowska is actively involved in the development of the startup ecosystem, having more than 20 years of experience in the regional business scene. She is an experienced entrepreneur and motivator. Since 2017, Anna has been constantly developing ProperGate, a Proptech startup that supports the logistic processes of manufacturing companies. What is more, she is a Co-Founder of Startup Poland, an organization created with the aim of further supporting the Polish startup ecosystem. Anna is a Co-Founder of Reaktor Warsaw, a co-working space, and a creator of an accelerator program at the Polish-American Chamber of Commerce in Nevada. 

Agnieszka Hryniewicz-Bieniek

Global Director, Google for Startups 

Agnieszka Hryniewicz-Bieniek is another impactful woman included on our list, as she is currently holding the Global Director position at Google for Startups, which mission is to support the success of startups and founders, connecting them with Google technology and experts. What is more, she is a Co-Founder of the Technologia w Spódnicy Association, promoting diversity in the tech industry, and a Co-Founder of the Marketing 4 Business organization, which mission is to strengthen the role of the marketing department in companies. 

Bianka Siwińska

CEO Fundacji Edukacyjnej Perspektywy

Bianka Siwińska is currently a CEO at Perspektywy Education Foundation, an organizer of the Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit, an event dedicated to female IT students and professionals. The foundation is actively promoting and empowering women in the STEM field. Additionally, Bianka is an author and coordinator of Polish national campaigns “Girls as Engineers!” and “Girls to STEM!”.

Beata Cichocka-Tylman

Expert, SoDA 

Beata Cichocka-Tylman is another impactful woman on our list, being an expert in the field of state aid and business development. She is currently an Expert at the SoDA - Software Development Association Poland, which main aim is to promote, support, grow and integrate Polish software companies. Besides that, she is actively backing startups with her wide knowledge of innovation implementation, financing, subsidies and tax reliefs. Additionally, Beata is a startup investor and mentor. 

Katarzyna Wszola

Director of Innovation, Veolia Poland

Katarzyna Wszola has more than 10 years of experience in the innovation and R&D sectors, assuming several positions in companies, startups, NGOs, and tech universities. At present, she holds a position of Director of Innovation at Veolia Poland, being responsible for, among others, the implementation of innovative solutions and incorporating business processes within innovation. Her professional experience includes positions such as a Vice-President of the Supervisory Board at the Science Infrastructure Management Society, Head of the R&D Club at techBrainers, and a Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum. 

Karolina Piotrowska

Member Of The Management Board, Startup Academy Poland

Karolina Piotrkowska has been contributing to the development of the startup ecosystem for over 6 years. She is an accelerator program coordinator and a startup mentor currently holding the position of the Member of the Management Board at Startup Academy Poland, a Polish organization supporting founders, and startups, by organizing events, educational workshops, and mentoring sessions. What is more, Karolina is cooperating with corporations and local governments in designing accelerators and tailor-made training programs.

Kasia Gryzło


Kasia Gryzło is a CEO at, an online platform offering mental health support for employees, and at Emplonid, a well-being company, where workers can book 1:1 consultations with certified and experienced therapists through a specially designed app. Moreover, Kasia is also a Founder and Advisor of ZIAJKA, and used to work as the Copywriter at VML Poland. 

Marta Pyznarska

Founder & CEO, Droplabs

Marta Pyznarska is a Founder and CEO at Droplabs, a developer of a comprehensive online ticketing tool for tourist attractions with a mission to support companies in digital transformation, shortening queues, and sales increasing. In the past, Marta assumed the Project Manager role at Easyship, a shipping platform, and a Product Owner position at Brainly, a company creating a peer-to-peer learning community for students, parents, and teachers. 

Wiktoria Przybylska

Startup Mentor

Wiktoria has worked with many startups and VC communities throughout the duration of her career, amongst others she has been managing the startup programs at Microsoft as a Head of Startups in Poland. She has also co-founded a - marketing communication agency and a culinary platform. Currently, she is a startup mentor, helping other businesses grow.  

Marzena Bielecka

Board Member, PSIK

Marzena Bielecka is an experienced executive with more than 25 years of experience in the finance and investment sectors. She is a Founding Member of the European Women in VC, a community of over 1000 senior female venture capital investors, and a Founder and Managing Partner at Experior Venture Fund, a Poland-based early and growth stage venture capital firm. What is more, since 2020, Marzena is engaged in PSIK, a Polish Private Equity & Venture Capital Association as the Board Member.

Barbara Koźbiał & Natalia Czapracka

Co-Founders, Scramjet  

Scramjet is a deep-tech Polish startup, aiming to launch an end-to-end data mesh platform called Scramjet Cloud Platform, which has been founded by two women - Barbara Koźbiał and Natalia Czapracka. Barbara, prior to the Screamjet inception has worked as an IT Analyst, whilst Natalia had worked for multinationals and co-founded a Creative Content Production company Swipe Up. 

Martyna Szymańska-Sztaba

Co-founder, Syntoi

Martyna Szymańska-Sztaba is a true sustainability expert co-founded Syntoi, a company whose mission is to transform rubber waste into industrial products and limit the usage of fossil fuels, waste, and carbon dioxide emission. What is more, Martyna had her own podcast- Muda Talks, covering topics such as sustainability, circular economy, entrepreneurship, and social impact. 

Lucyna Szaszkiewicz

CEO & Co-Founder,

Lucyna Szaszkiewicz is a Co-Founder and a CEO at, a cyber defense platform delivering cybersecurity solutions by simulating phishing, ransomware, and other attacks using AI to help companies protect their data against hackers. She is also a Member of the World Economic Forum, a Founder of Tech Gap Guru, and used to work as the Lecturer at one of the Universities in Cracow. 

Paulina Brym-Ciuba

Chief Operations Officer, StartUP Hub Poland

Paulina Brym-Ciuba is a Chief Operations Officer at StartUP Hub, an organization which mission is to build an innovation hub for Central-Eastern Europe in Poland and support the further development of the regional startup ecosystem. In the past, Paulina used to work as a Marketing Director at Krynica Economic Forum, an economic conference. 

Aleksandra Donocik

 Partner & Co-founder, Polish Institute for Research and Development

Aleksandra Donocik is a seed investor and a supporter in building and growing tech startups, she also co-founded Polish Institute for Reseach and Development. In the past, Aleksandra assumed several roles, including Member of the Supervisory Board at REDS, Haxtron, and ecVision, as well as a Partner position at Ideanest Ventures.

Marta Krupinska

Co-Founder, CUR8, Head of Google for Startups UK

Although Marta Krupinska is currently based in the UK, she has a huge influence on the regional startup ecosystem. She is a tech entrepreneur successfully co-founded two startups- Azimo, a platform specializing in easy money transfers, and CUR8, a company focused on building removals portfolios of the highest quality. What is more, Marta is holding positions of the Head of Google for Startups UK, Co-Lead of Google's Black Founders Fund Europe at Google and an Investor and Impact Board Member at Climate VC. For her significant impact, Marta was recognized on the 30 under 30 Forbes list and as one of the Top 60 Female Tech Executives. 

Barbara Klaudel


Barbara is a young entrepreneur passionate about the deployment of AI solutions in healthcare as well as a lecturer at the Gdansk University of Technology. She co-founded two ventures -, a startup project which aims to provide healthcare with state-of-the-art AI-based technology improving diagnosis accuracy, and research group devoted to creating AI solutions in interdisciplinary teams.

Magdalena Pazgan-Wacławek

Co-founder, Kap Holding

Magdalena is an investor, an entrepreneur, and co-owner of two companies - Maple Real Estate and Kap Holding. The latter of the two is a family office firm and an investment fund, with a VC arm called KAP VC, investing in teams innovating in sectors such as energy, estate, or technology. 

Joanna Fedorowicz

Co- Founder & CEO, OvuFriend

Joanna is a successful entrepreneur passionate about the deployment of big data and AI solutions in the healthcare sector. She has co-founded and became the CEO at OvuFriend - a health tech startup dedicated to women, that uses science and data to help them faster get pregnant or detect intimate health problems at an early stage. The company has been widely recognized and supported by NCRD, Google for Startups (Residency program) and accelerator based in Silicon Valley. 

Barbara Piasek

CEO, Evenea

Barbara has many years of entrepreneurial experience under her belt which she now uses to help others build their businesses and profitable solutions whilst maintaining a calm and healthy mindset. Her approach has proven to be successful in many ventures she co-founded, which include See Bloggers festival, IncredBots - an automatization SaaS platform as well as Wolves Summit, one of the best tech conferences in the region. Currently, she is the CEO of Evenea - an event-creating company, that has been acquired by her (and her business partner Piotr Piasek) in 2019. 

Joanna Fogler

Chief Innovation Strategist, Fundacja MOST

Joanna is a widely accomplished business advisor and project manager, with experience in companies such as Polish Investment Fund or PAX Consulting Group. Currently, she is a Chief Innovation Strategist at MOST Foundation, an NGO supporting the technology, know-how and resource transfer to young up-and-coming entrepreneurs, startups and research centers. 

Joanna Bobel

Co-Founder & CEO, PassRight

Joanna has a mission to encourage and support entrepreneurs on the immigration journey, as she is the U.S. immigrant herself. To fulfill that, she co-founded and became the CEO of PassRight - a startup that aims to support other founders and talented professionals, from every corner of the world in the process of obtaining Visas and Green Cards in the USA. 

Magda Magnuszewska

CEO, Inelo

Magda is a senior executive focused on technology and digital companies. She has gained experience as a Member of the Supervisory Board in many firms such as Meritum Bank, Benestra, or Grupa Wirtualna Polska and later moved on to become a partner at Innova Capital. Currently, she is the CEO of Inelo, a company offering services for the transport sector. 

Tamara Bolsewicz

Co-founder & CEO, Meetsales

Tamara is an experienced entrepreneur and business strategy consultant that has co-founded two ventures. One of them was deele - a startup providing streetwear shopping assistance on Facebook messenger, where she was also a COO. The second company is Meetsales - video commerce app for remote-first sales teams, where she currently holds a CEO position.

Patrycja Wizinska-Socha

Chief Specialist, Innovation Department of the Ministry of Health

Patrycja has been in the business for many years and her varied and diverse resume is a great testament to her contribution to the healthcare industry. Amongst others, she is a founder and a Board Member of Nestmedic - a public, a hi-tech telemedicine company, a startup mentor, and a Chief Specialist at the Innovation Department of the Ministry of Health.

Maria Belka

CEO & Co-Founder, Mentors4Starters

Maria has a wide experience as a project manager, which she later used to co-found and run Bit Evil - a software development company. Currently, she is a CEO and a co-founder of Mentors4Starters - an initiative aiming to support knowledge-sharing and mentorship opportunities for young professionals.

Barbara Soltysinska

Co-founder & CEO,  indaHash

Barbara is a well-accomplished and recognized entrepreneur, especially in the marketing area, awarded the title of EY Entrepreneur of the Year. She is the co-founder of indaHash - an international platform for native ad campaigns with influencers, and LifeTube - the biggest YouTube multichannel network in Central Europe combining the community of top youtubers with skills of marketing agency.

Zuzanna Śleszyńska

Co-Founder, Lettly

Zuzanna is a co-founder of Lettly, an innovative influencer marketing company. She shares the experience that she had gained while starting her own venture, as a mentor at Google Launchpad programs for early-stage companies and as a lecturer at Łazarski University.

Magdalena Urban

Founder, Urban Legend Brand

Magdalena has been recognized by Forbes in the 30 under 30 list for her wide entrepreneurial experience in the marketing sector. She was coordinating marketing activities (and more!) in companies such as Kerris, Integer, and Digital Care. Llater she moved on to found her own business - a fashion brand called Urban Legend. Currently, she is a CMO at MultiWash, a startup shaping the future of car mobility services. 

Kaja Rybicka- Gut

Co-founder & Chief Brand Officer, Your KAYA

Kaja has been gaining experience in marketing, fashion, and e-commerce companies before she co-founded and became a Chief Brand Officer of her own company, well-known in the Polish market - Your KAYA. It's a sustainable brand of eco- and body-friendly intimate hygiene products, with subscription programs. For her efforts, she has been recognized in Forbes 30 under 30 list. 

Jowita Michalska

Founder, CEO, Digital University 

Jowita has a vast experience in business, having worked for well-known companies such as PGE, Burda International Poland and Deloitte. She was the CEO of Warsaw Smash, a future-forward festival bringing together digital disruption, innovative design, and advanced marketing. She also founded and became the CEO of Digital University -an open education program dedicated to business leaders. entrepreneurs, startups, and students.

Dagmara Strzębicka

Portfolio Director, eduLAB edTech Accelerator

Dagmara Strzębicka has many years of experience in the VC and startup sector as she is a current Portfolio Director at eduLab edTech Accelerator, a program that supports edtech companies. What is more, Dagmara is an Advisor to the Board at Sieć Przedsiębiorczych Kobiet, an organization focused on empowering women in business. Dagmara is also a startup mentor, expert, and investor, supporting companies with business modeling, portfolio management, investment processes, pitching, and more. 

Magdalena Olczak-Nowicka & Patrycja Panasiuk 


Magdalena Olczak-Nowicka is an Investment Manager at Orlen VC, a Venture Capital firm supporting early-stage tech companies. What is more, Magdalena has over 10 years of expertise in the Venture Capital sector, as she has previously assumed positions as Investment Manager at Experior Venture Fund, an Investment Associate at, and several Board Observer roles in companies like eologix sensor technology, Digital Teammates, and CyberRescue. Additionally, on daily basis she is a startup supporter, guiding companies within marketing and sales strategies as well as their financial rounds. 

Patrycja Panasiuk’s heart beats for innovation, so it is not surprising that since 2018 she has been active in the market, working as a Director of Innovation and Deputy Executive Director for Strategy, Innovation, and Investor Relations at PKN ORLEN. She also has experience coordinating innovative projects and working in the public finance sector. On top of all that, she is also a Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Orlen VC. 

Zuzanna Stańska

 Founder & CEO, Daily Art

Zuzanna is an entrepreneur passionate about promoting culture through digital means and her extensive resume is great proof of that. She founded a number of successful ventures including Metamuzeum - a series of regular meetups for Polish museum professionals, Moiseum - a tech lab focusing on educational projects and eventually a DailyArt app, devoted to sharing art history with millions of users all around the world.

*Undoubtedly, the Polish startup and VC ecosystem is powered by many inspiring and impactful women, which is why our list is definitely not closed, and we appreciate every involvement! So if you have any insights about the article, drop us a line.


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