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30 December 2022·6 min read

Paweł Pliszka

Editor, Vestbee

Social Media Role In Startup Marketing Strategy

We have already provided you with reasons why your startup should use social media. Now we'd like to discuss the importance of using social media in startup marketing strategy, including tips & tricks, insights, and advice. Entrepreneurs in the digital age must understand the power of social media and follow its trends in order to grow their businesses successfully. Social media is changing the way startups get bigger, allowing them to scale globally, often without enormous costs. Social media can help marketing teams take their company to the next level by increasing brand awareness, providing interesting posts, sparking insightful discussions, and interacting with potential investors and clients. In this post, we'll look at how social media works.

The power of social media for startups

Social media has evolved into an effective tool for entrepreneurs seeking to expand into new markets and establish their brands by increasing the loyalty of existing customers and attracting new ones. Startups can reach out to potential clients in the most convenient ways by using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, and much more! They can also use social media to engage with investors, potential partners, and industry leaders in order to get valuable insights, increase their network of supporters, and expand their enterprises. Social media is no longer a luxury for companies; it is a standard. The most successful startups understand and leverage the power of social media, they recognize the value of using social platforms to engage and establish relationships with their target audience, as well as to spread the word about their products and services. This can be accomplished through engaging posts, creative articles, and strategic campaigns.

Benefits of implementing social media in startup marketing strategy

Startups can profit immensely from incorporating social media into their growth plans. Firstly, it's a really low-cost method of reaching out to new customers. Startups may rapidly and effectively address their target market by opening accounts on prominent social media platforms. Social networking is also an excellent tool for increasing brand exposure and reputation. Startups may establish solid brand awareness by generating engaging content and actively connecting with followers. This can help them differentiate themselves from the competition and build trust among potential customers. Furthermore, social media can assist startups in staying up to date with market trends and gaining useful insights from their fans.

Innovative ways to use social media for startups

Startups can use social media in a variety of novel ways to reach their target audience and expand their business. One of the most effective methods is to generate educational and engaging content. This can include films, infographics, blog entries, starting a discussion, conducting a short survey, asking for followers' opinions, organizing a challenge, etc. Startups can also use social media to promote their products and services through marketing campaigns - this may include paid services such as ads or post boosting as well as free-of-charge actions such as post shares, cross-promotion, and much more. They can also use social media to collect customer feedback and promote upcoming events. Moreover, it is recommended to cooperate with the brand ambassadors and increase brand awareness and customer reach through their well-developed social media. However, such activity is recommended for more mature startups.

Tips for running social media for a startup

Creating interesting social media content is critical for companies wanting to expand their brand and attract customers. Here are some pointers for marketers on how to run social media that will appeal to the target audience:

  • Make your content brief and to the point;
  • Use images and rich media to get potential customers’ attention;
  • Use questions to engage your audience;
  • Add a personal touch to your content that will be associated with your startup ;
  • Share customer testimonials to demonstrate the value of your product or service;
  • Maintain a constant and professional tone;
  • Highlight important words by bolding them;
  • Set a publication schedule, but be flexible and react dynamically based on trends or current happenings;
  • Adapt content publication to the platform’s specifics;
  • Be patient as social media takes time to kick in;
  • Be up-to-date with trends on your chosen platform and do not underestimate them.

Creating a social media strategy for startups

Developing a successful social media strategy for startups needs meticulous planning and execution. Startups must determine their target audience and generate content that speaks to them. To do that correctly, they have to know the behavior and habits of their target audience - when they are using a specific platform, how often, and what content is most interesting to them. Startups should also employ analytics to track their progress and update their plans as needed. They also could invest in social media solutions such as Hootsuite, Sendible or Brandwatch, that may assist them in automating activities, managing their accounts, and tracking their performance across all platforms. Moreover, it’s worth designing and differentiating a content calendar to ensure that you are consistently providing high-quality material.

How to use social media to attract investors

Startups can also use social media to attract investors. Startups may demonstrate to investors that they are worth investing in by providing content that highlights the potential of the firm and the team behind it. Entrepreneurs could also use social media platforms to track and prove their growth, which may turn out to be useful while proving reached milestones to potential investors. Furthermore, startups should use social media to advertise their successes and the success of their firm. This can help to make investors believe they are worth investing.


Social media platforms are one of the most effective marketing channels for startups. Their features offer you many opportunities to raise brand awareness, boost your SEO rankings, promote your products, and connect with potential clients and investors. Social media marketing is not a one-size-fits-all strategy - it varies from person to person and business to business, that’s why it may take some time before you discover the right channels for your company - take into consideration who is using a specific platform, what kind of content is posted there, what tone of messages is most popular, etc. Strategy in social media should be customized to fit your startup goals. Your presence on social media plays a crucial role in relationship building. You can engage there with potential clients and investors in a fun, interactive, and meaningful way. All of these activities will lead your startup to build a solid reputation and brand recognition online.

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