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18 June 2021·5 min read

Milena Gontarek


Top Reasons Why Your Startup Needs CRM

We all know that the stream of work can be challenging nowadays especially when you are focused on business development and rapid startup growth. Managing leads, customer data, sales process and customers happiness can cause you a headache. In order to avoid these kind of struggles you should start using business solution that will handle customer relations management much more efficiently. CRM tools are perfect for this case and will make your database well-organised without any effort from your side.

What is CRM?

The abbreviation CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and basically, it is a combination of practices, strategies and technologies that helps you to manage any kind of relationships and interactions with the current customers and potential ones. Thanks to following the entire customer journey and collecting data across different channels like company's website, telephone, emails, social media, etc., CRM categorises detailed client information what helps with customers’ retention and anticipation of their needs.

Thanks to the CRM technology, you can not only manage client relationships and provide exceptional customer service but also streamline processes in the company and ensure stable growth of your business. CRM can be used across the entire customer lifecycle including marketing, sales and client service, as it enables you to create an individual complex profile of each customer by converting visitors into happy customers and keeping all interactions history in one place.

How does the CRM work?

CRM tools collect available information about prospect contacts and customers including email addresses, telephones, social media data, calls, demos and all interactions history. Then by organizing that information, a profile of each individual client is kept updated, which helps you better understand the needs of your startup target, identify sales opportunities and build satisfying customer engagement. By collecting all data in one place you can boost the efficiency and productivity of your team as the information flow is strongly improved. 

CRM is very useful for the sales department when it comes to managing day-to-day activities and tracking customer’s journey. Thanks to that sales team can save time on administration and repetitive but necessary tasks, and focus on winning new and hot leads. Customer profiles can be also beneficial for the marketing team, as the collected data ensures reaching customers at the right time with the right communication, which can help in creating e.g. email campaigns and targeting users on social media. CRM can also be useful for managing customer service and responding neatly to your clients' needs. If CRM is used correctly, it can also boost customer’s satisfaction and build a positive image around your brand. 

Main benefits of using CRM in your startup: 

Managing customers relations more efficiently

The core reason why CRM exists is the management of interactions and relationships with your customers. By using those tools you can manage all customer-oriented processes effortlessly and more efficiently, and focus on closing more deals.

Ensuring better customer support

CRM provides your customers with high-quality and personalized support giving them the feeling of being important to your startup. It also enables the whole purchase history to be found in one place which makes it easier for your company to stay up to date and ensure a faster reaction if any problems occur.

Understanding customer’s needs

When you have all available data about your customer along with purchase and interaction history you can address future needs better. Building valuable relationships with customers can help not only to win new clients but also to retain existing customers and make them purchase more of your products.

Generating new leads

CRM tools help find new clients and categorize them. Thanks to that, the sales and marketing team can focus on the most promising leads that are very likely to turn into satisfied customers.

Working remotely from anywhere

In today's world we all have to change our behaviors and the way we work. By using advanced CRM tools (many tools like e.g. HubSpot also have marketing automation and customer service features) you can make it easier for your team to cooperate and manage tasks and customer-related processes online.

Reducing costs

Using CRM tools can support your startup not only in handling customer relations but it will also make your business more efficient, help your company save money, win more customers, upsell, and therefore, increase your revenue.

Increasing collaboration in your startup

Creating one place for all customers’ data will definitely increase the efficiency of how your team manages each customer and streamline workflow.

Improving your offer and future development

You can use data not only to manage customers’ relationships but also to analyze them and collect feedback on your product or service - it improves your offer and boost your startup growth. 

Take your startup to the next level with CRM integration

There are multiple companies providing various CRM offers, so sometimes it’s hard to pick the most suitable one for your startup. Fortunately, Vestbee partners up with the best CRM tools providers, among others with Zendesk and Hubspot
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