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19 September 2023·39 min read

Aleksandra Woszczyk

Editor, Vestbee

Top Women From VC and Startup Ecosystem in Italy

Continuing our journey through European countries, including Poland, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, and The Western Balkans, we're now turning our attention to Italy. Here, we will introduce you to some of the top women significantly impacting the Italian VC and startup ecosystem.

Let's meet the top women making waves in this thriving Italian ecosystem!

Cristina Pozzi

Co-Founder & CEO, Edulia

Cristina Pozzi is a dynamic figure who has been at the forefront of driving innovation, education, and technology in Italy and beyond. Cristina is the Co-Founder and CEO of Edulia, an innovative ed-tech hub in Italy closely associated with the prestigious Italian Enciclopedia Treccani. Edulia is dedicated to transforming both formal and non-formal education.

In 2016, Cristina co-founded Impactscool, a groundbreaking venture now integrated into Edulia. Impactscool's mission is to democratize knowledge and empower young minds with the skills necessary to shape the future of society. Cristina's leadership at Edulia and Impactscool showcases her passionate commitment to education and innovation.

Cristina's influence extends to the government level. In 2020, she was appointed as a member of the government task force for the future of Italian schools. Her role allows her to contribute her insights and expertise to shape the direction of education in Italy, particularly regarding technology and innovation.

Giada Zhang

CEO, Mulan Group

Giada Zhang is a dynamic and multilingual professional with a diverse background. She was originally from China and grew up in Italy. Her career has taken her across the globe, providing her with experiences in Italy, the United States, Europe, and China. Giada is fluent in five languages.

After gaining valuable experiences at prestigious institutions like Goldman Sachs and McKinsey, Giada has assumed the role of co-founder and CEO of Mulan Group. Mulan Group is a food production company specializing in Asian ready-to-eat meals. Her leadership in this venture reflects her entrepreneurial spirit and her passion for the food industry.

Giada's earlier experiences include serving as an Investment Analyst Intern at Fondo Italiano d'Investimento SGR. During her tenure, she worked with FII Tech Growth, a prominent Italian technology private equity and late-stage venture capital fund. Her responsibilities included analyzing Consumer Tech companies, conducting business due diligence, and market/competitive analysis. She actively contributed to the fund's mission of making equity investments in technology-based Italian companies, both VC-backed and self-financed.

She has been recognized as one of Italy's 50 most influential Chinese individuals. Startupitalia has also named her one of the "Unstoppable women" shaping Italy's future and redefining women's leadership.

Lucrezia L.

Investment Director, 360Capital

Lucrezia L. is a seasoned professional with a strong venture capital and entrepreneurship background. Her career reflects her commitment to supporting innovative startups and promoting female entrepreneurship.

At present, Lucrezia serves as an Investment Director at 360 Capital, a prominent Venture Capital firm based in Milan, Italy. In this role, she is responsible for overseeing investment activities and strategies. She brings her expertise to focus on Italian and Southern European deal flow, specifically emphasizing sectors such as B2B, B2C software, deep tech, and climate tech ventures. Additionally, she plays a vital role in portfolio management across 360 Capital's various funds, including the 360 Deeptech, Climate Tech, and Series A funds.

Apart from her role at 360 Capital, Lucrezia is also an Ambassador of Female Founders, a dynamic community dedicated to fostering female entrepreneurial talent across Europe.

Francesca Chiara Gennaro

Chief Investment Officer, CDP Venture Capital SGR SpA - Fondo Nazionale Innovazione

Francesca Chiara Gennaro is a prominent professional with extensive experience in venture capital and alternative investments, particularly within the Italian financial sector.

Currently, Francesca holds the position of Chief Investment Officer at CDP Venture Capital SGR - Fondo Nazionale Innovazione, based in Rome, Italy. CDP Venture Capital SGR manages the National Innovation Fund, established with the objective of accelerating the growth of the Italian Venture Capital ecosystem.

The fund's mission is to effectively deploy its initial endowment of 1 billion euros to support economic development and innovation in Italy. Francesca plays a pivotal role in realizing this mission, overseeing investment activities, and creating an ecosystem that fosters collaboration among companies, investors, and startups.

Caterina Siclari

Senior Partner - Responsabile Fondo Rilancio Startup, CDP Venture Capital SGR - Fondo Nazionale Innovazione

Caterina Siclari is a seasoned professional with a strong venture capital and space technology industry background.

Since July 2021, Caterina has held the position of Senior Partner and Head of the Startup Recovery Fund at CDP Venture Capital SGR. She plays a pivotal role in overseeing the Startup Recovery Fund, which focuses on investing in startups to drive economic development and innovation in Italy.

In addition to her role at CDP Venture Capital SGR, Caterina Siclari is the Founder of Leaf Space, a company she established in June 2014 and continues to lead. Leaf Space operates a distributed ground station network, providing services to the growing small satellite (Smallsat) industry. The company's unique approach involves offering Ground Segment-as-a-Service, managing and procuring the entire ground segment system for satellite operators.

Antonella Zullo


Head of Innovation & Corporate Venturing, LVenture Group

Antonella Zullo is a seasoned professional with significant experience in innovation, corporate venturing, and business advisory.

Antonella is serving as the Head of Innovation and corporate Venturing at LVenture Group. The company offers co-working spaces, post-acceleration, and open innovation services to startups and talents, helping them navigate the market and shape the future. Antonella's role involves leading the innovation and corporate venturing efforts, which likely includes identifying strategic partnerships, investments, and initiatives to foster innovation and growth.

In addition to her corporate roles, Antonella Zullo is the Founder and Senior Advisor of Business Advisory Group. This consultancy focuses on areas such as digital transformation, innovation management, change management, program and project management, and sales and marketing. Her advisory work indicates a deep understanding of how organizations can navigate and thrive in the rapidly changing business landscape.

Isabelle Andrieu

Co-founder & Chairwoman, Translated | CEO, Pi School

Isabelle Andrieu is a highly accomplished professional with a significant impact on both the technology and education sectors. Her career spans various ventures and leadership roles that demonstrate her commitment to innovation, creativity, and technology-driven solutions.

Currently, Isabelle serves as the CEO of Pi School, a role she has held since October 2019. Pi School has a dual focus: building AI solutions for companies and training the next generation of AI experts. Pi School prepares leaders through creativity and assists companies in their digitalization strategies.

Additionally, Isabelle is a Co-founder of Pi Campus, a startup district and venture fund established in May 2017. Pi Campus not only provides financial support to startups but also offers mentorship and a conducive working environment for their growth. This venture exemplifies her commitment to nurturing talent and fostering innovation within the startup ecosystem.

Anna Amati

Co-founder & General Partner, EUREKA! Venture SGR Spa | Co-founder, Angels4Women

Anna Amati is an accomplished entrepreneur and innovation enabler with over two decades of experience in the innovation sector.

She is the founder and partner of META Group, an international company renowned for its expertise in the innovation field, spanning from policies to tools. META Group provides comprehensive support for economic development, specialized services for the establishment and acceleration of knowledge-intensive companies, and the management of risk capital tools, both in Italy and abroad.

In March 2019, Anna co-founded EUREKA! Venture SGR Spa, where she serves as a key member of the Investment Committee of Eureka! Fund I Tech Transfer. This fund is the first EuVECA Fund under management and is supported by ITAtech, the Italian platform promoted by the European Investment Fund and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti. Eureka! Fund I focuses on early-stage investments originating in leading Universities and Research Centers, particularly in the field of advanced materials and materials science and engineering innovations.

Sara Kraus

Head of Business Development, TIM | Board Member, Trevi

Sara Kraus is an accomplished professional currently serving as the Head of Business Development for TIM Enterprise, a prominent ICT (Information and Communication Technology) group operating in Italy and Brazil. TIM is renowned for its leadership in digital technologies and its commitment to advancing telecommunications services. Sara brings her expertise to the forefront in this role, contributing to the group's growth and strategic development.

In addition to her role at TIM, Sara Kraus holds the position of Board Member and Non-Executive Director (NED) in the realm of Venture Capital. Her involvement in this capacity suggests a broader engagement in the investment and entrepreneurial ecosystem, contributing her insights and guidance to innovative ventures.

She is also recognized as a Fortune 40 under 40 honoree for Italy in 2023, a testament to her significant achievements and leadership in the field.

Fabiola Pellegrini

Partner, Klecha & Co.

Fabiola Pellegrini is an accomplished professional with an impressive track record, currently serving as a Partner at Klecha & Co., a private investment bank specializing in strategic industries, including Energy, High Tech (Software, Hardware, IoT), and Defense. With over a decade of experience in this role, Fabiola has played a vital role in the success of the firm.

In addition to her role at Klecha & Co., Fabiola serves as an Independent Board Member at Primo Ventures, an Italian-based firm specializing in early-stage technology venture capital. Primo Ventures focuses on investments in two key sectors, digital and space, aligning with the rapidly expanding frontiers of technology and innovation.

Fabiola Pellegrini's extensive experience, expertise, and leadership in investment banking and venture capital underscore her position as a respected figure in the finance and technology sectors, contributing to the growth and success of businesses in strategic industries.

Glenda Grazioli

Partner, P101 Ventures

Glenda Grazioli has played a significant role in the success of P101, a prominent venture capital firm in Italy specializing in digital and technology-driven companies across Europe. With a decade of experience at the firm, her contributions have been instrumental in its growth and influence in the tech investment landscape.

P101 SGR, founded in 2013 by Andrea Di Camillo, has garnered support from prominent institutions, including Azimut, Fondo Italiano di Investimento, European Investment Fund, Fondo Pensione BCC, and Cassa Forense, as well as key Italian entrepreneurial families. This strong backing reflects the firm's reputation and commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

Under Glenda Grazioli's leadership, P101 has been at the forefront of venture capital investments, managing assets exceeding €200 million. The firm has made strategic investments in 35 tech companies, including notable names such as Cortilia, Milkman, MusixMatch, Velasca, and Tannico.

Diana Saraceni

Co-founder & General Partner, Panakes Partners

Diana Saraceni is a highly experienced professional in the venture capital and investment industry with a significant track record in nurturing innovative early-stage medical companies across Europe, particularly in Italy.

As the General Partner and co-founder of Panakes Partners, Diana has played a pivotal role in the success of this investment company. Panakes Partners specializes in identifying and investing in promising early-stage medical companies throughout Europe.

Before her role at Panakes Partners, Diana co-founded and served as a General Partner at 360 Capital Partners, a venture capital fund that focuses on early-stage innovative companies across Europe, with particular attention to Italy and France.

Antonella Beltrame

Partner & Co-founder, Indaco Venture Partners

Antonella Beltrame's career is marked by her significant contributions to the growth and success of innovative companies, particularly in the fields of electronics, robotics, medtech, digital technology, and new materials.

Currently serving as a Partner at Indaco Venture Partners, Antonella has been in this role since July 2016. Indaco Venture Partners Sgr is a prominent venture capital asset management company in Italy, specializing in companies at the forefront of technological innovation. Indaco manages a substantial portfolio of over 250 million euros across its five funds. Their investments primarily target growth-stage companies that leverage cutting-edge proprietary technologies and innovations.

Antonella is also actively engaged as a Board Member in several innovative companies, where her expertise in venture capital and strategic guidance is highly valuable. She serves on the board of The Data Appeal Company, Sweetguest, and Cortilia, showcasing her commitment to fostering growth and innovation in these organizations.

Mariarosa Trolese

Co-founder, FoolFarm SpA | Business Angel, Italian Business Angels Network

Mariarosa Trolese is a prominent figure in the Italian startup and investment ecosystem, with extensive experience as a business angel, board member, and mentor.

As a Business Angel with the Italian Business Angels Network (IBAN), Mariarosa plays a pivotal role in evaluating startup business plans. Her expertise enables her to make investment decisions, offer mentorship to founders, or sometimes engage in both.

Additionally, she serves as a member of IBAN's internal evaluation committee, contributing to the organization's strategic initiatives. Her participation as an evaluator for private and public startup acceleration programs highlights her dedication to nurturing the growth of early-stage companies.

In addition to her contributions to IBAN, Mariarosa is a mentor for "La Carica delle 101," an initiative aimed at supporting the growth of startups in various industries, with a particular focus on female entrepreneurship.

Lucia Romagnoli

Member, Italian Angels for Growth

As a member of Italian Angels for Growth (IAG), Lucia plays a significant role in Italy's largest angel investors network. IAG's mission is to provide its members with opportunities to invest in promising startup companies across various high-tech sectors, such as healthcare, clean tech, and the internet.

Lucia is also a member of the Italian Association of Business Culture and Management (AICIM). AICIM was established to cultivate business culture and prepare Italian entrepreneurs for the challenges of the future, particularly in the post-2020 pandemic era. The association provides resources, tools, and initiatives for Italian companies to enhance their growth and success.

Furthermore, Lucia Romagnoli is a longstanding member and board member of the Italian Business Angels Network (IBAN) Association.

Anna De Stefano

Founder, Future in Law | Business Angel, Italian Angels for Growth

As a Business Angel and member of Italian Angels for Growth (IAG), Anna plays a crucial role in Italy's largest Business Angels Association. In addition, Anna is the Founder of Future In Law, a project focused on Legal Design and Startups. Future In Law aims to simplify access to legal information, improve access to justice, and provide user-centric legal services. Anna's project also collaborates closely with startups to stay at the forefront of legal innovation and understand the legal needs of emerging companies.

She also serves as a Member of the Investors Committee at Associazione IBAN (Italian Business Angels Network), contributing to the development and growth of the business angels ecosystem in Italy.

Anna is also a Selector and Mentor at B Heroes, an accelerator for startups and a startup contest. B Heroes is managed by the Lastminute Foundation and Banca Intesa-San Paolo and provides significant support to startups, including mentoring and investment.

Additionally, Anna serves as a Business Mentor for Seedstars, a global fund and competition for startups in emerging markets. Seedstars runs accelerators in various developing countries and offers an online mentoring program for accelerated startups.

Brigitte Sardo

CEO, Sargomma Srl Società Benefit | Chairman, Apid Imprenditorialità Donna | Board Member, Club degli Investitori |Board Member, Fondazione Ricerca Molinette

Brigitte Sardo is a versatile professional with an impressive track record of leadership roles and contributions to various organizations, particularly in the fields of entrepreneurship, business development and social impact.

She is Board Member and Business Angel of one of the main Italian business angel networks, Club degli Investitori, that analyses over 1.000 proposals annually and invests in innovative projects.

In her current role as a Board Member for the Molinette Research Foundation, Brigitte contributes to advancing medical research within the "Città della Salute e della Scienza" hospital-university complex in Turin, Italy.

As CEO at Sargomma Srl Benefit Company for over two decades, Brigitte has been instrumental in the company's growth and expansion, specializing in rubber and plastic components for complex systems.

Her leadership has led to international recognition and sustainability initiatives.

Brigitte also serves as the President of Apid Female Entrepreneurship, an association dedicated to empowering and promoting female entrepreneurs, emphasizing personal and professional growth.

Antonella Grassigli

CEO & Co-Founder, Doorway Società Benefit | Angel investor

As the Co-Founder and CEO of Doorway SB, Antonella has been a driving force behind the startup's mission to innovate venture capital funding for startups and scaleups. Doorway is a fintech venture investing platform authorized by Consob, providing direct access to venture capital investment opportunities. It enables individuals to invest directly in sustainable and innovative startups, allowing them to build diversified portfolios in venture capital.

In her capacity as the Co-Founder of Angels4Women, Antonella actively promotes and supports women-led startups. This initiative plays a crucial role in advancing gender diversity and entrepreneurship in Italy.

Antonella is also a member of the Investors Club and was recognized as the Business Angel of the Year in 2021. Her involvement in this club underscores her commitment to investment and business development activities.

Antonella is also an Angel Investor with Italian Angels for Growth, where she contributes to supporting and nurturing startups in Italy's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Renate König

Member of the Board, Doorway | Business Angel, Angels4Women (A4W)

Renate König is a professional with a diverse background and involvement in various organizations, particularly in the areas of corporate governance, auditing, and venture capital.

In her role as a Member of the Supervisory Body ODV231 at Birreria FORST Spa – Brewery FORST AG, Renate König is involved in overseeing corporate compliance and governance, ensuring that the company adheres to legal and ethical standards.

Renate is also a Member of the Board of Statutory Auditors at Doorway, a venture capital platform. Her role here involves ensuring financial transparency and compliance within the organization.

She is also a Member and Business Angel at Angels4Women (A4W) – Italy, an association focused on supporting and promoting female entrepreneurship. Here, she participates in activities like networking, mentoring, and selecting startups for investment, aligning with her commitment to fostering women-led businesses.

Gioia Manetti

CEO, Autoscout24 Spa | CEO, AUTOproff Italy | Angel Investor

As an Angel Investor at the Investors Club, Gioia Manetti is part of a community of over 350 professionals who invest in startups, scaleups, and innovative SMEs. The Investors Club plays a vital role in supporting Italian entrepreneurs by providing not only capital but also access to a network of experienced individuals. Their investments have significantly contributed to the growth of various companies across different sectors.

Additionally, Gioia Manetti serves as the Senior Vice President of AutoScout24, a prominent pan-European online car market. In her role, she is responsible for leading AutoScout24's operations in various European countries, including Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, France, and Spain. Her leadership encompasses key responsibilities in overseeing the company's growth and strategic initiatives in these markets.

Furthermore, she has previously held the position of CEO of AutoScout24 Italy and CEO of AutoScout24 GMBH Austria, demonstrating her extensive experience in leadership roles within the automotive industry.

Annamaria Tartaglia 


Founder and CEO, TheBrandSitter | Founder, Board Member and Screening Committee Founder, Angels4Women

Annamaria Tartaglia is an influential figure known for her extensive contributions to business development and brand management. Her entrepreneurial journey led her to establish TheBrandSitter, a consultancy firm with three specialized divisions: FACTORY, LABORATORY, and ACADEMY. FACTORY serves as a hub for brands, LABORATORY for startups, and ACADEMY focuses on educational projects.

Annamaria is also a Founder and Board Member of Angels4Women. Her commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation is further evident in her role as a Member and Investor in Italian Angels for Growth (IAG), a network supporting startups.

Beyond her entrepreneurial and advocacy roles, Annamaria Tartaglia's influence extends to education, mentoring, and fostering innovation. She serves as a faculty member and project leader at 24 Hours Business School and Events, contributes to the Founder Institute as a Mentor, and shares her insights as a Speaker at Decoded Fashion.

Veronica Mariani

CEO, Premiaweb Holding | Business Angel | Member of the Advisory Board, Doorway

Veronica Mariani is the founder and former manager of Premiaweb srl, a pioneering company in the Italian Internet industry. Under her leadership, Premiaweb Srl achieved significant success by developing and launching various web platforms. With a dedicated team of over 40 professionals, the company consistently grew and delivered profitable economic results.

In 2017, Veronica accomplished three successful exits as her company's lines of business were acquired by prominent national and international digital players. Following this achievement, Veronica transitioned into a role where she supports and advises new startups and enterprises. As a Business Angel, she primarily invests in startups within the Italian Digital Industry. Her advisory roles encompass areas such as business strategy, team organization, management, funding, and mergers and acquisitions.

Carolina Gianardi

Founder & CEO, Intuos Srl | Board Member | Investor 

Carolina Gianardi is currently a key member of many significant organizations, contributing her expertise and insights in the realms of venture capital and executive leadership.

In her role as an Investment Committee Member at Lumen Ventures, Carolina plays an essential part in shaping the future of technology companies. Lumen Ventures is a venture capital firm with a focus on early-stage investments across a wide spectrum of cutting-edge industries.

Carolina also serves as a Board Community Member at Board Owl, an organization that brings together startups, SMEs, non-profit entities, and seasoned executives.

Barbara Avalle

COO, Doorway | Angel Investor

Barbara Avalle is actively engaged in the world of venture capital and startup support, with a focus on strategic investment management and screening committee membership.

In her role as a Strategic Investor Manager and Screening Committee Member at Doorway, Barbara contributes to the mission of simplifying access to venture capital investments.

Barbara Avalle is also an Angel Investor with Italian Angels for Growth (IAG). Barbara's participation as an angel investor in IAG reflects her commitment to financially backing innovative projects and contributing her expertise to assist startup founders in shaping their business models.

Silvia Pugi

Managing Partner & Investor, Eden Ventures

As the Managing Partner and Investor at Eden Ventures, Silvia plays a pivotal role in this international venture capital firm. Eden Ventures is affiliated with IAG, Italy's main business angel network. Their mission is to provide pre-seed startups with the opportunity to flourish. They offer founders the chance to receive potential investments of up to €100k in just 30 days.

She also serves as a Key Advisor at Berkeley SkyDeck, UC Berkeley's official startup accelerator. In this role, she contributes to the growth and development of entrepreneurs and transformational startups associated with the university. Berkeley SkyDeck offers a unique blend of traditional accelerator consulting combined with the vast resources of the research university.

Rosamaria Elefante

Angel Investor

Rosamaria Elefante is an accomplished financial professional with a diverse range of experiences and expertise.

As an Angel Investor with Italian Angels for Growth, Rosamaria contributes to a network of business professionals dedicated to nurturing the growth of innovative startups in Italy. This role highlights her active involvement in the startup ecosystem, where she provides financial support, mentorship, and guidance to early-stage companies.

Additionally, Rosamaria is affiliated with Argo St George, a boutique corporate finance advisory and investment firm. This firm, authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, specializes in various financial aspects, including raising finance, company valuations, financial modeling, due diligence, strategy and exit planning, corporate governance, risk management, and M&A advisory.

Isabella Timossi

Vice President and Co-founder, SEIplus | Investor, Vento

Isabella Timossi has an impressive background in the realm of venture building, investments, and business development.

As an Investor at Vento, Isabella is currently involved in a project with a focus on identifying and supporting exceptional founders in their journey to build remarkable companies. Vento's mission is to empower the next generation of exceptional talents by creating disruptive ventures and making investments in outstanding Italian founders.

Isabella's previous role in Business Development at Club degli Investitori further showcases her expertise in the world of investments. Club degli Investitori is a prominent business angels network in Italy, boasting more than 180 members and a portfolio of 39 active investments with a total value exceeding €20 million.

Sonia Longo Sormani

Founder & CEO, Aileens Pharma

As the Founder and CEO of Aileens Pharma since July 2018, Sonia has been leading the company in its mission to enhance clinical outcomes for patients suffering from dermatological diseases. Aileens Pharma, based in Milan, Italy, is dedicated to developing topical, non-pharmacological, and non-steroidal treatments for dermatological conditions.

Sonia's extensive experience in the healthcare sector extends beyond her role at Aileens Pharma. She has also served as the International Business Development Manager at Claride Pharma since August 2013. Claride Pharma specializes in developing safe, innovative, and effective food supplements designed to assist physicians and pharmacists in their daily practice. The company's patented formulations are particularly successful in managing gynecological, urological, and endocrinological diseases.

Mariolina Sangalli

Co-founder, BRS Beauty

Mariolina Sangalli is an entrepreneur with a background in the beauty and fashion industries. Her professional journey reflects her passion for developing market-ready beauty products and her experience in the world of luxury fashion.

Since October 2019, Mariolina has served as the Co-founder of BRS Beauty, a company based in the Greater Paris Metropolitan Region. BRS Beauty specializes in creating fully realized, market-ready beauty products that aim to enhance customer experiences, foster loyalty, and generate long-term value. One of the company's brands is Adesso Beauty, which can be explored on their website.

Before venturing into the beauty industry, Mariolina gained valuable experience at Etro, a renowned luxury fashion brand. Over the course of two years and five months, she held various roles, including Junior Merchandising Specialist for Shoes and Leather Goods.

Chiara Marconi

Co-founder & CEO, Chitè

Chiara Marconi is a dynamic entrepreneur with a strong background in the fashion industry. She is the Co-founder and CEO of Chitè, an innovative startup based in Milan, Lombardy, Italy, that operates in the fashion sector.

In addition to her role at Chitè, Chiara Marconi is deeply involved in supporting high-impact entrepreneurship in Italy. Since September 2020, she has been engaged with Endeavor Italy. Endeavor Italy plays a crucial role in fostering economic growth by identifying, mentoring, and accelerating high-growth, scalable companies. Through her involvement with Endeavor, Chiara contributes to the growth and development of entrepreneurial ventures, helping them think bigger, make informed decisions, and have a more significant impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Federica Tiranti

Co-founder & Creative Director, Chitè

Federica Tiranti is another prominent figure from Chitè Srl. She holds the position of Co-founder and Creative Director. Federica has been an integral part of Chitè since its establishment in September 2017.

In her role as Co-founder and Creative Director, Federica Tiranti plays a crucial role in shaping the vision and creative direction of Chitè. Her responsibilities encompass various aspects of the company's operations, with a particular focus on driving its creative vision. This includes designing and developing innovative fashion products, setting the brand's creative direction, and ensuring that Chitè's offerings align with the company's overall strategy and goals.

Stefania De Roberto

Former CTO & Co-Founder, Filo - Find & Locate

Stefania De Roberto is a highly experienced professional with a background in mobile development and technology innovation. She has been with Filo – Find & Locate for over nine years, where she currently holds the position of Head of Mobile Development. Filo is a company that specializes in creating small devices to help individuals locate their belongings.

Her expertise extends to Android development, as evidenced by her previous role as an Android Developer during a three-month internship at Topnetwork S.p.A. Stefania's passion and commitment to technology and innovation is evident throughout her career. She has a proven track record of contributing to the development of innovative solutions and products, making her a valuable asset in the field of mobile technology and digital transformation.

Mirna Pacchetti

CEO, InTribe SB Srl 

Mirna Pacchetti is a prominent figure in the digital entrepreneurship arena, known for her expertise in qualitative data analysis and consumer insights. She is not only a successful entrepreneur but also an accomplished speaker at both Italian and international events. Additionally, Mirna serves as a mentor, sharing her knowledge and experience with emerging talents in the field.

One of Mirna's significant achievements is co-founding InTribe, a forward-thinking Consumer Insight Data Intelligence company. Together with her co-founder, they developed DigitalMatch, a consumer-centric digital platform. DigitalMatch empowers companies to harness the potential of open data to enhance their understanding of potential customers, including insights into consumer journeys and personas.

Marzia Di Meo

COO & Co-founder, InTribe SB Srl

Marzia Di Meo is the co-founder of INTRIBE SB SRL, where she has been instrumental in pioneering innovative approaches to market analysis and surveys. Her work involves harnessing the power of new technologies and artificial intelligence to revolutionize how companies gain insights into consumer behavior and market trends.

At INTRIBE SB SRL, Marzia leverages the synergy between human intelligence and artificial intelligence to provide businesses with valuable services, including consumer insights, consumer personas, customer journey studies, and market trend analysis.

Silvia Tovo

Co-founder & Sales Director, Meracinque

Silvia Tovo is a Co-founder and Sales Director at Meracinque, where she has been serving for over six years. Located in the Greater Milan Metropolitan Area, Meracinque is a company that specializes in food products.

In her dual role at Meracinque, Silvia plays a pivotal role in defining the company's annual sales objectives. These objectives are strategically integrated into a comprehensive plan developed in collaboration with other founders. Her extensive experience in sales and export management has allowed her to excel in communication, negotiation, and presentation skills. She takes pride in establishing and nurturing long-term relationships with clients, effectively conveying the unique qualities of the products and aligning them with the needs of the buyers.

Prior to her role at Meracinque, Silvia gained valuable experience as an Assistant Export Manager at Nestle S.A. During her time at Nestle, she provided support to the brand manager with a focus on export-related activities. Her responsibilities included assisting with packaging development for international markets, seeking and managing new customers, shipping samples, conducting market analysis, and monitoring export packaging stock management.

Arianna Ortelli

CEO & Co-founder, Novis Games

Arianna Ortelli is a dynamic entrepreneur who serves as the CEO and Co-founder of Novis Games, a pioneering game tech startup with a mission to enhance accessibility in the gaming industry for blind and visually impaired players. Her journey into the business world began with her academic pursuits in Business Economics and later Business Administration at the University of Turin, Italy.

In 2019, Arianna and her team founded Novis Games with the support of their inaugural investment. This pivotal moment allowed them to enter the market, refine their product, and build their team. They are now focused on expanding their network of clients, suppliers, and partners, all with the goal of making graphic video games accessible through their comprehensive development framework.

Arianna's passion for startups and innovation is evident, and her ultimate aspiration is to leverage technology as a catalyst for sustainable business model growth, with a focus on economic, ecological, and social impact.

Tiziana Monterisi

CEO & Co-founder, RiceHouse srl 

Tiziana Monterisi is the CEO and Co-founder of Ricehouse srl, a venture she has been actively involved in since September 2016. Ricehouse Srl is dedicated to reimagining the supply chain of secondary materials derived from rice cultivation. These materials are repurposed for use in sustainable construction, fostering a new, ethical, and technologically advanced approach that transforms homes into living organisms with a focus on health and sustainability. Tiziana's entrepreneurial endeavor emphasizes the valorization of secondary products from rice cultivation, with an emphasis on innovation and sustainability.

Alongside her role at Ricehouse srl, Tiziana Monterisi also serves as the CEO and Founder of Tiziana Monterisi Architect. This architectural design studio specializes in using natural materials sourced from agricultural crops as innovative raw materials. The primary objective of this studio is to promote a culture of sustainability, designing and creating living spaces that foster a harmonious relationship between humans and their environment.

Paola Bonomo

Non Executive Director | Advisor | Investor

Paola Bonomo currently holds the position of Member of the Investment Committee at Neva First, part of NEVA SGR. NEVA SGR manages Neva First, a Venture Capital fund with Intesa Sanpaolo as its anchor investor. This venture capital fund is dedicated to supporting global founders in developing businesses across Italy and Europe. NEVA SGR combines the strength, reputation, and stability of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group with the best practices of international venture capital firms.

In addition to her role at Neva First, Paola Bonomo is also an Angel Investor with Italian Angels for Growth. Italian Angels for Growth is renowned as Italy's primary angel investor group. In this capacity, Paola is responsible for screening investment opportunities, particularly in the digital space. She collaborates with other Angel investors to support high-tech startups. One of the notable successes during her tenure is the investment in AdEspresso, an ad tech SaaS company, in the period of 2013-15. This company was subsequently sold to Hootsuite in December 2016.

Ilaria Fava

Co-founder & CEO, B-yond Xenture Srl | Angel Investor

Ilaria Fava is the Co-founder and CEO of B-yond Venture Srl, a private investment company that focuses on investing in seed and early-stage startups while also actively promoting the growth of portfolio companies. Her role involves a wide range of responsibilities, including strategic planning, operational investment management, research and evaluation of startup and scaleup projects, legal oversight, framework definition, strategic fundraising support, and managing relationships with angel and venture capital funds.

In addition to her role at B-yond Venture SrlVenture Srl, Ilaria also serves as a Board Member at Pathfinder Investor, another private investment company. Pathfinder Investor is involved in investing in startups at the seed and pre-seed stages. Ilaria's responsibilities in this role include scouting and evaluating startups and scaleups, legal oversight, and providing fundraising support. Furthermore, Ilaria Fava is an Angel Investor with Italian Angels for Growth (IAG).

Danila De Stefano

CEO & Founder, Unobravo

Danila De Stefano is the CEO and Founder of unobravo | Servizio di psicologia online, a pioneering digital service and platform dedicated to helping individuals connect with the right psychologist based on their specific needs and preferences. Under her leadership, unobravo has made significant strides in the field of mental health services, having facilitated over 2,000,000 therapy sessions and establishing itself as a leader in the Italian market.

Before founding unobravo, she served as an Online Psychologist for "Psicologo via Skype." In this role, she provided psychological support to expat Italians around the world through online sessions. Her responsibilities included developing the "Psicologo via Skype" website and creating a business marketing strategy.

Erika De Santi

Equity Partner, OneDay Group | Co-founder & International Expansion Director, WeRoad

Erika De Santi serves as an Equity Partner at OneDay Group, a dynamic and innovative business and community-building organization. OneDay Group is known for its unique approach to work, which revolves around the core principles of speed, ambition, and concreteness. With a team comprising over 300 members, OneDay Group has an average age of 30 and boasts expertise across more than 50 different professional domains.

At OneDay, the focus is on developing community-based businesses that cater to the needs and aspirations of Millennials and Gen Z individuals aged 15 to 35. The organization is dedicated to transforming the requirements of young people into tangible products, services, and beloved brands.

Moreover, Erika is also a Co-founder & International Expansion Director at WeRoad which is a community of travelers united by their will to discover faraway countries and cultures and their desire to share this experience with their peers. 

Sara Lovato

Investor, United Ventures | Mentor, Techstars

Sara Lovato is a dynamic figure in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation, playing pivotal roles in various organizations. As a mentor at Techstars since January 2020, Sara contributes to the global network's mission of helping entrepreneurs succeed. Techstars offers valuable resources such as access to capital, mentorship, talent, and infrastructure to guide startups on their journey to success.

In addition to her role at Techstars, Sara serves as an investor at United Ventures, a venture capital firm based in Milan, Italy. United Ventures seeks out daring entrepreneurs who are committed to developing innovative products and technologies. Sara and her colleagues at United Ventures understand the challenges and risks that entrepreneurs face and are dedicated to helping them achieve business success. Their support includes mentorship, financial backing, and assistance with business development.

Diva Tommei

Chief Innovation and Education Chief Marketing Officer, EIT Digital | Non Executive Director, SECO spa

Diva Tommei has held various key roles at EIT Digital, a prominent organization in the field of digital innovation, education, and entrepreneurship. In her most recent position as Chief Innovation and Education Officer, she leads EIT Digital's efforts to expand its offerings in both innovation and education. Her overarching goal is to effectively integrate these two aspects, facilitating a seamless transition "from students to unicorns." Additionally, as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), she assumes responsibility for overseeing all of the organization's marketing activities, ensuring a coordinated and strategic approach.

Before her current role, Diva served as the Head of EIT Digital Accelerator, further contributing to the organization's mission. EIT Digital serves as a gateway to digital innovation in Europe, fostering breakthrough digital innovations and nurturing entrepreneurial talent to drive economic growth and enhance the quality of life across the continent.

Maria Laura Albini

Equity Partner, ARAD Digital | Angel Investor | Equity Partner, Encelado Ventures

Maria Laura Albini holds a significant role as an Equity Partner at ARAD Digital, a consultancy boutique founded by former top management professionals from Yoox Net-A-Porter Group (YNAP). ARAD Digital specializes in guiding companies through digital transformation phases, particularly excelling in the Omnichannel CRM/Marketing domains.

ARAD Digital serves as a strategic partner, assisting both large corporations and startups, both nationally and internationally, in harnessing the potential of the digital landscape. Their expertise lies in helping clients define the most suitable digital strategies tailored to their unique operational contexts and subsequently supporting them in the execution of these strategies. Their services encompass the entire spectrum of digital transformation, from initial assessments to advanced analytics-driven performance optimization. Furthermore, Maria Laura Albini is an Angel Investor with Italian Angels for Growth (IAG).

Laura De Chiara

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, AQUATIME Water Fitness | Screening Committee Member, IAG Italian Angels for Growth

As an Innovative Content Trainer and Keynote Speaker since January 2016, Laura has been contributing significantly to the field of education and personal growth. Her role involves imparting innovative content and insights to audiences, fostering their intellectual and creative growth. Keynote speaking positions her as a thought leader and influencer, sharing her knowledge and ideas with others to inspire positive change.

Additionally, she is an esteemed member of the Screening Committee for IAG Italian Angels for Growth, a role she has held since January 2016. This involvement reflects her commitment to supporting and evaluating innovative startups. Laura's expertise and insights contribute to the decision-making processes within the organization, aiding in the selection and growth of promising ventures.

Angela Montanari 


Impact Officer, Doorway | Managing Partner, AMS Srl - Advanced Management Solutions | Member, Nedcommunity | Angel Investor

Aside from her role as Partner at Italian C-suite advisory company YOURGroup, Montanari also invests personally in sustainable startups. This includes sustainable shoe company ACBC and second-hand interior design startup Deesup, both of which are based in Italy.
She provides invaluable support to entrepreneurs and CEOs in the successful execution of their strategic business plans. Her expertise also extends to assisting investors in the seamless integration of new acquisitions, both within domestic and international contexts. Montenari is also a member of Angels4Women, an association of business angels that focus on investing in female-led startups.

Her skill set also encompasses substantial experience in the rollout of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and a strong familiarity with due diligence procedures. I have a remarkable history of managing reorganizations, restructuring efforts, and startup initiatives, coupled with a solid background in constructing and negotiating business plans.

Cristina Scocchia

CEO, illycaffè

Cristina Scocchia is a prominent business leader and currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors of Illycaffè, a renowned coffee company. She also holds the position of Independent Director at Fincantieri, a prominent shipbuilding company.
Cristina's educational background includes graduating with top honors in Management of International Firms from Luigi Bocconi University. She furthered her academic journey by earning a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of Torino.
Her professional career began at Procter & Gamble in 1997, where she steadily climbed the corporate ladder, taking on increasingly significant roles in both mature and emerging markets. In September 2012, she assumed the position of Cosmetics International Operations Division leader, overseeing brands across more than 70 countries worldwide.
From 2014 to 2017, Cristina Scocchia served as the Chief Executive Officer of L’Oréal Italia. During her tenure, she successfully navigated the company through a challenging economic environment, leading it to a return to growth.
In addition to her role as CEO, she also served as Chairwoman of L’Oréal Italia from 2016 to 2017.

Giulia Giovannini

Investment Partner, United Ventures

Giulia became a valuable member of United Ventures' investment team in 2017, bringing her expertise to various sectors, including fintech, food tech, direct-to-consumer, cybersecurity, and SaaS B2B automation solutions. She actively contributes to United Ventures' investments in companies such as BOOM, xFarm, Credimi, Exein, and Young Platform.
Before joining United Ventures, Giulia was a key part of the investment team at the Italian private equity firm Sator. In this role, she handled deal sourcing and portfolio management. Additionally, Giulia was responsible for structuring deals and overseeing startup operations and financial control for the fund's fintech project, Tinaba.
Giulia's involvement in entrepreneurship began during her academic journey. She co-founded a digital startup focused on restaurant bookings and initiated a blog providing recommendations on food, wine, and books.
Her educational background includes a degree in Economics and Social Science from Bocconi University and a master's degree in Corporate Finance from SDA Bocconi. Notably, since 2018, Giulia has been an Aspen Junior Fellow, actively contributing to discussions and initiatives in this capacity.

Fausta Pavesio

Investor, Startup Wise GuysStartup Wise Guys | Chairman of the Advisory Board, Neosurance | Advisory Board Member, GELLIFY 

Fausta is a highly experienced professional and a respected board member with a keen interest in innovation. She possesses a profound understanding of the potential of cutting-edge technology solutions. Fausta is particularly fascinated by emerging technologies and their practical applications in the business world. She excels at connecting the dots between novel ideas and is enthusiastic about pioneering transformative solutions and new business models.

Throughout her career in management consulting, Fausta has been dedicated to developing innovative value propositions for both enterprise and government organizations. Her expertise lies in crafting forward-thinking strategies that drive business growth and foster innovation.

Fausta's commitment to the advancement of technology and entrepreneurship is evident in her roles as a Member of the Advisory Board at Gellify, a Member of the Advisory Board at Neosurance, and a Member of the High-Level Advisory Board for the EU WA4E (Woman Angels 4 Entrepreneurs) Project. Additionally, she actively participates as an angel investor in groundbreaking ventures.

Fausta's contributions to the startup and venture capital ecosystem have not gone unnoticed, as she was recognized by EU Startups as one of the 50 most influential European women in the startup and VC space. Her dedication to driving innovation and fostering entrepreneurship continues to make a significant impact in her field.

Francesca Devescovi

Board Member, Scuola Holden

Francesca Devescovi is on a mission to enable people to acquire new skills and transform their passions into meaningful work. Her career journey reflects her commitment to education, innovation, and empowering individuals.

Francesca is deeply passionate about people and innovation and actively mentors young girls to help them achieve their potential. She also shares her knowledge and insights as a lecturer at renowned institutions such as the University of Bicocca and Cattolica. Her contributions also extend to writing, where she has provided insights on Generation Z for AlleyOop and Sole 24 Ore.

Currently, Francesca serves as the Managing Director of Feltrinelli Education, a lifelong learning platform designed to empower individuals to pursue their passions, update their skills, and tap into their full potential in the cultural landscape


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